My Trip to the Drugstore

I walked down the drugstore aisles, carefully avoiding the eyes of other customers. I suppose part of the excitement was the nervousness I felt at the possibility of being “found out”. I was certain that no one else could appreciate this pleasure. Finally, the aisle I was looking for. Someone else was in the aisle, looking at the laxative products. I shifted to the antacid section, waiting until they finally left. The second that customer left the aisle, I quickly advanced to my favorite section. Not many choices, but definitely something here I could use. I loved the blue bottles where you could see the bullet shaped sticks through the container, but since I was intent on a great deal of fun tonight, I selected the large white container with one hundred suppositories inside. Nothing worse than running out when I was horny!

Before I left the aisle, I looked longingly at the red rubber bag, the blue bulb. I had plenty of equipment at home, but there is always something that makes my insides quiver just to see them on the drugstore shelves. I did need some Vaseline, though, and selected the large economy size. I dashed from the aisle and made a few more purchases that I didn’t really need, to somehow hide the emphasis on pleasure items. I wondered if the store clerks had any idea how I used the secret objects of my desire.

My pussy was throbbing so hard and my anus twitched like crazy as I rushed to the shortest line. I carefully avoided eye contact with the cheery clerk. “Will that be all for you today?” No, way. I have lots in mind!!

I entered the parking lot and tried not to run to the car, but I was very excited. How could I wait to get home? It was only a little over a mile, but….I was sooo pumped!

I looked around the lot. Was anyone coming? Yes, a man coming towards my car. He entered the car next to mine. I tried to look as if I was busy adjusting my seat belt. When his car didn’t pull immediately away, I looked up and saw him looking at me. I think he was just being polite, waiting to see if I was going to pull out. I smiled nervously and waved to him to go ahead. He pulled out slowly, and drove out of the lot.

Is the coast clear? No. Another car pulls into the slot he vacated. A mother struggles to get her two toddlers out of their car seats. She is too busy to notice me, but I still wait until they are well across the lot. Finally!!!

I twist the top off the suppository container. I slide my skirt up in the back, and slip my panties down to mid thigh. I raise my hips off the seat, grab one suppository and very quickly insert it. OOOOOOHHH GODD!! I love that feeling!!! I must have another! Glancing around the lot, I see no one. I take another suppository and insert it, a little more slowly this time, savoring the feeling. MMMMMMM!!! I begin to pant and revel in the feeling with my eyes closed. My hand slips under my skirt in front and I begin to stroke my clit. What a delicious feeling!

I am startled out of my ecstasy as a car door slams shut. A woman who has pulled into the slot on the other side of my car gives me a disapproving glance, and hurries into the store. Okay, time to leave. Besides, these little gems should begin to have another effect real soon.

I pull out of the lot, onto the street. Whenever I can do so unobserved, I pinch my nipples through my shirt, breathing hard, having a wild little sensation party all by myself. My slightly blurring eyes notice the blue flash in my rearview mirror. What?

I pull off to the side of our residential street, just two blocks from my house. I know I didn’t commit any traffic violations….why is he stopping me? I see him speak into his car phone and then come out of his car. I am a bit moist from my current excitement, but try to remain calm. I roll down the window and wait for him to speak.

“May I see your license and registration, and proof of insurance, please?”

“Certainly, officer. Here they are.” I am sweating bullets now, and my stomach is quivering like crazy. I try to suppress my feelings, so intense now.

“Are you aware that your right tail light is out?”

“No sir, I was not aware. I’ll replace it when I get home.” My voice trembles slightly.

He looks at me quizzically. “Would you step out of the car, please?”

Oh, my God! How can I get out of the car? My panties are just above me knees…would they stay up? I hoped my skirt would fall back into place, but I wasn’t certain that it would not offer him a show before doing so. I hesitated.

“Would you please step out of the car?” He repeated, more firmly this time.

“Is this really necessary?” I am sweating bullets now, and visibly shaking.

“Step out of the car, and place your hands on the roof of the car, please, ma’am.”

I try to slide out in such a way that my skirt falls back down and the pressure of my thighs against my panties keep them up. They drop to my knees as I stand, but I grab them with an outward thrust of my knees. Mercifully, the skirt is long enough to prevent a view. I turn and place my hands on the car.

