Teutonic Clinics

In an incredible effort to produce a Master Race, which was to be the foundation of The Thousand Year Reich, Adolf set up a series of Stud Farms throughout Germany. These began in the Thirties and continued to operate during the war years. The prime purpose of these farms was to ensure that pure Aryan blood was not ‘polluted’ by the blood of other races.

“We will produce a youth that will terrify the world,” the Fuhrer boasted. As if he had not done that already!

So, for nearly ten years, ‘genetic engineering’ absorbed a remarkable amount of German economic, scientific and human resources. Let us take a look at this bizarre ‘solution’ to racial problems - which did not, in fact exist. We see it through the eyes of some people closely involved.

Chosen Woman

A German woman, now middle-aged, describes something of her experiences, having been recruited to a Stud Farm in what is now part of East Germany was not quite 21.

“My uncle was an officer in the Schutz Staffel, and it was at his suggestion that inquiries had been made about me. All serving SS officers had been required to submit lists of female relatives, who were then sent an official instruction to report at a local hospital for medical examination. When I asked my mother what it was all about she merely said it was part of a national welfare program, and l wasn’t to worry. At the hospital I was seen by a gynecologist and had to undergo several tests-urine, blood, X-rays and so on. I remember the specialist saying I was ripe for marriage, and laughing when he said this.

“I told him I had no plans for getting married - I was teaching in an infants’ school and was hoping to make a career of that-and he said did I know that bearing children was much more in my line than teaching them? l had to return to the hospital as an in-patient for a month. Although nothing was the matter with me - they just kept taking my temperature and collecting specimens, and sticking tubes in me.

“After several more weeks at home, I was sent an Invitation to attend a ‘Lebensborn’ establishment in the country. By now I knew what this meant. I had been selected as a perfect specimen of young German womanhood, and l was to be mated with a perfect specimen of young German manhood. I never felt any revulsion at this prospect. I was exhilarated in a way that is hard to imagine now.

“The establishment was a large country mansion, quite old I think, with new buildings added. Here l was pampered in every way that a woman might dream of. I was fed, bathed, massaged by nurses. I joined in physical fitness games with all the other ‘perfect’ Nordic girls there. I swam in a heated pool, listened to music, lay in the sun. And, for ten days, I had intercourse with four different men. I had met none of them before. They were all junior SS officers, all very aristocratic. Handsome and athletic. In ten days I had intercourse more than twenty times. By Christmas, I938, I knew l was pregnant. A son was born at the establishment the following July. The last time I saw him was on the 2nd September, the day after Germany and Poland were at war.”

Chosen Male

Kurt GehI, once a member of the SS, now an executive in a West German travel firm, was called upon to do duty in one of the ‘Lebensborn’ establishments. He reckons that he fathered over 200 members of the new, so-called Master Race. From his account, it would appear that external physiology was highly rated in human stud farming:

“Every part of my anatomy that could be measured was measured. Every mathematical relationship that could be ascertained was ascertained. l had been able to produce a family tree going back to the mid-l7th century-nothing drawn up just for the SS, but a real old document which had been in our family, and kept up to date, for many years. I was something of a curiosity. I think they saw me as giving them some kind of yardstick, by which to measure other aspirant Schutz Staffel members. One day - quite illegally - l saw my dossier, with the doctors’ calculations written on several sheets of foolscap. It was a fantasy. Under the heading ‘Woltmann Scale’, were set out the ratios of my leg measurements to my arm measurements, legs to buttocks, depth of buttocks to length of penis - flaccid and erect - penis to size of testicles, weight of testicles to my total weight, length of spine to length of neck, span of hands to width of face, and so on, and so on. They told me I was to the forefront of the Volk.”

Describing the Farms themselves, GehI continues:

“Above all the ‘Lebensborn’ establishments were fun. In Germany we called I940-4I ‘the happy time’ - we were on top of the world, it was good to be alive and young and German. What a time - l put it to you - what a time to be called into service as a stallion.

I saw duty at three of the love camps. All of them were splendid, luxurious. Like hotels. Perhaps that was what later led me into the tourist business. I had a personal valet, like an army batman, also in the SS, and everything was provided, food and wines from all over Europe, a band, swimming, riding, steam baths, it was all there, by courtesy of the Fuhrer. Wouldn’t I have been mad to argue? Ii was the good time, the happy time: half a dozen countries at our feet, and two hundred women under my belly. When I sell package tours to young families today, I often wonder how many of them are my families.”

A Women who Watched

It was by purity of physique, by family history and sexual prowess, that Nazi Germany strove to build the leaders of a ‘Master Race’. No aspect of the physical side of sexual activity seems to have been overlooked. Even the sex act itself was the subject of study and clinical analysis, many of the bedrooms in a ‘Lebensborn’ being equipped with viewing panels. It seems extraordinary today that so-called scientists could even begin to believe that the fashion in which two people copulated could possibly make any difference to their offspring. Yet it is a fact that sexologists made a thorough study of this aspect. Typical of German thoroughness, is all one can say.

This is the report of a German woman who was a laboratory assistant in a ‘Lebensborn’ clinic between I94I and I944.

“We watched until watching became no more unusual than reading a newspaper. I worked with a shorthand writer whose job it was to take down the comments I made on what was going on in the bedroom. Some of the time we used film, but at others I was responsible for describing the act, and for making a record of certain timings with my stopwatch. Even to a German girl, the young blonde Schutz Staffel men were disturbingly handsome, at least for the first year of our work. My shorthand writer was a girl of about I8, and I think we both felt a kind of blood electricity as I gave my clinical observations: -

‘Entry from behind . . . two thrusts very sharp, for deep penetration . . . laughter . she reaches with one hand under her trunk, grasps scrotum . . . he holds both her shoulders . . . stationary, full penetration . Laughter. . . she begins spasm . . . continues spasm . . . both stationary . . . he begins steady movement . . . mounting thrust . sustained groaning . . . apparently simultaneous orgasm - at two minutes fifty seconds.’

“I did this for three years, and I can recite whole passages now, just as though I was watching again from behind that small glass panel high up on the bedroom wall.”

So much for the methods of the so-called Master Race!