Jill Meets David

By jillianes@hotmail.com

It had been one of “those” days at work; the minute I got home, I filled the tub with my favorite bubble bath…vanilla…and sank down till the bubbles were up to my nose. I lay there half-asleep, feeling myself finally beginning to relax. As I lay there almost asleep, the phone rang. I didn’t really want to talk to anybody, but I climbed out, grabbed a towel and ran for the phone. I picked up the phone and said “hello”, in a barely civil tone. A male voice replied, “Jill, is that you?” I didn’t recognize the voice, and figured it was probably somebody from work. I replied, “yes, could you please tell me who this is?”

The voice said, “this is David, little one.” My heart started pounding, and I said in a surprised voice, “David? From the Internet? Where are you?” You just laughed and said, “I wanted to surprise you; I’m here in town for a couple of days; could I come over?”

I was so surprised, I could hardly reply; “of course–I just got out of the bathtub–where are you? How long?” I’m quite sure I wasn’t making any sense at all! You laughed again and said, “I’ll be there in about 15 minutes, OK?” I said “fine”, hung up and just stood there…my heart pounding so hard I could scarcely breathe. I never in my wildest dreams expected to ever meet David in person. I kept thinking of the things we “talked” about and I could feel myself go hot with embarrassment. Then I realized I was standing there, still covered with bubblebath, wrapped in a towel and he would be here any minute.

I was in such a state of confusion I could barely get dressed. I just had time to light my favorite candles on the mantel, and throw a quilt on the floor in front of the fireplace when I heard a knock on the door. I took a deep breath and tried to calm down…without success, I might add! I opened the door, and there you were, looking just like your pictures. I’ve looked at those pictures SO many times while going over my favorite fantasy; now…here you were and I was terrified! No, not terrified…apprehensive,,,but not scared. I guess I just stood there like an idiot, because you laughed again and said, “are you going to let me in, little one?” If possible, my face got even redder as I realized I’d been standing there just holding the door and staring. “Of course, I’m sorry,” I stammered. You edged past me as I still stood there like a statue, and closed the door yourself.

My thoughts were all jumbled and my mind was racing; my heart was pounding and I couldn’t even breathe. You didn’t seem nervous at all…we just stood there in the hallway looking at each other. Suddenly, I calmed down and thought to myself, “stop being an idiot! This is David! He’s NOT going to hurt you!” I took a deep breath and reached out to hug you. You felt so good; I didn’t even want to move. I don’t know how long we stood there just holding each other; I could have just stayed that way, but you gave me a little shake, and said, “Don’t’ be so nervous! I can feel you trembling; nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen, OK?”

I said, “OK”, and took your hand and led you into the living room. Then I noticed that you were carrying a bag of some type…”Oh, God, what’s in there”, was all I could think of–would “it” happen tonight? Could I actually go through with it? After all, that’s been my fantasy for so long; and we’ve talked about it so many times…both of us wanting it so badly; but, suddenly I WAS a little afraid. You were here; what if I was so embarrassed I made a fool of myself? Somehow, again, you knew exactly what I was thinking; I wonder, “were you thinking the same thing?” You chuckled again, and hugged me, then said, “remember, Jill, nothing is going to happen that you don’t want. Trust me, OK?” I said, “ I DO trust you, I’m just being silly, I guess. You know how much I’ve always wanted this, but somehow…” Then I got up the nerve to ask you what you had in the bag; you replied, “when it’s time, I’ll show you; right now, how about a massage with your favorite vanilla oil?”

“mmmm”, I said, that sounds SO good. I LOVE to have my back rubbed. You said, “OK, how about if we just sit here in front of the fire to start. OK?” I got the pillows off the couch and you tugged me down on the quilt. For a few minutes we just sat there, neither one of us saying anything, then you said, “c’mon, turn around, let’s just sit here and I’ll rub your back for you. It’ll help you relax; then we’ll see what happens next. Just keep remembering, little one, if you don’t want me to do something, all you have to do is tell me.”

You remembered how shy I am, and just lifted up the back of my sweatshirt and unfastened my bra. The oil felt cool, but your hands were so warm…mmmmmm, what a heavenly feeling; I could feel myself relaxing and wanting more; slowly, slowly, you ran your hands up and down, oooohhhh, it feels SO good. I want you to touch me more; I turned just a little so you just grazed the sides of my breasts. I feel so good; you hesitated just a little, but then you reached around me a little more very gently. I leaned back so you could reach more easily. I could feel you breathing as rapidly as I was.

