The Nurse's Ordeal

After closing and locking the office doors, Nurse Heidi turned off the lights in the waiting room and walked back to the main exam room. As she passed Dr. Stein’s private office the doctor motioned for her to come in. “Everything locked up and the lights out?”

“Yes, I was just going to tidy up the exam room a bit.” said Heidi.

“Don’t bother, we’ll be needing it before we go home. Come over here.” Heidi knew what that meant. Not only was Dr. Stein her boss, She was also her lover. They shared an unusual relationship, to say the least. Dr. Stein was twenty years older than Heidi, and without question the boss. Greta, or Doctor Stein as she wanted to be called by Heidi in social circles, was the dominant in bed and out. She wanted Heidi to submit her ass whenever the urge came over the old girl. Heidi felt that the urge was now.

“Come over to the desk, said Greta, and turn around and drop your slacks.” Heidi faced the wall and unzipped the white uniform slacks and let them fall to her ankles. “Might as well take off your blouse as well,” Greta said with just a hint of German accent. Heidi took off the blouse and dropped it on the desk. She could feel Greta’s eyes burning a hole in the sheer white panties she was wearing.

The only sound in the room was the classical music playing softly from the speakers in the ceiling, and Greta’s heavy breathing.

Greta moved some papers off the desk blotter and put them on the computer monitor. Next she took hold of the elastic of Heidi’s panties and pulled them down to reveal the superb milky asscheeks. Heidi could feel her hot breath on the small of her back. “How is that tearing coming along?” Before she could reply Anna forced her over the old desk.

“Ah I It Ah, Its O.K. said Heidi.

“I’ll be the judge of that said Greta as she spread the cheeks wide to reveal the object of her desire. Heidi could feel the hot breath on her little anus and she felt the old familiar stirring in her loins. Greta pushed the cheeks wider apart and said, “It looks almost healed. Here, lets give it a kiss and make it feel better. Suddenly, Heidi felt a wet tongue circling her puckered little ring. As the tongue circled and made a wet slippery sound, it soon found it’s way through the tight sphincter. It darted in and out for a while then circled the ring and lapped at the space between the two openings. As Heidi moaned, a finger found her clitoris. Greta knew just what to do to get her hot. Whenever Greta wanted a sex toy for a while, Heidi was soon to be aroused by her expert tongue and fingers. Now the finger was making a path from the swollen clitoris all the way back to the pink anus. where it would tease and then move on. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…” moaned Heidi. The finger was replaced with the tongue which began lapping and flicking around the wrinkled ring.

“Stay in that position, I need to get something from the other room,” Greta said as she stood and kicked back the chair.

Heidi knew she would return with any number of instruments to torture her little rectum with. Greta paid little attention to Heidi’s vagina or breasts. But she made up for it with each new anal adventure. And what better place to do it but here at the Portland Gastroenterology Clinic.

Greta returned with a fresh pair of latex exam gloves. She always wore them until after Heidi’s enema. And there would be an enema! The older woman pulled the chair up and sat back down in front of the beautiful ass. Heidi heard a loud snap as the first glove was put on. In a minute she felt her asscheeks being pulled apart really wide this time. “I’m going to give you something to get you in the mood for later. In fact a few things,” chuckled Greta. The cheeks were released and Heidi heard a jar being unscrewed and then the sound of foil tearing. She knew at once that she was going to be given a suppository. They hadn’t had sex in their customary way since Greta had lost control while fucking Heidi with her strap-on dildo. It was the thing they saved for last, and being caught up in the heat of the moment, Greta got too rough. There was blood all over the sheets, Heidi’s anus had been torn, and they had to wait for it to heal. Greta checked it every day and lavished kisses on the tiny wounded rosebud.

Heidi felt the little bullet at the entrance and gasped as it was pushed to the hilt up the hot rectum. It was hospital strength and went to work right away. Greta stood behind her and wormed her finger around the tight passage pushing the melting suppository up as far as the finger would allow. Greta withdrew her finger and sat back down spreading the cheeks painfully apart. “Owwww Uuunnnnhhh it burns really baaaaad. I need to get to the toilet quick!” said the writhing girl.

