The Enema Club

By [email protected]

I walked carefully down the somewhat deserted street in our city’s red light district. I had memorized the address so that I wouldn’t have to stop and look at the piece of paper with the address. I didn’t want anyone to notice where I was looking!

Well, it should be about here…but I don’t see anything. Wait, a windowless door. Yes, the sign says “Happy Waters.” My stomach is tingling so hard, and my knees are shaking. I open the door and walk in. The lighting is dim, like a bar. I see what appears to be a reception desk. I walk up and see a charming looking guy in his 50’s. He has silver hair and a welcoming smile. I smile back, rather shyly.

“New here, are you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, let me give you the guided tour. You do know that this is an adult play club?”

“Yes, I do.” Phew! In the right place, I think.

“And you know that most of this play is directed towards some posterior water treatment sessions.”

“Yes, sir!” Yes, I really cannot wait now!

“Call me Bob. And you are…?”

“I am Bess.”

“Well, Bess. Follow me please. Now, here on the left, we have the intake room. We do have a professional doctor who does a quick intake exam on your first visit, and you can also ask him and his colleagues any questions you may have on subsequent visits. I’ll bring you back here when we are finished with the tour. Would you like to set your bag down here? It will be safe, I promise.” I set down my bag filled with my red bag and some other anal toy items. We continue our walk.

“Now this is the coffee bar. Some folks like to start here. You can just take your bag up to the barrister, and she will fill it with the solution of your choice. Then you can just join any of the tables that interest you. You will be welcomed, fear not. We are always glad to see newcomers, here.” The tables were tall, stand up tables as you often see at airports. There were stools as well, but many patrons were standing, with a hose in their behind and their bags hung from circular racks just above their heads. There were also some long padded benches along the outside of the room, and some patrons were lying down, chatting with others facing them on another portion of the bench. A circular bar hangs down from the ceiling and a few bags are hooked to that for the patrons on the benches. Lots of laughing and playing. I see a few flirtatious teases of nozzles, a few kisses and strokes of bodies. One couple unhooks their bags and walks out of the room, hand in hand, nozzles still attached. Another woman removes the nozzle from her rear and remains lying on the bench, alone, but looking quite content.

“Another place our patrons begin is in the hot tubs. We have a few. One for women meeting women, one for men meeting men and several mixed tubs, which sometimes seem to fill up with folks of similar ages. And a third place to meet others is in the store. It has movies, magazines, toys, lots of bags and associated items. You may also set up an appointment with a photographer or videographer here. You are welcome to browse as long as you wish. You may make purchases by simply stating your client number. It will be checked against your picture on file in the computer and then you will be able to take your purchase. That way, you can be naked as you move from area to area here, or at least don’t have to worry about keeping your purse with you. We have lockers for valuables here.”

“We also have over one hundred private rooms. These range from a very basic bed and IV stand to fully equipped doctors rooms and a few dungeon rooms. When you have decided that you are ready to go to a room, simply come to the front desk and get a key. Once you go inside, you may turn on the “occupied” light. If you want your session to remain private, simply throw the bolt on the door. If you’d like to invite someone to join you, just hit the invite sign, and then you can type in a description: gender, age range, sub or doom, even a specific name if you are planning to meet someone. All rooms are completely cleaned after each use. They are also well equipped with toilet and shower, basic lubrications, disposable bags, single use soap packets, disposable thermometers, disposable enemas and suppositories. The exam rooms have gowns, gloves and masks, and disposable speculums, as well.”

We return to the front desk. “So, do you think you’d like to join us?”

“Oh, yes! May I have an application, please?” My mind is racing as I complete the application. I had my eye on a few great looking guys, who didn’t seem to have found a partner yet….I’d better hurry!

First Club Session

My application completed, Bob led me to the exam room. “Go on in and remove your clothes. The doctor will be right with you.”

