More Enemas With Step-Sister Kimmie

I left off my account of exchanging enemas with my lively, blonde step-sister, Kimmie, when we were both pretty young. What happened back then was that I had shot off my first load when being enemaed by Kimmie. Although I tried to reassure her that it was great, she thought she’d hurt me. I think, too, that because she was just beginning to reach puberty, she was growing more modest, and she was trying to sort out her feelings about her body and this scary thing called sexuality. For whatever reason, she didn’t want to play our games anymore.

But I knew damned well that she was still using the bag by herself. I was sneaking Mom’s aparatus out of the closet at least twice a week, and sometimes I would come home in the early afternoon, when Kimmie was already home, and I’d fish a wet bag and tubing from Mom’s “hiding” place. I wonder if Mom wasn’t well aware that her toy was getting a lot of “unscheduled” use.

It wasn’t until I reached sixteen and Kimmie was fourteen that our shared enema activity resumed, and it happened in a totally unplanned way. Mom and Sam were very happily married, and they had gone out on a Saturday night date. They let us know they would spend the night at a fancy hotel, and that they would be home by late Sunday afternoon. By then, they were fully confident of their kids’ ability to handle the responsibility of being home alone overnight. They trusted us, since we were both good students and not prone to throw keggers and generally raise hell. Kimmie was almost a straight A student, and I was more than holding my own with an A- average. Although we were both fairly popular with our peers and dated around, the fact that Kimmie had a reputation as a girl who wouldn’t put out meant that occasionally she was at home on weekends. As it turned out, neither of us had a date that night, so we decided to order a pizza and hang out together with a couple of rented videos.

When the pizza came, we both stuffed ourselves; between us, we managed to polish off a large pepperoni pizza. As if that wasn’t enough, Kimmie had a dish of ice cream. I had no idea where she put it all.

About an hour later, Kimmie started rubbing her stomach. She admitted she’d eaten too much and that she didn’t feel all that good. I felt a bit stuffed too, but I was also feeling kind of horny. I started to daydream about sneaking out Mom’s equipment, giving myself an enema and masturbating to a nice climax after Kimmie fell asleep. An hour or so later, Kimmie said she was feeling sleepy and was heading for bed. I said goodnight to her. About half-hour later, I crept down the hall past Kimmie’s room. Her light was out, and I assumed she was fast asleep. Turning on a dim hall light, I went to Mom’s closet and silently pulled out the bag and hose.

Turning around, I saw Kimmie standing outside of her room in her shortie nightgown, a look of amazement on her face. I was so startled, I dropped the bag and hose. After a moment’s mutual embarrassment, we both started to laugh. Kimmie then admitted to me that I had beat her to it! I started to laugh again, but I then had an inspiration, and I told her I’d share the tube.

Kimmie got a pensive look on her face and told me to come into her room to talk about it. As she sat on her bed, her nightgown slid most of the way up her trim, tanned thighs almost to her crotch. I thought I’d come in my pants, and I am sure she could see my growing bulge, since her eyes were riveted on it. Kimmie confided to me that the major reason she’d stopped sharing the tube with me was that enemas turned her on so much that she didn’t think she’d be able to control herself, that if I

had tried to fuck her back when she was younger, she probably would have done it. Kimmie then told me she was still a virgin, and that she planned to stay that way at least until she was seventeen or eighteen, or until she was sure she could handle actual intercourse. When I told her, honestly, that I had never gone beyond heavy petting, she looked at me in awe. I admitted enemas were my primary means of sexual relief, and that climaxing while a couple of quarts were shooting up my ass was

an incredibly satisfying turn-on.

I told Kimmie that I loved her and would never do anything to hurt her. I promised that, no matter how turned on she got, I wouldn’t try to have sex with her. Kimmie confided how much she loved sliding the tube up her ass, and she even admitted that she had used cucumbers to stretch her ass wide open. She loved to slide the smooth vegetable in and out of her ass while she masturbated.

That is how Kimmie finally agreed to resume experimenting with enemas with me. She told me that although she trusted me, she still didn’t trust herself completely. She would give me an enema first, and after I came, I wouldn’t be so horny that I’d be in a mood to ravish her. In nothing flat, we were in the bathroom, and I was filling the bag with warm water. I decided to all a little liquid soap for a good cleanout.

