Kimberly’s Humiliating Medical Seminar

By Nightarcher

Part 1

Kimberly Dougherty buzzed through the suburban streets with the wind blowing her curly, reddish-brown hair in all directions. The care-free girl had taken her last test the day before at Warner College, and was looking forward to a relaxing summer. Gone were the worries of research papers and final exams. Her radio blared, and she bopped to the rhythm in “MTV generation” fashion. She glanced up into the rear-view mirror, admiring her new sunglasses and scanned her tight, sexy legs.

She looked back up at the road suddenly and saw the back end of a shiny silver car. Too late! The girl stomped on the brakes, but was unable to avoid the collision! The tires screeched as Kimberly watched her car slam the shiny Lexus in the rear. Her day had taken a sudden, careless, turn for the worst!

The driver, a well-dressed businessman in his thirties, stepped out. He checked on Kimberly to make sure that she wasn’t hurt, then his temper flared.

The girl was still clutching the steering wheel and finally had the sense to turn her radio off. Kimberly slid out and faced the angry man with a stray bang hanging in her face.

Doug Sharpe was shaking his head, staring off in the other direction. He looked over his shoulder stomping his wing-tips on the street and said, “Geez! Were you looking where you were going? At all? How could you have missed me? I was right in front of you!” A string of obscenities came from his mouth, as he inspecting his bumper hanging off his car, and the damage she’d done to the rear panel.

Kimberly kept her cool and took a deep breath. She stood a whole head and shoulders shorter than the man and adjusted her short shorts discreetly. “Well”, she said timidly, “At least no one was hurt, right? That’s the important thing.”

The man grunted, “Yeah, right. What-ever!”

Kimberly watched him pull out his cellular phone, and the girl suddenly panicked. As she watched his fingers dial, she remembered that her auto insurance was never reinstated since coming back home from school. He was technically uninsured, driving illegally!

She flung out her arms as Doug held the receiver to his face, awaiting the police dispatcher’s office. “Wait! I mean… Please listen to me for a minute?”

Doug shut his phone with irritation. “What? Don’t even tell me- you’re not insured?!”

She looked up at him and was nearly crying.

Doug nearly threw his phone on the ground, and Kimberly witnessed the man become even more frustrated and enraged. “Are you kidding me?! I cannot believe my fucking luck today! First my assistant quits on me, and now this!”

Kimberly blinked her eyes quickly, and tried to explain herself. “I’m a college student…”, she said with a stuttered, strained voice, “And if you give me a chance, I swear that I can repay the damage-eventually. I’ll work three jobs if I have to…”

Doug laughed and was about to dial again.

Kimberly stopped him again, realizing that one phone call could take away her driving privilege and give her a permanent record. She needed to get around this summer, and her father would kill her if he knew that his daughter was driving around without insurance!

“Please?!”, Kimberly said… “You can’t report this accident. I’ll be in big trouble!”

Doug flipped his phone shut once more. Unconsciously, his voice went into his New York accent, “Listen, you want to stay out of trouble? Here’s what you are going to have to do…” Doug said like a street-corner loan-shark.

Kimberly raised her eyebrows as Doug laid out the deal. “Look,” he said, “I operate a medical import and distribution company. I get stuff from all over the world- Belgium, Germany and the U.K. In a few minutes, I have one of the biggest seminars of my entire career.”

The girl listened, puzzled, still unable to get the faintest idea of where this was all leading. “Anyway,” Doug went on, “ I need you to assist me. I want you to help me show the merchandise, and help demonstrate some of the sample products. You do that, honey, and I’ll call things totally even!”

Kimberly could not believe this. The girl tilted her head and looked at the phone cradled threateningly in the man’s hand. She had no choice. She wanted to ask a million questions, instead, she simply agreed. “OK, I’ll help you…..”, she said at last and already wondered if she’d made the right decision.

Douglas entered the convention center and found his assigned room. With boxes and crates of medical equipment piled high on his hand-cart, he carefully wheeled his sample inventory inside the room. His expensive suit, and impressive watch, made him look very distinguished and credible, while Kimberly followed behind wearing her skimpy, casual summer clothes. The two did not look like they belonged together at all.

The adorable girl took a deep breath as she entered behind him. She looked around the immense meeting room and saw the podiums, tiny stage, and its audio-visual systems all ready to go. It felt like a set for some kind of info-mercial. The thought made her almost smile, but she was still in disbelief that she was “here” and actually going to go through with this…. What did she know about medical equipment? And why was Douglas so insistent that she help him today? The day’s events had taken an incredibly bizarre turn- originally she’d planned to spend the day at the beach with her girlfriend, Chrissy. Now, she was here, with a man she’d never met, about to assist him in a field about which she knew nothing. The worst part was that she couldn’t refuse! All Doug had to do was make a simple phone call and her license would be gone!

The crates were heavy and Douglas warned her that they were filled with very expensive instruments and sophisticated medical equipment. She had already wrecked his car, and had no plans to make matters worse by dropping one of the crates. She had no idea what was in any of them, nor did she really care. She simply wanted to get this “assistant thing” over with and get back to her summer vacation.

The petite girl stood in the front of the room facing three rows of folding chairs- imagining rows of boring, salesmen and buyers seated before her. Her mind wondered what her duties would entail. She was “no public speaker….

