Fiona's Initiation

By Hirsprung

Fiona felt a stitch of expectation when the receptionist handed her a small red plastic disc with a number 546 on it. She had waited for this so long, finally she was near fulfilling one of her wildest dreams.

Fourteen months ago Fiona had attended this kinky club for fetishist, enematas and other people with weird interests. Her taste for pain, humiliation combined with pleasure surprised even her self. This club had until now fulfilled her needs to a degree beyond her imagination.

One disappointment was it for her as three months old member to be denied access to a scene, she had heard about. She had asked the chairman for some rumor that the basement contains a terrible gut stretching machine. He had shortly explained her the rules: “Yes Fiona I already knew your limits are wide, but I am sorry this is to early. We have distinct rules in this club. The club and you must knew your limits, we will newer pass beyond your limits. It is not happy for you and the club did not like to miss a member. It is correct we do have the gut stretching machine, but I am not sure you are ready for that humiliation and pain, even though the treatment would follow the rule not to harm your body. The machine is only in use for inner circle members and for candidates to the inner circle. You must wait to search for membership of the inner circle until you have been member for one year.”

Finally the year was gone Fiona doesn’t hesitate to apply for a membership of the inner circle. This circle as she knew was hard-core bdsm people.

It was routine to accept a candidate to the inner circle. The club council knew the person in question and knew that such an application only was delivered if the person really was ready.

As candidate to the inner circle Fiona was allowed to meet Saturday morning in the club. Ordinary members was denied access.

Fiona was told to be ready for her initiation. If she decided to meet a Saturday, then she must not eat breakfast and she must meet at 9 o’clock. Fiona was also told that she could withdraw her application at any moment, but if she was drawn for her initiation there was no way back, she must endure the entire scenery. No safe words no stop was possible, she had to be clear minded, she had to take a firm decision.

The receptionist said: “Fiona would you please wait a moment for Lisa”. The receptionist lifted a telephone and made a short call.

Shortly after Lisa one of the inner circle members shows up. Lisa was wearing a full body leather outfit and high heels.

She smiled and said: “Fiona follow me please.”

Lisa showed Fiona to a small dressing room and told her to undress completely.

As soon Fiona was naked, Lisa gave her a white cotton shirt with long sleeves. Fiona put it on, the shirt reached her to the navel.

Lisa showed Fiona to a small examination room containing a lot of equipment and a chair mounted with stirrups. No explanation was necessary Fiona just sat down and put her feet in the stirrups.

Lisa spread Fiona’s legs wide and tilted her slight backwards. Fiona’s crotch was fully accessible.

Lisa picked up a small micro disposal enema tube, she showed the 2 inch short nozzle up in Fiona’s rectum and emptied it. Then she throw the empty tube into the garbage can.

Lisa picked up a electric shaver and removed all Fiona’s pussy hair, she also removed any hair between pussy lips and between Fiona’s asscheeks.

Lisa was obviously not fully satisfied, she collected a basin with hot water, shaving cream and a razor. She covered Fiona’s vulva, pussy and ass crack with the white cream. Then she started to shave Fiona, not a single hair escaped her attention and soon Fiona was complete smooth. Lisa washed the remain cream off and dried Fiona with a towel.

In the meantime the enema has reached it’s full power, Fiona had hard to sit still under the last part of the shaving, the urge was tremendous.

Lisa showed Fiona a niche in the room contain a toilet. Fiona need to experience to expel in public. She had to reply on the request from her intestines. A huge load of shit passed out and finally the urge was gone. Fiona cleaned her self with toilet paper.

Lisa showed again Fiona to the chair, where she washed Fiona’s bottom.

Lisa showed Fiona to stay. She then catch a deep blue pair of PVC plastic pants and a huge diaper.

“Spread your legs.” Lisa demanded. Lisa put Fiona in the pants, which was closed with snaps in the front. Lisa put her into white socks.

Lisa strapped on the red disc around Fiona’s wrist and showed her the way out to the big club room. Before she leave, she said: “Fiona you may relax, meet other members and wait for the next step.”

Fiona searched for other members prepared for initiation, she was lucky to find Charlotte, Susan and David. All was wearing the white cotton shirt, the blue plastic pants and the white socks. Obviously it felt embarrassing but other club members was wearing kinky fetish clothing as well, no one really noticed them.

After one hour of chatting with the other candidates, Fiona was referred to by Laila one of the councils members: “Fiona follow me please.”