I did as I was instructed. No point in being shy here! I didn’t have to wait very long. The doctor came in rather quickly. “I know you are in a hurry, miss. I remember how I felt on my first visit here. We just need to check for obvious genital problems and draw some blood. We practice safe sex here, anyway, but we have found it necessary to take as many precautions as possible.”

He took my blood pressure and drew a few vials of blood while the cuff was still on. Then he asked me to lie back and put my feet in the stirrups…not a problem for a girl who loved playing patient! He pulled on some latex gloves and squeezed a bit of lubricant onto his middle finger. As he applied it to the rim of my vagina he said, “This will feel cool for a bit.” Yeah! I like that! “Now you’ll feel some pressure as I insert the speculum.” He slid it in gently. OOOOhhhh! Loving this, alright! He took a few samples with swabs.

“Okay. Now, would you please step down and turn around and bend over the bench. It’s a lot easier to do a rectal exam this way, I find.” No problem. I leaned over and waited for his touch. I didn’t have to wait long. His cool, lubricated finger found his way into my rectum. Ummm. He inserts a digital thermometer. “I’m taking your temperature. This will just take a few seconds.”

“Awww.” I can’t believe I said that!

“Don’t worry, dear. You won’t have any difficulty finding someone to play doctor with who can take it nice and slow. I just want you to get out into the rooms and have some fun!”

“Okay.” I am really pretty excited.

He removes the thermometer and checks quickly inside with his fingers. Rather yummy ones, I must say!

“All right. You are good to go. We’ll let you know about the blood tests by next week.”

“Thank you, doctor!”

“Don’t mention it! Too bad I’m working tonight. Perhaps I will see you in the play rooms another evening!”

“I’d like that!” I pick up my bag and make my way down the hall. Where to go first. I decide to try the store. I browse the movies and mags, and then drift towards the suppositories. They have some really large ones here! I select a few that are about four inches long. I notice a guy with big brown eyes and a warm smile looking at me. I blush. I walk over to the anal toys. I see a few nice sets of beads. I don’t have any now. I choose a medium sized set. The guy with the brown eyes is next to me. He is naked and very, very nice to look at.

I smile at him, and walk to the purchase counter. I am aware he is behind me. I leave as he is paying and walk slowly to one of the hot tub rooms. I find one that is occupied by one woman and two other men. I set my package at the edge of the tub, and then remove my clothing, and place it in a pile. I slide into the tub, stepping down the steps with my back to the folks already in the tub. I slide into the water and find a vacant seat.

In just a few moments, the guy with the eyes slides into the same tub, and takes a seat near me.

“First time?”

“Yes. I am a little nervous.”

“Don’t worry. Everyone here is quite nice. You always have your safe button, you know.” I have the waterproof button attached to a band around my palm. The receptionist told me that if I squeeze into my palm twice, someone will come immediately. I smile at him. He is so sweet and warm looking.

We chat a bit about things…what we do for work, how long he has been coming here, do we have partners, what we like to do for fun. I am relieved to learn that he is also single. Finally, I sense a bit of a proposition.

“I noticed your purchases. Do you have someone in mind to play with this evening?”

“Not really.”

“Would you consider playing with me a bit? I think I could show you a very nice time. I am gentle and willing to play as you may wish.” Oooh. My heart is pounding.

“Okay. I am pretty nervous, though.”

“We’ll take it slowly.” He reaches over and takes may hand, and then pulls me towards him for a gentle kiss. We step out of the tub. Another gentleman in the tub says, “Aw, don’t leave! I was hoping to meet you!” I hadn’t noticed him well, but he was also very nice looking, pleasant and a bit chubby. My “date” turns towards him and he must have mouthed something that I didn’t see. I pick up my belongings, wrap a towel from the stack around me, and we walk out the door. I wait in the hall while my date arranges for a room. His name is Henry, I found out. He comes back down the hall and leads me into a rather nice room that looks a bit like a nice motel room.

