My Next Girlfriend

Here’s what happened with the next girlfriend:

By this time I had gotten less fearful of admitting my enema fetish. I had also found a great book: “Penthouse Letters”. This book was a collection of letters to Penthouse organized into chapters based on the topic. Some of you may have read the “special preference” letters that used to be in that magazine - all to do with enemas (do they still have enema letters?). Well, lo and behold, there was a chapter entitled, “Enemas”! I started dating “Kathy” and had had sex with her several times before bringing up enemas. The way I did it was to show her the book and ask her if any of the topics in the table of contents were interesting to her. She said that they all were sort of interesting, but that she really didn’t have any experience with “kooky” things.

I said, “What about enemas?”

She proceeded to tell me that her mother had shown her how to give herself an enema and had directed her to do so several times as a child. Her mother had also given her suppositories on several occasions (why she didn’t give her the enemas as well is a mystery..).

Anyway, I turned to the various stories on enemas and we read them together silently for a while. One story had a woman putting her husband over her knee to give him an enema. Kathy exclaimed, “That’s how my mother gave me suppositories!” She seemed delighted! This gave me great hope as you might imagine. Well, after reading through several more stories together, I finally suggested that she give me an enema. She agreed!

By this time, I had decided that the bedroom was a better place to get an enema. So, I put an old shower curtain on the bed with about half of it draped down the side of the bed onto the floor. This guards against leakage fairly well. I brought out a microphone stand and placed it beside the bed with it fully extended up to about 6 feet high.

We went into the bathroom and I got out my enema bag and filled it to the top. We went into the bedroom, I hung the bag up on the microphone stand, I took off my clothes and sat on the bed.

I instructed her in how to lubricate the nozzle and I lay down on my left side. She then did something very interesting. She lubricated the nozzle and then placed the hose between her teeth so that her hands were free. She proceeded to lubricate my asshole with the hose hanging out of her mouth.

When I was properly greased up, she inserted the tip into my asshole, sat down in a chair next to the bed and released the clamp. After I took the whole bag, I got up and expelled the enema in the bathroom. I came back in and asked if she was ready for one herself. She agreed! I went back into the bathroom, cleaned the equipment and filled the bag about halfway.

When I came back into the bedroom, she had removed her pants and was standing next to the bed. She looked into the bag and surprised me by saying, “That’s not enough - you have to fill it up.” Of course I did so immediately! I hung the bag, lubricated her anus, inserted the lubricated nozzle and gave her a full 2 quarts. At that time I had a large mirror next to the bed. She was lying on her side facing away from the mirror. While I was giving her the enema, she twisted her head around so that she could watch herself getting it. She was really getting into this! I wondered if I had a secret veteran here..

Over the next few months we repeated this scenario several times. One time, she said, “I almost called you last week. I wasn’t feeling real well and I very much wanted you to come over and give me an enema.” God, how I wish she had called. After several more experiences she seemed to change a bit. She was less interested in getting an enema when we got together. She usually would give me one but then refuse one herself. After a few more months our relationship withered and I was back to fantasizing again.