Fiona was followed to the councils office in a calm part of the building. The chairman and the member of the council was waiting.

Fiona was placed in front of the big desk and all three members of the council sat down.

The chairman opened the conversation: “Fiona stay attention, spread your legs two feet apart and look down, while we are talking to you.”

Fiona obeyed.

The chairman asked: “Fiona this is your last change to withdraw. Do you accept to participate in your initiation?”

“Yes.” Fiona replied quickly.

A final assurance was emerged: “If you accept this, you must fulfill it. There are no mercy, no way to escape. Do you accept it.”

“Yes.” Fiona replied again.

The chairman continued: “Ten candidates are chosen for the preparing, but only three of you will undergo the initiation, this will be decided by a lottery. Now you will be prepared.”

The chairman hit a button and the door was opened by to guards, they grasped Fiona and followed her to an elevator.

The elevator sank slowly to the basement.

Fiona was followed to a big room with an obvious smell of the well known mixture of enema water and shit poured out deep inside from the human body. The room was covered with white tiles on flour and all walls. It was divided into ten niches five at each of the long walls. Fiona was showed into one niche. On the wall was mounted a strange kind of enema equipment with some metal and glass can’s, steel tubing to feed the system, long fat black rubber hoses which ended in a one inch thick metal nozzle with a black rubber ring bulb around the middle. In the middle of the niche stood a chair with a toilet seat open in the back to allow access from behind. Under the chair was a huge white bowl. To female domina’s was waiting for Fiona. They was wearing gray coats, long gray rubber aprons, black rubber boots and long black rubber gloves. They just grasp her and placed her on the seat. The guards left the room. Fiona’s arms was strapped to the armrest. Her torso was strapped to the backrest. Her legs was spread an lifted to leg rests and strapped. Fiona had to bear it. For the next hour she would only hear different moans, sobs and please from other candidates undergoing a complete humiliating clean out.

The snaps on the front of the plastic pants was quickly opened, the diaper and the pants was removed. Fiona felt very open.

Soon Fiona felt the well known lubrication of her rear opening. A rubber covered finger was pushed inside to the hilt and the spincter massaged until she relaxed.

The fat nozzle gave Fiona a stitch of pain when it passed her spincter, for a short moment it was quite stretched.

Fully inserted Fiona heard some hissing when the inner bulb was inflated. The pressure in her rectum felt for a short moment tremendous.

The filling began and gave immediate cramps. One of the two domina’s put a hand on Fiona’s belly and showed if Fiona could contain more water.

Not only was Fiona filled until she felt about to burst, but terrible cramps emerged. The water not only contained soap, but it did also contain a powerful detergent to loosen up any kind of dirt from the intestines tissue.

Fiona begged, but no avail. The domina in Fiona’s front explained: “You must hold it for five minutes my dear to let the detergent work properly.”

Five minutes later after several moans and sops Fiona finally felt the nozzle deflate and be removed. A torrent of water escaped from her bottom full of turds and brown shit. The room was filled with the horrible smell.

As soon Fiona has emptied she was washed down with a hose. The bowl was emptied as well.

The next enema began. Again the same procedure. Fiona was lubricated, the nozzle inserted, the bulb inflated and Fiona filled to the point of bursting. This time it was clean water and easier to manage.

Five more minutes later Fiona was allowed to empty. She was not clean and received again the terrible soapsuds and detergent enema followed by a rinsing enema.

The domina behind Fiona looked at the result: “Well Fiona no luck, there are still some brown traces.”

Fiona must endure another double filling first with the soap and detergent water and next a rinsing one. This time crystal clear water ran out.

Fiona was washed down and washed with soap on her bottom, then she was dried up with a towel and finally the plastic pants with the huge diaper was mounted.

To guards arrived, Fiona was released from the chair and followed to the elevator and up to the big club room. Up here life seems to follow the normal path.

Fiona could still feel the powerful enema treatment in her stomach, sometimes she urged to press in order to relieve the unpleasant feeling, some water ran out.

For the next hour the evening party was clearly being prepared. More members arrived all wearing fetish clothing for the session. Tables was set out. The members went to the bar and picked up lunch and drinks. They sat down and waited for the show to begin.

Fiona joined the bar and asked for lunch. The bartender just saw her red desk and replied: “Well young lady, this is not allowed for you, but you may get something to drink.” He served a mineral water. While Fiona sipped the water she chatted with the bartender a nice guy. Susan attended them, they had a pleasant time.