When I had the bag filled, I hung it up on a clothes hook on the back of the bathroom door. When I turned around, Kimmie had stripped off her nightgown, and I gasped at the incredibly beautiful sight of a slim, budding virgin. Her slim, tanned thighs framed a gorgeous, trimmed blonde bush. I almost came in my pants at the sight, but I managed to control my shaking long enough to skim off my clothes. Kimmie’s eyes shone when she first glimpsed my fully erect seven inch cock, which was jutting upward.

I knelt down on the rug and assumed a knee-chest position. I asked Kimmie to “do” me just like she’d last done me three years earlier. Seconds later, I heard the snap of the vaseline jar being opened. Reaching behind me, I spread open my ass cheeks to give Kimmie full access to my puckered and pulsing hole. I then felt the exquisite sensation of Kimmie’s finger sliding between my butt cheeks and starting to center on my sensitive bud. I gave an involuntary gasp as her middle finger slipped into my throbbing hole, and she started to move it in and out slowly and sensuously. After a minute or two of that, Kimmie

slipped in another finger and soon had two fingers buried in me up to her palm.

I blurted out that I couldn’t stand the suspense much longer, that I wanted the water, and now. Kimmie removed her fingers, and a second or two later I felt the thin nozzle enter me. A distinct “click” reached my ears, and a few seconds later, I began to feel the water fill my bowels. Kimmie, God bless her, started sliding the hose in and out of me, almost pulling it out with each backward movement. I have never felt anything so thrilling in my life. I remained in this near hypnotic state for the entire five minutes it took the bag to empty. For some reason, I didn’t explode in orgasm. When the bag finally emptied, I sat on the toilet and started to release the contents of my bloated intestines. Kimmie’s face was flushed with desire as she watched me

empty. She moved over next to me, placed her warm hand on my inflamed cock and started to masturbate me!

After a few strokes, I felt my balls tighten and gasped to Kimmie that I was about to come. The first jolts were so strong that they shot several feet into the air and landed in the bathtub across the bathroom. It seemed like I came for five minutes, but slowly my spurts lessened, spattering partly across the rug.

While I finished up on the toilet, Kimmie cleaned off the hose, then returned to the bathtub to fill the bag for her own dose. As she squatted down, her incredible ass cheeks spread slightly, and I got the first glimpse of her fully matured cleft and incredibly sexy asshole. I cleaned myself up, got off the toilet, flushed and stood up, feeling wholly cleansed and tingling with anticipation of what I was about to do to return the favor.

Kimmie hung the bag up on the hook and assumed the knee-chest position. Grabbing the jar of vasaline, I coated my middle finger, then got to work on her waiting anus. As I started to penetrate her hole, Kimmie flexed her hips backward, inviting my finger into its full depth. Kimmie pleaded with me to goose her deeply, and, much to my surprise, I found she could spread her hole wider than I could mine. Soon I had three fingers buried to the hilt, and I contentedly reamed her asshole, reveling in the sexy, squishy noises my fingers made as they moved in and out of her wide open tush.

Kimmie murmered for me to start the water, and I hastily complied. In went the nozzle, and I clicked the stopper. As the water flowed, Kimmie moved her hips sensuously up and down. I decided to slip the hose in deepter, beyond the flange of the little white nozzle, and Kimmie started to go crazy with lust. I saw her hand reach into her crotch, and she soon had three fingers buried into her snatch, working her cunt and clit as I pumped the hose in and out. When most of the two quarts

were in, I slipped the hose ten or twelve inches up her, and Kimmie wailed as her first intense orgasm struck her. As her climax subsided, I slowly pulled out the hose. When it finally slipped out, I gazed in rapt wonder at how her slick, vaseline-coated bud winked at me, then pulsed as Kimmie fought to keep from expelling.

Moments later, Kimmie staggered up and sat on the john. Her chest was reddened with the evidence of her recent climax as she released her flow. Kimmie saucily spread her legs so I could watch her fluids cascade into the john.

When she was finished, Kimmie wiped herself, flushed and stood up. Her face was aglow with pleasure. She told me I had had a great idea, and that we should continue taking care of each other. That was music to my ears.

I cleaned up the bag and hose, then started to return it to its hiding place. Kimmie glggled, then told me to just leave it hanging on the hook, because undoubtedly we would find a use for it the next day. We returned to Kimmie’s room, then lay down on her bed together, fully naked. Kimmie was still horny, but she knew I wouldn’t try to take advantage of her aroused state. For the next half hour we cuddled, and our hands thoroughly explored each other’s body. Kimmie proceeded to masturbate me for a second time, and I returned the favor, thoroughly exploring her beautiful pussy and learning all about just how to please her clitoris. After Kimmie reached her second climax, we nuzzled a bit more, then I said goodnight and padded down the hall for my best night’s sleep in months.

