Pilgrims Progress

By Dave Russell

This is the story of The Mayflower crossing to Plymouth Rock. There were 50 people on the Mayflower. Mrs. Harding, Henrietta Harding, Janet Harding, Tommy the cabin boy and John Smith.

The little ship had been tossing and turning and the passengers didn’t sleep a wink last night. The sailors were busy batting down the hatches and tying down the masts. The punishments were given out in the morning : usually ten lashes with the strap. All they had to eat was rice and beans. Sick call was at 11:00 in the morning. The only thing they could give you was an enema of hot soapsuds,

This particular morning after the storm it was discovered that the cabin boy was setting of fire crackers. He was to be given an enema, then given ten of the best with the strap while tied over a cannon.

The punishment was to be given first, then Janet and Henry were to be given an enema. Tommy was called before the passengers and was taken to the enema table first and given a good two quart enema. He was taken over to the commode that was set up on the deck of the ship. He was on the chair for a half an hour and then he was cleaned up and strapped over the cannon with a pillow to protect his privates. The captain yelled to begin. The steward raised the strap and brought it down on the lad’s bare behind. He had been gagged so he couldn’t scream. For three days after the punishment he had to be confined to quarters on bread and water and a daily enema. He was dragged to his cabin and he was locked in.

The good doctor made his appearance and asked, “Are Henry and Janet present ?”

“We are doctor.”

“Drop your slips and move over to the enema table.”

They looked gorgeous in the morning sunlight. All the passengers clapped when they walked over to the table. The doctor lubed both girls, and bent them over the table. Henritta went first since she wanted to set a good example for her sister. She was no stranger to the enema. In fact she was always getting one before any of the other passengers.

She laid down on the table and bent her legs and the nozzle slowly eased into the girl’s waiting anus. She let out a moan but could not show too much enthusiasm because they might burn her at the stake. The doctor was behind her all the way and inflated her stomach. Janet was busy massaging her stomach while the enema went in She took the full two quarts and held it for ten minutes. The passengers could not wait to see the results. She sat down on the potty and exploded.

“Alright Janet you are next.”

“But I don’t want one You can’t make me.”

With that he bent Janet over and gave her twenty spanks with the strap. She finally succumbed to the much dreaded enema. The doctor bound her hands behind her back and put the nozzle into her rectum. She was still sobbing from the spanking. The water made its way into the deepest crevice of her colon and she was complaining something terrible The nurse helping the doctor gave her five more slaps on the bare bottom and she settled down and took the rest of the enema. She had trouble sitting on the potty.

The doctor untied her so she could sit on the potty, When she did, massive amounts came gushing out of her blocked colon. The doctor also gave the girls a dose of castor oil. They spent the rest of the next two days in the privy. This will be my last story till July I want to think of a patriotic enema.

I wonder if Martha Washington ever gave Thomas Jefferson one on the sly ?