Finally, I whispered, “I want you to touch me all over; let’s go to the bedroom, OK? Just remember, that I get embarrassed easily and I need to be in the dark.” I led you to the bedroom and stood there while you slowly and gently undressed me. Then I looked at you and said, “you know, this isn’t fair–you still have all your clothes on and I can’t touch you the way I want to.” You smiled and said, “well, maybe you should do something about that, right?” Slowly, and not very competently, I undressed you, and pulled back the quilt and the sheets. You said to me, “why don’t you lie on your stomach and let me rub your back some more. I can feel you getting a little tense suddenly.” I felt you pour more of that heavenly oil in the middle of my back and slowly, slowly, oh-so-gently, rub it from my shoulders to my waist and then just a little lower, lower; I felt myself pull away a little–nerves, I guess, but managed to relax when you didn’t do anything but just stroke me up and down, back and forth. Oh, what a wonderful feeling! I feel so relaxed…so good…wanting more…wanting everything we talked about…wondering if it was really going to happen…

Gently you turned me over and pulled the sheet up to my waist; so gentle and remembering that this is something I want SO much, but it’s still hard to get past the shyness. You pour the oil between my breasts and massage each one so carefully. I love having my breasts touched. So sensitive…by now my whole insides feel shivery; “oh, David, I want….slowly you move your hand down below waist and then stop as I pull away.”No, not that., not yet…please understand, OK?”

Then I said, “OK, now it’s my turn. I turned you over on your tummy and took that wonderful oil. I have never done this to anybody before –mmmmm, you feel so good. Slowly, firmly I massage it into your back, not quite brave enough to touch you below your waist. You’re squirming just a little, and I know what you want; but, patience… slowly I rub my hands from your shoulders down, down, down to the backs of your knees and back up to your shoulders, down your sides, reaching under just a little bit. I tugged at your shoulder and you instinctively knew that I wanted you to turn over. Oh, joy, now I can touch everything, everywhere. I love to touch a man–soft, hard, so warm, so incredible as you swell to fill my hand. Gently, gently, I circle you with my hand, squeezing, releasing, running my thumb feather-light over your so-sensitive tip–you’re breathing so heavily, I can tell you really like that. God, David, you feel so good; I just want to touch you and play with you all night.

Part 2

“Oooohhh, David, do that again, please! “ As your tongue lightly circles first one nipple, then the other, I have a hard time even breathing; it feels soooo good. “Oh, God, don’t stop; I love that more than almost anything! Please don’t stop!” That shivery feeling deep inside is growing stronger and stronger; I want…need…have to have something, but I’m not even sure what it is I want. I know I just want to keep touching you forever and never quit! I love the way you feel. You put your hand over mine and whisper to me, “wait just a minute, I’ll be right back; don’t move, OK?” I don’t want you to leave, you feel so warm and so good against me, but I said, “hurry, don’t be long.”

You slid off the bed and then I heard the zipper of the bag you brought with you. Suddenly, my heart starting pounding until I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I couldn’t get my breath…all I could think of was what you might be getting out. You went into the bathroom and closed the door, and then I saw the light under the door. I heard the water running in the sink, and then the sound of something being filled. Now my apprehension returned a hundred percent…almost fear…I kept thinking, “Is this the time? Can I really let him do this to me? How can I stop him? He knows I want to do this, but he knows that I don’t know if I can.” My mind was racing so fast I couldn’t stop my thoughts! “I CAN’T DO THIS! I CAN’T!!” Nobody has ever touched me there! I can’t let him do this! By the time you came back, my stomach was churning and I felt almost sick. I can’t tell if you’re carrying anything or not…it’s too dark, but I’m lying there with the quilt up to my nose, shivering, partly with cold and partly with fear and partly with anticipation and wanting; all mixed up together till I didn’t know which feeling was strongest.