“I didn’t know how fancy you’d like to get the first time. If you’d like, we can get another type of room.”

“No. This is just fine.” I sit on the bed, rather nervously. He sits next to me and takes me in his arm for a few more kisses, deep, gentle, not too hard or fast. I feel my body relaxing into his grip.

“Now where are your purchases?” I point to my bag. “I also brought some things from home.” I point to my athletic bag. He opens it and a huge grin crosses his face.

“You are my kind of gal!” He brings both bags over towards the bed. He pulls me onto his lap, face up, and we kiss. With one hand, he makes a few probing touches, first into my vagina (mmmmm) and then gently tapping my asshole, sticking just the tip in. “I think you are ready, honey!” Am I ever!!

He pulls me to a standing position. He opens the bed and has me lay onto the sheets, with my back facing him. I hear some preparations, but I don’t know what they are. Then the snap of the vaseline jar. I am hoping….yes, I feel his finger filled with the jelly stroking into my asshole. Mmmmmmmmm. Oh, baby! He pokes suddenly in, quite deep…I twitch vigorously. “Oh, we have a live one, then. We’d better try another position.” He pulls me onto my hands and knees, and sticks my rump way into the air. Again he probes me, and again I twitch.

“You know, we can’t play with the thermometer if you are going to twitch like that…it will break! Unless….okay, young lady, you’ll just have to lie across my lap.”

Tee-hee. My favorite! He pulls me across his lap and quickly inserts the glass rod. He holds it deep into me with his hand, and holds my body down with his other arm. Yummy. Now, he removes the thermometer. “Good. Things are in good order. You can play hard tonight!”

I hear the rustle of the store bag. I hope. Yes. I hear the foil wrapper from the suppository. This is soo big. Will I be able to hold it for a while? He teases me a bit, pressing it in, then out, in and out. Finally, one long, steady push. In a few seconds it is all the way in. WOW!!! I begin sweating and panting. My pussy is on fire!!! So is he, I think!

He lifts me from his lap, and then spreads my legs with his hand as I stand. He pulls me onto his erection now well sheathed. Oh, my how amazing!!! I ride him up and down for several minutes until we fall together screaming and sweating.

Whooo! That was fun! As we catch our breathe, the room door opens, and in comes the other gentleman from the pool.

“I hope you don’t mind a little company,” says Henry.

“The more the merrier,” I smile back, and can hardly wait for the next step.

“Please meet John,” says Henry. John is naked also, and though not fully erect, on his way there. “John and I really enjoy administering enemas to women together. Do you think you’d like that, Bess?”

Wow!! “I think I might like that,” I reply demurely.

“Do you need to get rid of that suppository that’s still inside you?”, asked Henry.

“No. I’m okay. When I feel sexy, it seems like I can hold stuff for quite a while.” Henry and John looked at one another with really big grins.

“Okay darling! Here we go!” Henry went to the bathroom, wet a washcloth and wiped my vagina and then my behind from our previous fun. He removed his condom and washed himself off, as well. “Have you been a good girl today, Bess?”

I knew this lead in well, even though I didn’t know Henry. “Umm, no, I actually didn’t get my work done today…spent too much time looking at dirty pictures.”

“That is not a good thing to do, Bess. What do you think, John? Perhaps a bit of punishment may be in order.” Henry whispered a ‘safe’ word into my ear, and I nodded. “Don’t worry. We’ll be very gentle unless you beg for more.”

John sat on the bed. Henry took my hand, and led my quivering body over to John. I was shaking like a leaf when John pulled me down, across his lap. He stroked my behind a bit, and then dragged his finger lightly up my crack. I was shaking so hard. Suddenly, he struck my behind…not real hard, but enough to startle me and make my cheeks buzz. “Oww!!!”

“Bess, when you don’t behave, you will have to be punished. It will go easier for you if you cooperate,” said John. He swatted again and again, each time stroking my cheeks following the swat. I could feel my pussy juice dripping onto his leg.

