Holly's Story

By Solange Lafemme

I sat there, in a flimsy paper gown, wondering what I was doing. Why had I contacted Dr. Joseph in the first place? So what if I had rather bizarre fantasies, at least by most of society, that I needed to have fulfilled? I was just about to get up and leave when he Dr. Joseph walked in. He was tall and ruggedly handsome. His warm brown eyes met mine, and I could see the strength yet understanding in them. I calmed my breathing, and knew everything I had heard about him was true, and that he was the man to fulfill one of my darkest secret desires.

He greeted me warmly, and his voice melted any resistance I had. He had come highly recommended, and now I knew the people who had used him before were right. I felt a calmness wash over me, as I agreed to trust my life to him. He was going to push me to my mental and physical limits, and yet I knew he was the only man who I would trust to take me there. I removed the paper gown and as trite as it seems, the first thought that went through my mind was, Let the games begin.

Dr. Joseph slipped on some rubber gloves, and I heard him telling me to stand up, put my hands behind my head. I knew why he wanted me to do this, to make my breasts stand out more prominently. I had participated a little in D/s. When his gloved hand started caressing my breast, I tried to ignore the sensations, but my body betrayed me, as it had often done in the past. I could tell my nipples were hardening, and he wasn’t even near to them yet. He started pinching them, saying he had to see how much pain I could endure, and I stood there, staring into space, trying not to focus on the searing pain he was inflicting on me. Yes, it was pain, but it was also giving me pleasure I needed. He said some soothing words which I didn’t really hear, but I did hear the gentle tone of his voice. He suddenly pulled my breasts up by the nipples, and I let out a sigh. It hurt, but it didn’t. I was ready for more.

He was rummaging through a closet of latex outfits, and selected one. I realized that this was more than what I had expected, that perhaps he found me desirable. I squeezed myself into them, feeling the rubber shaping my skin. The cool air on my nipples and pussy belied how hot I was feeling inside. I watched Dr. Joseph’s face as I slipped the long gloves on, and even though he tried to hide it, I could sense his erection, which made me feel more powerful and more secure in what we were going to be doing together.

I saw the thermometer and told myself, I can do this because I want to do it, I need to do this. He was bending me over, and asked me to spread my asscheeks. I complied, and he took his time to study my cunt and my ass before he took the thermometer and traced circles on my cheeks. I didn’t want to react, but my body betrayed and I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter. The thermometer went in easily, and I could tell this part was for Dr. Joseph’s benefit. I could feel his eyes drinking in every inch of my ass, my gloved hands spreading them apart with the thermometer sticking obscenely out of my anus. We were both concentrating on our breathing, trying not to let how we both felt about the events he had planned for me.

He removed the thermometer, and told me to climb on his examining table. It reminded me of a regular table in a doctor’s office, with stirrups for your legs that could be spread apart. But this one had straps on it, and he calmly strapped me in, explaining the need for them. I could see him holding a rubber replica of a penis, and I feared where that was going. To my dismay, he was placing it in my mouth, and securing it. I think I was more afraid of this than anything else, because I have a strong gag reflex. I trusted him completely and knew how important my mouth be full during the treatment. So I nodded that I could breathe and that I was okay. He explained how sucking hard on the penis gag would help my breathing and sucking, but the underlying message was it would also take my mind off some of the pain and discomfort I would be feeling later on. He then put a buzzer in my hand. This was to signal him if I wanted to him to stop. After a practice try, I looked into his eyes, and recognized the look that meant he would not like it if I buzzed it.

Next came nipple clamps. My nipple were no longer hard and erect, and he began to suck and bite them to hardness. Each bite was sharper, and I was forced to control the pain by biting on that damned penis gag. I wondered briefly if I would bite the gag into pieces before this was over. He smiled slightly, having enjoyed making my nipples erect, and then secured the clamps on them, attaching them to a bar on the ceiling, so my nipple would be stimulated each time I moved.

I was ready. He sat down between my legs, and I could no longer see his face. His gloved fingers began to caress my thighs and ass. He lightly spread my outer lips apart, and I knew I was wet, and that he was pleased I was wet. He put his finger in some sort of lubricant, and began finger fucking me with one finger, then he added a second. It didn’t hurt, and he then added a third. He was stretching me, but it was very pleasurable. I wanted him to rub my clit, to bring me to orgasm. He started rubbing my clit and still pushing the three fingers in my cunt, but each time I came close to cumming, he would stop.

He then got more glycerin on his finger, and instead of going back to fingering my pussy, he started circling my anus. His finger was getting closer and then suddenly was inside my ass. I had been told to give myself an enema before arriving, but I didn’t. I was relieved when he took off the gag, and then had to explain to him why I hadn’t done as he has told me to, a punishable offense. I lied and said I didn’t know how to give myself one, and he gave me some water then strapped the gag back into my mouth. I needed and deserved the punishment I was going to get. That was why I was here, after all.

The equipment needed to administer an enema were pushed out on a cart, and I saw a device I had never seen before. He calmly explained this was a special enema nozzle, with beads on it, to give me extra stimulation. He slowly pushed it inside of me, so I could feel each bead stretch my ass…. and of course, would have the same sensation when he took it out. The bulb that would contain the water looked large, though I knew it was not. He used hot water, and began to slowly force the water inside of me. I could feel it heating up my insides, and while uncomfortable, it was not unbearable. He spoke to me the entire time in a soothing and reassuring voice. He removed the nozzle, one exquisite bead at a time, and then quickly inserted a butt plug. I heard him tell me I must not let any water leak out of me until he returned. The lights were turned off and I heard him leave the room.