“Here,” Douglas said, handing Kimberly a stack of brochures, “I want you to greet everyone as they walk in, give them a pamphlet, and tell them ‘Welcome to Euro-Medical Sales.’”

She crinkled her little upturned nose, “Douglas?” she asked with a hint of apprehension, “What else am I supposed to do? I mean, once the meeting begins. How am I going to help you. I know…. absolutely nothing!…..”, her head tilted like a classic ditz and she looked up at him with wide, pretty green eyes.

Douglas was such a slick “fast talker” he simply patted her on the top of her head as if she were a cocker spaniel and said, “Look, I can see that you are a little worried.”, he smiled, “I am not going to make you say anything, all right? I promise. All you do is help me and be an extra set of hands. You hold things, smile a lot, and help me demonstrate some of the equipment. It’s no big thing.”

She exhaled biting her lip. Hoping that it was truly going to be that simple. She figured that she was going to do a little “Vanna White” thing and show off the “prizes”. That wasn’t too horrible sounding.

She nodded slowly, and proceeded to the threshold of the meeting room. There was still some time left, but she really had nothing else to say to Douglas, and she was still leery about this whole thing. Her parents would kill her if they ever found out she had gone with this stranger and had let him scam her into this just to stay out of trouble.

The first few men to arrive did a “double take” upon seeing her in the doorway. Their looks reinforced the fact that she was totally inappropriately dressed. One stopped short of the door, and walked the other way- certain that he was in the wrong room. Kimberly smiled and pleasantly chimed, “Excuse me? Ahem… this is Euro-Medical’s seminar, sir. Is that the room you are looking for?” The man was amazed at her appearance and got a good chuckle as he turned around and walked into the room.

All the men were in their forties and fifties. Each took a brochure, smiling and taking inventory of Kim’s sexy, petite frame. They were happy to have such a lovely girl in the meeting room! Her tight, little shorts attracted quite a few stares. Behind her back, they whispered “dirty-old-man” comments. Her black, lycra top was tight with intertwined white laces running down the front. Her bulging chest captivated the men- who blatantly stared. Kimberly was a dainty girl, but her round, full breasts looked like they belonged on a larger-framed woman. Her top stretched over her mounds and showed off the roundness and fullness her young boobs possessed.

Kim looked at the growing group of buyers and sales “reps”. They all wore the same style suit and classic shoes. Even their haircuts were boring and totally blasé. Kimberly stood, realizing there would be no chance of meeting a nice-looking young doctor today. She perked up with a phony, frozen smile on her face as another group of men entered.

“Welcome to Euro-Medical, my name in Kimberly, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask…”, she said in a sweet, bouncy tone as she handed each one of them a sales brochure.

One man looked down her legs, cocked his head to one side at the sight of her partially bare midriff and grunted, “Well, I sure as hell feel over-dressed!” he said making the girl feel even more awkward than before. The gray-haired man smiled and his buddy cracked up, holding his ribs.

Douglas smiled up at the front of the room and gave Kimberly a glance that let her know they were about to begin. Doug stood on the demonstration stage making a few last-minute sound adjustments and so forth. The stage was only four inches higher than the floor, but it looked intimidating to Kim, who realized that she’d be up there in front of all of the men soon. She took a quick head-count and came up with thirty-two men.

Doug nodded to Kim and motioned for her to come up to the front. Damn! She thought- here we go.

Slowly, she pranced to the front and gracefully stepped up onto the platform. She stood next to Doug, sideways to the men- whose eyes feasted at the sight of the lovely young lady before them. She became an unwilling prop for their day-time sex fantasies, as each man undressed the girl with his eyes.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen,” Douglas began. “I would like to thank you for coming, and welcome you to share the savings of imported medical products.”

Kimberly stood still, and put an easy smile on her face. She was too timid to look directly out at the men. Instead, she looked at Doug as he continued to explain his company, and how he was going to provide them all with top-notch sales and service. She had to admit that Douglas was an excellent salesman- a real go-getter!

Douglas had the perfect tone and diction, “And so….gentlemen, I would now like to show you a few items that we import and distribute….”

His microphone made a humming sound as he moved to his left and showed his audience his first item. It looked like a stretcher, maybe, or a cot of some type, as he brought out a flat black cloth with gray aluminum framing.

“This is a folding examination table, gentlemen.” He said, holding it out so that they could see how light it was. “These are standard in field hospitals all over South Africa and neighboring areas of the globe. As you can see, the table is very compact and light-weight, allowing it to be set up virtually anywhere …(blah, blah, blah)”

In a few motions, the table popped open and sprung into a full-sized, wide examination table. The audience was pretty amazed. It popped open like something out of a Dr. Suess book. Kimberly smiled, genuinely impressed with the item.

“The maximum weight for this table is approximately five hundred and fifty pounds”, Doug said, smiling and turning his head, “That should be more than sufficient to support my lovely assistant, Kimberly.”

The audience smiled at the little joke and chuckled. Kimberly, however, was not amused! Was he really going to make her sit up there? Doug leaned towards her and whispered- “Hop up there and smile- let them see that this thing isn’t going to tip over or anything with a little weight on it…”

Kim made a sour, perturbed look and did as she was told. She lifted herself carefully and lowered her little rear end onto the table. She was amazed how sturdy the cordura fabric beneath her was. The stretched fabric was taut, and held her up without any give at all. Her legs crossed at the heels, and her thick shoes dangled a few inches off the stage floor. Her legs draped over the side of the table on display for the men- tan, muscular, and baby-smooth.