“Ok, Henry, I think she’s ready now.” John pulled me off his lap and turned me to face the bed. He positioned me so that I was on all fours, with my legs spread. I could hear the guys breathing and excited. They whispered something I couldn’t hear. Then I heard one go toward the bathroom and the running of water, swishing of water in a bag. I felt hands on my bottom, spreading my cheeks.

“Mmmmmm. Yes, this is going to be quite a project,” I heard John say. His hands left my body and then I heard the familiar pop of the vaseline jar. I felt the warmth of his hands again, one holding one cheek to the side, the other beginning the lubrication of my bottom. I hear Henry return to the room and the squeak of the IV pole.

“Could you hold her cheeks for me?” John asked. I felt Henry take both cheeks and pull them very far apart. John placed one hand on the small of my back to steady me, and with the other began a vigorous working in and out of his lubricated finger. Then two fingers. My breath is coming in pants. Henry gives me a couple of swats. “Easy, darling!”

I feel John finally pull his fingers out….very, very slowly, very reluctantly. While he readied the nozzle, Henry got a few finger strokes inside my waiting hole…his slender fingers were very long and delightful…he took his time to let them slide in and out until I was crazy with desire. Now, John presses the nozzle in…larger than what I had expected. Click. My belly begins to fill.

The guys take turns pushing and pulling on the nozzle, holding my cheeks apart. I think they took a few strokes on their own penises from time to time, because I heard the sound of it, I’m certain.

The bag is empty and I am quite full. John pulls the nozzle out and Henry turns me onto my back. He takes my small butt plug from the bag and pushes it deep inside. WOW!!! We are beyond talking now. Henry puts a new condom onto his penis and lifts my legs over his shoulders. He enters me and begins a fast and steady rhythm of strokes, with an occasional pause. John is next to me, now, stroking his manhood. I take on his erection and he begins to push Henry’s body into me with one hand. Henry begins to quiver. “Are you ready to come?”

“I can be there with you,” I reply. we started a very frenzied crescendo. I can’t hold onto John any longer. He gets behind Henry and pushes him as he thrusts. I grab Henry’s shoulders and we shriek together!!!!! AAAAiiiii!!!!!!!

We cling for a while and then Henry releases me. John leads me to the bathroom and removes the butt plug. It is barely out before the water explodes into the toilet. Wow!! I finish up, and wash myself off and return to the room. Henry is rather spent, but John is ready to go.

“Okay, my turn. Henry said you have some beads.”

“Yes, Just bought them. They are in the store bag. Really! Oh, boy!! I have only used them when was alone.”

“Okay sister, back on the bed. On your hands and knees.” I comply. I kneel near the sleepy Henry. He strokes up my thigh. Grazes my clit. John looks in the bag until he finds the beads, and curses as he struggles to open the container. Finally, he gets it open. He quickly grabs the beads and lubes them. Then he coats his hand with vaseline and starts to rub it all over my anus. He pushes a finger in and out. I hear the sound of his breath. MMMmmmmm. So sweet, this feeling. Now, he takes one bead, pushes it in deep. Oooohh!!! Then another and another, until the whole strand is in me. OOOHH!!!! uuummmmmmmm

Now, I feel his other hand begin to probe my vagina. Stroking my clit, I begin to whimper. “Please, baby, fuck me!”

Without a word, John slides his penis into me. He starts fucking and I start to screaming. Henry is beginning to come alive. He gets up of the bed and holds my body still while John fucks me. I can sense he’s getting close to a climax. I am also. Henry asks John if he would like him to pull the beads. John says, “Yes. When I say ‘Now!’”

