Patient’s Swelling Soothed

By Nasty Nurse

Recently, I was a patient in a local hospital, in which Judy, who had been a baby sitter for me when I was younger, was a floor nurse. I was in a private room, so Judy would come in to talk when things were not to busy.

At first we just talked about my operation and about things as they had been years ago. Then once she mentioned how, long after we’d gone our separate ways, she’d seen me in a store looking at Nudie magazines with a big, very obvious bulge in my pants.

One day, Judy came into my hospital room while I was in bed, reading a Nudie magazine. As always, she looked very sexy in her tight, white uniform. My hard-on was not easy to conceal under my gown and I knew that she had seen the rise under the material. What happened next surely ranks as one of the best, if not the best, experience of my life.

She then asked if I would like a back rub since things were so quiet on the floor. She pulled the privacy curtain around the bed, told me to turn on my stomach and got some oil. She put oil on my back and rubbed lower until she got to my shorts, which she said should be removed so that they would remain dry. Then she moved her hands to massage my ass, balls, and cock.

Judy told me that I should turn over–that my front side now needed attention. I willingly turned on my back with my prick pointed at the ceiling. She then took my cock in her hand while she played with my balls with the other hand. Inflamed by Judy’s actions, my nightingale was ready– erect and chirping. I reached for and unbuttoned the top buttons of her uniform. Her tits were absolutely perfectly formed with lovely nipples, which were now erect and straining.

Her mouth went to my cock and she started to lick it swollen, purple head. Slowly she worked her tongue down the length of my cock and then to my balls. She sucked gently on my balls while masturbating me. Then I had her stop for a minute while I jerked off between her lovely tits. The soft skin of her tits on my cock almost made me come. However, she said she loved the taste of sperm. Again she took my cock in her mouth, simultaneously pumping it with one hand. Her mouth and tongue moved in ways I did not know existed!

I started squeezing her tits, and again I started to feel myself nearing orgasm. Sensing my urgency, Judy went faster and faster until I exploded and filled her mouth with my come.

She kept my cock in her warm mouth until it started to soften, then said she would come back the next day for another back rub for me. Anyway she rubs me, my “angel in white” rubs me right!