“You can see that the table ‘hardly noticed’ her”, Doug said, “The table is full-sized and suitable for examinations, sports injuries on the field, and other uses….”

Kimberly didn’t notice, but out of nervous discomfort, she was swinging her feet back and forth, in an agitated manner.

Doug continued his sales-pitch, “Let’s imagine, gentlemen, that Kimberly is an athlete who’s sprained her ankle on the tennis court.”

She looked over her shoulder at Doug with wide eyes. Again, she heard her temporary employer cue her in a whisper, “Lie on your back and pretend that your ankle is sprained…kick your shoes off first…”

She carefully slid off her black, thick-heeled loafers which clunked on the floor. Carefully, she slipped her bare feet up on the table, and assumed a lying position on her back with her reddish curls spilling on the table and her entire form fitting on the table- with only the tips of her toes off the edge.

Douglas continued to lecture as the room got to see her lying there before them and did a “mock” inspection of her ankle- twisting it to the left and right.

Kimberly was beginning to understand her role in this seminar, and now understood why the former girl quit. This was degrading! She felt stupid up on the table as Douglas ordered her around and played “doctor”- all while the men sat there staring. Would we be doing this if I was wearing a skirt? She thought to herself.

Doug smiled at the girl and whispered, “You are doing great, Kim! Sit up again and wait for me to tell you what to do next.”

She was growing tired of smiling. She was a cynical, fairly snobby girl who’d never associate with these “losers” in real life. But here, the situation was so different. Doug held something over her that made her continue- willing or not!

Next, Doug opened up a case that held a portable heart monitor. He opened it up to show the screen, cables and pads all tucked neatly within the case. He set the screen facing the audience and lectured, “These monitors are refurbished and come from Germany. They’re ‘better than new’, and all come with full warranties!”

With a subtle wrist movement, Doug flicked the switch and the monitor’s little green light began blipping across the screen. Next, he uncoiled the cables and plugged the two cords into the sockets.

Kimberly squirmed looking at the thing. She had seen things like it before in movies and hospital dramas. She suddenly came to a bleak, horrific realization… The monitor pads, or electrodes, on TV were always attached to bare flesh! Surely Doug wouldn’t dare demonstrate this machine on her….would he?

Doug gave the audience another “Hollywood” smile again, and in showman spirit said, “Well, I guess you aren’t very impressed watching the little light blip across the screen. I guess you need to see the thing actually work, huh?”

They audience nodded enthusiastically- looking up at the innocent girl seated on the exam table. Everyone thinking the same thing- will he make her take her top off?

Doug continued, “Well, I doubt that Kimmy here is in any real danger of any cardiac problems anytime soon.”, he said, amusing the crowd again, “However, we need a test subject and I doubt that any of you want to see my whimpy, hairy chest. So…”, he paused, “It looks like we’ll use her instead- if no one out there objects?”

Kimberly nearly fell off the table. Her face turned seven shades of red! With her eyebrows wrinkled, she stared at Doug with a confused, angry expression. She whispered to a totally deaf set of ears, “Doug?! Are you crazy? What do you think….”

Doug ignored her utterly, then bent over putting his face level with hers and said, “Sorry if I left out this part, Kimberly. My mistake!” he said with a sarcastic look on his face.

Kimberly’s eyes bulged, and she lost her ability to speak. This was getting out of control, she thought. The audience watched the two conferring with each other and could see Kimberly’s reluctance.

Doug looked into her puppy-dog eyes and said, “Listen Kimberly, you owe me this much! I did you a huge favor by not calling the police. These buyers need to see this unit work, otherwise they’ll assume I am trying to sell them garbage!”

Doug turned and smiled and resumed his showmanship. He spoke to Kimberly as if he was an actor in a bad sit-com. “Well, Kimberly, as you’ve probably guessed, you are a little “over- dressed” for the heart monitor to work. Ahem…. you can slip your top off please so I can attach you to the monitor now….“

The members of the audience were amazed. This was turning into a very interesting sales meeting- to say the least! Not a single male looked bored, nor were any of them wishing they were on the golf course right now.

With all of the pressure on her, Kimberly dared not argue with Douglas further. Another girl might have told Doug to “fuck himself”, but somehow, the demanding, convincing businessman had a grip on her. She was still unable to get over the guilt of this morning’s accident- and the thought of what could have happened if the police were called to the scene.

She sighed, and made a sarcastic face. Carefully, Kimberly undid the long laces that were intertwined through her top. She then pulled the threads, loosening the middle, and took a firm hold of the bottom. In a fluid, graceful motion, her tummy and lime green bra were exposed….followed by the ruffling of her reddish-brown hair. She turned crimson and placed the top next to her on the table.

Not an eye turned away from the sight of Kimberly blushing in her bra! Her skin was radiant, lightly tanned, and flawless. She had the neck, shoulders and arms of a miniature super-model, and her tummy was the perfect mixture between athletic and sexy. She was the classic teen-girl that every man secretly wanted! Kimberly was just like the young, bikini-clad eighteen-year-olds these men would lust for at the shore, while their pale, sagging wives, sat under sun umbrellas, rubbing white stuff on their noses.

