The Enema Club - First Thursday at the Club


It was the custom at our enema club that first Thursdays were for women only between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.. Second Thursdays were for the guys at the same time. I looked forward to first Thursday to get to know some of the ladies and talk about what we really liked from our partners. Also, I could learn a few new things from the gals that I would never be brave enough to talk to the guys about.

I slid into the hot tub next to Maureen and Sadie. They were part of the founding members group and never missed a women’s night. They said that a lot of new ideas for the club came from these “bull sessions”. We chatted about this and that, and then Maureen came right out with it, “Bess, have you ever had any pictures taken of you while you played?”

Wow! Nope, I hadn’t. “What makes that so special?” I asked.

“Well, for one thing, you sometimes get to try things over and over until you get them right!” We all giggled at Maureen’s remark. “For another thing, I certainly get hottest when I look at my own pics and remember the experience that created them.”

I always put myself in the place of whatever pics I viewed. yeah, I could see it. “And, you can’t believe how excited a lover gets looking at your pics and then making love to you! Drives them nuts!!” Well, that really sounded like fun! I had been having a great old time with John, but, it would be even better to add a little spice to the mix.

“So, are you in, Bess?”

“Sure. Sounds like fun!” Maureen, Sadie, Gretchen and I all got out of the tub. Sadie went down to the store and rented a camera. The rest of us picked up our toy bags and went to the room that Maureen had arranged.

Gretchen was ready to go. “Me first!”

“Greedy girl,” said Maureen. “Okay, Gretchen….let’s see your stuff.”

While Gretchen got her toys ready by the bed and filled a bag to hand on the IV pole, Maureen and I settled onto the couch. Sadie had the camera loaded and ready to go. Gretchen first crawled onto the bed with her ass facing the camera. “Go for it, Sadie. Whatever looks good to you.” Gretchen proceeded to uncap the Vaseline and start to finger her ass. The clicks of the camera were frequent. After she stroked a while, she took the nozzle and started pushing it in and out of her behind rather slowly. Then, she settled into position and released the clamp. Her expressive face showed many emotions as she watched her bag empty into her behind. When it was empty, she rolled onto her back, keeping the nozzle in and started fucking herself with a dildo. Her expressions matched her panting. It was awesome! Sadie took out the film and loaded it into a bag with our room number and hung it on the door.

“The processors make a run by the rooms every half hour. They’ll return the pics in about an hour to our room, or leave them at the desk if we have left.” She loaded the camera again while Gretchen expelled her load.

“How about a little help this time, girls?”, Gretchen queried. Well, I, for one, had sure enjoyed watching her play and was very excited at the thought of participating. Maureen and I came toward the bed, one on each side of Gretchen. Maureen lifted Gretchen’s legs into the air. “Lube her, Bess!” I took the Vaseline and started making circular strokes around her cheeks, tenderly poking her asshole.

“Get more to the side of her, Bess, so we can really get the close-up.” Oh, yeah…pictures. In my enthusiasm, I had quite forgotten that. “How about a bulb, Gretchen?” Maureen asked. The already panting Gretchen groaned a “yes, yesss!”. Maureen let her legs down and went after the water basin. Sadie told me to help Gretchen get onto her belly. She told me to get towards her head and prepare to pull her cheeks apart. While we were waiting for Maureen, I couldn’t resist adding some more lube and fucking her little rosebud hole. It felt so nice closing around my finger each time I penetrated. The camera was clicking like crazy and Gretchen was going wild.

Maureen came back with a red bulb and a long black nozzle. Oh, my that looked delicious! I gave Gretchen’s cheeks some final strokes and then separated them for Maureen. Maureen was anxious for her turn, so she was quick to fill Gretchen. One, push….two, press it in deep….three big bulbsful. Gretchen arched her back like a cat! “Oh, God, I’m gonna cum!!!” She started fingering her pussy like crazy. Sadie said, “Hey, you two, out of the way!” We turned Gretchen around so she was facing the camera, not that she could see…her eyes were closed and she was really working her pussy. The sound of her coming was a little bit like a jungle animal. She ran to release the water and screamed again as she did.