I awakened nine hours later, thinking it had all been a dream. I soon learned that it had been no dream, as my beautiful, sexy, fully naked step-sister came trooping into the room holding up the full, steaming, wet bag. Kimmie told me to roll over, which I did willingly. She hung the bag up on a vacant picture nail about four feet over the bed, then straddled the back of my thighs. I could feel her dripping pussy pressing against the back of my knees, and I almost came then and there. Once again, I heard the rasp of the vaseline jar being opened, and moments later, the voluptuous feeling of Kimmie’s slim finger probing my welcoming asshole. Seconds later, the nozzle went in, followed by a marvelous two quart dosage. Since I had been well cleaned out the night before, the bag quickly emptied. Kimmie pulled out the nozzle, then got up from me and told me to turn over on my back. I was pretty full, but holding in the water wasn’t too difficult. Kimmie straddled my knees, and took my throbbing member into her hand. I basked in the sight of Kimmie’s beautiful teenage tits bobbing up and down as she skilfully masturbated my inflamed cock. A few minutes later I erupted in my first stupendous climax of the day, my sperm shooting over my head and striking the wall next to my headboard.

I ran to the bathroom and once again emptied myself. This time, I wanted to give Kimmie a show, so I straddled the john with my back to Kimmie and let go. She gazed at my exploding backside, while busily fingering herself. By the time I cleaned up, it was Kimmie’s turn, and she let me know in no uncertain terms that she was fully ready for her first lavage of the day. Since Kimmie loved knee-chest, we decided on a repeat of last night’s scenario. I lovingly lubricated my horny enemate and proceeded to give her asshole a thorough reaming with my slick fingers. Then I slipped in the tube and gave her the enema, full

blast. When she was full, Kimmie gave me a backside view of her expelling, just as I had done for her.

We gave each other three or four more enemas that day, spending most of the hours naked, in the bathroom. By mid-afternoon, we cleaned up and dried off the bag, so that our parents wouldn’t suspect our activities. When they returned home about six, we told them the weekend had been quiet and uneventful.

From that point forward, Kimmie and I were soul enemates. Since both of our parents worked at demanding jobs, they were never home before six o’clock, which meant that, when the mood struck us, Kimmie and I had a full two hours to play enema games in total privacy. At least three times a week, we got out the bag and enjoyed our games. Kimmie proved true to her word, as she showed me just how incredibly anally erotic she was. On several occasions, I gave her a couple of enemas, then reamed her asshole with increasingly large, massive objects.

Kimmie absolutely adored being fucked in the ass, and we experimented with all kinds of objects and positions. I loved taking her over my lap, gradually opening her rosebud with my fingers, then slipping as much of my hand as I could up her gaping hole. Since my hands and wrist are quite large, I never succeeded in fisting her, but I got damned close. For a young girl, Kimmie had an incredibly elastic hole; when it was gaping wide, I could see several inches into her rectum.

Sometimes Kimmie indulged in putting on what she called her “slut show” for me. She would get down on her knees and lubridate herself, the spread herself as open as she could. When she felt extra horny, sometimes she would coat her entire bubble butt with olive oil, then open up her glistening hold to its maximum width. Some of my favorite memories were looking at that sight while kneeling right behind her and giving myself an enema. When I had emptied and cleaned up, naturally

Kimmie would need two or three deep, soapy enemas to get cleaned out.

Kimmie and I continued as enemates for years. True to our mutual words, we never had intercourse. Shortly after Kimmie turned sixteen, we knew we were ready for another step, however, and we proceeded to anal sex. After giving Kimmie a couple of cleansing enemas, I would on a rubber and thoroughly fuck her asshole. She was so elastic that she could easily take my entire seven inches. Somehow, Kimmie got ahold of a large, strap-on dildo. We carefully hollowed it out, so she could

slip the enema tube through it and proceed to give me an enema fuck. That became one of our very favorite rituals.

Eventually we both went to college on scholarships, married, got responsible jobs and visited the family homestead for reunions. Two or three times a year, however, we arranged to meet discretely out of town, and we indulged in an afternoon of enema frenzy. Kimmie is now thirty-five, and I’m thirty-seven. But even after more than twenty years as enemates, our rare times together as as magical as ever.

Hope you liked the second and last installment.