The lime green bra had thin straps and was made of basic cotton. Everyone discreetly sneaked peeks at her glorious, round, 36-C breasts. Her natural shape was better than any go-go dancer out there! The most enticing thing of all, however, was the fact that she looked totally embarrassed and shy up there!

The pads were connected to the girl, as she rolled her pretty eyes, glancing away from everyone. Doug’s hands attached the cables and routed the cords to either side of her. There was a hush over the men as they sat watching the sight.

The monitor began blipping in time with her pulse- which was frantic and galloping like an untamed mustang. The monitor’s little dot flickered across with each heart-beat and made a tiny “blip” sound. Onlookers, who were actually tearing their eyes away from Kim long enough, noticed interference on the screen. Something was definitely ruining the signal, and the dot was jumpy and inconsistent.

Doug was doing his sales-pitch, but even he noticed a problem. “As you can see, gentlemen, the data port can plug into any compatible printer providing a hard copy of the patient’s heart rate. This unit, I assure you, is among the simplest on the market to operate…(blah, blah, blah)”

The dot jumped around and Doug had to address the problem. Damn, what is happening? he thought. With a small chuckle he said, “I think the ‘little dot’ is nervous up here….”, he said making the crowd smile. He bought a little time, but the mystery needed to be resolved or they would not trust any of his products.

Kimberly was in her own world, ignoring everything around her. All she heard was the piercing “blips” from the machine, and Doug’s boring lecturing.

Doug pursed his lips, “Gentlemen, I must say, I am a bit puzzled by this interference. This is highly unusual, I promise you. Perhaps it is the microphone or the lights…” The audience whispered, and Doug began to calculate his losses! He was starting to look foolish, and untrustworthy! He strained for an answer, then smiled wide.

Doug’s showmanship took over again and he turned things in his favor. “Gentlemen, I believe I have an answer! You can tell that my medical training needs refreshing. The Mark VI monitor cannot have ANY metal near it’s pads to function properly.”

He gave Kimberly- specifically her bra, a direct look and added, “I believe that my assistant may be wearing some wire concealed within her brassiere.”

His voice became a whisper, “Kim, does that bra have an under-wire?”

Without even thinking she responded, “Yeah. Why?”

In a voice as casual as a man asking for the correct time, Doug said, “Good, that was the trouble. Take it off…”

Kimberly couldn’t believe her ears. She raised her eyebrows in a hurt, puzzled expression. “Doug?!”, she squealed.

Doug sneered, “You either do it, or I will call the police the minute this seminar is over!”

The girl had no choice. Slowly, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bright green bra. The straps slid off her beautiful shoulders and the girl desperately tried to hide her young mounds and pointed nipples after shedding the material totally.

Part 2

Doug took the “offensive” garment and tossed it to the other end of the table- away from the pads connected to his lovely assistant. Kimberly remained sitting, slightly hunched, doing her best to minimize the audience’s view while her face turned bright red. Doug, however, shook his head and told her that he didn’t want her watch or other jewelry to affect the monitor. So, in the end, the poor girl was forced to put her arms at her sides and accept her nakedness and the stares from the audience. Her globes of flesh stuck straight out and were a half shade lighter than her tummy. Her nipples were adorable little nose-cone shaped thimbles. Her youth allowed her grapefruit-sized mounds to defy gravity, and pointed straight out towards the older men erotically. Wow, was she amazing! The men whispered comments, which Kimberly realized, were most likely not relevant to the Mark VI heart monitor!

Doug was pleased with the clarity and resolution. The blipping dot on the monitor was registering her embarrassment and was now flashing across twice as fast! Her heart rate was like a squirrel’s- after being chased up a tree by a dog. Douglas looked out at the buyers, hoping their satisfaction had been earned. “And so, gentlemen, it certainly took a little ‘work’, but I think we have a very nice IMAGE up here, after all.” The crowd chuckled at his intentional stress on the word “image” and everyone, including Kim, understood his meaning. She crossed her arms, with a scornful look and tilted her head in disgust.

The questions about the monitor, started out legitimate, but soon became absurd. The men in the audience were intentionally dragging out the girl’s misery and they were asking all sorts of dumb things to keep her topless as long as possible.

“What kind of batteries does it take?”

“How long does recharging take?”

“Does it come in RED?”

Doug looked at his Tag Hauer watch and raised his eyebrows. “Well, gentlemen, it seems that more time has gone by than I had realized. Let’s break for ten minutes and give our assistant a chance to ‘catch her breath.’”

The men ever so slowly filed out of the room. No one wanted to miss a moment! A few stood around watching Kim pull the monitor pads off her chest and cover herself up again.

Doug turned off his microphone and stood facing the young lady. “Well, I think that went really well, don’t you? I think this is going to be a record day.”

Kim was not speaking. She grabbed for her bra and gave him a look that didn’t need any obscene words spoken aloud. Her eyes flashed complete disdain and hatred.

“Hey?” Doug said, “What’s the matter, Kimberly?”

She lifted one side of her mouth, and addressed him as if she was about to slap his face. “I’ll tell you what’s the matter! You’re using me, Doug! Is this a medical seminar, or a girly show? Do you think I enjoyed these old, creepy guys looking at me?!” Her arms were crossed and she flipped a few bangs out of her face. “Now, you listen to me!”

