Semen Extraction

When I was an adolescent I was brought to a doctor by my mom. She said that it was just a regular exam, but it would turn out to be an experience which still to this day remains clear in my mind.

I came into a room with bright lights and two blond nurses in their thirties came up to me and greeted me in the usual manner and slowly started to take my clothes off. Everything had to come off except my underpants and socks. After that they told me to lie on the exam table and they started examining me one on each side of the table. While one listened to my heart the other checked my eyes and ears and then they started feeling all over my belly and finally said that they wanted to take a look at my penis. Slowly they pulled of my underpants and I was lying naked on the table with only my socks on.

I was very embarrassed and could do nothing but look down on my exposed penis. The two nurses started to look intensely at it. Suddenly one nurse took my little shaft and slowly retracted my foreskin exposing my shiny glans. She did this several times back and forth and a tingling feeling was building up which I had never felt before. The nurses noticed how my penis was getting blood-filled and my testicles shrinking together as they do before ejaculation. They spread my legs and asked if I had ever played like they were doing now and I if I liked the feeling. I didn’t now what to say but when the nurses asked if they could go on I did not hesitate.

Then one of the nurses asked the other, “I wonder if this young man has started to develop semen?”. They looked at each other and the other nurse said, “Lets find out”.. They both lent over my penis and one nurse started to pull back and forth faster and faster while the other put her finger in my anal opening so that she could monitor my orgasm she said.

Here I lay on the table with my legs spread and two nurses masturbating my little teen penis away from peaking eyes. It was clear that they enjoyed giving young men like me this humiliating treatment. Suddenly I felt the tension build up more and more and I even say some pre-semen come from the tip of my penis. “That’s s good boy,” one of the nurses said. She looked at me and within half a minute the nurse who had her finger in my anus felt my pre orgasm contractions and said to the other nurse that I was “on my way”.

The other nurse then slowed down the jerking and held the tip of my glans with her left hand to open my peehole the easier let the semen come. I almost saw stars and could not believe the sight of two nurses one on each side of the exam table holding my legs spread and one with her finger in my anus and the other jerking my penis with one hand and holding the glans with the other.

Suddenly I burst out in my first orgasm ever and I didn’t really moan, just felt how my cock throbbed and this white fluid ran out of my peehole and ran over the nurses hand and covered my entire penis.

“That was pretty strong, young man,” the other nurse said slowly taking her finger out of my anus. They picked up some towels and wiped the exam table and my belly and penis and their hands. “Well you seem very healthy young man! You can put on your clothes now. And don’t tell anybody what we did here today ok?”

I never told anybody, but I would like to meet them again.