Jane Gets an Enema - Part 2

Marty gave Jane another kiss on the forehead before announcing, “It’s time for your punishment, Jane, and I’m afraid it’s going to be severe because you have been so bad. It was bad enough when you did foolish things with our money and broke our agreement, but then you hid The Paddle and tried to run away.”

“Wh-what are you gonna do to me, sir? I know I was a bad girl, but I got scared and I had to run and hide.”

“Take off your clothes, Jane - all of them and pile them in the corner.” She complied silently, with trembling fingers. Marty admired her body as it was revealed and ordered Jane to pirouette in place a few times. A rosy blush stole over her face and upper body. Marty then escorted her back to the living room. “Where is The Paddle, Jane? I need it so I can give you your spanking.”

Jane squirmed, head to toe, and looked away. “Marty… Noo…” Jane knew that she would eventually give in and return The Paddle to Marty. And she knew that when she did, she would receive the paddling of her life. Jane’s clit was already stiff and throbbing at the thought of the spanking she would receive for such a transgression.

Marty sat and beckoned Jane to come closer. When she did, Marty pulled her over his lap. “You do realize that I don’t need an implement to thoroughly tan your hide, my dear ?”

“Oh, Marty, please…” Her voice was growing husky with desire.

“You have been an extremely bad girl today, Jane - a rotten little brat, through and through.” He started spanking her with his open hand. Jane yelped, then raised her seat to meet the blows. “I have a little surprise for you,” he informed her pleasantly, “and this is just the FIRST spanking of the evening.” Marty spanked steadily for a solid 15 minutes. Jane’s bottom and upper thighs were pink and stingingly sore. Then Marty stopped, lifted Jane off his lap and stood her in the corner, hands on her head. “No rubbing your bottom, young lady,” he admonished. “I want you to think about how disobedient and wayward you’ve been, and I especially want you to meditate on the idea that your punishment has only begun.”

Jane stood quietly, hands on her head, not daring to disobey more than she had already. Her tummy was all jittery, and her pussy was very wet and throbbing just slightly. She wondered what Marty was going to do next, as he hadn’t promised another spanking. But what could he have in mind?

“Such a good girl!” The sudden sound of Marty’s voice not far from her left ear made Jane start a little. Marty took her by both hands and drew her close for a long, deep kiss. “I’m proud of you, little Jane. No bottom rubbing - nose in the corner - hands just like I had them.”

“A-are you still going to-to punish me, sir?”

“Of course I am - you’ve been so naughty, I really have no other option. Which reminds me, it’s time for the next phase of your punishment. Come with me.” He led her into the bathroom, then closed the door and sat on a bench next to the sink, placing a thick towel across his lap once he was settled. Hanging prominently over the sink was a very full red rubber bag with a long white hose attached. At the end of the hose was a thick, black nozzle.

“Oh no, Marty… No, no, please! I-I’ll be a good girl - a very good girl. Really, I will!!!”

“I know you’ll be a good girl, Jane, because you’re going to have a nice, hot enema to wash all that nonsense out of your system. And when your cute little bottom is all full of this nice, warm, soapy water, it’s going get a real hard spanking.”

“I’ll tell you where I hid The Paddle, Marty,” Jane begged, eyeing the red bag.

“Of course you’ll tell me where you hid it. And after you have your enema, you’ll go get it for me.”

“I don’t want to have an enema, Marty! I don’t - I don’t!! Pleeezzze?”

“Jane, you are trying my patience,” he informed her. “Come here right now and lay across my lap, and take your enema like a good girl, or I’ll go get the cane. You remember the cane, don’t you, Jane? MUCH worse than The Paddle, wouldn’t you say?” He patted his lap. Slowly, Jane moved into position. Marty gave Jane’s seat a few solid smacks, saying, “that’s for resisting your `treatment.’ What do we say?”

“Th-thank you, sir.”

Marty gently parted Jane’s cheeks and inspected her anus. Then he lubricated a finger and slowly slid it inside. Jane squeaked and shivered. “My bad little girl just loves having things in her naughty little bottom, doesn’t she.” He fingered her ass for several minutes, only stopping every so often to reapply lubricant. He brought Jane nearly to climax several times by teasing her anal sphincters with a probing finger. Then he lubed the thick nozzle and slowly inserted it into Jane’s bottom.