Doug regained control of the situation in a low, yet scornful tone. He knew that he was wrong for doing this to the innocent girl, but Doug was having way too much fun to let her off the hook. “No, Kim….you listen to me!” He shook his head as if Kim were being unreasonable and totally ungrateful for this “privilege” of working off her debt. “Let me make one thing clear to you. This seminar is one of the most important days of my life! The sales here today will either make this company or put it into bankruptcy! I can’t afford your ‘little-girl’ modesty getting in the way of putting on a good presentation. If you want out, tell me now, and I will call the police chief- who I happen to know very well, and tell him that you fled from the scene of the accident!”

Kimberly covered her mouth holding her arms over her chest and held the ends of her bra strap, “Doug, that is a lie!”

Doug smirked like a villain in an a classic silent movie. All that was missing was the thin mustache. “Well, you decide. But, tell me know!”

She took a forced deep breath and groaned, realizing the futility in arguing with the slick character. In his thousand dollar suit, and shiny jewelry, he was like arguing with the devil, himself. She simply was not going to allow the police to get involved. “Doug? Please….”, she said in a hopeful tone of voice, trailing off without any more opposition.

Wow! That was it? Doug was so proud of himself. He thought that a lot more convincing and threatening would be needed. He suppressed an evil smirk and said, “C’mon now, these old guys out here were all once doctors themselves! This is no big thing for them! Besides, most of these geezers have daughters your age. I assure you that they are watching with admiration for your courage and respect for your open mind.” He was making himself sick with his own nonsense. What a bullshit artist! This was nothing more than a highly profitable “bachelor party” with an adorable, sexy “girl in a cake”. He knew that these guys would buy all they could to ensure another seminar sometime soon.

Doug looked at his watch again, and threw the girl a small, hospital garment. “By the way, you are going to do a little modeling. I bought a few thousand hospital gowns from an outfitter in Holland. Here- go to the ladies’ room, take off everything, except your panties, and put this on!”

She clung the light blue hospital gown in her hand, and shook her head, as she headed to the ladies’ room without argument. She held it draped over her, and was disgusted by the men in the hallway who attempted friendly chatter with her. She darted into the restroom for dear life and a few tears ran down her cheek once the bathroom door shut behind her.

The gown was light blue, made of ultra light fabric and the back was loose and partly open. She finally got it tied and looked at herself in the mirror. She wiped her eyes, but could not stop the waterworks, realizing that she would have to prance back into the room wearing THIS?! She turned and could not believe how short the obscene thing was. If she raised up her arms the slightest bit, the bottom came up and revealed her brightly colored under-pants.

Her lime green panties were high cut on the sides and were some European design that had only a little more material in the rear than a thong. Normally, she liked wearing them, realizing how nicely they accentuated her firm bottom, but today she wished that she was wearing something modest.

She put her ear to the door and peered out of it, praying that none of the other seminars were being let out early. Her little feet took dainty steps down the hallway, and she turned walking hesitantly back into the room. Unlike the usual boring sales seminars, everyone had returned to his seat early, and stared as Kimberly quietly crept into the room.

Their eyes were brutal and merciless- staring at the newly exposed parts of her legs and thighs which were covered by the shorts before. She walked directly up on the stage where Doug was waiting and she gave the room a quick, unwilling flash of her undies as she stepped up on the platform.

Doug smiled and began the second half of the seminar. “Well, gentlemen, welcome back. As you can see, Euro-Medical not only sells high quality instruments, but on occasion, we sell garments like lab coats, and examination gowns.” He reached out his hand like a ringmaster at a circus, “Please turn your attention to my lovely assistant, Kimberly. She is modeling a very fine, well- made hospital gown that I found from a company in Holland. Their fine garments are being discontinued, and I bought out their hospital line. As you can see the garment is made from unshrinkable….(blah, blah, blah)”

From the corner of her eyes, she noticed with alarm that a few men were cradling cameras in their laps. What the hell was happening?

Doug smiled and said, “A few of you came to me during the break asking if pictures could be taken to show your bosses and senior executives back home. By all means, gentlemen, feel free to do so. At this time, I am going to have Kimberly give you a closer look at this garment.”

Kimberly’s face took on a reddish hue and everyone knew the girl was feeling humiliated. However, rolls of film were being loaded, and the group of horny, lustful men sat back as if she were a go-go dancer about to approach the patrons in a smoke-filled bar.

As she stepped off the stage, a few flashes fired in unison targeted at the “upskirt” shot she was giving them. With a deep breath, she fast-walked before the front row- without the required smile or any cheerful eye contact whatsoever. A man in the front row peered through his lens and blinded the poor girl with a brilliant, point-blank FLASH!

She was still seeing spots as she forced herself to move between the next two rows and kept her body as far away from the next line-up of perverts. Heads shook and nodded, saying, “Very nice.” as she walked by them. A very large man in the middle created an obstacle which Kimberly was forced to step over.

“Excuse me, sir.” She said, stepping over his feet, creating another photo-moment as her skirt raised up again- providing a brief peek at her panties. FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!

The last row was the worst. Yasob, a forty eight year old man from the Middle East, sat back biting his lip to keep from smiling at the girl’s sweet face and sexy body. He looked like the typical Arabian sheik, but he was barely a step above a street-person. He lived out of his car, a low-life traveling salesman, and was hoping to make a few business contacts here today.

