Joy-Full Enema

By Phil Himup

It was a warm and muggy mid summer’s morning. The sun is shinning brightly and casting very dark and long shadows wherever I look. I can feel the strength of the solar rays heating up the air around me. Normally, I would be teeing off already on the first hole of my local golf course, but today I am headed in a totally different direction. Today, I am not going to play golf, but instead, I am going to fulfill a dream. Yes, this is going to be a glorious day!

I really haven’t been traveling all that long yet, and so far the time has gone by quite quickly. By my calculations, I still have another twenty minutes or so before I reach my final destination. I again check my bag that is tossed onto the passenger seat of my car to assure me that I have brought all the things I will need to make my visit a most memorable experience. I keep telling myself that this is not a dream and I pinch myself to help me believe it…Only another ten minutes or so and I will be there. I can feel my heart starting to race and pounding harder and harder with each passing mile. Finally, I turn the corner onto your block and pull into the driveway.

I quickly grab my bag and get out of the car and take that long walk up to your front door. I am very nervous but I manage to get up enough courage to ring your doorbell. After what seems to be minutes but is actually only a few seconds, you answer the door. My nervousness is quickly replace by pleasure and a smile emerges from my face. I am extremely happy at what I see. There before me stands a beautiful young woman with a gorgeous smile and enchanting eyes dressed in a plain white tee shirt and short cutoff blue jeans. I can tell that you are not wearing anything under your tee shirt because I can see the outline of your breasts and barely make out the darker area of your aerolas. I can also tell that you are excited about the day because your nipples are erect and pushing themselves against your cotton tee. My cock starts to harden in my pants with boyish anticipation. You are quite please yourself with what is before you. You think to yourself that this is going to be a very hot afternoon. Without saying a word, you turn away from me and walk very slowly down the hallway that leads into the house. Closing the door the behind me, I take my cue and follow you. Now you sense that I am staring at your shapely rear, but this is exactly what you wanted me to do. You are well aware the cutoffs that you are wearing fit you like a glove and you love showing off your butt. As you lead me into the living room you can’t help but wiggle your cute ass a few times giving me a small show. This really excites you and you feel the wetness between your legs starting to build knowing that this guy you just met is going to be giving your body pleasures that you only dreamed of.

You ask me to sit down on the couch while you excuse yourself and disappear into the adding room. As I lower myself down on the couch, I now notice the beautiful way the house is decorated. It has a certain contemporary motif, but this is exactly what I would have expected. You soon return to the living room with a couple of cold beers in your hand. You sit down next to me and offer me one. We both take a long sip from our cans and then just look at each other and smile. You asked me how my trip was and if I had any problems finding your house. I tell you that your directions were perfect and that I had absolutely no problems. For the next few minutes, we talk about much of nothing, getting to know one another a bit better and drinking our beers. After some more small talk, I tilt the can back as far as it will go taking the last gulp of the semi warmed lager. You take the empty can from my hand and throw it out with your empty can that you finished just a short time before me. You then tell me to take the bag that I brought with me and you grab my hand and lead me into the bedroom. The time has come. You have been looking forward to this day almost as much as I have. You cannot wait any longer.

As I enter your bedroom, the distinct aroma of sweetness fills my nostrils. This is undoubtedly the smell of a beautiful woman and the scent is quite intoxicating. The bed is all prepared for the days upcoming activities. The bedspread is folded neatly and placed in a nice pile on a nearby chair. The bedcover is folded down and lying at the foot of the bed. The sheets are fresh and colored brightly and although not new, I can tell that a lot of time had gone into getting the bed just right. You tell me to sit on the edge of the bed, which I do gladly. Without wasting any time, you sit down besides me and give me a sweet little kiss on my cheek. You can tell that I am still very nervous but very happy to be where I am. Sensing my uneasiness, you put a hand on my knee, lean over and whisper in my ear that you are very tense and would l mind if I gave you a massage to start things off. “Of course not, it would be my pleasure” is my immediate response.

