The Enema Club - First Coffee Enema


Last weekend when I was at the enema club, in the hot tub, a few of us were talking about coffee enemas. I had never actually had one, and wondered what it was that made it special. A fellow named Pete said that he liked getting his morning coffee this way, made him wake up fast but with fewer jitters. Another man cautioned me to take it slow, but definitely give it a try. A gentle debate broke out about how much a person should try the first time, and so I settled into my corner of the tub and tried to take it all in.

Monday morning came and I found myself to be completely exhausted. I got up, showered and had a cup of coffee and still was feeling sluggish. I didn’t think I dared to drink more coffee or I’d be shaking through the day, and I had some important clients later on in the morning. I wonder if this would be a good day to try my first coffee enema. I pondered trying it here at home, and then decided I would avail myself of the helpful club staffers. Besides, the enema club was near my office. I could probably try it more quickly and efficiently with some help.

As I walked in the door of Happy Waters I noticed that two men and a woman had entered before me, all dressed in business attire, and another gentleman followed me. Busy on Monday morning, I guess! I walked up to the receptionist’s desk and asked if the doctor was available. She told me that the doctor was there, but had a few clients already waiting…it might be as much as an hour. She asked if she could be of any assistance. I told her that I had wanted to try a coffee enema, but I wasn’t certain about how much to take the first time. I told her about the debate in the tub and that I felt like I needed some more reliable information. She told me that the barrista at the coffee bar could help me with my question.

When I got to the bar, the area by the main bar was crowded with folks asking for single, double, triple shots, and mentioning spices and other components as well. I had taken my disposable bag out of my briefcase. I waited, shyly, until the barrista had filled the other patrons orders. “Yes?” she queried.

“This will be my first coffee enema. I’m not certain how much to use. What would you recommend?”

“First, I don’t think you should use the bag…you could get too much, too fast.” She set up a plastic try with a paper cup full of water and one shot of espresso. She added a rather small bulb, more of an ear syringe size.

“Take this into room number 18 and get a basin full of plain warm water as well. Take a few bulbfuls of the warm water and then a bulbful of the coffee/water. Would you like a larger bulb for the plain water?” I said “That might be nice.”

“Okay, now are you pretty adept at giving yourself bulb enemas?”

“Actually, I’ve never tried.”

“Would you like a little help?”

“Umm. Sure.”

The barrista beckoned to a silver haired man, who might well have been in his sixties, but who obviously takes good care of himself. “This is Edward. He’s a great teacher.”

As Edward approached the counter, the barrista went back to her work, busily filling bags.

“First coffee?”, he asked.

“And first bulb,” I replied.

We walked to room 18 together. Edward told me that coffee has some strong cleansing powers and makes him feel wonderfully alive. He was carrying his bag across his arm, and it looked empty.

“Excuse me a moment, dear. Why don’t you make yourself ready?” He went to relieve himself and clean up a bit as I removed my suit, shoes and undergarments.

When he returned from the bathroom, wearing his tee-shirt and boxers, he was carrying a pile of towels. “I think this will be easier if you lie across that table, over there. I’ll pad it a bit, first.” He laid out the towels until they were piled four high, and there was a nice pillowy surface.

“Now, go stand by the table and just lean over the edge.” I did so, with my stomach quite “aflutter.” He went over to bring the plastic tray prepared by the barrista and got some Vaseline from the nightstand drawer. “We’ll take it slow here, today. We want your first experience to be a good one.” He uncapped the Vaseline jar and filled his middle finger quite full. He stroked the inside of my cheeks, and started towards my anus. He very thoroughly and gently stroked the area around my anus and then slid his finger in deep. MMMMMMmmmmm already I was wide awake!! He got another fingerful and worked it in, penetrating as deep as his finger would reach.

He left my side and returned with a basin of warm water.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh, yes!” He took the larger bulb and spread quite a bit of Vaseline on it, as well. I heard him press the air out and suck in the water. What a sound! I feel the nozzle tip between my cheeks, and then the whoosh of warm water. A much different kind of feeling than using my bag…a gal could get to really like this! Also, I loved the way he parted my cheeks with one hand while he inserted the nozzle. He removed and refilled the bulb, and then “whoosh!”, another great fill. Mmmmmmmmm.

“Okay. Now we’ll give you a bit of coffee. Some folks respond very quickly to this, so if you find that you need to expel it right away, just step back from the table and I’ll get right out of your way.”