The harsh reality of Yasob’s unsuccessful business career was simple- he stunk! Literally. His body had the oily smell of curry seeping through his skin all the time and he bathed only when he had the money for a hotel room. He was a turn-off the moment he walked into any room. He had thick hair, a coarse mustache, dark caterpillars for eyebrows and thick spectacles. He sold rubber and latex tubing, and was hoping to gain some new ground today, but since seeing his sexy, little “American honey” he was totally sidetracked, and felt a fondness for the teen-beauty swelling within his three-day-old boxer shorts.

As Kimberly carefully walked between the last two rows of folding chairs, the dark-skinned foreigner rudely held up his hand, speaking in an accent. “One moment, my dear. I would like to see the stitching, and I need to write down the garment’s composition.”

As if purchasing a horse, the man stood up and looked at the collar, letting his fingers pull it up- pretending to look for a tag.

Arghhh! Pheww!! Kimberly thought to herself! This guy reeks! She had to be professional, so she pretended not to notice, and breathed out of her mouth.

He shook his head, not finding a tag, and then checked around the front. He pulled the loose collar outward toward him and stared inside the gown at her lovely tits. He smiled, excitedly on the inside, but kept a cold, harsh demeanor- as if he was a discriminating seamstress. The “rubber-man” knew nothing about clothes at all! Kimberly looked right at him with an “excuse- me?” type face but said nothing out loud to the brazen man.

Kimberly stared away from Yasob as he evaluated the “stitching”, or more accurately, the curves of the captive girl’s body. She stood rigidly as a few more flashes went off around her. FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!

The impostor got even more bold and in his accent said, “OK, Miss, turn around and let me see the back side.”

The girl carefully turned with her hands holding the bottom in place. She kept her butt pointed a little bit sideways to the man. He touched her around the waist- as if he was within his rights, and squared her ass directly in front of his face. “There… I just want to see if they hid the tag somewhere back here.” He offered lamely, as he pulled the back of her little hospital skirt up in the air!

The girl was ready to die of embarrassment! Her entire rear end was in this man’s face! Kim faced ahead, in disbelief at this man’s rudeness and utterly ruthless behavior. The fabric came up from between her legs and separated her taut, sexy buns. Yasob exposed her panties as if he was doing nothing indecent. The girl was about to spin around and slap him, but thought about the consequences carefully. Instead she let the back row enjoy the sight and she stood with her hands balled into tight fists.

Jimmy Fritz had never stopped being the class clown. The bald-headed, skinny, runt of a man was quite a successful sales representative. However, business-women everywhere hated him, and he’d lost jobs for sexual harassment claims more than once. He had no respect for the opposite sex, and did most of his business meetings in topless bars and nude reviews. He looked over at her upturned skirt and had the audacity to capture the moment.

What a hot, little ass! he thought, as he raised his camera instinctively. FLASH! “She’ll never see me, again- right?” He said to a tight-assed gentlemen seated next to him. The man alongside him shook his head in utter contempt for the Jimmy, and looked away- lest others think he was associated the obnoxious, pervert.

She pulled herself from Yasob, and for the first time, showed a little back-bone. “Sir, we can provide your company with a free sample. Then you can analyze the garment as thoroughly as you wish.”

She darted her eyes across at the bald photographer who would be taking home a lovely souvenir of her panty-covered ass. She shook her head in shock that anyone could be so audacious and crude. Her hate-filled eyes stared directly at Fritz, wishing a disease on him. Jimmy , however, had no honor, nor any decency. He smiled back at her like a photographer for the National Enquirer…. imagining the other sales-reps’ jealousy once he showed the pictures to them.

The respectable man seated next to Jimmy Fritz finally cracked. “Hey, you think maybe I can get a set of those?” he asked. The two laughed and bonded at Kimberly’s expense.

Part 3

Kimberly returned to the stage next to Douglas. Her employer was ready, and already, had another item out of its case, ready for show. Doug whispered, “Have a seat on the side of the table, Kim.”

Kimberly faced the floor, as Doug held up a small digital recording thermometer. “Gentlemen, this unique purchase from a small company in Belgium allows me to offer these ultra-accurate thermometers to my buyers at one third of the original cost.”

He held a small “egg-shaped” sensor in his hand which was the size of a marble- but it was made of polished, smooth metal. He held it up and the glint was visible to everyone in the room. The little sensor was attached to a thin, spiral wire which lead to the computerized digital screen.

Doug shrugged, and admitted, “I am not exactly sure why the company devised such an unusual sensor for their unit. A straight, traditional thermometer connected to the wire would have been just as simple to use. However, as you will see, the unit can record a patient’s trend temperatures for minutes, even hours, as long as the sensor remains in place- under the tongue.”

Peter Whitford was an Englishman who sat on his folding chair nearly laughing out loud. He had used the thermometer before, and found it quite humorous how far off the mark Doug was straying on this item! The unit was made for long-term usage, but was never designed for oral use at all! The thermometer was common in post-surgical rooms where swelling prohibited the use of a traditional thermometer. This unit, however, was for rectal use only!

Whitford stopped Douglas from putting things where they didn’t belong. “Sir. I think you may want to hold off for a second. If you take a careful look at the sensor, you will see that there is some very small writing on it. If I recall correctly.”, he said in a refined English accent.

Doug turned the metallic, mercury-filled tip carefully in his fingertips, and in a moment, the enlightened man smirked and looked out at Whitford. Their eyes met, and they chuckled for a moment, keeping the little joke to themselves- and the entire room in suspense. In small laser- engraved letters, Doug read the words FOR RECTAL USE ONLY.