The officer frisks me quickly. His hands catch on the panties as he proceeds down my thighs. He hesitates, but then proceeds with the search. He leans into the car and looks around and under the seats and dashboard, opens and inspects the glove compartment, and then looks into the paper bag. He brings the bag out with a bit of a grin on his face. The suppository jar is still open.

“Sooooo. Got one of these in you now?”

“Uhhhh. Yes, sir.” My face must be beet red.

“That explains the location of your underwear, then. And your demeanor. I thought you had drugs in here, for sure! You were sooo nervous!”

“Yes, sir.”

“So, is there an impending emergency here? I don’t want you to mess up your car because I have detained you.”

“I just live two blocks away, sir. I’ll make it in time.”

“Very good. I won’t keep you. Umm. Would you mind answering a rather personal question? You can say ‘no’, of course.”

“If I can, sir.”

“Uhhhhh. Are you using these for a pressing need, or is this, ummmm, recreational for you?”

“Just for fun, sir.” Oh, my God!!! Why did I tell him that?

“Just one more question, if you wouldn’t mind. Do you have a partner to play with, or is this a solo thing?”

“A solo thing. Why, do you ask?”

“Please forgive my boldness, ma’am, but…this is a pleasure for me, also. I especially like to attend to women my age, as you seem to be. Would it be terribly presumptuous for me to ask you for a date?”

He has become more charming to me by the second, especially now that I know we share this pleasure. “That might be fun, sir.”

“I am off in an hour. What if I bring a bottle of wine by after work? We don’t have to play, but perhaps we could get to know one another a bit. Or, we could meet somewhere for dinner, if you’d like.”

“It will be fine if you come by. I am the second house on the right on the second block from here.”

“I have your address here, you know.” He grinned. “Okay, then. I’ll see you around seven-thirty. Say, you’d better get home and take care of what you have going there!”

“Thank you. I’ll be fine.” I slip into the car and wave as I head down the street.


Part II

I raced into the house, let go of what I had in me, and quickly tidied up the place, changed the sheets on my bed (you never know;-)), took a shower, and whipped up a plate of salami, cheese and crackers. I was trying to decide on some music when the doorbell rang.

He stood on the doorstep with a bottle of red wine in one hand, and a large drugstore bag in the other, with a bouquet of spring flowers peeking out the top. He looked, very, very nervous.

“Are you certain this is okay with you, ma’am? I have never done anything like this before. I’m not quite certain how to begin.”

“This is fine. Please come in! “ I show him a place on the couch, and let him open the wine while I put the flowers in water and retrieve glasses and the snack plate. I am curious about the bag, but don’t ask. Maybe he just picked up other things he needed to take home after we spent some time.

I sit near him on the couch, but not too near. He pours the wine and we both nervously take a sip. I decide I’m going to need to break the ice. I have been known, unfortunately, for being very, very direct.

“So. This is a hobby for you…those little sweet bullets that I love so well?”

“Umm. Yes, ma’am. Well, actually anything that relates to the posterior parts of a woman. Nothing is prettier to me than a big, beautiful round behind.” He blushed so as he said it. I touched his hand, hoping to relax him. We both took another generous swig of wine. He reached his fingers around and grabbed my hand, playing with my fingers. I was beginning to warm from top to toe…wine, or excitement, or both, I couldn’t be certain.

“Have you had other female partners that enjoyed the attention back there?” I asked.

“Yes, ma’am but not for some time. My last girlfriend left me for a younger guy, and I have been alone pretty much for the last few years.”

“I am so sorry!” I squeeze his hand, and slide closer to him until I am leaning against his side. He sighs and settles into me. I pull our hands to rest on his thigh, and he pulls them a bit closer to his crotch. A bulge is already forming. I don’t know how much longer I can last before I want to rip some clothes off…his or mine!

He puts down the glass and reaches for mine and sets it down. He takes the back of my head with his free hand and pulls me into two quick kisses followed by a most delicious deep kiss. I put my leg across his lap and we lean gradually back until we are lying on the couch. Kissing, deeper and harder, beginning the crescendo of pants. I am already in heaven!!!!

