Home from the Doctor's

I walked into the waiting room where my husband, Keith, was deeply engrossed in his magazine. I sat down next to him and kissed him on the cheek. When he looked up, startled, I gave him another kiss on his lips, lingering as long as I dared.

He smiled. “Guess you are fit as a fiddle, then?”

“Yes, honey.”

“Okay, well let’s get going.”

We walk out of the office and I take his hand. He looks startled again, and then grabs my hand warmly. We have been married quite a while, and sometimes forget to be affectionate. When we get in the car he asks, “So, do you need any prescriptions?”

“Just need to get a refill for my blood pressure meds.”

“Ok. We’ll stop somewhere.”

Once we begin the drive, he looks over and sees my smile. “What happened in there, anyway? You are particularly cheerful.”

“Well…this is going to sound funny…”

“I’ve heard funny from you before,” he replies.

I sigh. “Well. During the exam, I closed my eyes most of the time and pretended that the doctor was you touching me. I’ve done that before, because then I don’t feel as embarrassed over some of the procedures.”

He smiles. “Was it different this time?”

“Well, yes it was. Maybe because I’m beginning to go through the change, but when he touched my breasts, I started to get turned on, and then, when he performed the pelvic and rectal exams, welll…..”


“I practically had an orgasm right there in the office! I was so embarrassed. When I opened my eyes, the doctor was really grinning. I think maybe, because he touches me differently than you, or maybe just the whole idea of a doctor, I don’t know….it was kind of new and exciting. Makes me really want you right now!”

I could hear Keith getting pretty pumped up. “Well, let’s just stop and get that prescription and we’ll be on our way.” I could tell he was really looking forward to a little afternoon delight.

We stopped at a rather large pharmacy and medical supply store. “Why don’t you just wait in the car and see if you can keep those hot thoughts going. I’ll be right back.”

As he walked in, I closed my eyes and began to recall the touches of the doctor. My hand slid down towards my crotch, but I knew I couldn’t get crazy here in the parking lot. Besides, I wanted to save my energy for my sweet husband. We hadn’t had much more than day to day kinds of sexual experiences lately…I liked to think that this afternoon would be a little more special. I was really getting excited.

I opened my eyes when I heard the trunk lid open. I could see Keith putting a rather large bag into the trunk. When he got in the car, I asked, “Isn’t that an awfully large bag for just a few pills?”

“Oh, they had a few specials on some items we needed around the house. Don’t worry. Nothing very expensive.”

We pulled into the driveway. Keith said, “Why don’t you run upstairs and get the shower going and I’ll join you in just a moment.” I quickly rushed to prepare the shower, barely waiting to get inside to remove my clothing! I was in the warm shower, already getting soaped up when Keith joined me. Though we often wash one another, since Keith didn’t touch me, I didn’t touch him back. Sometimes, it’s more exciting to wait.

We dried off and I entered the bedroom. I saw a hospital gown laid out on the bed.

“Aw, Keith! What have you done?”

“Just put it on, ma’am. I’ll be with you as soon as you are ready.” Keith went out the bedroom door and shut it. A few minutes later, he knocked and I told him he could enter. There was Keith, in a set of scrubs (obviously without underwear, he was already hard!), a mask, a stethoscope, latex gloves, looking sooo professional. I was really getting hot now!

“Okay, I need you to sit at the edge of the table (meaning the bed, of course). Now a few deep breaths, very slowly, please.” I complied as he listened to my heart and lungs. “Okay. Now lie back, please.” He pressed expertly on my abdomen in several places. “Now, let’s just drop the top of the gown so that I can examine your breasts. Why don’t you close your eyes and relax, and I won’t hurt you a bit?”

Oh, I did close my eyes and felt my crotch begin to light up.

“Everything seems to be in order here.” He pulled the top of my gown back on. “Did the nurse take your temperature yet? I don’t see a notation?”

Hmmm. Of course there was no nurse here. “Uhh. No, she didn’t.”

“Well, I can take care of that. Now where did she put the thermometer?” Keith rustled about a bit, and finally found one. “Hmmm. This seems to be a rectal thermometer. Well, it will have to do. Please, lie on your side, with your back towards me.”

“Oh, my goodness!!! Not a rectal thermometer!!”

“Relax there, Bess. It’s a very simple procedure, really. Just try to lie still so that we don’t break the thermometer, and I’ll take care of everything else.”

I rolled onto my side and tried to lie as still as possible, but I was quivering so with excitement and shame. What a rush!! Keith put a glob of something cold on his finger and pushed gently into my ass. I cringed and pulled my anus tight around his finger.

“You’ll have to relax, dear, or this won’t work!” He pushed in again. This time I relaxed and let him get his finger in more deeply. He started to pull his finger out, and then push it in again. He repeated this several times until he got a nice little rhythm going. He was finger fucking me! I could feel his hot breath and his penis bumped against my behind a few times. This was delicious!!!