“Okay, Bess, you are next.” Wow. I hadn’t even really thought of what I’d like. I slowly moved toward the bed. “You want help, honey?” asked Maureen. “Mmmm. Yes, please.” It had been so much fun helping Gretchen, after all. Looked really swell to me. I crawled up onto the bed.

“So, are these for John?” Sadie asked.

“For the both of us, but yes.” I replied. “Well, I think you should start with a suppository then. I see him buying those all the time, and I don’t think he’s playing with anyone else.” This was pretty personal and I blushed, but was also secretly pleased. We did so love those little bullets. I pulled out my jar, quite full at the moment. Gretchen was still pulling herself together, so Maureen helped me get in position. She had me face the camera while lying on the bed and then draw my knees way up and towards me. Then she pulled my lower leg out so that it was pretty straight and my asshole was quite visible to the camera.

“Mo, you the pro!” said Sadie as she began clicking away. Maureen took the Vaseline jar and started to lubricate me. Wow, how nice it felt to have a woman touch me there. I loved guys, but this was a special feeling, I had to admit. She went right for the hole, I took in my breath sharply. She stroked in and out and I was getting warm already. My top leg began to slip down, but Maureen pushed it back up….”for the pictures, Bess.”

Maureen took the suppository jar and opened it. I got such a rush in expectation. She took the first of the bullets, teasing it in and out several times, stopping for the camera to click. God, I really wanted it in me now. Then, she slowly pushed it in very deep and held her finger in there, twisting it about. “Another one?” “Oh, yes, please!!”

This time, she sat on the bed and drew me lying across her lap, my behind to the camera. She bent my legs down so that my ass was in very good view. Now Gretchen was ready to join. She kneeled at Maureen’s feet and took the Vaseline jar and began to add some more to my already moist and coated asshole. She pumped her finger in and out until I arched my back and screamed. “Yeah, baby, just like you did me!” she said. Maureen took another of the little bullets, and teased for the camera again. Sadie said she was coming in for a close-up, so Maureen froze with the suppository just at the tip of my asshole. “Put it in!!!!”, I screamed. “For the pictures, Bess…be patient.” When Sadie said “okay”, Maureen finally put it in. then she quickly followed with two more. “Not for the pics…for you”, she said. “Thank you!”, I panted.

They turned me to stand up, my behind to the camera, and then placed my hands on the bed. They let my knees rest on the very edge of the bed. Gretchen kneeled on the bed beside me and took Vaseline and an anal invader to my butt. Maureen lubed up a dildo and stroked it in and out of my pussy. While Maureen was working her magic, Gretchen took another bulb, with a beaded nozzle and filled it and rammed it into my hole. I came with such force!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh!!!

Gretchen kept filling and squeezing, Maureen kept pumping and Sadie kept clicking, this time holding the camera in her hand and walking around to all sides of me. I was alternately panting and screaming….OOOOOhhhhhhh!!!! Finally I broke loose and nearly missed the toilet!

“Not bad, girls!!!” said Sadie, dropping the last of the rolls of film into an envelope. We checked the door to see that the first batch was already back. We were looking them over and writing reprint numbers on the back and commenting on our fun when Maureen looked at her watch. “Nearly 10:00 already!! I suppose you two have dates tonight, then?” she asked Gretchen and I. We both nodded. “Well, why don’t the two of you go back to the tubs and let Sadie and I take our pictures. We’ll be okay on our own.”

“You sure?”, I asked. I didn’t want to be rude, but I couldn’t wait to show John my pics once they were developed.

“Not a problem”, said Sadie and winked at Maureen. “We know just what we want, anyway.” Gretchen and I packed up our things and as we walked out the door, we heard the locking of the bolt. Indeed, those gals knew what they were doing!

Don’t you wish there was such a club? Sigh!