You get up from your sitting position and lie prone on the bed. I move closer to you and sit along side you. I start at your shoulders and begin to rub in a methodical rhythm, slowly working each muscle in your back and shoulders. After only a few minutes of this you tell me that you need to be more comfortable for the massage and go into the adjacent bathroom to change. While changing, you tell me that I should also get myself more comfortable and take off my shirt and pants, but to leave on the sexy underwear that you knew I would be wearing today. You tell me that you want to have the pleasure of removing them for yourself.

You emerge from the bathroom wearing a tight and very sexy laced teddy with a matching G-string underneath it. This is a feast for my eyes because you look absolutely stunning in it. You ask me if I like what I see and for some odd reason all I can do is muster up a stupid silly grin. You are quite pleased with yourself knowing that you have left me speechless and again take your place lying prone on the bed. With your head turned to the side you keep a steady gaze toward my direction, eyeing me very closely. You are thrilled to see me sitting there in just my sexy underwear with a bulge that has already begun to grow between my legs. This makes you glad and you smile with much anticipation. Your curiosity gets the better of you and you reach out to touch my erect cock. You just had to know how it felt before we continued.

I noticed that there is a bottle of massaging oil on the night stand and I take some and pour a few drops into my hands. Rubbing my hands together, I spread the oil over your now exposed bare shoulders and start to rub somewhat energetically. This is really relaxing to both of us and we are now very comfortable with each other. After working your shoulders and your back, I start massaging your neck. This really relaxes you and you start to sigh and moan with each pass of my hands. After a few more minutes you are very calm and you spread your legs inviting me to sit between them. I take my place and decide to massage your entire body. I get more oil on my hands and start to massage your legs. I start with the your right leg working my way from the back of your thigh to the back of the knee and down to your ankle. I then bend your knee and lift your leg and massage your foot, paying close attention to each toe, even that cute little piggy toe. I massage each toe with my tongue and I suck each one of them as well. The warmth of my mouth and tongue feels absolutely wonderful on your toes even though it does tickle a bit. When I feel that your foot has had enough attention, I put your foot down and work my way up your leg back to my starting point, your thigh. I then repeat the same procedure for your other leg. By this time, your teddy is off of your body and all that you are left wearing is the G-string. Working my hands gently up your legs, my hands finally find the fleshy mounds of your ass. I slowly caress and kneed them. I get more massaging oil on my hands making them very slippery and massage your butt. This is quite exquisite for the both of us. You can feel the hardness of my cock against your leg and this pleases you. You are quite excited and very wet now, but the fun has just begun…..

I try to not spend a lot of time playing with your ass because I know that I will be back there soon enough. Besides, I want to finish your full body massage and exploring every inch of you. I tell you to turn over and lie on your back and remove your G-string, which is the last piece of clothing that you have on. You do this without hesitation and in an instant you are flat on your back, totally naked, arms stretched out perpendicular to your torso and legs spread just wide enough for me to sit between them. You are a picture of delight. Now I can finally see what I only got a glimpse of when I saw you standing at the door. You have a most delicious and tantalizing body. Your rather firm breasts protrude from your chest most elegantly and are not too large for your body but they most certainly are well proportioned for your size. Your nipples are quite hard and erect and just waiting for someone to suck and nibbled on them. Your stomach is nicely tapered and then flares out to meet your hips. You are not too skinny like some model-type, but rather, you have a nice shapely figure. At the middle of your legs is a most welcomed sight. You are neatly trimmed and have only a small amount of pubic hair, almost like a Mohecan cut. I can see your pussy just beneath your shaven mound glistening from the wetness of your arousal. This is the perfect pussy for me to kiss, touch and tongue, I think to myself.

