New Respect For The Little Lady

Last Saturday night, I arrived home in the wee small hours, drunk and horny. My wife Lisa, was in bed asleep. I crawled into bed stinking drunk, and proceeded to bother her for sex. She refused my advances, but being drunk and stubborn I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Finally, she took me in her mouth, hoping to get the dirty deed done quickly. I pulled out of her mouth and forced her onto her hands and knees. I pumped her pussy for a while and then, I did something I’ve never done before. I pulled out of her, put the head of my penis against her anus, and pushed it in. She got as angry as I’ve ever seen her. I came almost immediately and withdrew. She was still cursing me when I passed out. The next morning I mumbled a halfhearted apology about not behaving to well while drunk. She didn’t reply, but I figured she’d come around eventually.

That night I told her I was playing softball with the guys and I’d see her later. We were rained out and so we proceeded to our favorite sport’s bar. After having a few drinks, I found my wife’s best friend Karen, in front of me. She flirted shamelessly with me, and whispered into my ear, “Let’s go to my place, Jack.” She didn’t have to say it twice.

We got to her condo and she poured drinks. Minutes later we were naked. She smiled and took a pair handcuffs out of her nightstand. Fun and games I thought, and let her handcuff my hands behind my back. She pulled me across her lap like a child and started to spank me. I lost interest in fun and games and told Karen I’d prefer old fashioned sex. She didn’t seem to hear and really whacked my butt.

Finally she let up. “I wanted outta there. Okay Karen, off with the handcuffs.” I said . Again, that smile. She grabbed my penis and used it like a handle to pull me into the bathroom. I saw with horror her intentions.

A large bulb syringe was sitting on the sink counter next to a jar of Vaseline. The sink was full of soapy water. She bent me over the bathtub into a humiliating position. More humiliating was her lubricated finger penetrating my rectum. She pulled her finger out and replaced it with the enema nozzle. She filled me repeatedly, till I thought I’d burst. She stopped the procedure and told me to get on the toilet, and left the room. I barely made it and was glad to empty. I cleaned up as best as I could considering the handcuffs. My only desire was to get dressed and get home.

When I walked out of the bathroom Karen was standing by the bed. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Karen was wearing a strap-on dildo. She walked over to me, again used my dick for a handle, and pulled me over to the bed. She stood on the bed and demanded that I suck that dildo. I refused and got a slap on the balls. “Lisa didn’t want sex last night, but that didn’t stop you.” Suddenly I understood. Lisa had been talking to Karen. Karen was getting even for her best friend.

A hard slap on my butt and I started sucking that pole like a brand new bride. Karen took her cock out of my mouth said, “What else did you do that Lisa didn’t like?”

“Oh no! Not that,” I said.

“Oh yea, Jack, up the ass.” She bent me over so that I was like a woman about to get it doggie- style. It was humiliating. A lubricated finger, then two.

“You ready ?” asked Karen.

“No,” I said.

“Too bad,” she said and the dildo started making its way up my ass. She said I was getting more than I gave Lisa, cause she was better endowed. She laughed delightedly and worked that thing firmly into my ass.

When it was in all the way to its plastic balls, she started pumping. She fucked me like I was a woman for ten minutes. Yes, it was more than I gave Lisa.

When she pulled out she removed the handcuffs, told me to get out and never disrespect Lisa again. I beat it out of there in a hurry. When I got home Lisa asked how the softball game went. “I’d had better games,” I told her.

She smiled and said, “ I’ll bet you have. Does your ass hurt?”