Henry still holds me down while he puts his hand on the bead string. The fucking is getting very intense now. I am shaking and quivering and panting like a hot dog. John stars to scream…..”NOWWW!!!!!!!!!” Henry yanks the beads, and I cum like I never have before!! The three of us tumble into one hot mass on the bed until we calm down and catch our breath. One by one, we make our way to the shower, until all three of us are together, playing in the soap and water. We emerge, dried and satisfied. We decide to take one more soak in the hot tub before going home. We relax together, when another guy finds the seat next to me. “Are you new here?”

“Hey, Barry, give the gal a break! We just gave her a nice, thorough initiation!” said Henry. I looked at Henry and John for their reactions.

“It’s okay, Bess,” said John. “No one owns anyone here. Go and play if you’d like.”

“Well, then you are new here. These leeches got to you first, huh?” Barry smiled a nice, wide grin, showing his pretty teeth. His dark eyes glistened. “Don’t worry, if you just want to relax that’s okay. Anybody tell you about the roulette game?

“Not yet.”

“Well, this is a game for anyone who wants to participate, usually for those who intend to spend the night. Do you plan to stay here tonight or are you headed home?”

“I guess I haven’t really decided. I didn’t know we could stay overnight.”

“The front doors close at two, but anyone inside by that time is welcome to stay.”

“What’s the game?”

“Well you may have noticed that the straight rooms were weighted rather heavily towards the males.”


“We wanted to make certain all the guys had a good time and that none of the girls was overburdened unless they were willing to take the risk. At midnight, anyone who is in for the game comes to the ‘Coffee bar.’ The barrista counts heads by gender. The extra males are divided into groups of four. For each group of four extra guys, the barrista prepares a ginger shot.”

“Ginger shot?”

“That’s a bulb enema with some fresh ginger. The rest of the bulbs are filled with plain water. Each participating female takes a bulb, and squeezes it into the behind of another female, as they stand in a circle. It only take a few minutes before the gals who got the ginger are shrieking, or at least panting and sweating. Each of the gals who got the ginger selects a group of four guys and they go to the orgy rooms. The remaining gals select one man each and find a regular room. You can believe the gals with the ginger get it all cleaned out before the night is over! Plenty of other pleasures are to be had, as well, you can imagine! Probably not a good way to spend your first night though.”

“Actually, it sounds like fun.”

“You go, girl!” exclaim both John and Henry, in unison.

“If she’s sticking around, so am I” said Henry, now perked back up.

“Okay, you guys. Looks like we’d better hurry. It’s nearly midnight.”

We all head down to the Coffee bar. The guys go to one side of the room and I join the other women. The barrista makes her count, and then fills the bulbs. She tells the women to stand in a circle and face to their right. There are six of us and twelve guys. Two of us are getting the full treatment. I couldn’t decide what to hope for. I was tired, but intrigued. The vaseline jar is passed and we all lube the ass in front of us, and our bulbs. The guys are over there, mostly stroking their erections, and chatting about this one or that one.

“Okay, ladies, on the count of three! One….two….three!” We each separate the cheeks in front of us, insert the bulb and squeeze. Some women hold their subject’s cheeks together. Others give a little hug or a gentle fanny pat. We stand up and face one another, looking around the circle. We are waiting for the sensation. I don’t feel anything. I must not be one of the two. Across the circle from me, a younger woman with blond hair starts to tear up. “Owwwwww! Oh, God! Get it out!” She dashes from the room with the group of four guys closest to the door.

Suddenly I feel a burning! “Oh, God!!! This is so hot! Help me!!” I run toward the door with four more guys in quick pursuit. I feel a hand grab my arm. Henry!

“I’ll help you, sweetie. We’ll take it easy on you tonight!” He leads me to one of the orgy rooms, and quickly guides me to the toilet, where I relieve myself. It does little good. My insides are on fire. A red-haired gentleman fills a basin with water and puts some soda inside. Henry pulls me to the bed and positions me on my side, with my ass facing the room. He gets the vaseline and strokes it into my anus. The red-haired gent starts to pump me full of bulbs of cool water. The burning is beginning to lessen.