“Not so fast! I’ll tell you when you can go.” said Greta picking up a wooden ruler and laying on three hard strokes across the creamy asscheeks. At once three crimson welts appeared. Greta sat back down and spread the globes apart and watched her saliva mixed with the by now melted glycerin run out of the opening and clenching sphincter. She pushed in her middle finger and could feel the peristalsis beginning. Greta fingerfucked the girl slowly pulling the finger out to the tip before plunging it back in. “I see about ten assholes a day in here,” thought Greta, “but I never tire of looking at this one” When Greta could see the little sphincter start to dilate, she finally said, “Get to the toilet.”

Heidi barely made it in time. The cramps were overwhelming. As she sat on the toilet she rubbed her tummy and pushed with both hands to try to speed up the processes. When at last she was finished, she used a medicated washcloth to clean herself and went into the exam room.

Greta was just finishing filling the big clear vinyl four liter snap-top bag, and motioned with her head for Heidi to sit in the big exam chair with the stirrups. Greta hung the bag on the I.V. pole and put the clear coiled tubing on the tray attached to the chair. She put Heidi’s feet in the stirrups and flicked the switch on the side of the chair. It made a humming sound as the girls feet were raised and her butt opened revealing the labia and tiny anus. The position she was forced into would prevent her from getting out of the chair no matter what!

Helpless she watched Greta open a drawer in the roll-around cart and withdraw an old fashioned metal speculum. The type that had ratchets on the handles to keep it open. Heidi squirmed when she saw it. This was going to hurt!!! A tube of KY jelly was procured and the instrument was lavished with lube. Heidi could feel the cold metal pushing it’s way through the sphincter. It felt like the rubber phallus that caused all the anguish in the first place. Greta squeezed the handles and it began to dilate the rectum. Heidi began to cry. This always hurt more than anything else she was made to endure by Greta. ‘Click’ and she was opened more. The pain was excruciating. “There, Let’s rest a minute. said Greta. You’re a big girl, don’t’ cry”

“God it hurts,” said Heidi.

Anna went to the counter and from a drawer produced a long flexible tube with a light on one end She returned to the chair and opened the stretched rectum even more. “Click” and the handles were squeezed again. The doctor looked in Heidi’s rectum. Next she wiped the flexible light with alcohol and inserted it about two inches. Clicking the switch she watched as the whole interior of the girls rectum light up. “I don’t see any tears or lesions,” she said clicking off the light. Heidi looked up at the big mirror over the chair and could see her stretched little hole when Greta stood up. She couldn’t believe that the human anus could be opened that far.

`She had watched as Greta performed this same procedure on young teenage girls. Heidi would hold their hands and tell them it would be over soon. All the while knowing that Greta was getting her jolly’s. Other times if the girl was particularly pretty, and Greta was especially turned on by her, she would insist on the adult sized barium enema. Heidi was reminded of the photos taken of the girls laying on their left side with the inflatable nozzle nozzle sticking out and their overly distended bellies. Greta secretly photographed the girls with her Polaroid. She was a mean old bitch, but no one could give Heidi enemas and anal play like Greta. Heidi was a masochist and couldn’t come to orgasm without some type of anal stimulation, the more severe the better.

Greta turned the switch on the side of the chair and the back part folded down flat. Heidi was now staring at the pale green ceiling. Greta fumbled around in one of the drawers and brought out a double inflatable nozzle nozzle . With the speculum still in place she put the first balloon in and released the handles and pulled the metal instrument out, allowing the sphincter to relax around the thick flowtube of the inflatable nozzle. Heidi gasped as the speculum was pulled out and put on the tray.

Greta walked alongside the prostrate nurse and bent down to kiss her on the lips. “Mmmmmmm- Ahhhhhh,” murmured Heidi, as she felt the gloved hand trace her nipples and then move to her clitoris.

“I want you to be empty tonight darling, Greta wants to fuck her little girl.” “Ohhhhh I I want you to,” said Heidi, “I want you to tie me up and fuck me.. Haaaaaaard !” Greta kissed her, biting her lips and went to the closet where she took off the white lab coat and hung it inside. She then opened a smaller cabinet and brought out an amber colored rubber apron. Returning to the tray she attached the clear plastic tubing to the inflatable nozzle nozzle

Looking over at Heidi she put on the rubber apron and said, “Are we going to be a good girl for the doctor and take all of our enema without spilling any?”

“Yes Heidi said looking at the swollen bag on the I.V.pole, all you want to give me ..

“Good, did the suppository do a good enough job?’

