European Clinic - Visit to Dr. Renate

By [email protected]

Here is a description of what happened when I visited Frau Dr. Renate in Stuttgart, Germany (one of the Ladies of “White Rooms”. I made an appointment with Dr. Renate on a Saturday afternoon, specifically asking for a long session (3 hours).

I got there at 3 p.m. and rang the bell. Dr. Renate herself (a fortysh lady, very professional) opened the door and let me in.

We sat for a few minutes in her living room, and I explained what I was looking for (deep anal massage and enemas). When she was sure she got all the details, she led me in her basement, where the clinic is.

It’s a room completely decorated in white, with a large exam table, and a huge gyn-chair, with hydraulic controls. She left me with the nurse, a nice girl about 25, dressed in or-greens. Dr. Renate left to change her clothes, and I was ordered to undress completely, and was given a white hospital gown and a pair of white short socks. The nurse led me smiling to a scale and weighed me, then took my pressure and pulse, and made me lie on the exam. table.

Dr. Renate returned, dressed in OR greens herself and explained to me that I was going to receive an enema, a high colonic and a deep prostate massage during which I was going to have an orgasm. Then she set on her work. I was asked to roll on my left side and relax. The nurse opened the back of my gown and with her gloved finger lubricated my anus. Dr. Renate inserted slowly a very long and thin nozzle (about 5 inches) attached to a long, red rubber tube. The enema bag was hanging from a stainless steel pole, and was made of light brown rubber (the kind you can see through). I received 2 liters. of fluid, while lying on my left side. The nurse kept massaging my buttocks and my belly, while Dr. Renate moved the nozzle in and out, with a smooth, slow movement. The water was lukewarm, and the sensation was fantastic. The procedure was performed very slowly, so that I didn’t get any cramping or pain. When the bag was empty, the nurse helped me up from the table and led me to the WC, which is a very big and conformable room. I was left alone and released all the water.

When I got back in the exam. room, Dr. Renate was preparing another bag, much larger. I saw another red rubber tube, much thicker than the first. Instead of the nozzle, this time there was a lonnnng colon tube (I suppose about three feet).

The Nurse smiled and spread a green rubber sheet on the table, and I was ordered to lie down, face up.

They put a round rubber cushion under my buttocks, like a ring, so that my bottom was slightly elevated, but there was room enough for the hands working on the nozzle. Dr. Renate told me to bend slightly my legs, exposing my anus. I did it, and tried to relax. The nurse positioned herself behind me and started a slow massage on my temples and shoulders, while Dr. Renate inserted the colon tube. It took forever, it seemed, but the long rubber snake found its way inside me. Dr. Renate inserted it slowly but firmly, stopping once in a while to ask me if I felt any pain (which I didn’t). The whole procedure took about 5 minutes, and it was a real turn on feeling the touch of rubber against my prostate. The hands of the nurse where on the side of my head, gently caressing and massaging, and I could feel Dr. Renate’s hands moving between my legs, pushing the tube deeper, and deeper… I got an erection. Suddenly I heard the Doc’s voice saying “I’ll start the water now.”. Her hand went to the bag and Dr. Renate opened the valve at the base of the bag, and then another one, attached to the beginning of the colon tube.

At first I felt nothing. The nurse changed her position and moved my gown so that she could massage my belly with slow circular motions. Suddenly I felt a warm surge just across the upper part of my abdomen. The fluid kept flowing in, much faster now. Dr. Renate watched carefully the level in the bag and told me to give a signal immediately, if I felt cramping or discomfort, because there wouldn’t be much time to stop the flow. I felt my belly getting bigger, but no unpleasant sensation. The warmth inside me was overwhelming, it was like floating on a cloud of warm rubber. The nurse’s hands kept circling my stomach, slowly, almost caressing my skin. My penis, who had gone softer, suddenly came alive again and raised its head, already showing some drops of pre-cum.

Suddenly, I felt an incredible urge to expel, and said so immediately. Dr. Renate stopped the flow of water and told me to take long. deep breaths, while the hand of the nurse moved to my scrotum and began massaging my testicles and the beginning of the shaft. I got rock-hard immediately, and the cramps slowly vanished, leaving only a sensation of complete fullness behind. Dr. Renate started the flow again, and I caught a glimpse of the bag… the water was almost finished. I took some more breaths, closing my eyes again, and concentrating on the hands of the nurse, doing wonders between my legs… almost there… almost there…. I was DEFINITELY going to cum, but… The hands stopped. I opened my eyes, feeling like a child who’s had his biscuits suddenly taken away from him. Dr. Renate wasn’t there anymore. The nurse smiled and once again helped me up from the table and led me to the WC. I looked at myself in the mirror. Under the gown I looked like a 7- months pregnant woman. I sat slowly on the WC, and let the Niagara falls begin.