“Well,” Doug said nodding his head, “I am grateful for the astute observation of my audience member. Gentlemen, this unit, apparently, was designed for non-oral use only.” He grinned, “It all makes sense if you think about the sensor’s unique size and shape….,” he said with his ditzy assistant, Kim squinting her eyes, then abruptly grasping the concept.

She sat without fear. Doug would never make her demonstrate this item! Would he?

Douglas was in “showman” form once again. He held out a hand to Dr. Peter Whitford and invited him up on stage as the “expert” spokesman for the thermometer. Whitford was a pale, red-haired man with gold wire-rimmed glasses, and a lanky body. He worked for the University of London, and led their sleep research institute. He buttoned his jacket and approached the stage.

This was the first time Douglas had ever brought a member of the audience up on stage. But, Doug’s unique verbal skills allowed him to be introduced into the seminar seamlessly. “Well, thanks again for throwing me that ‘life-saver’. But, since you are the ‘local’ expert on this device… I am going to put you to work up here.”

Whitford smiled and let his eyes take a little peek at Kimberly. She was so damn hot! Why were none of his research subjects ever like her? Back home, at London University, he ran an experimental sleep chamber where test subjects were paid a small sum to sleep in a controlled environment. He would track breathing, heart rate and body temperature throughout the night. The subjects always hated the part about sleeping with the cold sensor up their ass, but they’d all admit that it wasn’t so bad afterwards, once they had gotten used to it.

Whitford would feel cheated whenever his female “sleepers” were “hooked up” by the nurse. He’d always return to the room, only to see the girls with a wire running up inside the shorts of her PJs. Peter nodded and went with the flow of the seminar. “Very well”, he said in a British accent, “What do you want me to do?”

Doug looked out at the audience and said, “I want you to give a demonstration on the proper way to record a patient’s temperature using this unit. I am sure that my assistant will make an acceptable test subject.”

Kimberly nearly screamed. What?! She let out an audible gasp as the room looked up with complete shock, yet a odd, giddy euphoria. Her legs and hind quarters were tight and sexy. The thought of seeing her back-side- bared on stage, excited the on-lookers. Under the guise of a medical seminar, these men were violating, and degrading the poor young woman mercilessly!

Peter stood grinning. Doug “wired” a microphone around his neck and the “guest speaker” was wired-for-sound. The man was a natural orator and he parleyed in a playful manner with the young, beautiful girl. “Well, Kim, this is honestly going to be much easier than you think. I promise.” he said in a his sophisticated accent. She had no comment or reply. She gazed past the British man in her own world.

His eyebrows were raised up and his face was slightly flushed from the excitement of the stage. He looked very forward to “sticking” the sensor up poor Kimberly’s hot little ass!

Kim was beyond angry! She was completely enraged and mortified! The thought of what was about to happen brought her to the brink of death by humiliation! Every nerve on the girl was tingling, and she felt the cold, cruel, lustful eyes on her body- icy, creepy and penetrating. This is not real! This is not real! She repeated to herself… I must be in a vivid dream, the horror-stricken girl thought.

Whitford then spoke as if Kim wasn’t in the room. “I’ve got to be honest with you, Doug.” the university professor said in his matter-of-fact voice. “That sensor really has to be administered DEEP to give an honest, solid reading.” Doug nodded and made a face that suggested- fine, be my guest.

Doug led the man to the sink where they both scrubbed up and donned latex exam gloves. Kimberly looked across and cringed, her toes scrunched sub-consciously. Doug was making a complete fool of her now! Was this punishment for his car? How unfair! Kimberly put her face in her hands and went ghost-white. The worst part was that complaining about it would only get her in even worse trouble!

Doug and Pete Whitford stood before the girl as if she were a project on a television “fix-it” show. Every man in the room watched, staring in disbelief. They could not believe that this seminar was continuing with no concern for the young woman’s modesty or honor. They all were taking pleasure in the girl’s mortified eyes. They watched her squirm and were turned-on by the young woman trapped on the stage. There was an odd pleasure in seeing the seminar carried out with no regard for Kim’s modesty or honor. In today’s politically correct world, it was wonderful to be a part of something so- unnatural.

Doug handed his temporary co-speaker the light, slippery lubricant that Whitford had requested. He had no use for it, ordinarily, yet he carried an array of supplies in doctor’s kit to each meeting. The lubricant was smelly as Kimberly first got a whiff of it. Whitford popped the little jar open and placed it on a tray on wheels, next to the exam table.

Douglas smiled right in Kimberly’s face. His words were casual, yet commanding. “All right, Kimberly stand up and let’s have you turn with your back to the crowd, and your pelvis pushed up against the table.”

The girl had been defeated! She sighed, and brushed a few hairs out of her face, standing up slowly on wobbly knees. She clung on to her modesty like a condemned man walking to the gallows. She hugged the gown around her hips as she did a little half-turn and stopped with her butt facing the men in the room.

Doug unceremoniously reached for the bottom of the gown and raised it up while telling the girl to reach out for the other side of the table. She felt like ice water was being poured on her back from the shock! Her little bikini panties were shown to the entire assembly! The men saw the material centered up the middle of her clenched cheeks. Her buttocks were taut with no sag at all. Everybody watched as she bent, making her rump stick out even closer to the guys in the front row, who had pushed up their chairs ever so gradually, and now their noses were nearly touching her, practically breathing on her rump.