I was there alone, my colon full of hot water, my mouth stuffed with the gag and my thoughts. And what a variety of thoughts I had. I had been imagining this for a long time, and it was not as bad as I had feared. The water was uncomfortable, but in a pleasant way. Yes, I was crampy, but no worse than my worst menstrual cramps. I focused on how it felt, the warmth, the sensations it created. Even as I moved and breathed, the clamps on my nipples were adding pleasure. My breathing was focused, but at no time did I have an urge to press the buzzer. I was not ashamed I needed this treatment, but I also knew I would never tell anyone about it.

After what seemed like a half hour, Dr. Joseph came back in. The light seemed so bright after lying in darkness. He was ready to let me have some relief, and I expelled the contents of my colon into a bedpan. I knew that there would still be fecal material inside me, so it did not surprise me that Dr. Joseph, after cleaning me up, and inserting a gloved finger inside, brought out and showed me a brown stained glove.

This time the enema was to be 4 times as big, 4 times as uncomfortable and hopefully, 4 times as pleasurable. I knew Dr. Joseph was enjoying it, no matter how clinical he acted. I imagined the image he saw, and drew satisfaction that I was able to arouse him in such a manner. Then he started the enema, and I only thought of the water filling up inside me. I started chewing on the gag, trying to control my breathing, so I would be able to endure this next treatment. Filled up. plugged up he left me alone for twice as long. I saw him glance at the buzzer and was determined not to use it, no matter how I might want to or need to. I would see this enema out to the end, and hopefully the end of the treatment. In my mind, though, I knew I didn’t want this to end….. while I loved conventional sex, nothing brought me the same release as this. Was I really that strange, as I was taught to believe? A mental argument about society and morals and personal rights and pleasure occupied my mind as the enema occupied my bowels. And kept me from buzzing him to let me empty myself and go home.

Once again, he returned, and once again, he was not happy with the results. I would be getting another enema, pushing me to my limits. He called this one the 3H enema. The nozzle he used was as big as an average man’s penis, and he inserted that in my anus. I chewed faster on the gag, and then came the water. It was 3 quarts, quite a LOT of water. Dr. Joseph explained to take my mind off the discomfort of emptying the bag inside me, he could help me. As if anything could distract me from watching the bag slowly empty. He began slapping my ass with rubber tubing. The noise was loud and more frightening than the actual pain, but he was right, I was completely filled and hadn’t given it much though. I was told not to let a drop of water out of me. I hadn’t come this far to fail.

I put the buzzer out of my mind, too, and he began to stroke my reddened asscheeks. His gentle touch then continued on my stomach, which was extended grossly with all the water he had forced into me, and then he touched my neck and face. It was because of these almost loving ministrations I was able to continue. I would not disappoint this man, no matter how I wanted this damn water out of my body. I studied his face, and knew he was pleased with me. I also knew there would be no fecal matter left in my bowels after this, and my ordeal would be over. I let that thought comfort me, also, though I needed to cum desperately. Perhaps he wanted me to cum on my own, after this.

But no, he was shaking his head. I couldn’t possibly need another enema. He said something about enemas and treatment, but I didn’t hear the words, and tried talking with the gag in my mouth. I had gone past my limits, but of course, he was the doctor and in charge, and I had to please him, no matter what. I was not to have another enema, but a special treatment. He removed my gag, and I sighed with such self satisfaction that I had managed to control that. He asked if I wanted the gag put back in during the treatment, and being the submissive I was, I readily agreed, even though I did not want it again.

Fortunately, he opted to not use it for this treatment. With his lubricated gloved hands, he began probing my cunt and my asshole. I was getting very aroused, and I knew my clit was hard. He then showed me some strange kind of equipment, which he said were dildo pants, as he patiently fastened them to me. There was another rubber penis, but this time it went in a more willing hole. It felt good, but I wondered how it was going to bring me to climax. There was a vibrator built in, and that was turned on. It felt good, but it would not be enough.

Then Dr. Joseph began to lick my asshole. Slowly, building up tension. I felt his tongue invade that most private space. I relaxed, trying to concentrate on different sensations, when suddenly he forced what felt like a popsicle up my anus. Ohhhh.. it was so cold. And it was held in place by the dildo pants. I was on overload… so many different stimuli. Such exquisite pain and pleasure. Then I noticed Dr. Joseph unzipping his pants and releasing his cock. I watched him put two rubber rings on it, which seemed to make it bigger, if that was possible. He ordered me to suck him, and released my nipples from the bar that had pulled and stretched them to their limits. I now had added to all these stimuli, his delicious cock in my mouth and the torture of my breasts getting blood back into them. I knew however, that my number one concern was pleasuring this man who had given me so much, so I concentrated on his cock, and bringing him to climax.

My mouth was tired from being stretched with the gag, but it had no trouble fitting around the doctor’s hard cock, which I was sliding in and out of my wet mouth. I could barely stand the cold in my ass, and the insistent buzzing on my clit, but I still focused on him and his cock. I could see him reach around and stick a finger up his ass, which spurred my sucking motions on to a renewed pace. I watched his face, and knew he was so close to cumming, that I started responding to the pressure building up inside of me. Suddenly, he screamed, and filled my mouth his hot cum.

That put me over the edge. It started at my clit, but the climax I felt completely shook every nerve in my body. It felt like it would never stop, but finally it did, and I let go of the doctor’s now soft cock.

I could hardly wait for another visit with Dr. Joseph.