Premarital Exam

Prior to our wedding, my wife and I each had to undergo premarital examinations. Both our religion and our culture prohibit premarital intercourse, so we were both virgins. I had no idea what to expect. Although my wife had had pelvic examinations and pap smears before, she didn’t have a clue as to what exactly these premarital exams would entail either.

The doctor chosen to perform these exams was probably in her mid forties, cute, slender, and most importantly, understood both our culture and religious beliefs. She understood the necessity of the procedures, and the traditional methods of conducting the examinations.

My examination was scheduled for the Thursday morning prior to our Saturday wedding. I was instructed to fast for 48 hours prior to the exam, and to make sure my genitals were shaved clean. When asked what the significance of the latter request was, the nurse informed me that it was the traditional way of conducting these exams. Well, I don’t need to tell you, I didn’t like the idea very much, but reluctantly complied. I surely didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the wedding.

Thursday morning arrived, and per her instructions, I had fasted for 48 hours and shaved my genitals. I waited patiently in the reception area of the doctor’s office until at long last, my name was called. The nurse I had spoken to on the phone directed me to an examination room and followed me in. Naturally I was nervous, and seeing this, she did her best to ease my mind.

The nurse asked me a series of general health questions as she took my pulse and a blood sample. I was then handed a pitcher and instructed to urinate into it. Of course, I’ve given urine samples before, but I was always told to take the cup into a bathroom and fill it. The nurse insisted, for some reason, that I fill it right there in the examination room.

Is this also traditional? I asked.

No, not really traditional, she explained, we just like to make sure there is no switching. Some people bring other people’s urine in with them and submit it as their own sample.

And why would someone do this? I asked naively .

To hide drug use and/or pregnancy for starters, she explained rather matter-of-factly.

I see, I responded.

And with that, I unzipped my fly and placed the pitcher directly in the line of fire, as it were. It took quite a while, as you might imagine. I am not accustomed to peeing in front of other people, and was having a difficult time of it. Fortunately, the nurse was very understanding, and urged me to relax and take my time.

Once I had accomplished the task at hand, I was instructed to remove all my clothing and put on the robe the nurse had placed on the exam table. The nurse then left, taking the pitcher with her and informed me that she and the doctor would be in shortly.

True to her word, she and the good doctor came in just a few short minutes later. The examination began much like the countless others I’ve had to endure during my lifetime. She checked my eyes, ears, nose and throat, then she listened to my heart and lungs. She checked my reflexes, nails, and skin, etcetera, so on, and so forth. It was all very routine.

The doctor then instructed me to lie back on the examination table. Of course I knew what was coming next, but that didn’t make it any easier. I did as I had been instructed, and the doctor undid the robe, exposing my abdomen and my naked penis and scrotum. She palpated my abdomen and so on, and then she suddenly stopped. I had fully expected her to continue working her way down to my penis and testicles, as had been the case countless times before, but it was not to be on this particular occasion.

Fantastic, I said to myself. No total humiliation today! But, alas, that was not to be the case either.

The doctor replaced the sides of my robe, protecting my modesty, and instructed the nurse to get the others now.

Get the others now? I pleaded. What others?

Well, as you know, it is traditional in our culture that all men be circumcised, she began.

But, I AM circumcised, I interrupted.

Yes, I saw that. However, it is also customary that the mother of the bride, and one other female family member confirm this, and to be present for the remainder of the examination. It is our way, the doctor informed me.

No sooner had the words left the doctor’s mouth, and my mother-in-law to be, and my wife’s sister came in with the nurse. Obviously this was an extremely awkward moment for me, although they seemed to be perfectly comfortable with the situation.

We all exchanged pleasantries as the nurse directed the two women to stand at the end of the examination table. The doctor then began the rest of the examination. As she again undid my robe, the nurse was raising what I later found out to be called stirrups. I was instructed to slide down to the end of the table as both the doctor and nurse each took a leg and guided it toward the devices, and placed my feet in the metal loops.

I must have gone into some kind of shock at this point, because I seem to have lost all consciousness. I was utterly mortified to be placed in this position, completely exposed, with my legs spread rather widely apart. I think I just closed my eyes and drifted away somewhere. I don’t really remember.