I slide out from under him, rise to stand and take his hand.

“Ummm. Are we going where I think we are going?” he asks?

“Are you ready for that?”

“Oh, yes ma’am!! Ummm. I am wondering. Well…I brought a few other things.”

“Is that what is in the bag.”

“Yes. Ma’am” He lets loose of my hand and retrieves the bag.

“Um, I didn’t really know what you’d like, so I bought out the store. Actually two stores.” He shows me the bag and it’s contents. A lovely red fountain syringe, a blue bulb, a rectal thermometer and a larger candy thermometer, a small jar of children’s suppositories and a larger jar of adult sized suppositories (different brand than mine), and KY as well as another jar of Vaseline, and a bar of Ivory soap. The bag also contains a black bag that I recognize as from the adult toy store. Inside that bag are two anal invaders, one small, one large, a butt plug, and anal beads in two sizes.

“What a heavenly collection!!” I exclaimed. “I have a supply myself, but this is a wonderful surprise! Although, it will take a while to use them all!”

“I have all weekend,” he said. “Shopping was half the fun!”

“I know what you mean,” I said.

Part III

I take him up the stairs. Into the bedroom, I start loosening his clothes. We begin to pull of the clothing as fast as we can, while still kissing up a storm. I take him into the shower, and run the warm water. I take the bar of Ivory soap and start to unwrap it.

“That’s for another purpose,” he said. I look puzzled, but pick up the bar of my lavender soap instead. We frolic in the shower, washing one another (though I was already clean), taking great pleasure in the various appendages and valleys our bodies. Finally, we emerge and wrap up in great blanket towels. We walk back to the bedroom, and dry one another off and kiss every part of each other.

Finally, he says, “Are you ready for a little ass appreciation?”


He pulls me across his lap, which he has covered with a towel. He strokes my back and buttocks, and gives me a bit of a love pat.

“Do you like that?”

“Oh, yes…I love a little spanking. I was bad today, you know!”

He begins to spank a little harder, stroking my buttocks after each swat. I little harder and harder, until I am wriggling to free myself. When I squirm, he holds me down. Spanking and stroking, beginning to stroke his middle finger between my cheeks between swats. I am sooo on fire!!!!

The touches of his finger are more and more insistent, until he is really poking into my bottom. Oh, my God!!! His lap must be soaking with my pussy juices! Then the swats and the stroking stop altogether. I hear the popping of the Vaseline lid and smell that delicious smell. I hear a small click as he opens the thermometer case. With one hand he separates my cheeks, and with the other, firmly inserts the glass rod coated with Vaseline as deep as possible. OOOOOOOhhhhhh!!! My God, what a feeling!

He twists and turns the rod, pulling it out and reinserting it. I feel his breathing coupled with mine…his deep sighs in concert with my low moans. He holds it in deep, the thermometer between his third and fourth fingers, his hand cupping my cheek and his thumb reaching for my swollen pussy he cannot reach, just enough to tease.

Finally, he removes the rod and I feeling the longing for the sensation. I don’t wait long. I hear the opening of another lid and the ripping of the foil covering. I feel a Vaseline covered finger probing my asshole…!! Then, quickly, one, two three, four and five child suppositories, thrust in slowly and deeply, pressed into me as deep as his finger can thrust them. Oh, my GOD!!!!! I want to reach around and kiss him for this wonderful act, but he holds me tight on his lap. I hear the rustle of the plastic bag, and feel the small invader, coated with more Vaseline, pressed deep inside me. WOWOWOW!!!!

“Now, tell me when you have to get these out, will you?” He said. I can only moan in return. I try to reach my pussy with my hand, but he restrains my hand. “Not yet,” he says.

He begins fucking my hole with the anal invader, pushing the suppositories even higher. The burn is delicious!! I only want more and more.

“Do you need to release these?” He asks.

“Not yet, I say. I want more!”

“Then you shall have more!” This time, I feel the adult sized bullets….one, two three…oh, yes, baby, yes, yes, more!!!

