Once upon a midnight dreary,

As I pondered, weak and weary,

Poised to seize the porcelain pail,

My screen lit up: “You’ve got mail!”

Emily, from LA, reports a hot new tube,

In Dallas, Steve found a sale on lube:

An old barn, concealing a chamber pot,

From my good friends, Phil and Dot –

Emily’s now into enemas (cyber)

Unlike the Romans, (on banks of Tiber):

A lot of notes from Backdoor-Delights,

Helps most folks pass lonely nights.

I feel a load myself, but it’s stuck–

(I once used a vacuum – what a suck,)

So down with bag, nozzle and hose,

The path to pleasure, as my fiancé knows.

Tub? or Pail? or 1.6 gal throne?

(Needs to be oval, to hold my bone:)

A quart or two, to cleanse the path

Time to join the Order of the Bath?

I feel the pressure, the liquid treat,

But here’s my honey: she took the seat!

So in the tub, in the nick of time,

(I wish I’d known her back in my prime),

Sue sees the drama, my load expelled –

Like a massive oak that’s newly felled.

“Did you drain the bag, or leave some for me?”

As Sue now slips off her panty.

“Bend over, Babe, I saved a quart,

In hopes of co-ed bathroom sport.”

She takes the nozzle and starts to moan

As I smear some KY along my bone:

Oops – she shoots her briny load

As I reap rewards that I just sowed:

So now she joins me in the shower,

As I lap the juice of her sweet flower.

Soon dried off, and into bed,

As Sue prepares to give me head:

What a night, from enema to screw–

All from our fascination with poo:

We’ve done the deed, in bed and tub,

(Unlike Hamlet, who saw the rub):

So thanks to e-mail and web (world-wide),

For providing such a great sexual ride:

Our enema delights we repeat quite oft,

(Against the whims of Microsoft–)

It’s all now legal, and not even naughty,

Because we’re past the age of 40:

So here is Sue, her urges fulfilled,

I can’t complain, my seed I’ve spilled–

So to end this tale, and hang the bag to dry,

As we plan a re-run, with a sigh,

There’s the fun of the water spout –

The thrills of a co-ed enema bout!