I pause for only a moment to gather my thoughts and breath. I again take some massaging oil and rub it in my hands. This time I start on the front of your legs. I begin by rubbing your calves and lower legs. Taking each leg in my hands, I use long and firm strokes to get the blood flowing to your lower limbs. I can tell that your very relaxed by the way you are just lying there enjoying every movement of my hands and fingers. I slowly work my way up your legs and pause very briefly at your inner thighs. You spread your legs further apart inviting me to investigate this area a bit more, but I only spend a few quick moments caressing you there knowing that I will be back a bit later. My attention is now focused on your stomach. I start to massage your belly in very large and firm circles. I take a quick break from massaging you to kiss your stomach and lick your belly button. The sensation of my warm lips and hot, wet tongue on your abdomen is enough to send goose bumps all over your body and for you to let out a huge moan. I am very pleased to hear you moaning because that means that I am pleasing you and you are enjoying my touch. Now my hands have reached your breasts. I carefully cup each one and give them a firm yet gentile squeeze. Again, I hear you moan. I take each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and make tiny circles with them. This makes your nipples very hard. I remove my hand from one of your tits just long enough to get my mouth on it. I start to suck on your breast and use my tongue to make small circles tracing the circumference of your areola. Your nipple is so erect that I can feel it against my tongue, so I decide to use my tongue and flick your nipple making you even more aroused. With your nipple as hard as it has ever been, I take it between my upper and lower teeth and give you a very sensuous and pleasing nibble. You experience a very small dose of pain, but this is not at all unpleasurable for you. In fact, you are more turned on by this. You love to feel some pain in your love making, but not to the point where it is hurtful or harmful or just unsatisfying. There is that fine line that separates pain from pleasure. That line that makes ordinary sex into great sex and great sex into multi-orgasmic-knee-shaking sex, and I know this, because we have talked about this before. We are from the same mold and you know that I enjoy the same things.

A half an hour has passed since we first entered the bedroom, but to me it seems as if we just started. I have no sense of time. I am so engrossed in you and the pleasures that I am bestowing on you, that I have no idea what time it is. Your moans are becoming more frequent. I turn my concentration to your ignored but not forgotten breast. First I fondle and caress it and then I kiss it ever so softly. I again take my mouth and engulf the entire top half sucking as much of it into me as possible. Once again, I use my tongue and make quick darting movements getting this nipple hard as well. I am well aware that on any other day, you would enjoy having me nibble and bite you and even enjoy me using nipple clamps on you as part of some BDSM scene, but we got together today not to have ordinary bondage, but to enjoy extraordinary, kinky, non-vanilla sex.

The time has come for me to focus my attention on the main activities that we had planned for the day. The massage that I had given you was for warming up, a sort of body foreplay if you will. It was to relax you and me and get both of us in the mood and boy, are we ever ready for anything!

Once again, I take my place between your out spread legs. Now without hesitation, I gently touch your trimmed pussy. I can feel the pleasant moistness as my fingers easily slip inside you. First one finger than another. You are very aroused and very very juicy. I withdraw my fingers and take notice of just how damp you are. The dank, musty odor quickly fills my head and I cannot resist the temptation of tasting you at this point. I quickly insert one of my fingers into my mouth and I am overwhelmed by the sweetness your taste. I just have to get the full flavor of you, so I spread your labia with my fingers and place my mouth quickly against your pussy. I am in heaven and I could just spend the rest of the day eating you, but I won’t because I have other plans. With your pussy spread wide, I use my tongue to lick every part of you. I even fuck you with it, pushing my tongue deep inside you and then slowly taking it out. This makes you very excited and you can feel the beginning of your first orgasm starting to build deep within you. Sensing that you are beginning to orgasm, I increase the frequency and the strength of my thrusting tongue. Your hips have now begun to match my every plunge. I spread your lips a bit further apart and I am able to find your erect clit with my teeth. I nibble ever so gently on it and then suck it. First softly, then somewhat harder. My tongue also enjoys playing with your clit. I lick it and suck it more and more. Finally, I take my finger and insert it into your pussy and fuck you with it. While my finger is going in and out of your pussy, my tongue and mouth are on your clit sucking it. All of a sudden, your hips give a big jerk and you shove your entire pelvis into my face. You let out a small scream and the unmistakable contractions of your pussy and pelvic muscles tell me that you are coming! You tell me that was the best intense orgasm that you have had in a long time. I raise my head to look you straight into your gleaming eyes and tell you that was only the first of many to come.