Jane gasped and tensed, then caught her lower lip and slowly let out her breath - it felt so good to be taken care of this way, to be spanked and penetrated and cleansed. Marty held the nozzle in her bottom while he delivered more hard slaps to her lower cheeks. “Are you ready for your enema, Miss Jane - naughty, little Jane with the spanked-red bottom?” To Marty, the sight of the large nozzle, framed by her crimson buttocks, was as heady as wine.

“I like that in my bottom,” Jane ventured in a tiny, little-girl voice. “It feels sooo good.”

“Aren’t you the bad little girl who was fussing and moaning about how she didn’t want to take her enema like a big girl? Hmm?”

Jane was practically purring. “I want my enema. I need my enema. And then I need to have my bottom paddled until it’s all red.”

“Do you need a BIG enema, Miss Jane? Hmm?” Marty started sliding the nozzle in and out of Jane’s asshole.

“Oh please…yes! Big…make it big.” Marty started the water, and Jane climaxed across his lap.

“Oh, yes, my sweet little naughty girl cums so good with her enema and her spanking - yes, she does!” As the water flowed into her, Jane squirmed and moaned over Marty’s lap, spanked from climax to climax. Finally, the red bag was empty and Jane was very full, her normally flat tummy bulging. Before allowing her to stand, Marty withdrew the fat nozzle and replaced it with a large butt plug. Jane squeaked a little as the wide part passed inside her. “Go get The Paddle, Jane.”

Wordlessly, Jane crept from the bathroom, one hand on her distended belly. She returned a few minutes later with the dreaded Paddle and handed it to Marty. “I was a very, very bad girl, sir, and I need a paddling real, real bad.”

“Yes, you certainly do, Jane. And that’s just what you’re about to receive - the hardest paddling you’ve ever had.” He stood and positioned Jane so she was bending over the bench, palms down, bottom raised, legs spread. He had a lovely view of her swollen, wet pussy and the flanged base of the plug still firmly inside her bottom. He raised The Paddle and brought it against Jane’s bare seat with a resounding CRACK that caused Jane to raise up on her toes and wail. A second blow swiftly followed, then a third. Marty left no inch of Jane’s bottom or upper thighs unpaddled - her even paddled her tender inner thighs, much to her distress. Jane was sobbing, her face tear-stained. Her bottom was a deep crimson, punctuated with purplish lines delineated where the edge of the paddle had struck.

“Th-hank you, sir. I really, really needed that,” Jane managed, between sobs. Because despite the severity of the punishment, Jane had rather enjoyed her comeuppance. Her pussy was positively aching for a hard, silky cock.

“Does my little Jane have to go potty yet ?” inquired Marty.

Embarrassed, Jane hung her head, unable to suppress a little smile. “I gotta go poo-poo soo bad. May I please go potty, sir?”

Marty nodded and helped Jane over to the toilet. After positioning her carefully, he worked the plug out slowly, then quickly removed his hand to avoid the imminent torrent. Much to Jane’s mortification, Marty remained in the bathroom as she expelled the contents of her bowels. Every so often, he would casually ask her if she were having “a good poo-poo,” which would make her flush red and hide her face in her hands with a nervous giggle. It took Jane a long time to expel the enema.

When she was all finished, Marty wiped and cleaned her carefully, then bent her back over the bench. “I’m going to fuck your asshole, Jane,” he announced. “Watching your tight little ass has made me so horny and stiff, I just have to get inside you.” Without waiting for her reply, he lubed her bottom, then slid easily inside. The heat of her rectum made Marty gasp in pleasure and thrust deeper, until Jane could feel him pressed tight against her back.

“I like it in my butt,” she murmured, delighting in how his cock filled her. Her bottom and thighs ached deliciously as Marty began to thrust.

“So tight - so hot - sweet little ass, sweet little Jane…”

“Cum in me, Marty,” she entreated. “Fill my ass with your cum.” Marty exploded in climax; Jane followed close after him. After a few moments rest, Marty took Jane to bed for more of the same, and as always, Jane promised to be a very, very good girl….at least until next “Punishment Night.”