After a long, long time, I was back on the table, face down this time. The nurse had told me I was to relax for a few minutes, waiting the return of Dr. Renate.

The table had a motorized pad, who started vibrating, and the Nurse massaged my back and my buttocks with a light scented oil. What can I say… medical heaven! My penis had gone soft again, and I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the calm and the light hands on my back.

After a few minutes I heard footsteps and Dr. Renate entered the room. She had changed in a long, green lab coat and a pair of white OR shoes. The nurse made me stand up and guided me to the huge gyn-chair. I was told to sit and to spread my legs on the steel stirrups. While the nurse fastened the strains, I saw Dr. Renate putting an egg-shaped object on a nearby table. When the nurse was finished, Dr. Renate pressed a pedal on the floor, and the chair moved up and forward, thus exposing completely my anal region and my scrotum. I was sort of nervous (I enjoy anal massage, but I’m not an expert, and I don’t like to be stretched too much). the nurse put a hand on my forehead and made me rest my head on the headpiece of the chair.

Dr. Renate put on a pair of light brown rubber gloves. They looked thick, but smooth. She positioned herself between my legs and spread a large amount of k-y jelly on her right middle and index fingers. The nurse was again standing at my back and I could feel her hands beginning the head-shoulder massage once more. Dr. Renate told me to take a deep breath, and then release it. In doing so, I felt her index finger slowly entering my anal orifice. She moved it in and out with a slow, gentle motion, while her left hand was on my penis, massaging the shaft and testicles. The fingers inside me became suddenly two. My anus was soft, and relaxed and a pleasant warmth started spreading itself around my perineum. My penis was hard again, and the Dr. Renate’s right hand kept going up and down up and down, smearing jelly all over, going faster and faster. The fingers inside me moved in and out slowly, just touching the prostate and the soft tissue inside my anus.

The other pair of hands behind me moved on to my chest, circling and softly pinching the nipples, massaging the pectoral region, slowly, clock-wise, and counter-clockwise. The voices kept telling me to concentrate on the feeling, to breath slowly and enjoy, to delay my orgasm as much as possible. My penis gave a couple of twitches, and Dr. Renate stopped immediately the movement of both her hands. She slowly retrieved the fingers from my rectum, and with a swift motion, changed her gloves with a fresh pair. She took the egg-shaped object I had seen before and showed it to me. It was black, with a handle, a long, flexible sort of antenna, and the egg- shaped part on the end of it. It was easy to understand what was going to happen next. Dr. Renate put a condom on the egg and lubricated it with a generous amount of k-y. Then she took the handle in her right hand, and slowly put the egg in contact with my anus. Meanwhile, the nurse had moved on my right. She had put rubber gloves on, and was holding a little stainless- steel basin in one hand, and a large white towel in her left.

Dr. Renate adjusted some controls on the handle, and the egg started vibrating. I felt the buzzing and the tickling on my anal ring, and my penis gave another twitch. Slowly Dr. Renate inserted the vibrating egg. She pushed it in without hesitation, firmly but carefully. The egg vanished inside me, followed by a good portion of the black flexible antenna. Only the handle part was out, now.

And, suddenly the miracle. The egg, expertly guided, positioned itself against my prostate. Dr. Renate once more adjusted the controls and the vibration grew to a delicious high. I tensed and arched my back, in ecstasy. Dr. Renate looked at the nurse and nodded. Immediately, the nurse put the basin on my stomach and the towel behind my penis. Her right hand went to my testicles, and her left to my shaft. She started administering slow, deep strokes, up and down, up and down, slow, strong, slippery. Dr. Renate moved the handle in and out, hitting gently my prostate. I heard her voice saying that it was time for my orgasm now, and that I could come.

And come I did, with long, long, strokes, sustained and prolonged by the buzzing wonder inside me. The nurse kept my penis in her left and, letting the semen fall in the basin. I kept cumming, and cumming, with a sort of multiple orgasm that seemed to have no end, moving on the chair, my legs jerking in the restraints, holding the metal tubing on the side of the seat with my hands…

And finally it was over.

I fell down again on the chair, exhausted. Dr. Renate retrieved the egg, giving me one last, delicious contraction, and the nurse started cleaning my abdomen with the warm towel.

I lied there for a while, enjoying the calm after the storm. The nurse went on cleaning my anal region, and then released me from the stirrups, and led me to the shower.

Dr. Renate said she had to change for another appointment and thanked me, saying she hoped to see me again. I’m sure she will.

That’s it guys. Hope you enjoyed it the way I did. Ciao.