The bed sank as you sat down beside me and started rubbing my breasts through the quilt. You said, “don’t be afraid; I told you that if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to. I’d like to show you how good it can feel, but it’s your choice, OK? You can say no and nothing will happen, so just relax, little one, OK?” I felt sort of foolish with the quilt held up against me like protection of some sort, so I made a conscious effort to relax. I pulled you down against me and said, “David, you know I want to try this, but you also know that I’m embarrassed and not sure; nobody has ever done something like this to me; nobody has ever even touched me there before, so please be patient with me.” You gently turned me over and started rubbing my back again. “just relax, let me give you another good massage. We’ve got all the time we need, and I won’t do anything until you’re ready.” As you gently, firmly, rubbed my back I could feel the tenseness seep away. I DO want to try! slowly you lowered the quilt, just a little, then a little more; then you sort of pulled me until I was lying on my left side, with my back to you, all the time gently rubbing my back, down the backs of my legs and back up. I still feel nervous–not scared, but anxious and nervous. Then I feel your finger against me–there! “Oh, David, I don’t know about this.” You said, “just relax, little one, don’t think about what I’m doing, just think of how good it’s going to feel and how good YOU’RE going to feel. Just let your mind sort of drift and let me help you, OK?” I felt your finger there again, and tried hard not to pull away from you. You pushed against me a little, and then all of a sudden I felt your finger inside me! Mmmmm, it feels funny, but sort of good; I feel you push in a little farther and move your finger around. Ooooohhhhh, that feels good! I can feel myself totally relaxed, loving that feeling; then slowly you removed your finger. I pushed back against you, wanting that feeling again. I could feel your breath against my ear as you whispered, “just wait, it’s going to be so much better; that’s only the beginning.” I felt your finger there again, just sort of circling round and round, then I felt something cold and smooth and hard. You rubbed my back and said, “just relax, don’t tense up, OK? I took a deep breath and you pushed the nozzle inside as far as it would go.

“Just lie there a minute; I know you’re used to that feeling and I know you like it, but I also know it’s strange when somebody else does it.” You reached over me and rubbed my breasts and tummy until I was so relaxed I felt like I was floating. Gently you moved the nozzle around, pulling it almost out and then gently back in, over and over, until I was almost dizzy with wanting. You whispered to me, “are you ready?” “mmmmm, yes”, I said. You kept moving the nozzle around deep inside while you were rubbing my tummy and up over my breasts and down my back; suddenly I felt the warmth inside me…

“ooooohhhhhh, David, it feels so good.” Slowly I could feel myself filling while you seemed to have at least 3 hands rubbing my tummy and my breasts and my back . I just wanted to lie there forever with that wonderful feeling deep inside me. After a few minutes, you said, “OK, that’s all; you feel oK?” I wished there was more; it felt so good. Gently you removed the nozzle and asked me how I felt. “I feel wonderful; that was incredible..I don’t want to move; I just want to lie here and hold you.” You lay down beside me, your tongue making those wonderful wet circles around my nipples. I leaned over and took you in my mouth; I love to do that…running my tongue up and down and gently sucking on you…biting gently and then a little harder. You squirmed and said, “little one, I can’t hold back much longer if you keep doing that.” I laughed and said, “there’ll be time for that later; it’s your turn as soon as I get back; you’ll just need to help me, because I’ve never given anybody an enema before and I’m not sure how.” I could feel your heart suddenly beating faster and you started breathing faster; you said to me, “just hurry, OK? I’ll be right here when you get back and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do..I can hardly wait.”


I left the light on in the bathroom when I came back to the bed. I can barely see you with the bathroom door closed, but I can tell you’re lying there on your tummy and you have your eyes closed. I crawled in beside you and started rubbing your back. You sighed a little and wiggled deeper into the mattress. I reached over for the oil and poured a small puddle in the middle of your back. I whispered to you, “ Ok, David, now it’s your turn; tell me what you want.” You said, “just keep doing that for a while; it feels so good I could almost fall asleep.” I laughed at you and spanked you gently; “don’t you dare fall asleep or I don’t know what I might do!” “Hmmm”, you said, “maybe I should fall asleep just to see what you WILL do.” Gently I rubbed the oil into your shoulders, then lower and lower. Somehow it’s difficult for me to go much below your waist; that’s sort of new territory and I feel very self-conscious about it.