The invader thrusts them deeper and deeper. I want to touch my clit, to bring me home, but he prevents it. “It is not time,” he states. “But, you must tell me when you need to go.”

The excitement of the sensation has kept me from needing a release yet. I still want more.

“You still aren’t ready?”

“Not yet.”

“I had a feeling that anyone who could stand there and chat to me for that length of time had quite a capacity. Okay. I’ll be right back.”

He slides me off his lap onto the bed. He runs to the kitchen. He comes back with a paring knife and a mug filled with ice. I say nothing but watch and smile as he prepares. I am beginning to feel the need to release what fills me, but I suppress it. As I watch him, I reach for my clit, hoping he won’t see.

“No, no, not yet!” He states firmly. I watch as he takes the Ivory soap bar and cuts it into slivers about 1/4th inch by 1/4th inch and the length of the bar. He takes me back over his lap, and I can’t see that he has covered one of the soapsticks with Vaseline.

“This should shake you up a bit!” He rapidly pushes the soapstick deep into me, and follows it with the invader. “Do you feel it?”

“Not yet.”

He prepares another, and pushes it in, again so deeply…I feel the first soapstick beginning to burn. I am on fire!!!! Oh, GOD!!! I start to whimper and thrash around. I feel his penis hard against me through the towel. He holds the invader into me as I twist and turn. I start to scream with pain and ecstasy all at once!!!


“Are you burning yet?”

“Oh, God yes!!!”

Suddenly, I feel a blinding cold. He has shoved an ice cube into my ass!! WWWHHHOOOO!!!

Without a word, he pulls me off his lap, lays me back on the bed, he grabs and holds my hands and puts his shoulders under my legs, forcing them high into the air. He thrusts his penis into my flaming, dripping, pussy and fucks until we cannot breathe. We come together, quickly and violently! I have never experienced such a thing! Oh, my GOD!!!!! Unbelievable! I see spots in front of my eyes and nearly pass out from the ecstasy!

“Okay.” I moan.

“Gotta go?”


He lets me up, and reluctantly pulls his member from me. I run to the toilet and release all that has been turning my body inside out. When I return, have wiped myself off well, I find that he has made another trip to the kitchen and has filled a bowl with warm water.

“We need to make certain that all the soap is out.” I murmur agreement. I am still on fire. Spent, I lie across his loving lap, once again. I gently grasp his penis underneath his legs as he begins to insert and squeeze, bulb after bulb into my burning behind. When all the water is in me, he turns me onto my back on the bed and begins a gentle rubbing of my belly. I still hold his penis in my hand, coaxing it gently back to life. When it has stiffened, he slides gently into my pussy, supporting his weight above me, and we kiss and kiss as the water does its work.

When it is time for me to release, he slides out of me, still erect. I release the water in me. We repeat the above process two more times, until I am very clear. We are both beginning to be worn out. During my last expulsion, he cleans up the area a bit and I return to lie on my back on the bed. He slips a pillow under my hips. He slides his penis into my behind and gives a few sweet thrusts, and settles on top of me. We lie there, with an occasional thrusts until we fall into a sweet, deep sleep.

Part IV

I awake before he does. I feel so full and a bit sore in my rectum and vagina. I recall the wonders of the night, and begin to tease my clit and my nipples, very quietly so as to not disturb him. I could get up, I suppose, but I want to savor the night. I love the smells that fill the room, the Vaseline, the Ivory soap, the sex.

As I get closer to a climax, he awakens.

“My God, woman, have you not had enough?”

I see his morning wood, and say, “Well, it looks like you have a bit of spunk yourself, buddy!”

We kiss and then simultaneously head for the shower. As I warm up the water, he returns to the bedroom and comes back with the red bag, Vaseline and a soapstick.

“I have a few more things in mind for you, young lady!” Tender though I am, I quiver with excitement.

This time, he puts the soapstick into the bag and fills it with the warm water from the shower. He hangs the bag from the shower curtain rod. We soap one another and kiss and laugh and play. Finally, pristine and clean, he has me get down on my hands and knees in the shower. I feel the lubed nozzle enter me, the familiar click, the warm water rushing in me and around me. He holds the nozzle in me with one hand, and joins me on the floor of the shower, rubbing my belly. The height of the bag causes me to fill up quickly and be ready to release quickly. I expel over the drain, spilling only the soapy water.

