The New Governess

Catherine stood quietly watching the new governess, as her mother outlined her duties. Nanny Mitchell had finally retired. After taking care of three generations of the family she was now too old to take on the responsibility of Catherine and the house, while her parents traveled.

Miss Carter was a plain woman in her mid-thirties. She came very highly recommended and certainly looked responsible and efficient. Catherine blinked back tears as she thought of dear Nanny, her sweet smile and gentle voice. How would she survive the months ahead, without her mother, in the care of this unsmiling woman? But she was determined to be brave…her father would not approve of unseemly emotion.

Later that afternoon, she stood beside Miss Carter, waving as her parents’ car disappeared down the driveway. Miss Carter told her to amuse herself with a book while she unpacked and rearranged the old nursery to her satisfaction. She went to the kitchen to give cook instructions for the evening meal and then disappeared up the stairs. An hour later she called Catherine telling her that it was time for her bath.

Miss Carter was waiting for her in the nursery and led her to the bathroom alongside. This was a big room with a big cast iron bathtub in the middle. Cathy noticed that the day bed had been moved in and now stood against the wall under the bank of towel rails. It was covered with a white sheet and a thick towel. She was told to undress and get into the bath which was filled, waiting for her, and as Miss Carter left the room, she obeyed.

She was just beginning to enjoy the warm water when her governess returned. She had rolled up her sleeves and soaping a washcloth, told Cathy to stand up.

“I can wash myself,” said Cathy, indignantly.

Miss Carter ignored her and pulling her to her feet she began soaping the child’s body. Cathy was mortified and as Miss Carter slipped the cloth between her legs and soaped her most private place, she blushed. Miss Carter parted the lips of her pussy with the washcloth and she couldn’t help flinching as the soap stung.

“Does that hurt?” she asked, noticing the child’s discomfort. “Your nanny has not been checking on how thoroughly you wash yourself. I will put some balm on it for you.”

The thought of this stranger applying balm to this most intimate part of her anatomy had her blushing again as Cathy realized that not even her mother had done anything so intimate.

Suddenly she became aware that Miss Carter had discarded the washcloth and was now running a soapy hand over her buttocks and slipping her fingers into the crack between them. She gasped as a soapy finger found her anus and slipped into her. Miss Carter probed deep into her.

“Mmmm. Just as I thought,” she said. “Did you have a BM today?”

Cathy shook her head miserably and admitted that she hadn’t had one the day before either. She hadn’t told her mother because she hated the ghastly medicine that she knew she would be given. It made her gag! Now she would have to face it after all and Miss Carter looked like the type who would give her a double dose.

She was helped out of the bath and dried and then, instead of being given her nightdress she was told to lie on the day bed. Oh yes, she had almost forgotten the balm. As she lay waiting, Miss Carter opened the cupboard at the far end of the room and took out what looked like a hot water bottle, some rubber tubing and a few other things that she could not identify.

“Have you ever had an enema?” she asked as she ran warm water over a bar of soap into a jug at the sink.

Cathy shook her head and looked alarmed as the bottle, filled with soapy water was hung on one of the towel rails above her. Miss Carter had attached a black nozzle to the end of the tube that came out of the bottom and was applying Vaseline to it.

She was told to turn onto her left side and pull her right leg up to her chest. Without further ado, the nozzle was slipped into her anus and eased up her rectum. She heard a click as Miss Carter released the clamp and the water began to flow into her. It took her by surprise. She was scared and as the urge to poop overcame her she began crying. She was petrified that she would not be able to control herself and would mess on the spotless white towel and sheet.

“Now, now, don’t cry dear,” Miss Carter said gently. “Just breathe and relax - you’ll see, you will begin enjoying this and it will make you feel so much better once you are cleaned out.”

Miss Carter pinched the tube to stop the flow while Cathy adjusted to the pressure. Little by little, pinching and releasing, Cathy took the full litre that the bag contained. Rolling her over onto her back, Miss Carter began massaging her belly in large circular strokes and after about ten minutes helped her up and onto the toilet. Cathy had never experienced anything like the evacuation that now took place. She was embarrassed as the bathroom was filled with the smell of the waste that came pouring from her body. In the meantime Miss Carter was refilling the bottle with warm water to which she added the juice of half a lemon.

Cathy lay down again - she had stopped crying and was more relaxed. The nozzle slipped in easily and went up further this time, as the impaction that had stopped it before was gone. She was getting used to the sensation of warm water flowing into her gut and realized that having something inserted into her anus was vaguely pleasant. She resolved to explore this later, in bed, with her finger.

She gasped as the lemon solution did its work and the cramping started. Once again, Miss Carter slowed the flow down, so that she was able to take the full quantity again. This time Miss Carter let her lie quietly, holding it, while she cleaned up and put everything away. Then, she helped her onto the toilet again and left her with the admonition to make sure that she stayed there till evacuation was complete.

A little later Cathy stood quietly as Miss Carter cleaned her up. She lay on the daybed once more, on her back this time. She pulled her knees to her chest as requested and exposed her young pussy to the older woman. The plump mound was covered in soft blonde down and Miss Carter shook her head as she spread the lips and exposed the angry red rash that had caused the child such discomfort earlier. She covered the area with soothing balm and said she would repeat the treatment until all signs of the rash had gone.

Cathy was surprised to find that this did not bother her anymore and when she was promised regular enemas, she looked at Miss Carter and smiled warmly for the first time since they had met earlier that day. The woman smiled back and the months ahead no longer filled Cathy with dread.