My Sick Sweetie

It was a long day at the office for me and I was looking forward to a little rest and relaxation when I got home. I know you are supposed to be working until at least 7 tonight, so I am more than surprised when you open the front door for me wearing just your light blue teddy. I lean in and kiss you on your forehead and ask what’s up. You look up at me and tell me that you have an upset stomach and came home early. From the kiss, I can tell you might have a slight fever, so I tell you to go on back upstairs to bed and I will be up shortly. After looking through all the junk mail and bills, I go upstairs to take off my suit and see you watching me from the bed. I ask you if your stomach is still upset and you just nod.

I grab my sweats and go into the bathroom. When I come out, I see your eyes go wide. I am carrying a jar of Vaseline with a thermometer sticking out of it. You know what is in store for you and you really aren’t in the mood. You tell me to forget it, you aren’t going to have your temperature taken that way. I raise my eyebrows and ask when did you become the boss. You realize your mistake, lower your head and mumble your apologies. I sit on the edge of the bed and tell you to take your position. Very slowly, you slide across the bed, and then over my lap. Even though you have a teddy on, you aren’t wearing any underwear and I pull the teddy up to expose what I am looking for. I place my left elbow in the small of your back and use the left hand to separate your buttocks. In my right hand, I take the thermometer and place it against your tight rosebud. I tell you to relax and take a deep breath. Just as you inhale, you feel the cold glass slide inside you. You start to squirm, so I have to slap your butt and tell you to be still. As I wait for the thermometer to take an accurate reading, I twirl it between my fingers and you begin to settle down and enjoy the feeling. Unfortunately, that only lasts a few minutes and you feel me pull the thermometer out of you. Checking it, I see you have a slight fever and I tell you that I know just want you need. You roll over onto the bed and say, “If you are thinking about giving me an enema, you can just forget it!” “I told you how I used to hate getting those as a kid and having you take my temperature that way was bad enough!”

Realizing that I can’t have my little girl talk to me that way, I place the Vaseline and thermometer on the night stand and force you back over my lap. You struggle and try and fight, but the stomach ache has taken all your energy away. Once I have you in place, I start spanking your bare bottom with my hand. You try to get away from the loud pops on your backside, but it is no use. The hot stinging slaps are beginning to take their toll and you start to sob. Finally, you say you are sorry and if I think you need an enema, then you will let me give you one. I stop and look at your poor red bottom. I lean down and kiss the hot skin of your cheek. Then I lift you back up and say, “Sweetie, I am sorry I had to do that, but it was for your own good.” You nod and I pull your tear streaked face toward me and kiss you on the lips. “I promise it won’t be so bad sweetie and you know it will make you feel better. Now just relax and I will be back in a few minutes.”

I take the thermometer back into the bathroom, but leave the Vaseline on the night stand. I know I will need it again in a few minutes. I go into the bathroom closet and take out a large plastic bowl, a bar of Ivory soap, and the red bulb syringe with the black nozzle. The bulb holds about 8 oz, so I figure you are going to need at least 7 or 8 bulb fulls. I turn on the hot water in the sink to warm up. In the bedroom, you shudder at the sound of the running water. Once the water is hot, I turn on the cold water to get it just the right temperature. Since you are running a slight fever, I decide to make it a little cooler than usual. Once I have the bowl filled up, I place the bar of Ivory soap in the water and work it around with my hands until the water is good and milky. I leave the bar of soap floating in the water and pick up the bowl and the syringe and head back into the bedroom.

When you see the bowl and syringe, you start to sob again. You remember the times over your mother’s lap when she used her bulb syringe on you and the cramps you used to get. I place the bowl and syringe on the night stand and take you into my arms. I pull you close and tell you I won’t hurt you and to just relax. I kiss you again and tell you to lie over my lap again. Your buttocks are still bright red from your spanking and I feel a pang of guilt over having to do that to you, but you asked for it. I lean over and squeeze the bulb in the water and fill it up. Then I take my finger, stick it in the Vaseline and smear the slippery stuff all over the nozzle. To clean my finger, I slide it down the crack of your butt and tease your rosebud. I can feel some of the Vaseline from the thermometer still there. I place my left elbow in the small of your back again and use my fingers and thumb to spread your cheeks. Then you feel the nozzle at your backdoor and I slowly slip it in. Next thing you know, you feel the warm soapy water filling you. There is a warm fullness spreading in your stomach. You shift around on my lap and I tell you to hold still. I finish emptying the bulb and slowly start to withdraw it. Then it goes back into the bowl for a refill. Again you shift around on my lap as the soapy water begins to do its work. Again, I spread your cheeks and slowly insert the nozzle. The squeeze this time isn’t so slow and you moan as the sudden increase in pressure causes a cramp. I tell you to take deep breaths and let me know when the cramp has passed. Only a few seconds pass and you nod, but continue to breathe deep. I pull the syringe out of you and refill it again. Before I can reinsert it inside you, you tell me it is cramping again. I tell you I know, that is the enema doing its job and try and relax. I place the nozzle against your rosebud and you try and pull away. I let go of your cheeks and slap your backside again and tell you to hold still. That does it and you start sobbing again. As I insert the nozzle and start to squeeze the bulb, you tell me it is really cramping and you can’t take anymore. I really feel for you and tell you I have a deal. I will let you give up and go to the bathroom after the next bulb full, but only if you agree to take another enema after you get rid of this one. At this point, you would agree to anything that will allow you to get up and go.

