The New Stepfather

By [email protected]

Chapter 1: The New Stepfather

Mum? Josh called out as he entered his house.

Upstairs honey.” Mrs. Lee replied.

Josh went upstairs and looked at his mum as she put on her earrings. She was dressed pretty nice tonight and looked hot.

“Where you going mum?” he asked.

“I’ve got a date with Bill.” Mrs. Lee smiled.

“But you’ve been going out with him practically every night for the past 3 months!” Josh said.

“Yes, I know. I think I really like him honey…” Mrs. Lee looked at Josh as she explained.

Joshua’s father had died in a car accident 6 years ago, when Josh was 10 years. After some years of mourning, his mum had met Bill. Josh’s mum was a very attractive blonde who looked a lot younger than her 38 years. Josh could see what Bill saw in his mum. Josh’s father had been a successful and well-insured Chinese American lawyer. As a consequence, they now lived comfortably but Josh’s mum was often lonely until she met a wealthy self-made entrepreneur, Bill.

After Bill picked his mum up, Josh unzipped his jeans and started jerking off his rock hard cock. Josh had just returned from his girlfriend, Lisa’s house. Each time he left her place, his cock was rock hard. Josh desperately wanted to loose his virginity but Lisa kept pushing him away whenever he tried.

As a result of this, Josh was constantly horny and energetic. He had frequent erections, masturbated everyday and still had wet dreams. Sometimes his erections became embarrassing especially if they tented his pants.

Much later that night, Josh was still awake when his mum and Bill entered the house. Josh heard his mum’s giggles. There were also a lot of whispering. Then there was a knock on his bedroom door.

“Are you still awake inside, Joshua?” he heard his mum.

Josh was in bed and he quickly hid the playboy magazine, pulled up his boxers and pulled the blanket over his body. He didn’t put on his shirt but grabbed a textbook and pretended to be reading.

“Yeah mum.” he said.

Mrs. Lee and Bill entered the room. They were holding hands and smiling.

“We have something important to tell you.” Josh’s mum said. “Bill asked me to marry him tonight, and I said yes.” she smiled and looked at Josh happily.

Josh was a bit surprised because he didn’t expect his mum to remarry so quickly. He looked at Bill who looked at him smilingly too.

“Oh sweetheart, isn’t that great? Now you can have a new father.” Mrs. Lee said. “Give your new dad-to-be a hug.”

Josh was stunned. His cock was rock hard underneath the blanket. There was no way he could just get up and hug Bill. But his mum looked on expectantly and Bill edged towards the bed. Before he could say anything, Bill had grabbed his right hand, shook it and pulled him towards him. He smelled the other man’s aftershave and realized that his hard-on was pressed against Bill’s lean body.

Josh blushed in embarrassment, wondering if Bill had felt his hard cock. Bill didn’t look embarrassed. He kissed Josh’s mum good night, patted Josh’s head and left.

William Goldwyn looked at the beautiful half-Chinese boy on the bed. Yes, Katie had one cute kid. He had felt the kid’s erection when they hard and he was secretly aroused by the kid’s embarrassment. Josh had brown hair, big brown eyes and a small sprinkling of freckles around his nose. His complexion was clear and his face was still devoid of hair. The two pink nipples were small while the chest was slightly muscular and smooth. He looked like any other American kid, and the Asian heritage gave him a sort of exotic look.

Chapter 2: Caught !

It was 6 months after the wedding and honeymoon. Josh was now living with his mum and Bill at their new house. Bill turned out to be quite a cool guy - he and Josh hit off quite well, to Kate’s joy. Josh whistled excitedly as he checked his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He was 17 today and had a hot date with Lisa.

Maybe tonight would be the lucky night. As he thought about it, his cock stirred. He pulled away his towel and started jerking it off. As he rubbed along the shaft and tugged on the foreskin, his breathing increased. In a few minutes, he had cum. Josh quickly cleaned up and looked at himself in the mirror again. He looked at his chest and wondered when he was going to grow chest hair. Even his armpits were hairless. At least he had his proud pubic patch, even if it was a small patch. He ran his hand through the brown pubes and rubbed his smooth pinkish balls. Josh was a bit embarrassed by his lack of hair - most of the other guys at school had more pubes and some of the other seniors boasted some chest hair.