“Honey, you’ll have to keep this inside you for a bit. Let’s give you something else to think about.” Another man places a well lubricated butt plug in my behind. He draws me up to my knees. He turns me to face the wall. Two gentlemen come to each side of me and hold my arms. The red-haired gentleman rams his hard cock into me! Ow! It was soo sudden! He thrusts and thrusts, fast and harder, and harder! He screams from coming! I am shaking and need to let the water out.

When I return from the toilet, feeling somewhat better, I see a dark haired man sitting on a bed. He wordlessly pulls me across his lap. He starts to massage my butt cheeks, and then to stroke my now very tender hole. Finally, he speaks.

“Bess, we have found that mineral oil will put out the fire. Would you like that?”

“Anything to put out the fire would suit me!” He reaches for a prepared mineral oil bulb from another gentleman. Very, very gently he lubricates my anus with lots of vaseline. Very slow and intentional. I see the other three guys all stroking their manhood. I reach out a hand, an offer to help one of them out, at least. The one man I haven’t yet met comes towards me, accepting my offer, breathing in response to my strokes and moaning softly.

Finally, the man whose lap I am across takes the mineral oil bulb and inserts it. Even with the burning, it feels delicious. He gives the tiniest of squeezes.

“It is important that we do this very slowly, so that you don’t expel it before it soothes you.” A little squeeze every minute or so. I feel the soothing trickle. The burn is beginning to subside. Finally, after a long fifteen minutes, it is all in me. He pulls me off his lap and onto my belly on the bed. Each gentleman takes his turn, stroking my sore behind, playing and teasing my clit. Each time one of them inserts a finger in my vagina enough to get me going, he is replaced with another who begins the teasing all over again. Soon, I am shaking like a bucking bronco, throbbing and thrashing. I am pulled up onto my knees and entered from behind again, this time by the guy whose penis I had held. He was slower and much more deliberate than the red-haired man. I am trashing and moaning and ready to come. I start stroking my clit furiously, only to have one of the guys take over for me. Another smacked my behind from time to time. I screamed and came and came and came in waves of unbelievable pleasure!

After my partner came as well, the guys pulled me onto my side in the bed. “Halfway there, Bessie!” said Henry. Did I have anything left? This time, the guy who had just fucked me pulled me across his lap, his condom still wet with my juices. He rubbed and stroked my back and buttocks. I started to get sweetly sleepy. My earlier lap partner brought an IV pole filled with a bag. It looked sooo fulll! I felt hands parting my legs and a very slender hand in my crotch. He stroked my clit and I shuddered. “Atta girl, Bess!” Henry’s voice had become so familiar by this time in the evening. He parted my cheeks, and applied a bit more vaseline. He quickly pushed the nozzle in and released the clamp. The water was just the right temperature. This was a very fast fill, since the bag was so high. It was barely in and I ran to expel it.

When I had cleaned myself off and returned to the room, the bed clothes had pulled back and my early lap partner lay on the bed on his back, penis straight up in the air. The red-haired guy and the other one who had fucked me, helped me to slide on top of him, sitting straight down on his penis. They helped me to balance on my knees and pump him up and down until his screamed so loud, I thought he had died. I fell on top of him, laying across his body. Then I felt Henry come behind me. My vagina was still wrapped around the penis that was deep inside me, throbbing with aftershocks.

The three remaining guys helped me to get onto my knees without dropping the penis from my vagina. Once in position, I was made to lie down as far as I could, keeling my ass as vulnerable as possible.

“Your final enema will be healing sperm, my pet,” said Henry as he entered my waiting asshole. The penis in my vagina leapt to life and Henry fucked me fucking my vagina filling friend until we collapsed, joined and barely able to move. The two other guys crawled in beside us. I grabbed a penis on each side of me with my hand and we all four fell into a deep and peaceful, satisfied sleep.