He fills me again with clear water, and I fill and release until the water runs completely clear. This is a delicious sensation, but I am a bit worn out with the added play after our heavy session last night. We return to the bedroom, very, very clean. His morning erection, though relieved of the pressure of urine, is even fuller than before. He lies me onto my back and reaches for the adult toy bag. He pulls out the smaller strand of anal beads, and lubricates them rather well with Vaseline. He takes a finger full of Vaseline and lubricates my rectum, gently at first, but then clearly finger fucking me, until my nipples stand up hard and I am moaning and reaching once again for my pussy, now swollen and damp.

He presses in the first bead, pulls it out slowly, presses it in again. When he has done that about a thousand times (it seems), he repeats the procedure with two beads, then three. When he has inserted the entire strand, he turns me onto my hands and knees. He presses his penis into me and begins to fuck my pussy, slowly, then harder and harder. He begins to pull out the beads, one at a time, in concert with thrusts. When they are all out, he pushes the beads back in, as quick as possible, and proceeds with the fucking. GOD!!! So many sensations!! Is this my body!!?

Our bodies slam together, our screams and moans in a frenzied crescendo. We are about to climax!!! At the moment of climax, he grabs the string and yanks the beads out in one fell swoop. Oh, GOD!!!!! This is soo amazing!!! I scream like I have never screamed before! Sweating and panting we fall into a heap, and take a brief sleep.

Finally, we arise to dress. As I bend over to put on the socks, I am aware of his hands in my panties, putting in the beads again. “These must stay in all day,” he commands me. I just grin. I love having my portals filled!

I go to prepare breakfast. When he comes into the kitchen, I notice the tug of the beads inside me, even though his hands aren’t near my bottom, I turn around and see that the little stinker has tied a string to the beads, which he tugs at from time to time throughout the day! What a man!


Wonderful as our time together was, we decided living together would be out of the question if we wanted to get anything else done in life. But, he has become my only playmate. And, once a week, usually on Friday, I can be found driving around his beat, panties to the knees, open jar of suppositories on the seat. If he can, he’ll pull me over, just to give me a warning, and I expect to hear the key he now has in the door as soon as his shift is done.

Second Story

It was the day after my birthday. My sweetheart and I had had a wonderful meal at a local restaurant that specializes in “down home” cookin’. We spent over three hours eating, talking, drinking wine, and basking in the wonderful glow of the moment. Following dinner, we came back home with the plan of mutual backrubs and cuddling and sex if we were up to it (like we wouldn’t be!). We went up to the bedroom, where performed a little bit of a striptease for my darling. I slipped out of the pumps, and danced my way through sliding off my blouse, making a major production of each button. Finally, I tossed the blouse towards him. Then, I slipped my skirt down over my hips, and tossed that as well.

I walked over to him, as he sat grinning on the bed, and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it gently off. He was reaching for my breasts but I wriggled away. I turned my back towards him as I slipped the slip over my head, and unfastened my bra. Finally, I slipped off first the panty hose, taking a good long time with my posterior facing him. Last to go, the panties, and again, I let him get a good long look at my ass. I turned to find him stripping the rest of his clothes so fast that he nearly tripped while taking his slacks off.

I ran into the bathroom, turned on the water, and as soon as it was ready, I jumped in. He was right behind me. We soaped and giggled, making foamy shapes to cover one another out of the bubbles of bath gel, creating some pretty erotic images on the bodies of one another. Finally, we had enough of the water, and got out into some big fluffy towels, and again I ran back into the bedroom, jumping on the bed, playing a game of “catch me if you can!”. Well, he did and we started passionately kissing and stroking, to far gone for the back rub, we had quick and powerful intercourse. I fell asleep in his arms.