Suddenly the bartender lifted his eyes. The lights went on the stage and the chairman walked entered it and picked up a microphone.

Fiona realized who was the main actors of the show. One by one each of the chosen candidates for the initiation was called.

A shock hit her when she heard her name loud and clear: “Fiona Roberts come to stage please.”

Fiona ran to stage and was followed by applause when she entered the blinding spot from the spotlights. She blushed for a moment remembering what she was wearing, but the other candidates was equal to her, it doesn’t seem to be particular interesting.

All the candidates was lined up with front to the audience and the lottery began.

“Number 439 Sarah.” The chairman proclaimed followed of more applause. Two guards quickly surrounded the chosen girl.

“Number 546 Fiona.” Fiona was hit be hearing her number. Two more guards surrounded her.

“Number 321 David.” Fiona was happy her friend was called as well. To guards surrounded him.

The three winners of the lottery was guided by their guards down from the stage followed by a round of applause. The went again back to the basement and into three different rooms.

The two guards pushed Fiona into a dressing room containing a chair, a toilet and a shower. In the other end was a closed door.

One guard just stripped of the shirt Fiona was wearing along with the socks. She was pushed to the toilet, where the plastic pants was removed. The one of the guards said: “Fiona sit down and pee.”

Fiona obeyed even it felt embarrassing to do it in public. When she was finished, the guards lifted her and pushed her to shower. Her wrists was secured high over her head with straps and cuffs to a bar. Then her bottom was washed and showered followed by a toweling.

The cuffs was released and Fiona gently pushed to the unknown room behind the door.

The same kind of domina’s was waiting for her as in the cleaning room. Wearing rubber boots, a long gray rubber apron and long black rubber gloves.

The interior shocked Fiona deeply. She was told she would not be injured, it was hard to believe. The room was tiled on the flour and on the walls up to the ceiling. The flour contained a big outlet in the middle. The high tech looking stretch machine in middle of the room made in total a sense of a horror scene.

The gut stretching machine is self was composed of several separate items. A trestle made of a steel frame with soft leather padding with support for lower leg, thighs, shoulders and forehead to be placed on. Behind the trestle was some kind of a mechanism with steel rods placed horizontally ready to be pushed into body cavities. The pushing mechanism was controlled by some kind of a control with buttons. Around the upper steel rod was mounted a thick steel butt plug. On the floor stood an IV stand with a huge black 4 quart enema bag connected to a fat black hose.

The two domina’s took over and the guards left the room.

It went on fast, Fiona was placed face down on the trestle with her body in a horizontal position and knees bent against her stomach and spread aside. Her lower legs, tights, upper body and shoulders was secured with straps. An another strap closed her head to the support for her forehead. She was total immobilized.

A steel bucket was placed just under Fiona’s face on the flour shortly commented with: “Fiona if you vomit, please hit this bucket.”

The next event surprised Fiona, she was prepared for some puckering of her rear opening, but the lubrication started with her pussy. The domina pressed a button on the control and a well lubricated steel rod two inch wide with a black rounded rubber tip was pushed 6 inch into Fiona’s pussy. A small steel dowel parted her inner pussy lips and touched her clit. Her juice was flowing.

A soft rubber funnel was mounted around her urine opening, this funnel was connected via a tube to a collection bag.

The next cold shock hit Fiona when her buttocks was washed with alcohol. Two arms with steel plates padded with silicone rubber fitted perfectly to her rounded ass cheeks. The special rubber got a firm grip. The two arms was forced to split Fiona’s buttocks, which opened her ass crack completely until the skin around the rear opening was stretched near to pain.

First then her butt hole was lubricated carefully. A rectal tube was put deep into Fiona’s rectum and she was filled with lubrication, some of the cream purred out and the tube was removed.

The well lubricated one inch wide upper steel rod was pushed into Fiona’s wide opening until a slight resistance was met.

Inside the rod was mounted a flexible scope which allowed to follow the rods path into the gut, the scope made a perfect rounded tip. The domina looked into the eyeglass and adjusted the rod to secure it centered perfectly into the middle of the opening of the colon clearly visible at the end of Fiona’s rectum. The rod was carefully pushed deeper inwards followed by more eye controls. When it entered the sigmoid colon, the stretching caused painful cramps. Fiona tried to squirm without any luck. A small black circle around the rod which marked 12 inch penetration disappeared into Fiona’s opening. The rod was now in place.