After the movie with Lisa, they went back to her place. Her parents were out for the night. When Lisa invited Josh back to her room, he was ecstatic. His cock had been hard throughout the whole night and he thought that maybe tonight, she would finally give herself to him.

They kissed passionately on Lisa’s bed. Lisa did not protest when Josh took off her bra and put his hands up her skirt. Josh was so excited when he caressed her pussy that he nearly came in his pants. He quickly unbuckled his jeans and slipped them and his briefs to his ankles. He opened Lisa’s legs and smiled as he saw her pink pussy. Josh push his cock head towards her opening and just as he was about to enter her, he heard a loud scream.

Both teens turned around and looked in horror as Lisa’s parents stood in the doorway. Josh blushed in embarrassment as they saw his hard cock. Then he lost control and shot his cum all over himself and Lisa.

Lisa’s parents were very angry and offended. Both teens were forced to dress and they called Josh’s parents. Josh sat down in the lounge miserably as he wondered what his parents would say when they arrived. Lisa was upstairs and he could hear shouting between her and her mum. Mr. Archer sat in the lounge with Josh.

“You have a nerve coming here and trying to screw my daughter, boy!” he said angrily.

Joshua didn’t know what to say. He was too humiliated at being caught.

“You young kids today… you need to be taught a lesson.” Archer said.

When Bill arrived, Mr. Archer explained the whole situation to him. They talked for some while before Mrs. Archer joined them. She complained about how Josh had set up to seduce Lisa blah blah blah. She accused Josh of being a horny teen, screwing around with girls and demanded that Bill take his son to a doctor for examination for any sexual diseases.

With that, they left the house. Throughout the ride home, Bill did not say anything. Josh’s mum was out of town for 3 weeks, on assignment in another city. She had left Bill in charge of the boy. Josh was terribly embarrassed and sorry that he may have angered Bill.

When they were finally at home, Bill asked him to describe the whole incident. He made Josh tell him everything, even the fine details like how he’d been hard for the whole night.

“Have you been screwing around with other girls?” Bill asked Josh.

“No… it’s been only Lisa.” Josh answered.

“And how often have you been having sex with her?” Bill queried.

Josh blushed and replied, “Uhh… not a lot. Tonight was sort of our first time.”

Bill’s interest was piqued. So the boy was a virgin. “And tonight you had sexual intercourse with her?” he said.

“Uhh… no…” Josh hesitated slightly and looked at his feet before continuing, “We didn’t get to do it because her parents busted us.”

“Well Joshua, I think your mother has been giving you too much freedom. She and I discussed this before she left and we both agreed that you need more discipline.” Bill said sternly.

Then he unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his jeans. “OK Joshua, bend over and drop your pants.” he said.

Josh was shocked! He couldn’t believe that his stepfather would spank him like a little boy.

When the boy didn’t move, Bill pushed him over a table and repeated, “Drop your pants Joshua.”

“No, dad… please…” Josh begged.

“Joshua, don’t disobey me!” Bill raised his voice slightly.

Josh reluctantly complied and pulled his pants down. Bill stared in admiration at the boy’s smooth bubble butt, barely covered by his tight white briefs. Half of his ass cheeks had strained out of the thin material. He drew back his belt and hit Josh’s ass.

Josh yelled in surprised pain. He felt his eyes watering after 3 strokes. Then to his horror, his cock hardened beyond his control. He tried to will it to go down but it wouldn’t. He hoped that Bill wouldn’t notice. But as the whippings progressed, his cock got harder and harder and then he shot his cum into his briefs.

“You may stand up now.” Bill’s voice interrupted him.

Josh realized that he’d stop. He stood up and bend over to pull up his jeans.

Bill stopped him and said, “Turn around first.”