Peter Whitford was simply amazed at the great body on this young lady! He was taking mental “snap-shots” of her for later use, and couldn’t wait to get back to his hotel. His voice was totally controlled, as if he was teaching geometry. “All right then gentlemen, Douglas has cleaned the sensor, and now we need to ‘prep’ our lovely ‘patient’ for the actual administering of the miniature probe.”

He cleared his throat and bent a little towards Kimberly’s shoulder blade. “All right, Kim. I’m sure that you are as ready as you are going to be,” he paused, pleased at being able to make such a rude comment to such a pretty girl, “Go on, now….young lady, and drop your panties for me.”

She reached back and sighed dramatically. Her fingers reached into the slim, lime-green waistband of her panties, and she lowered them- baring her ass to all eyes! Wow! Men sat speechless! They were in total, euphoric, shock. This was the best sales seminar in history!

Kimberly realized that there was little use in protecting her modesty at this point. Instead of baring her “crack” only, the girl slipped them down to her knees- like a naughty girl about to get spanked. She held her legs together tightly, and looked over her shoulder with a sour glance at Whitford. The expression on her face was priceless!

Peter Whitford knew that his “assistant” was unwilling, and in reality, everyone in attendance realized that this was reaching a point of mental cruelty. Kim would probably need to take a dozen showers or so once she got home from this! Oh well, everyone gets picked on, used, or generally “fucked” some time or other. This was the HER turn, Pete smiled thinking of the girls in high school that often made fun of him. In an odd way, this was wonderful retaliation!

The men studied the perfect. naked little rump before them. There were no comments, nor any flash photography, but there were whispers audible here and there around the room. She was kept in a bent-over position by Doug. His hand was placed on the small of her back, and held the gown up high up the middle of her back.

Peter went to “work” carefully and in a manner that allowed the room to observe. His fingers rested on her buns, then he applied slow, even pressure and spread her buns apart. Her anal cavity “smiled” to the crowd, in plain view. Kimberly shut her eyes and clenched her jaw.

The sensor was dipped into the lubricant, as was one of the British doctor’s fingertips as he continued lecturing. “We see that the point of insertion will need to be relaxed, or better yet, lubricated with a fingertip.”

He lightly swirled the gunk around her hole, letting the slippery paste stick to her anus. She could both hear and smell the application and wanted to die! All eyes saw the light residue on her- which looked slick and oddly erotic.

“And lastly,” he said in a voice that sounded almost obscene, “The book suggests that inserting a finger into the anus will relax the patient and help in providing a more comfortable insertion….”

The room was dead silent. Pete slipped his finger into her well-lubricated rectum. She tightened around his finger instinctively, and nearly stood straight up! The penetrating finger was so agile and slippery, she had no choice other than to accept his digit inside her. She felt the horrifying sensation of the gloved finger inside her passage, and Kimberly let out a pornographic little squeal- a faint little “ughh” sound. The room watched the finger slip three-quarters into the girl’s hole, then slowly retract with a half-swirl…

The room was aroused by this display, and watched the shiny metallic tip dangle from the cord which Peter loosely held in his other hand. In the tone of an apologetic father spanking his daughter, Peter steadied his voice and said, “All right, Miss… try to relax and work with me. In order to function, this sensor needs to go inside you a good four inches or so…”

She made no sound of acceptance or acknowledgment. Her face was against her hands and she breathed like a hyper-active child locked in a closet.

Slowly, Peter sunk the slippery probe part way into the girl. He inspected her creased pink skin around it, which was offering a degree of resistance to the sliver “bullet”. He was forced to pull her buns apart more radically- which really let the crowd take a good peek at everything between her legs. Now, her entire feminine area was on display, and the girl’s shaved vagina was partly visible.

She squealed a more audible grunt, as the probe disappeared inside her real tunnel. “Uhhh!” Once the initial resistance was overcome, the probe slipped inside her all at once.

Peter took a hold of the cord farther back, and eased the foreign device deeper inside her body. “Good,” Whitford said, as both men oversaw the operation, “Just a little deeper, relax for me….”

Kim could feel it moving within her, and the sensation felt like “potty-training” class in reverse. Ugh! She attempted to move her body forward with the probe, but she had nowhere to go. Her hips were bumping the table and she received another inch or two of cord burrowing farther inside her.

The audience saw the cord protruding from her anus, and the half-crazed look on the girl’s face. She was not having a good day! Kimberly was told to sit back on the table again as the recording monitor was flipped on. Her gown dropped back over her, and her arms crossed angrily! She could feel the object nestled inside her and felt violated. She sat praying this “thing” would end soon as she heard the technical specifications of the unit being recited to the audience. She had to sit there for a full three minutes as the temperature began to “read” correctly. Her temperature remained steady in the normal range as the girl fought off tears of frustration and degradation.

The unit was finally shut down, and Kimberly cheated the room, by removing the sensor by herself. It took all of her will, but the girl “backed” it out carefully, and dangled the cord over Peter’s wrist. It was like having a room of people look at a Q-tip that you had just used to clean out your ears- exponentially more disgusting, of course. The tip was no longer shiny and bright. It was smudged with lubricant and the heat of her insides. She was never even given a Kleenex afterwards!