“Okay.” At this point, I didn’t really care if there was coffee or not, I felt so lovely. I heard the air being pressed out of the smaller bulb and then the first fill. He had to press his hand quite deep between my cheeks to get the bulb into my anus. “Sorry, but I need to really get in close here.”

“Not a problem!” He had wonderful hands, large and warm and very gentle.

“Okay. Here it comes.” He squeezed the bulb and I barely felt the added water.

“We’ll give you a minute now, to see how your tolerance is.” I sort of melted into the table. Edward removed the bulb and pressed his finger onto the tip of my anus. I was feeling very relaxed, when suddenly I felt a powerful urge! I stepped back quickly and ran for the bathroom. I came out, shaking, but quite invigorated!

“Is that enough to get you started?” he asked.

I hadn’t noticed this before, but once he said that, I realized how anal horny I had become! “Maybe one more squirt of coffee and then I’ll see how the day goes.”

“Okay, then. Come on back over here.” I returned to the table, and this time pointed my ass a little higher in the air, almost like an animal in heat. “Coffee makes some women a little horny, you know!” I could tell that he could tell!

“Just a little, you say?”, I joked. Two more delicious bulbs of water. Then another with the coffee. This time, I tried to ride out the first urge. Edward helped by pressing his finger hard against my asshole. When the second urge hit, I ran to the bathroom once more. I cleaned myself off and returned. “Just how much coffee was that?”

“A little under 2 ounces of diluted espresso. It really doesn’t take too much, you know.”

“What about those folks I saw ordering triple shots?”

“They are here several times a week. Or, they need a little stimulation for a day of play. It made you a little horny, right?”

For sure, right. I wish I didn’t have to go to work, but hey, at least I had a much better attitude about the whole thing!


“Well, you can see that giving them to you has done a lot for my level of excitement, as well!” He was standing at full attention beneath his boxers.

“I’m sorry to leave you,” I said, feeling quite guilty, “but I have to get to work. It’s a pretty big day.” I had most of my clothes on, by now.

“Quite all right. I need to get on my way, as well. Do you have any plans for after work?”

“Not as yet.” A date? How sweet!

“When do you finish this evening? Do you like Italian food?”

“Sure do! I’m done about six.” We made plans to meet at Rudy’s Italian Restaurant, about two blocks from the club at 6:15.

During my lunch hour (well, thirty minutes), I dashed to the boutique in my office building. I selected a nice pair of pink satin underpants, a pair of red and black crotchless undies, and a black lounging jumpsuit, dressy enough to wear out, but clearly indicating plans for sex….no doubt about it. I chose the pink panties and the jumpsuit to wear after work.

I walked into the restaurant right on the dot of 6:15 (being very anal ;-) and all) and Rudy had found us a nice corner table. I teased him by licking the ends of the breadsticks in a way that he could see, but that others wouldn’t really notice. He teased me by drawing pictures of bottoms on napkins, and then drawing all manner of items being inserted into them. I had to be dripping by now. We gulped down our appetizers and dinner (I could barely eat) and a glass of wine each No, we did not want any dessert! Check, please!

Our steps to the club were quick and silent, though we held hands. Edward asked for a key at the desk. I was already halfway down the hall.

“Wait. Let’s stop at the store for a minute.” Reluctant to wait even one more minute, I followed him. He led me to the movie area. “Pick something you think you’d like. But, don’t follow me to the toys. I want my purchases to be a surprise.”

I found a nice, not too wild, kind of movie…a gal getting her first bulb enema. I wanted Edward know how much I had enjoyed our first session. After he made his purchases, he walked over to me. “Do you really want to see that? Or should we just play?” Now I knew that he had really just wanted to divert my attention while he shopped.

“Honey, I am ready to go!” We left the store area and went to the room. I tossed off my shoes and started to pull of my jumpsuit, but he said, “Please…let me do that.” He unzipped the front and slid the garment slowly down my body, kissing as he went. He stayed kissing my thighs while he slipped the suit off my feet. He undid my bra, and slipped the pantyhose off. Then, he removed his clothing to the boxers. Wordlessly, he sat down on the bed and pulled me across his lap. He gave me gentle swat on my behind and slipped his hand between my bottom and the panties. He drew his hand out, and swatted again, very gentle and playful. Again, his hand inside my panties, pulling them down and up, teasing. I could feel him becoming erect underneath my stomach across his lap. I reached inside his fly and brushed the top of his glans with my finger.