You remember your mom used to insert her finger deep inside you and making you hold your enema for 10 minutes. So this sounds like a bargain. I know that you are getting desperate, so I fill up the bulb and slip the nozzle home and give it one big squeeze. You stiffen up and gasp. I pull the nozzle out and tell you to go ahead and go. You jump to your feet and run to the bathroom and the relief you crave. I give you your privacy to expel your enema and take the bulb to the other bathroom to clean it up.

After rinsing out the bulb to clean out the soap, I go back into the bedroom and get my enema bag from its place in the closet. You can’t see what I am doing, but you really don’t care. You have other things on your mind. I take the enema bag into the other bathroom and mix up another bowl of warm soapy water. I attach the long curved black douche nozzle on the hose and fill the red bag with the soapy water. I lube the nozzle up well with the Vaseline just as I hear you flush the toilet. I go back into the bathroom carrying the enema bag and you start to sob again. “Sweetie, please don’t fight me on this, you need a good cleaning out. I can’t believe you couldn’t take more with the bulb syringe, so I figured a good old fashioned bag enema was in order.” You have already taken your teddy off, so you are standing there naked and vulnerable. I hang the bag up, stick the nozzle in the top of the bag, and spread a towel on the floor. I tell you to get down on your hands and knees over the towel. Slowly, you get into position and I tell you to lower your head to the floor.

As you lower your head, everything between your legs is exposed for my examination and attention. I ask you to spread your legs and I sit down on the edge of the bathtub where I have an unobstructed view, and access, to your private parts. I take the nozzle and aim it into the tub and open the clamp to drain the air out of the hose. You turn your head to see what I am doing when you hear the clamp click and see the milky water spray into the tub. You just sigh and turn your head back and close your eyes. You know there is no way that you are going to avoid another enema.

You feel me spread your cheeks, and you feel the nozzle against your rosebud. You clench down and I smack your butt and tell you not to fight me. Strangely, the cool nozzle feels very good sliding into you after the sting of the soapy water from the last enema. I finish inserting the nozzle all the way inside you and then I let it go to open the clamp. You hear the loud click followed by a gurgle in the hose. Then the warm soapy water starts to spread warmth in your stomach again. It is easier to take this enema than the last since you are somewhat cleaned out already, but it isn’t long before the cramps start again. I stop the flow and tell you to take another deep breath and I start the flow again. This time though, I get down next to you and I start to slide the nozzle in and out of you with my right hand and I reach under you to massage your stomach with my left. The massaging seems to help with the cramps and you begin to relax and enjoy the attention I am showing you. I can see you starting to get wet between your legs, so I start to let my fingers massage a little lower down from your stomach and you start to moan. You don’t even realize that you are rocking back and forth to match the motion of the nozzle sliding in and out of you. With you so distracted, you haven’t even noticed that the enema bag is almost empty. I decide not to tell you until you feel you can’t hold your enema any longer, but you are so into the massage and nozzle sliding in and out that you don’t notice anything. I can tell by your quick breathing that you are getting close to an orgasm, so I slip my fingers inside you and show special attention to your clit. Suddenly, you gasp and collapse on the floor and let out a deep moan as your orgasm causes your whole body to shutter. I continue to work on your clit and move the nozzle and your orgasm finally passes. I think how jealous I am of the female orgasm and wish I could have one like that. Finally, you open your eyes and remember the soapy water churning deep inside you. I slip the nozzle out and help you up to use the toilet. As you pass me, you notice the bulge in my pants and smile up at me. I take the enema bag down and leave you to finish things on your own. Little do you realize that I have more in store for you.

I go back to the other bathroom and rinse out the enema bag. I know that it is always best to take a clear rinse enema after a soapy water one, so I prepare another enema for you. I fill the bag with warm water and add a couple of teaspoons of salt to the water. I re-lubricate the nozzle and carry the bag back into the bedroom. I hang the bag next to the bed and start to undress. I figure this time, I am going to have some fun while you take your last enema. I lie back on the bed and hear you finish up in the bathroom. You come out of the bathroom smiling, but stop dead when you see the bag hanging beside the bed. But then you notice me with a raging hard on waiting for you on the bed. You smile and come over to the bed. “Sweetie, you need another enema to rinse the soap out of you, but this time, you aren’t going to have all the fun!” I take your hand and guide you onto the bed. You lean down and kiss the tip of my hard cock and slowly take it into your mouth. I moan and enjoy the oral pleasures you are giving me, but finally, I tell you that is not what I have in mind and I don’t want the water to get too cool.

I pull you on top of me and you lower yourself onto my rock hard cock. Then I pull you down and give you a deep kiss as you start to slide me in and out of you. I reach around behind you and slide the black douche nozzle up and down your crack and you just moan. Finally, I slip it in and start the warm water. As you feel the water fill you again, you start bouncing up and down on me faster and faster. Again, I start to slide the nozzle in and out of you as you slide me in and out of you. Finally, you stiffen up as another orgasm washes over your body. I can’t hold back any longer and I shoot my wad deep inside you. Be both gasp for breath as our orgasms seem to go on forever. Finally, you collapse into my arms and nuzzle your head under my chin. Your final enema is long finished, but I am still sliding the nozzle in and out. You look up at me and smile, “You were right, I do feel a whole lot better. Too bad my enemas weren’t like that all the time, I wouldn’t have put up such a fight.” I smile back and give you a deep kiss. You say that every time I give you an enema. Then I look back into your eyes and say, “Well, you know, it isn’t right that you get to have all the fun. I feel like I have a stomach ache coming on tomorrow.” You giggle and say you know just how to take care of it.