Fiona really felt odd. The double spiking deep into her core was a strange experience.

The huge 3 inch thick and 6 inch long butt plug made of steel waited still outside on the control mechanism. The plug used the rod as a center pin. It was a 4 inch long cone nearly as thick as the rod in the front and widening up at the far end. It was padded with a one inch long hard black rubber in the front end. Behind the cone the plug narrowed to a neck 2 inch wide, but it was surrounded by a rubber belt 1 inch long with soft prickles. The last inch was just a steel base used by the pushing mechanism.

The domina pushed a button and the all over lubricated plug moved slowly until one inch disappeared into Fiona’s opening. The other domina lay a hand on Fiona’s back and nodded. The plug was slowly pushed father inwards. When Fiona tensed up another nod stopped the pushing. Fiona began to feel the stretching of her rosebud.

New nods and more small pushes followed. Fiona again tried to squirm it hurts in her rear opening. The two domina’s was skilled. They let the spincter accommodate to the stretching without passing injury but in perfect balance to real pain. Fiona tried again to wiggle it hurts terrible.

The widest part disappeared past Fiona’s spincter, she saw black spots and flames inside her head due to the pain.

The narrowing of the plug gave Fiona a short relief, but it was suddenly changed when the black rubber belt was pressed inside her spincter. The rubber prickles was soft for a finger, but on the sensible tissue in the rear opening it felt like knives cutting the flesh. Finally the pushing stops, the black belt was placed perfectly at the most sensitive part of the opening. Fiona suffered from an awful pain in her bottom.

The huge 4 quart bag was filled to the brim with a barium solution. The idea was to make the enema more heavy than a normal water enema in order to make more stretching and more pressure.

The scope inside the rod was removed and replaced by a rubber tube with a rounded tip. The tube was pushed inwards until a small metal ring touched and clicked into place at the far end of rod. The tube was connected to the bag and the clamp was opened.

Fiona soon realized she was getting an enema.

As the club knew their members it was noticed Fiona had a capacity near to three and a half quart. The two domina’s knew Fiona’s figures. They filled her to three quarts and waited. Fiona felt quite full. They slowly filled Fiona to her capacity. Fiona felt she was about to burst.

The two domina’s waited several minutes and let more enema in. Small sips of enema followed by more waiting. Two quarts more of barium solution was poured into the bag. The filling stopped when Fiona had received a little more than four quarts.

Fiona was all in pain from her bottom to her ribcage and down her right side where her cecum was fully stretched.

Fiona’s belly hang down as a heavy sack even her skin hurts due to the stretching. And she was unbearable horny and turned on. Her pussy juice dripped from the underside of the vaginal rod. She tried again to wiggle without luck. It was impossible to get the orgasm her body craved.

The only sounds during all the opening session was Fiona’s moans and screams. The two domina’s worked in silence. This was broken by a click from a clock: “Well my dear the clock is running. Two hours with stretching.”

Fiona knew it but was shocked. Two hours how should she survive that.

The time felt endless. Fiona missed an orgasm. The pain slowly subsided but as the time passed, the plug in her ass felt like it was growing and went more uncomfortable.

Time after time few more ounces of solution was lead into Fiona in order to stretch her even more.

When she felt urge to pee she must let it go into the rubber funnel. The sound when the small collection bag received her water was embarrassing.

Fiona didn’t knew how long she had waited, but suddenly a humming began deep into her pussy. The fat steel rod stretching her pussy changed to a powerful vibrator and the dowel around Fiona’s clit vibrated as well. Fiona went fast into a earthshaking orgasm. Long screams filled the room. It took long to calm down. The vibration faded away. Even though the orgasm had released Fiona’s desire, it had also a backside. The muscle spasm released in her belly caused even more pain in her stretched gut.

After a pause a new vibration started. It took longer but Fiona got a new powerful orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure filled her body from top to toe. When the wave of pleasure faded away she felt tired and relaxed. The relaxing eased up the pain in her belly.

A third orgasm was released in her body. As she now was nearly satisfied, it was more difficult to reach the pleasure point. The vibration rod in her pussy was pulled up to full power. This triggered her and she came in a violent screaming orgasm.

A low humming showed the time was up.

The tube inside the rod was disconnected from the bag and led to the outlet in the flour. Fiona sighed of the release in her belly. When one domina controlled the tube the other began gently to massage and push the barium out of Fiona’s belly.