“I ah guess so, “mumbled the nurse.

“Well, we need to make sure, we don’t want any accidents tonight.”

The doctor went over to a cabinet with glass doors and took out a bottle of liquid green soap and poured some in the top of the big enema bag and closed the zip-lock top. Heidi turned her head to one side. She didn’t want to look at the milky solution that in a minute would bring on the horrible cramping, distending her belly like a basketball. Greta noticed a couple of air bubbles in the clear tubing dancing their way to the amber tubing of the inflatable nozzle.

Greta stood next to Heidi and grasped the girl’s hand . Staring into Heidi’s eye’s , she tightened the release valve on the first inflator bulb and began squeezing. Heidi bucked forward as she felt the balloon start to inflate.

“Pst, pst, pst, pst, Oh! Ah! Oh! pst, pst, pst…” Greta walked to the front of the chair and sat down rolling forward until her face was inches from the puckered opening. She continued to squeeze the bulb, ignoring Heidi’s plea’s until at last she could see the balloon trying to break through the straining sphincter. She picked up the other bulb and squeezed, pumping up the outer balloon until it was about the size of a small orange. With the two balloons pumped up to the max, nothing could leak out . What went in stayed in, until the good doctor said so.

Heidi was moaning something unintelligible while Greta stroked her tummy. “That’s a good girl, that’s Greta’s little girl.”

Heidi was whimpering and screwed up her face and bit her lip when Greta released the hose clamp. The tubing bucked, then gurgled as the greenish solution charged up the young girl’s bowels.

Greta rubbed the girls stomach while watching the level in the bag drop. The advantage to the clear bag was that not only could you see the solution, but there were graduated markings to keep track of the progress. Heidi’s belly began to distend, and her moans got louder. Greta let go of the tubing and began to knead the rapidly expanding abdomen. The object was to move the solution up the intestines.

Being a gastro-enterologist, of course helped to know precisely where the blockages would occur. Then she would push and knead until the level in the bag would drop. Heidi’s face was now beet red and she was biting her lip, crying and blubbering “Oh ,Pullllleeeaassse.” As the belly began to swell more and more Greta kissed her forehead and then walked to the front of the chair and sat down.

Even with the two balloons inflated, soapy water began to drip on the floor. Heidi was crying like a little baby and blubbering something about “Mommmmiiiieeee.” Greta touched the little clitoris and then squeezed it between her thumb and finger. Heidi began to undulate and writhe around on the table. The bag was now empty and Greta snapped the clamp shut so that nothing would run back up the tube. Heidi was beside herself with cramping and the horrible bloated feeling. She began to sweat and pant wishing she could expel the hot liquid from her bowels. She knew Greta wanted her to reach climax like this but the pain was too intense. Greta kept on teasing the little clit and every once in a while push a finger into the hot vagina. Finally when Heidi could actually taste the soap in her mouth ,Greta took the bag off the hook and dropped it on the floor.

Immediately the liquid ran out of Heidi’s bowels and back into the bag. Greta watched with fascination as the bag began to inflate with the spent enema water. As soon as the flow would stop Greta’s expert fingers began to knead Heidi’s belly, and another torrent of water filled the bag. Heidi looked up at her lover and saw that she was looking back at her with glassy eye’s Heidi knew this meant. Greta was losing control Without warning the woman knelt between the young girl’s thighs and clamped her mouth down on the soft pussy lips. Greta sucked on the hard button while she squeezed the inflator bulb to the inside balloon. Heidi bucked and jerked as the waves of pleasure and pain overtook all sense of sanity. Greta reached between her own legs and began rubbing her crotch in rhythm to Heidi. Soon both women were shrieking and gasping. Greta’s mouth was clamped on the hairless pussy and her tongue was flicking around like a whirling dervish. Heidi lost it and grabbed the woman’s hair and pulled.

Greta was too caught up in the moment to care When at last they were spent Greta unscrewed both of the release valves letting out a loud hiss. She stood up and pulled the gel covered balloon out of the pink rectum.. It made a sucking gurgling sound as it made it’s way out and onto the tray.

Greta flipped the girl over on her stomach and parting the cheeks pushed two fingers up the tight passage and began a slow in and out motion. As Heidi moaned with pleasure Greta whispered in her ear, “I can’t wait to fuck you tonight, Mommie’s going to fuck her little baby’s ass tonight.”