-End of Chapter One-

I let you lie there on the bed for a few minutes to collect your thoughts and re-live that intense orgasm over and over in your mind. This is the perfect opportunity for me to prepare the next phase of our kinky afternoon. I whisper in your ear that I want you to stay exactly as your are and not move from that spot. All you can do is smile and tell me “OK”. I slowly remove myself from my position between your legs and get off the bed. I go over to the night stand and take out the enema equipment from the bag that I brought along with me. The first thing to come out of the bag is the double inflatable nozzle nozzle. You are in total amazement as your eyes gaze upon the yellow-orange-is tubing with the two fluted ends. You cannot help but to think how wonderful that is going to feel as I slip that into your waiting hole. Next to follow is the clear three liter plastic enema bag with its long clear plastic tubing. You get more excited knowing that this is the device that will hold the fluid that will eventually be inside of you filling your abdomen with warm water delights. The last things to come out of the bag are some lubricant some clothespins, and a few odds and ends. We may or may not need the lubricating jelly, but I want to have it handy just in case. You cannot utter a word. All you can do is watch me as I expertly go about my business getting everything ready.

Your heavy breathing from the previous orgasm has finally subsided and you are now taking more relaxed and shorter breaths. This is a good thing because soon enough you will be breathing a lot faster again. After all the items are removed from their temporary home, I lean over and gently tell you that I will be right back. With the enema bag in hand, I go into the adjacent bathroom and start to run the tap. I carefully test the temperature of the water with the underside of my wrist. I do not want the water to be too hot because this can scold the inside of the colon and cause you discomfort, nor do I want the water to be too tepid because this would feel uncomfortable as well. I want the water to be just above body temperature so you will feel it going in but to be pleasant and very enjoyable. With the proper adjustment made to the hot and cold spigots, I open the red stopper on the top of the bag and start to fill it. I purposely leave the door to the bathroom open so that you can see and hear everything that I am doing. With the bag a quarter of the way full, I remove the bag from the faucet and add approximately two tablespoons of salt. This makes the enema solution isotonic and will make holding the enema easier and much more pleasurable. It also reduces the cramping and prevents the colon from absorbing the water. I am well aware that baking soda accomplishes the same effect, but using baking soda makes expelling the enema harder and therefore not as desirable for my intended use. I want to make this enema the most erotic and sensuous experience that you have ever had.

Once the salt is completely added, you hear me shake the bag. You know that this will mix up the salt and help dissolve it quickly making the isotonic solution even. I then replace the opened bag under the faucet and add more of the hot tap water filling the bag until the level has reached the red stopper on top giving me a full three liters of precious enema suspension. Then I snap the red top back into its place and give the bag a couple of good final shakes. I exit the bathroom with the freshly filled enema bag and proudly display it in front of you. Your eyes open wide at the amount of fluid contained in the bag and wonder if I am going to administer it all and if you can hold it all. I just smile at you and tell you “Not to worry”. You and I both know that I will not push you beyond your limits and that I do not enjoy hurting you. I will dispense only enough solution to make this a very erotic enema and not a painful one. Besides, as we have previously arranged, you will say the SAFETY word if the enema gets too uncomfortable. Deep in my heart I know that you will have no problems with this enema because of the added salt and the way I am going to give it to you and that three liters should not be a problem for you to hold.

I lay the filled bag next to you and you can feel the heat of the water upon your skin. The temperature is just hot enough that you can feel it, but it is far from scolding. This is very stimulating for you and you get an ardent feeling about you. You are very anxious and eager to feel this fluid inside you and I won’t disappoint you. I find a near-by place to hang the bag that is not too high nor to low. About three feet above your head is just right. I then reach over and grab the double inflatable nozzle tube and insert the open end of the plastic tubing from the bag into the opened end of the inflatable nozzle. It is a tight fit which assures me of no leakage, but with some coaxing it goes in smoothly. All the while, you are watching me. Your eyes are fixated on every movement that I make. I take the inflatable nozzle in my left hand and holding the tube above the level of the bag, I release the clamp on the plastic tubing with my right. I slowly lower the tube down past the plane of the water and slowly and methodically let the water replace the air that is in the nozzle. Seeing a few drops of water come out of the business end of the nozzle, I know that there is no air left inside the tube. This will assure me that the enema you are about to receive will be completely enjoyable. I then take the inflatable nozzle and put it in the hole at the top of the bag and let the clear tubing hang down. This holds the nozzle out of the way until we are ready for it.