As Josh turned around, he went beet red. His cock and balls felt sticky with cum and he was pretty sure that Bill could see his them too.

Bill felt his cock stirring as he looked at the damp white briefs. They sure were tight and barely covered Josh’s cock and balls but now they were transparent. He was pleased that the boy had cummed in his underwear. Josh was uncircumcised and he only had a small patch of brown pubes which stuck to the white material due to the cum. Not surprisingly, Josh’s cock was semi- erect.

“You’ve been enjoying yourself, boy?” he asked Josh.

“N…No dad.” Josh replied embarrassingly.

“I’ll pick you up after school tomorrow. We’re taking you to the doctor.” Bill announced and then turned around and went upstairs.

After Josh had cleaned himself up, he went to bed. He couldn’t help thinking about how he’d been aroused by being the belt. His cock got hard again, and he rubbed eagerly till he came before falling asleep.

Back in his room, Bill watched the TV as the kid masturbated himself to sleep. He was amazed at how often Josh could cum in one day and how horny he was all the time. He had installed the micro secret video cameras in Josh’s room a couple of months ago when he’d been home alone. No one knew about them and when he was alone, he would jerk off to the tapes of Josh naked and jerking himself off.

Chapter 3: Visit to the Doctor

“Dr Mitchell, I’d like a full physical on Joshua. He’s started experimenting with sex and I don’t want him to catch any diseases.” Bill explained to the doctor.

Josh felt his cheeks blushed in embarrassment as Bill discussed him.

“Ok, we’ll have a look. He’s my last patient for the day. Do you have time for a full check-up?” Tom Mitchell asked Bill.

They’d been friends for several years now but Joshua did not know this. Bill had told Tom about the boy and they both connived to have some fun with him.

“I want a thorough check-up, along with any tests.” Bill replied.

“It so happens that the government is currently running a survey on the sexual development of boys. Do you mind if your son participates?” Tom asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

“Sure, why not!” Bill smiled.

“Ok Joshua, please take off your clothes.” Tom looked at Josh.

Josh looked around but saw no place he could remove his clothes. He was in the middle of the room and both men were waiting for him. He blushed as he took off his shirt then his shoes and jeans. Finally he stood clad in his briefs in front of the two men.

Bill was right - the kid was not only cute, he was extremely good-looking. Pink tits on a fair chest, and cock and balls encased in that tight white briefs. He could see the outline of the uncut head and balls squished by the thin material. Tom knew that his cock was hard just from looking at the kid.

Turning on a small tape recorder with a cassette inside, Tom took the usual readings; he listened to Josh’s heartbeat then examined his eyes, ears and throat. Each time, he would record it. Josh shivered slightly when Tom’s fingers caressed his nipples and Tom said, “I don’t see any chest hair at this point, though a lot of boys don’t get chest hair until well into their twenties.”

He checked Josh’s throat and announced that there was no swelling of the glands there.

Then he asked Josh to lift his arms and he examined the boy’s armpits. “Small amount of visible hair in the armpits. No swellings here.”

His fingers rubbed Josh’s face, feeling the smooth skin and he said, “Facial hair absent too.”

Then he rubbed Josh’s flat abdomens and said again, “Medium growth of pubic hair on lower abds.”

Tom felt as if his cock was going to burst as he examined the kid. Here was this beautiful Eurasian boy, almost naked in front of him. The kid was damn embarrassed and this excited him greatly. He hooked his hands onto the waistband of Josh’s briefs and pulled them down to his ankles and was rewarded with the sight of the uncut cock and partly hairless balls. He lifted Josh’s legs and when the underwear were completely off, he tossed them aside.

Josh couldn’t believe it when the doctor had pulled his briefs down. He was so embarrassed that Bill was also looking at his genitals. The doctor’s face was inches away from his cock and he could feel the men’s breath on his groin.