In the morning, when I woke, I was hoping for a slow, sleepy fuck, that was our normal beginning to Saturday morning, but I could tell by the heaviness of his breathing that he wasn’t going to be up for anything for a while. I took a quick shower and went to the kitchen. After a cup of coffee and the paper, I set about making some bran muffins, feeling a bit bloated from that heavy food. The first batch was out of the oven, and I was washing the tins to put in another batch when he came downstairs. I didn’t turn around, hoping for a hug from behind. He obliged my unspoken request, and spoke softly into my ear, “I know you didn’t think we were finished playing!”

I felt him slip his hands underneath my panties, and I was anticipating the gentle strokes he would often give my clit, with a probing finger in my vagina, to get me in the mood, but this time his hand slides to the back of me. I feel his middle finger stroke between my ass cheeks….O God!!! Then, he slides something into my behind, or tries to….what? Ahhhhh, my sphincter pushes it out, but he pushes harder. In and out, and finally, one very deep, hard thrust and it is in. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! A suppository! I am tingling all over! I turn to kiss him. He keeps his hand inside my panties.

“Come darling! I want to play with your ass!” Not a subtle kinda guy is my love. We walk upstairs, my arm around him, his hand cradling my behind. We walk into the bedroom and I see that he has been busy! The end table is covered with a rectal thermometer, Vaseline, jar of suppositories, soapsticks, a bowl of warm water and my favorite little blue bulb.

My insides are tingling, but I don’t need to release anything yet. He knows this and seats himself on the bed near the end table. He pulls me across his lap and teases me, pulling the waistband of my panties up and down, then making long and slow strokes on my bottom. He gives me a few gentle pats, and then follows with stroking. I am beginning to feel so euphoric. He finally slips the panties to just below the cheeks, and opens my cheeks with one hand. With the other, he manages to open the Vaseline jar and get a large glob on his finger. He strokes the finger into my asshole, slowly and gently, getting a lovely coating all around. Finally, he inserts that finger, very very deeply. OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!

Now, the thermometer. He sends it in deep, and then draws it in and out, oh so slowly!! MMMMM! He cups my bottom with his hand as he finally finds a resting place. What heaven!

He pulls it out, and reads it. “Not really very high, but I think you are probably needing to use the bathroom, am I right?”

All this excitement…I couldn’t go if I wanted, and I don’t want to leave his lap. “I don’t think I can!!”

“I’ll help you, darling.” He opens the suppository jar. My belly jumps! He inserts one…..two……”do you need another?”…”I think so, honey”…three…..four….for good measure. He strokes my back and buttocks. “How are you doing?”

“I still don’t think I can go, yet honey. They don’t seem to be working” I am getting a little frustrated, because my ass is still aching for more.

“Let’s try this, then.” He takes one of the soapsticks….I smell the Ivory….covers it with Vaseline. “Ready, honey?” “God, yesss!!” He inserts this very, very slowly and gently, so as to not break the fragile stick. WOW! It is a few seconds before my insides respond, and then it is electric!! Oh, my God!!!!

I turn into one frenzied, horny little bunny…..I pull off his lap, and pull his dick out of his boxers….it is all ready for me, I can see that! I pull my panties back on, and then pull one leg to the side as I slip his stiffness inside me, while we both had our underwear on….I feel the friction of my panties against his penis, and he moans. I slide up and down, not too far or hard.

Now, I feel like my insides are going to explode! I slide off quickly and run to the bathroom and expel all that fills me. When I return, he has piled several pillows and covered them with a towel. He instructs me to lie across it. “Gotta clean that stuff out, especially the soap!”

He greases my behind with his finger and adds more Vaseline to the nozzle of the bulb. I hear him press the air out and then suck up a bulbful of water. He presses the nozzle deep into me, so that I squish down on the pillows. Mmmmmmmm. I feel his penis bobbing against my hips (he took his boxers off while I was in the bathroom) as he adds bulb after bulb. Yummmmm!

Finally full, I start to get up. He turns me onto my back and gives me a slow, delicious fucking! We stroke until I have to go to the bathroom, and then I return. He washes me off, tenderly dries me, and puts me onto my hands and knees, His penis invades my ass, gently, slowly, and deeply. So joined, we fall onto the bed, spooning and occasionally thrusting until he comes. His hand in my pussy and finger deep in my vagina is heaven with his penis still deep inside.

What a birthday!