Finally, he removed his finger. He quickly inserted the thermometer. OOOOOH. So cool in my ass! He pushed it in fairly deeply. When I squirmed, he took it out.

“We can’t have that! You don’t want this to break inside you, do you?” I did not! “Are you ready for me to put it in again?”


“All right. Now don’t squirm, this time.” It was all I could do to stay still. This made me feel sooo hot! Finally he pulled it out.

“Hmmm. Looks like you’ve got some matter inside you that needs to come out. Are you having any difficulty going to the bathroom?”

“Keith!” I shrieked.

“That is Doctor Keith to you. Now answer my question.”

“Well, yes…a bit.”

“Okay. I can help you out here.” I heard him reach for something and it sounded like a jar opening. “These are some suppositories. They will help you with your problem.”

“Oh no!”

“Now, really there is nothing to this. Just relax while I insert them. I will be inserting five into you. You’ll try to hold them for about ten minutes and that should do the trick.” He started to press one into my rectum, but my muscles were resisting the invasion. “Come on. now, Bess. Let these in.”

“I’m sorry , doctor, but my body seems to have a mind of its own!” I was really trying to relax, but this was just so stimulating!

“Okay. Well, I think I can find a way to get these in.” He sat down on the bed next to me. “Now, stand up please.” I did. “Now, lie across my lap.”

“Your lap! My goodness, doctor.”

“Relax. I do this all the time with the children, and from time to time with more difficult adults. Guess you fall into that category.”

Well, he is my husband, after all. So I lay across his lap. I could feel his erection under me, so close to my hot and sopping clit, and yet so far! He stroked my ass cheeks, warmly and gently. He took an unlubed finger and poked into my anus, just slightly, poking again and again until it loosened a bit. Then, he took another large, cool glob of lubricant He pushed in, harder and more insistently, this time. He finger-fucked my ass as he had before, but this time more rapidly and with more force. I was really opening up back there. The, one…two…three….four…five…those little glycerin bullets, poked in as deep as possible. He held his finger in for a bit and stroked my back with his free hand. I began to feel relaxed…almost sleepy.

After some time, he took his finger out. “Do you have to go yet?”

“No, actually.” I really didn’t.

“Hmmm. I’d better continue the rectal exam then…see what the problem is.” He pulled me off his lap and lay me on my back on the bed. “Pull your knees up and rest your feet on the edge of the bed.” He slipped a pillow under my bottom so that it was higher and presented a better view. He pulled a speculum out of the bag, lubricated it up and bit, and slid it into my behind. “Hmm.”

“Hmm, what?”

“Perhaps those suppositories aren’t strong enough. They should have worked by now. They are clearly melted completely. I guess we’ll have to try an enema.”

“An enema!” Last time I had one of those was when I gave birth to our son, thirty years ago.

“I really think you need it, Bess, no playing. Besides, I maybe shouldn’t have put all those suppositories up inside you.”

“I’m certain it’s okay, honey. But, whatever you think” Frankly, I was really loving having all these things inside my bottom. I closed my eyes, but heard his preparations. He came back to the bed with a large basin full of warm, soapy water and a large red bulb with a black nozzle. “How would you like to do this? On your side, on your back, or on your stomach?”

“On my stomach, I guess.” Keith piled up a few pillows until there was a nice little mound. He placed a towel across it and then helped me position my hips over the pillows, so that my ass was quite high in the air. I heard him squeeze the air out of the bulb and then the gurgle of the water filling it. More lubrication was applied to my behind, and then he rather quickly and firmly pressed the nozzle into me, squeezing as he went. OOOOOOOOhhhhhhh. WOW! Pretty amazing. He withdrew it, filled it again and inserted it, each time more and more firmly and quickly. I could hear his pants as he squeezed. Someone else was getting pretty hot here!

Finally, I felt the urge. I was about to explode. Keith led me to the bathroom, where I released it all rather strongly. What a rush!!! When I was finished, I wiped myself off well and returned to the bedroom.

“Feeling better?”

“Yes, actually, much better.”

“Okay then, we can proceed with the pelvic exam.” He led my back to the bed, and lay me onto my back, with my feet on the bed and knees as high as possible over one pillow. He took a larger speculum, coated it with lubrication, and with the fingers of one hand, now in a clean glove, he parted the lips of my count. He slid the speculum in. Mmmm. Yesssss. Delicious. Don’t stop!!! I closed my eyes and hummed my pleasure.

“So this feels good to you?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“Well, then I’ve got something you’ll really like!” He pulled out the speculum, dropped his scrub pants, and inserted his penis, very slowly and gently. His gently rocking became stronger and faster and we were both screaming so loud that the neighbors a block away probably heard us! We finally squelched our noise with some of the deepest, most wonderful kisses I ever remember.

Now, my Keith pulls out the doctor clothes from time to time, whenever we seem to need a little extra pep. And I twitch my frequently horny behind in front of his face whenever it needs some attention !