Tom ran his hair through Josh’s pubic hair and remarked, “Reasonable amount of pubic hair growth. Pubic hair is very fine and rather soft to the touch.” Taking a ruler, he took his time measuring it and said, “Pubic hair is brown, about an inch long and covers a triangular area above genitals. The area is roughly around 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches.”

Josh winced slightly when the doctor tugged his hair then let go. He cupped his balls and rolled them between his fingers.

“Both testicles properly descended. No abnormalities. Scrotum lacks significant hair growth, and such hair as is here is generally soft and quite short. Testicles are approximately 3 inches in diameter” he said. He took hold of the bottom of Josh’s scrotum and pulled it hard out and down, so it looked a bit like a sail made from skin. “Scrotal skin is supple and malleable. No obvious marks or growths.”

Then Tom grabbed Josh’s cock and retracted the foreskin. His fingers massaged the piss-slit and rubbed the sensitive cock head. He eyed the piss-slit closely before dropping the cock.

“Please hand me the camera on the table Mr. Goldwyn.” he said politely.

To Josh’s horror, the doctor took several snapshots of his cock and balls, closed-up. Then he back away and took some shots of Josh standing there naked, with his face in it.

“This is for the study.” he said, as if that was sufficient enough explanation.

Bill simply nodded, pleased at the humiliation Josh was forced to endure.

“Joshua, please hold up your penis and push your foreskin back.” the doctor told him in a authoritative voice.

Josh was totally red but he obeyed the doctor. Then he took several more close-ups.

“Pull it up and stretch it to its full length Joshua.” Dr Mitchell said as he took photos.

After he put the camera down, he grasped the organ again.

“Joshua Goldwyn is uncircumcised with a long foreskin. The penis is about 5 inches long in the flaccid state.” Taking out a measuring tape, he continued into the tape recorder, “… And 1 and a half inches in diameter. There appears to be hygiene problem here.”

He rubbed Josh’s cock head several times and to Josh’s horror, it began to enlarge. Tom and Bill watched in fascination as the kid’s cock gradually expanded and swelled up till it was pointing right up. The cock head was dark pink and the shaft was a deep red.

Tom looked Josh right in the eye and asked , “How often do you have sex?”

Josh was taken aback by the question. Here was a doctor holding his hard cock in his hands and asking him about sex. He swallowed nervously and looked at Bill but Bill looked at him sternly and said, “Answer the doctor, Joshua.”

“I… haven’t had sex… before.” Josh said in a small voice.

“You mean you are still a virgin.” Tom asked evilly, determined to drag it out of the boy’s mouth.

Joshua nodded in embarrassment but Bill said, “Say it out loud son.”

“Yes.” Josh could barely spit the word out.

“How often do you masturbate?” Tom persisted.

“Uhh… everyday.” Josh replied.

“Where do you masturbate? In bed, in the toilet…?” Tom continued.

Josh hesitated then said softly, “Yes.”

“Have you ever masturbated yourself in public places, like at school for example?” Tom asked.

Josh looked at Bill, then quickly lowered his eyes, “At… school, in the toilets sometimes.” he said very softly.

“What do you masturbate to? Do you look at pornographic magazines?” Tom asked.

This time Josh hesitated for a long time. He didn’t want Bill or his mum to find out about his playboy magazines.

“Joshua don’t be rude. Answer Dr Mitchell.” Bill prompted him.

“I… I look at magazines.” Josh said.

“With naked women?” Tom asked.

“Yeah…” Josh answered in confusion. What else could he be looking at, he wondered?

“You have a collection of dirty magazines at home?” Tom asked him directly.

“Uhh… I… yeah, kind of.” Josh replied.

“Are you still having wet dreams?” Tom asked.

“Uhh… Yes.” Josh said. This was terribly embarrassing, telling the man his secrets in front of Bill.

“How often are these wet dreams?” Tom asked in his cool and controlled voice.

“4 or 5 times a week.” Josh said.

Tom measured Joshua’s penis and recorded, “The penis, in its erect state is around 6 and a half inches long 2 and a quarter inches in diameter.” He clamped Josh’s penis between his hands tightly, then let go, clamping it again almost immediately and letting go again. “Hmmm,” he continued. “It curves slightly to the left.”