I do remember hearing the doctor explaining to my future in-laws, mother and sister, that I was indeed circumcised, and feeling my penis being lifted up into the air, and what is left of my foreskin being retracted, so that everyone could get a closer look. The doctor then proceeded to examine my penis and scrotum, informing the two new comers that everything was normal as she went along. She then began examining my testicles, and I remember her telling my mother and sister in law that I had two very healthy testes which should produce many offspring.

The doctor then proceeded to do a rectal examination. I remember feeling the cold glop go onto my anus, and her finger sliding up into my rectum. As she did this, the nurse took hold of my penis with one hand, and directed the tip toward the mouth of a cup she held in the other. By this time my penis was quite erect, much to my embarrassment. I heard the nurse tell the two women I had a very solid erection.

I have no idea how or why, but the next thing I knew, I was ejaculating. Naturally, I had masturbated many times, but this ejaculation was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The fact that I had had an audience wasn’t completely lost on me. Perhaps I was so humiliated by the whole thing, I was, in some strange way, completely turned on, or perhaps the doctor’s ministrations to my prostate had something to do with it. I don’t know. It was just unbelievable.

After I had expressed my semen, the cup was passed around the room as the doctor and nurse helped me get my feet out of the stirrups, and sat me up on the table. I was then instructed to stand on the floor as the doctor pulled a stool from under the desk and placed it directly in front of me. She then sat down, and again, began to examine my penis and testicles, this time doing the age old turn your head and cough routine.

My mother and sister-in-law both inspected the contents of the cup, and seeming to be satisfied with my bald penis and scrotum, my lack of foreskin, and my ability to produce semen, told the doctor they had seen enough. They proceeded to leave, and with that, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health. She then instructed me to put my clothes back on and followed the other two women out the door.

It was at that moment I remember thinking, Oh my god! If that was MY exam, what is Mischelle in for?


I have confirmed the details of my husband’s story with both my mother and sister. The only discrepancy seems to be when Nikkei describes the doctor holding his penis up and retracting the remains of his circumcised foreskin. My sister tells me that it was SHE who actually examined his penis, foreskin, and testicles, as is her right under the laws of our religion and culture. She said she felt confident that Nikkei’s erect penis was more than adequate to satisfy me sexually, his circumcision had been performed at a very early age, that his testicles were large and firm, and that he released much ejaculate.

My examination went very much as did Nikkei’s. I too was instructed to fast, and I too was told to shave my genitals. There was, however, one major exception. In our culture, a woman’s body is considered sacred, and only a female medical professional and one’s husband may be permitted to touch it. There were no men in the room during my exam, nor were there any other women. Just the doctor and the nurse.

As my husband mentioned, I had had pelvic examinations before, so my premarital exam was really not a surprise at all. The doctor did all the routine breast and gynecological examinations, the only difference being that she stretched my vaginal walls open a bit, so that my first intercourse would not be quite so painful. She was very careful though, not to destroy my hymen. Indeed, our first copulation was not painful at all. It was a wonderful, beautiful, loving experience. My husband was very gentle with me, and spent much time with the foreplay. By the time we physically consummated our marriage, and lost our virginity to each other, I was a most willing recipient of his naked penis into my naked vagina, and there was virtually no pain. I had become extremely lubricated and I felt my labia had opened up like a flower in bloom, completely exposing the entrance to my vagina. His penis entered me, and fit, just as though it was a part of my own body that had been missing. Even as his penis stretched and broke my hymen, it was pure pleasure.

When Nikkei ejaculated his semen inside me that first time, I knew immediately that we had conceived. The doctor told me I was ovulating when she did her exam, and warned me not to have intercourse unless I wanted to become pregnant right away. Our religion does not permit the use of contraceptives, only abstinence. It was our wedding night, and I wanted desperately to make love to my new husband. I’ll never forget when he came out of the bathroom with his penis pointing up into the air, bobbing up and down as he walked toward me as I lay on the bed. It was the most amazing thing! So, now, we will have a beautiful little miracle.

I am very pleased that my mother and sister approved my choice of mates, and that Nikkei was able to demonstrate to them that he is a very sexually healthy man. Had he not had his penis, scrotum, and pubic area shaved, or had he been unable to achieve an erection, or had he not been circumcised, or had he been unable to produce a sufficient amount of ejaculate, they could have called the wedding off.

As it turned out though, everything went beautifully, and we both look forward to a very long and loving life together.