I could tell you picked up on that right away. You gently said, “you know, you really can touch me anyplace you want to.” I said, “I know, but I’ve never really touched anybody there before and I feel sort of strange about it.” You said, “OK, I know how you feel, but just try it; that’s all you have to do, just try and see how it makes you feel.” Slowly, I ran both hands down all the way to the backs of your knees, and then more slowly, back up. You moved your legs a little apart for easier access. Mmmmm, now I could reach between your legs to the front of you and find that part I do so love to touch. I poured a little more oil in my hands and began caressing you there and then very hesitantly, I slowly took one finger and worked it between your cheeks. Suddenly, I was touching you THERE! Someplace I’ve never touched on anybody before. You sighed and said, “can you put your finger inside me, just a little bit?” I poured more of the oil over my hands and then a little less hesitantly worked just the tip of my finger inside. Hmmm, it feels strange to do that. You sighed again, and said, “Oh, God, that feels so good; how much farther can you go?” “Well”, I said, “I guess it’s true the 1st step is the hardest, sooo…”. Gently, firmly, I slowly pushed my finger inside you; “Now, David, you need to tell me how to find that gland…I need some help here.” You helped me find that place and as soon as I touched it, you started sighing and wiggling around, just like a puppy having his ears scratched! Must feel good, huh?

“OK”, I said, as I withdrew my finger, “now it’s time for your treat. But, if you want soap in your enema, then you’re going to have to either fix it or show me how, because I don’t know how much to use.”

Part 4

“OK, little one…I brought everything I need with me, because I know you don’t like to use soap.” You reached down into your bag and brought out some packages. Then you said, “do you want me to fix it, or do you want me to show you how?” I thought for a minute, and then said, “if you don’t mind, could you fix it? Somehow, I still feel self conscious; don’t ask me why! I know it’s silly, but the light’s on in the bathroom and it’s dark in here, and I feel more comfortable in here.” You laughed and said, “that’s OK, I get embarrassed too, sometimes, so I know how you feel. Just lie there and think what you’re going to do for me, and I’ll be right back.”

I heard the water running for what seemed a long time. I kept trying to relax, but I’m so afraid I’ll do something wrong; no matter what you say or how hard you try to reassure me, I still am soooo nervous. Silly, isn’t it? Then the water stopped and you opened the door. I saw you briefly holding that full, red bag before you shut the door. The bed dipped as you sat down beside me with your hand on my shoulder. I guess you could tell I was getting nervous again. Softly you said, “you know, I’ve wanted and needed to share this with somebody as long as I can remember, but I’ll understand if you don’t want to go any farther.” I said, “I WANT to do this for you..you did it for me and it was wonderful. I just want it to be as good for you as it was for me, but I don’t have the experience you have.”

“You’ll do fine”, you assured me. Then you lay down on your side and handed me the nozzle. There was that feeling of anticipation mixed with apprehension again, but I want to do this for you more than I’ve ever wanted anything before. I greased the nozzle and then put a gob of Vaseline on my finger. I laid the nozzle down beside you and slowly rubbed your back, then reached down and parted your buttocks. Slowly, tentatively, I slid my finger in just a little bit. You sighed again and moved back against my hand. I pushed in farther until I couldn’t go any farther. Slowly I withdrew my finger, massaging you inside as I did and felt you suddenly start to breathe faster. I replaced my finger with the nozzle; pushing it in, then pulling it slightly out…back in and out until you were squirming and pushing back against it as hard as you could. “Are you ready?” A deep sigh was your only answer, so I opened the clamp part way, then all the way.

I kept moving the nozzle in as far as it would go, then slowly almost out; in and out–you’re breathing heavier now. I reached around you and took hold of you; you’re so hard and so hot! My fingers circle you, sliding up and down as I move the nozzle in and out. “Does it feel good?” It seems impossible, but you’re getting even harder. I lean down and slowly circle your ear with my tongue, then dip my tongue inside your ear. You’re squirming against me….”tell me what you want”, but you didn’t answer me.

The bag is almost empty now; with one hand I rub your tummy and at the same time I have hold of you; my hand is slippery with Vaseline…squeezing, releasing, stroking up and down, while I keep circling your ear with my tongue, round and round…moving the nozzle in and out…in and out…you’re almost panting now! I can’t believe you could possibly get any harder. You’re pushing against my hand, then back against the nozzle, almost frantically. I reach over farther and take you in my mouth. Circling your tip with my tongue, still squeezing and releasing; sucking gently. I asked you how you felt, but again no answer. Then I felt you move faster and I knew you were almost there! I pushed the nozzle in as far as it would go, and with one last squeeze you exploded. It seemed as if you would never quit. When your breathing slowed, I asked you if it was OK. You said, “I can’t even tell you how it felt. It was incredible!”