He swatted me a little harder, and pulled my panties just below my cheeks. He stroked his finger across my clit and into my vagina and pressed it up deep inside my moist cave. I was certainly dripping now! I continued to tease the tip of his erect penis. I heard him moan gently.

“I’ve got to play with your bottom…gotta clean it out!” He grabbed the store package and reached for the Vaseline in the nightstand. Like this morning, he gave me a nice rectal massage while he lubricated my behind, but you could feel the insistence. Then, he twisted open some kind of jar or bottle. Pow, he rammed something deep into my bottom…so fast…followed by his penetrating finger.

“What was that?”

“A suppository. Let me know when you need to go.”

“I can usually handle quite a few of those. One of my favorite toys.”

“You were so sensitive to the enemas, I didn’t know. Well, how do you feel about soapsticks?”


“Yes, I make a stick out of Ivory and coat it with Vaseline. It takes a while to hit, but wow…when it does….pow! If it gets too much, we can wash it out with an enema.”

“Mmmm. Sounds interesting.” Edward stood me up. He went into the bathroom and came out about a minute later with a couple of crudely carved sticks. He held them to my nose.

“Mmm. Love that Ivory smell!” I watched as he coated them with Vaseline. “Are you sure you are ready?” I nod. He pulls me back across his lap. He coats me really well with more Vaseline, and inserts the edge of the soapstick. “Last chance to back out!”

“I’m not backing out…I want it, really bad!” I take in a deep breath as he very slowly presses the fragile stick inside me. I feel it’s presence, but nothing more. He strokes his finger in and out of my anal entrance. He develops kind of a finger fucking tempo. Suddenly…the burn. “OOoooooooohhhhh!!! OWWWWWW!!!”

The heat rushed through my body….I wiggle on Edward’s lap. “Too hot, honey?”

“Oh, yeah! Wash it out!!!!” He pulls me off his lap. He hurries to the bathroom and returns with a basin and a bulb. He quickly starts to pump bulbfuls into me. I am twitching and carrying on, like crazy. Finally, I have enough water. I run to expel it OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo yes!

I return, refreshed, but with a really hot pussy!! I go to the bed and get on all fours.

“Edward, you gotta fuck me now…I am not kidding!!” He is plenty happy to oblige. I feel him spread my legs father apart and position his penis at my vaginal entrance. First one slow, thrust, then a pull all the way out. He repositions and thrusts once again, still slowly. I am shaking. “Faster!!!”

He picks up the tempo only slightly. I am going crazy!! “Faster, faster!!!”

Now, he starts really pumping. He enters faster, and harder and deeper with each thrust. My body falls a bit forward with each pump. “Rock into me, baby,” he says. I back into him each time he thrusts. He is really deep now. We are going like crazy, faster and harder and shrieking and moaning. Suddenly, he pulls all the way out, very slowly.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ll see.” I feel something enter my pussy, but it is not his penis. Feels like….a vibrator. He parts my butt cheeks, and I feel his thumb in my hole. Wow!!! A little more Vaseline. Now, one finger, two fingers. Pressing in and out, very deep. He turns the vibrator on. OOOOOhhhhhhhhh.. MMMMMmmmmmmmm. Three fingers. Rocking hard. I want to cum so badly. He pulls out the fingers.

“Put them back!” I beg.

“You’ll like this even better,” he says, as he thrusts his penis deep into me. I can tell he loves the feeling of the vibrator through my pussy walls. He starts the fucking tempo again, and it is only moments before we both cum and fall into a sweaty heap.

“Whoooo! That was great,” I exclaimed.

“I’m so glad you liked it! Wanna go again?” I am so exhausted. I can barely move. “Honey, I got to rest.”

He said, “That’s actually fine with me.” He gets up and brings a wash basin with warm water and washes me off, very tenderly. Then he takes a quick shower. We get under the covers and hug and kiss tenderly. I didn’t notice that he had brought a few little toys with him to the bed. He hands me a strand of anal beads and has one in his hand. He hands me the Vaseline jar.

“First you and then me.” He turns me on to my stomach and lubes the beads. He presses each one into my ass, sticking a finger into my vagina with each pressing in of the beads. When he finishes, I turn him over and insert his beads, one at a time. caressing his balls with each entrance of the beads. When we are finished, we lie facing each other and drift into sleep. When either one awakes, we pull on our partners beads, and have a few quick vaginal thrusts, not coming, just connecting. When the morning finally comes, Edward looks lovingly at me.

“How about some coffee?”