He then led Josh to an examination table and told him lie down there on his back.

“Now, I also need some hair and urine sample.” he said as he took out a thick catheter.

Peeling back Josh’s foreskin he lubricated it and slipped it into the piss-slit. Josh gasped loudly as the burning sensation started in his cock but Dr Mitchell pushed the tube in, till it hit the bladder. Then yellow piss flowed out of it and Dr Mitchell collected it in a clear plastic container. Afterwards, he removed the catheter and took out a pair of scissors. Grabbing a tuft of Josh’s pubes, he began to cut them off very close to the roots and place them in a small container.

Josh watched in horror as a good half of his pubes were cut off and collected. Finally he was left with very short pubes around his genitals.

“Turn around onto your knees and elbows and open your legs Joshua.” Tom said excitedly.

When Josh opened them slightly, he grabbed the ankles and pushed them wide apart. He drew a sharp breath as the brown puckered and hairless hole was revealed to him. Bill was also taken in by the exposed small hole.

“What happened to your ass?” he looked at the pink stripes across Josh’s ass cheeks.

“I got spanked last night.” Josh replied in a humiliated voice.

Tom looked at Bill and Bill added, “He was caught trying to screw a 15 year old girl. I figured he needed some discipline.”

“I totally agree… with kids today, you never know.” Tom agreed then continued: “No presence of pubic hair around the anus,” he said into the tape recorder.

Josh heard the snap of gloves and felt a damp finger prodding his ass hole. He shivered in fear and gasped in pain when the finger penetrated him.

“Relax and push out.” Dr Mitchell told him.

Josh obeyed and found that the finger slid right in. He gasped again as the doctor rubbed his prostate. His cock began to leak pre-cum and Josh felt that tingly sensation at the base of it. He moaned slightly, then felt his cock being pushed downwards. When he couldn’t hold back anymore, he shot his cum.

Josh was exhausted and realized that it was the hardest cum in his whole young life. The doctor held up a small plastic container containing his cum and screwed it.

“Relax Joshua.” he said and took out a thick thermometer. “I’m just going to take your temperature.”

He lubricated it and pushed it gently into Josh’s tiny hole. When it was deep long enough, he left it there and told Josh to hold his position for the next 5 minutes.

He turned around and said to Bill, “Well, as far as I see, he seems normal except for the hygiene problem. I recommend an immediate course of action.”

Bill smiled and said, “Josh’s mother and I want the best for him.”

“I can schedule the surgery tomorrow, about the same time as today.” Tom said.

Josh’s head snapped up and he looked at both men. What surgery were they talking about??? His heart beat faster and he tensed in fear.

“Dad, what’s going on?” he asked nervously.

Both men looked at him. Tom walked back and took out the thermometer. He read out the temperature and announced that it was normal.

“Dr Mitchell and I agree that you’ll be circumcised tomorrow.” he said as he patted Josh’s hair.

All the color went out of Josh’s face. “Dad, please, you can’t!” he exclaimed. Josh had just transferred to a new school and he was still settling in. He didn’t want to give the guys a new excuse to pick on him in the locker rooms.

“Now Joshua, you know that this has to be done.” Bill replied sternly.

Josh was dismayed. Surely they wouldn’t go on with this insane plan!

He hurried and put on his clothes as Mitchell tidied up and sat down at his desk, making notes. Bill shook the doctor’s hand and they walked towards the door.

Just as they were about to leave, Dr Mitchell looked up and said, “Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I would advise to wear no underwear and loose-fitting shorts or pants for the whole day tomorrow before coming here. It helps prepare for the surgery.”

Bill simply smiled and winked at the doctor. “I’ll make sure Josh follows your orders. Thank you once again.”

Josh felt as if he was going to cry. He couldn’t believe that they were going to circumcise him! And worse off, he’d have to wear no underwear for the whole day tomorrow. What if the guys at school found out?