With your enema all ready, I sit on the bed and give you a sweet kiss of confidence on your cheek and tell you to roll over onto your stomach. While you are turning over, I reach for a couple of towels that we placed near the bed a bit earlier. I also grab a pillow and tell you to lift your hips so that I can place it under your pelvis. Also, since I want you to fully enjoy this enema without other distractions, I grab a pillow case, fold it and use it as a blindfold. Since you will be unable to see what will be happening to you, your other senses will be elevated taking you to new heights and making this the pinnacle of arousal and pleasure. With your head lying flat on the bed and your ass propped up, you are in the perfect starting position. I tell you to spread your legs as wide as they can go and I judiciously take my place between them.

I take just a moment to admire this wondrous and beautiful sight. Without any further dawdling, I start to rub your glorious fleshy cheeks with some of the massaging oil. First in very big circles and then getting smaller and smaller. With each circle you are slowly moving your bottom to match my movements. Finally the circles are so small that my fingers are only tracing around your anus. I spread your ass apart and gaze upon your splendid hole. It is delightfully shaped and sumptuously appealing. With both hands holding your buttcheeks apart, I use my thumbs to massage your opening. I lower my mouth and kiss your anus ever so gently tasting the slightly pungent yet delectable flavor. I can also feel the emanating warmth of your insides against my lips. This has me so turned on that my cock is at attention again making it difficult for me to do anything but kneel behind you. You now get a very strange sensation. The sensation of something hot and wet and you soon realize that it is my tongue. Your asshole has never been licked and tongued before and this is very exciting and pleasing to you. You sense my tongue penetrating your ass as you feel its hot, firm, moistness passing by your tight sphincter. You inhale deeply and let out a moanful sigh. I know that you are enjoying this almost as much as I am. I stick my tongue in your ass as deeply as it will go and wiggle it, radiating delightful bliss throughout your entire body. Not wasting anymore time, I reach over and grab the lubricant. I squirt some of the slippery stuff on my fingers and rub a little bit on your asshole. I slowly get your ass good and slippery and slip one of my fingers inside you. It slides in rather easily. You let out some more moans of pleasure. While my finger is inside of you, I slowly move it around in little circles getting you ready for the inflatable nozzle. I slip another finger in your ass and together with the other one, I get your asshole nicely lubricated and opened.

After a minute or so of playing, I withdraw my fingers and grab the inflatable nozzle tube that is hanging above your head. I squirt some lubricant on my hand and rub it on the end of the inflatable nozzle making the first fluted end nice and slippery. I then rub the remaining lube from my hand on your ass. I slowly press the tip of the inflatable nozzle against your hole and a small drop of the enema solution drips on you. Now for the first time you feel the wetness of the water. The drops of water are a trifle tepid because they have cooled just a tad from the time I filled the bag until now. I push the tip of the inflatable nozzle a bit more and it starts to go into you. It is not at all unpleasant, in fact, you love feeling the soft latex balloon pass into you. I push a bit harder and with a small twist on the tube, the first balloon is in you. It seemed as if your asshole just sucked it in. I close off the valve from the bulb inflater and give a good squeeze to it. You unmistakably hear the rush of the air as it leaves the inflater filling the balloon that is inside your asshole. You feel the balloon grow on every squeeze. First one squeeze, then another. Then another and another. With each deflation of the bulb the balloon grows bigger and bigger. I stop at four puffs sensing that is sufficient for you. I then close off the valve to the balloon that is still outside of your hole. This time I take the bulb in my hand and squeeze off five or six quick puffs. This inflates the balloon on the outside and draws the inside balloon close to it. I give one final puff to the inside balloon and you let out a loud but affable moan. This makes for a very tight seal assuring that no leaks will happen. You can feel the outside balloon pressing against your anus and the inside balloon lodged in your rectum. The feeling of having both of these balloons inflated is enough for you to have another orgasm, but you want to wait until you are filled with the hot liquid.