When the outflow was silenced to a slow dripping the tube was again connected to the enema bag.

To Fiona’s horror a new enema began. But she had nothing to fear, she was just filled to capacity with pure water and emptied out.

The big plug was then pulled slowly out of Fiona’s opening. Fiona experienced new excruciating waves of pain when her spincter again was confronted with the prickles in motion and by the stretching when the wide part passed. It was more hard to bear now when she was satisfied. Finally the horrible plug was out.

The thick rod in Fiona’s pussy was retracted. Pussy juice mixed with lubricating cream poured out.

The rod in her bottom was retracted. It was a relief to be free.

Two guards arrived and Fiona was released from the trestle. She felt stiff and sore due to the long time of immobilization.

She was followed to the dressing room. Her wrist was cuffed to the bar in the shower and she was washed all over, soaped, showered and finally rubbed with a towel until she was warm and fresh again.

She was put into the familiar white cotton shirt, the white socks and the blue plastic pant with a diaper.

The guards followed her to a rest room and recommended her to take a nap, she did.

The guards waked up Fiona one hour later. They followed her to big club room, which now was ready for dinner and party. Fiona was showed a place right beside the council.

A delicious starter with scrimps, salad and bread was served. Fiona began to eat and drink the tasty white wine. Nice chatting and well-being filled the room. A red fried beef with potatoes sauce and red wine was next. The eating was really enjoined by the party, which gave it good time.

The empty plates has since long being carried out and the humming conversation was going on, when the spotlights suddenly was turned on the stage. The chairman entered the light and grasped a microphone. Silence followed.

“Dear club members. This evening is special for three of our members, but before we turn to them I will remind you about the seven candidates which lost luck today. Dear candidates I knew you are disappointed, but your time will come, be proud to be with us today your time will come it is certain. And dear fellows these candidates has fulfilled a humiliating preparation they must see it as part of their training. Lets give them a hand.”

Laud long time applause filled the room.

The chairman continued: “I will now call our new inner circle members to stage. Sarah come to the stage please.”

Sarah entered the stage. She was met by applause. The chairman removed the disc around her wrist and placed it at the end of a short flat string on a collar. The collar was placed around her neck. The chairman welcomed her as inner circle member and the room exploded in applause.

Sarah went back to her chair with tears streaming down her face.

Fiona was next to be called. She went to the stage. The collar which now could be seen at close range was made of leather with a narrow silver band in the middle. Her disc was removed from her wrist and placed on the collar. Fiona got the collar around her neck.

The chairman welcomed her: “Welcome Fiona to the inner circle. I knew you had waited long for this. You had now proven to be a real fetishist and masochist. We will anxiously wait and see what your fantasy can bring a news.”

She was welcomed by the club with loud applause when she went down to her chair. She was very happy and tears was running down her face.

The last one to be welcomed was David. Also he was followed by applause. He received his collar with obvious joy. Applause followed him to his chair. David had hard to control his emotions.

The room calmed down when the chairman left the stage and the spotlights turned off.

A coffee and ice dessert was served followed by humming chatting.

The lady next to Fiona told her, that she only need to wear the collar this evening otherwise she was free to do what she like.

Even though Fiona participated in the party, she was also reminded about the session she has endured. Her diaper was messy of fluid and lubrication creme escaped from her openings. Stitches of pain emerged now and then from her rear opening and her belly was sore. She was thinking of a diaper change and began to walk to the bathroom.

In some strange way Lisa had a job to help Fiona, while she followed her into to the bathroom.

“My dear Fiona, not here.” Lisa said kindly and continued: “Follow me please.”

Fiona was followed to another bathroom kept in a more private area of the building.

Lisa help Fiona with a cleaning up. A soothing creme was smeared around her sore rosebud. Fiona was allowed to pee. And finally a clean diaper was delivered.

One by one the candidates leave the party it had been a long weary day.

When Fiona also was about to leave. Lisa joined her: “Fiona it seems you like to went home.”

Fiona agreed.

“I got a cab.” Lisa said.

Fiona waited at the reception.

Lisa joined her and said: “You must keep your wearing until you are home. Here are your clothing.” Lisa delivered a bag. But Lisa also presented Fiona’s coat. Fiona was allowed to cover her strange clothing while on her way home.

Lisa followed Fiona home. Lisa was very kind and said goodnight with a big warm hug.