I let you lie there and rest for only a few seconds and then I give your cute behind a small love tap. This is indubitably my signal that I am about to start the enema. You then hear the unmistakable “click” of the clamp being released. The sound that announces that the enema has started. All of a sudden you feel a very strange but very erotic sensation of the water flowing into you. I am controlling the flow of the enema with my fingers, being extremely careful not to let too much water run in at one time. I certainly don’t want to fill your rectum up too quickly. After a short time and seeing how much water has emptied from the bag, I close off the clamp and let you get familiar with the fluid inside of you. I massage your ass a bit and rub your hole. I even play with the inflatable nozzle nozzle moving it around just a little. All this is very pleasing to you and makes you hold the liquid much easier. Again, I open the clamp with that now familiar “click” and start the flow again. Again, you feel the pressure of the water on your abdomen build, but to your amazement, you experience no cramping. The bag is now halfway empty. Once more I shut the clamp stopping the enema. With the flow on hold, I tell you that I want you to turn over on your back, but to do this very slowly. As you begin to turn, I take hold of the plumbing that is filling your bowels and make sure nothing gets tangled. With you on your back, I tell you to bend your knees and spread them apart. Again, I place the pillow under the towel and then under your hips. This position accomplishes two things. One being that the enema solution will be able to fill your entire colon and the other being that I can have access to play with your pussy. Also, in this position, I can see just how much enema you are able to take because I can take notice of your abdomen distending and filling. To add some additional stimulation, I start to lick and tongue your nipples getting them hard and erect. I then take one of the clothespins that I brought with me and place it on your now rigid nipple. This immediately causes you to moan loudly, but the discomfort is quickly replaced by sheer pleasure. Quickly, I do the same to the other breast and you writhe and squirm in delight. For a short time you forget about the hot enema that is inside of you. The pleasure that your breasts are receiving is the only thing that your mind can focus on right now. I gently flick each clothespin sending stinging rapture through your flesh. Moaning and groaning have become your only vocabulary.

I look at your partially distended torso and know that you can take more enema, but before I release more fluid into you, I start to massage your abdomen. Ever so gently I rub your belly using soft caresses. Once again the well-known “click” is heard and more enema surges into you. All the time I am controlling the flow and letting the liquid in at a slow pace while still massaging your stomach with my free hand. Once more I stop the flow and let you rest for a brief moment. Your tummy is quite swollen now, but there is only a few drops of enema left in the bag. I release the clamp for the last time and let the last of the enema run into you. I reach over and take the bag off its perch and lay the empty bag beside you. Your stomach has that wonderful look of being distended like you are four months pregnant. I keep massaging your belly in hopes that the cramping is kept at a minimal, but the cramps never come. You feel very full and distended but you have no urgent need to expel the enema. In fact, it is most enjoyable and you want to hold it in.

I reach over and remove your blindfold. You finally get to look at yourself and see your tummy bulging with the warm enema. I lean over and give you a very passionate kiss on your lips. Then I use small kisses working my way down your neck, over your clamped breasts, down your swollen belly and finally between your legs. I again taste the glorious essence of you, but it is not my tongue or mouth that you want. You want to feel my hard cock deep inside you. For the first time in a while you muster up enough energy and shout “Fuck me now!”. In a second, I have my hard cock pressed against your pulsating pussy. You are so stimulated and aroused that my dick slides in with no problem. Slowly and methodically I thrust and withdraw my rigid penis into you. I am very careful not to thrust too hard and press against your full stomach. The feeling of my dick deep inside you combined with the enema’s full feeling deep in your gut is more than you can take. You start to thrash your pelvis in rhythmical lunges to meet the thrusts of my cock. I plunge my cock deep into your cunt one last time and we both orgasm with violent waves of pleasure. Your orgasm seems to last forever as the twitching in your pelvis takes a full minute to subside. Drained, we both lie there on the bed.

All to quickly, the feeling of exultation and ecstasy is replaced by the need to expel your enema. You promptly get up and make a dash for the bathroom. I follow you to the toilet and watch as you lower yourself on the seat. I release the valve on the balloon that is outside of you and then release the valve on the one that is still in you. You hear the air rush out of the balloons and can feel both of them deflate. I withdraw the inflatable nozzle nozzle from your ass and place the entire apparatus in the bathtub. I then leave you alone to purge yourself of that most delightful enema.

I go and lie down on the bed while you remain in the bathroom. The solution comes out of you rather easily and feels very warm and satisfying. After some time, you come out of the bathroom and see me lying on the bed. You come over to the bed and say “Now that I had my fill, it now your turn, and I am going to do you twice as good!”.

-End of Chapter Two-