The Story Of RavenWitch

My husband and I had not seen one another in over a month. I was on set in Europe and he was in Las Vegas working. We got a long awaited hiatus from filming and I eagerly bought a ticket on a twelve hour flight from Rome. Before leaving we spoke briefly. I sensed something was different with my husband of 23 years. He asked me to meet him at our favorite bar rather than going straight home. He said had a surprise for me. I was thrilled to be going home and strangely turned on. I wondered about his surprise, fantasizing about it could be. Dante was not very creative when it came to gifts but he had along time to think about it. At one point I fell a sleep and had a very erotic, real life dream. The experience was so real that when I awoke, I realized, I had actually had a wet dream. I opened my eyes and felt as if I had been transported back onto the plan. Nothing seemed real. I was weak and wet between my legs. My breasts throbbed and my pussy was sore as if I had been fucked all night. I wondered if Dante had woven a spell and slipped into my dream unannounced. The flight seemed to take an eternity but we finally arrived. I took a short cab ride to the New York, New York Hotel and left my bags with my friend the bell captain. He said he would hold them until we went home and winked at me. It was if he knew something I did not!

I rode the elevator to the second floor promenade and strolled over to Hamltons. The hostess at the door greeted me, asking if I wanted to sit at the bar or in a booth. I was concerned that my husband was not there to meet me but I figured he had a late call. I told the hostess to seat me in the corner booth and she smiled and asked if my name was Raven. I was confused, no one knew that name but Dante. It was my secret name. I said yes and she smiled explaining that it was reserved just for me. When I got to the table there were red roses and a bottle of blended scotch in an ice bucket with two glasses. I sat down and the waitress poured a glass and offered me a cigar from the house box. I told her I would like to wait until my husband arrived. She gently lifted the house cigar form the box and stroked it like she was caressing a cock, then she drew it to her lips. She drew the large stogie under her nose to smell it and then rolled the end in her mouth. She took the nip and cut off the tip letting it drop into the ash tray. I was transfixed on her seductive movements and seemed to be bewitched by her. “Dante requests you smoke it now” she said with a deep dark voice. I knew how exciting he thought was to watch me smoke a large cigar. But, how did she know that and how did she know his secret name? He must be in the bar somewhere playing with my head. I looked around but he was not any where to be found. It must be a joke so I’ll play along. “ Okay I said light it for me!” She did and slowly leaned forward to hand it to me and I admired her beautiful body. Her breasts were round and firm, tucked neatly into skin tight black dress. The low cut front, exposed just enough of the full curve of her soft tits to invite me to stare. She looked at me with a playful look and smiled. I took the cigar and the scotch and sat back to wait for Dante. I watched her walk away slowly and enjoying the view.

After enjoying two drinks and the jazz music for over an hour, I was beginning to think he wasn’t coming. My head was light and I felt warm all over. The lips of my pussy were large and swollen and my skin was warm and tingly. I had purchased a wonderful lace bra, panties, garter and nylons in Paris and had them on under my skirt. The longer I waited the hotter I got. As I reached for my drink, I looked down and noticed a small box, with a little note on it. I had not noticed it before, where had it come from, was I seeing things? I reached over and removed the note. On the outside of the card it read OPEN ME!, so I did. “Welcome home my beloved, here are gifts I want you to put on. Do it out loud!” Do what out loud I wondered, what did he have planned. Once opened, the box revealed two gold nipple clips with a gold chain and charms dangling from it. A similar clit clip was also in the box attached to a small note that said, OUT LOUD…NOW. Out loud what does that mean? Then, it slowly hit me… he wanted me to put them on out in the open. How would I do that? I thought for a while and decided to put on the clit clip first. I slid my hands beneath the table cloth and hiked my skirt up around my waist. I ran my hands up my thighs and slipped the edge of my panties over to one side. Spreading the lips of my pussy apart and found my clit and slowly maneuvered my fingers it into place. I pressed on the clamp and secured it in place. A chill went though my whole body, it was tight and hurt just a bit but was oddly satisfying. I pressed it for a moment and almost had an orgasm.

The nipple clips would be more difficult to do. I sat for a moment and then surveyed the room for anyone looking at me. I opened the clip and took it in my fingers slowly moving up to my breast. I had a V-neck shirt on and quickly moved my hands into my bra. I clipped it on and pulled my hand out. Still looking around the room I put the other one on. No one saw me or at least I hoped not. The clips hurt, yet the sensation was exciting. I took a drink of scotch and closed my eyes taking in the sensations. The two together created a triangle movement of feeling shooting from my clit to my breasts. It was fantastic. After a few moments I felt someone looking at me and opened my eyes. There he stood right in front of the table. Where had he come from and how long had he been staring at me? My heart leapt through my chest and I stared at him like I had never seen him before. He was wearing black silk Armani suit, black mock neck and Italian leather shoes. He looked like Adonis, with his long black hair falling on his shoulders like water caressing the rocks. He smiled a broad, warm smile and looked over at the waitress nodding. I knew at moment he had been watching me from somewhere in the room, but where? He sat down and moved close to me taking my hand in his and kissing it. With his other hand he took my cigar and rolled it in his mouth dragging the smoke in deeply. “Like you my love, a fine cigar is worth waiting for. We’re you enjoying yourself?” I marveled at how he looked and moved forward to kiss him. “Not yet Raven, let me savor you.” He still was the best looking man I had ever seen and everyone who met him agreed. His dark brown Italian skin, square muscular jaw and maroon full lips called to me. I was hungry for his touch and ran my hand over his cheek. He caught it with his lips and sucked on my finger like it was my breast. My legs went weak and I felt a warm glow between my legs. My pussy was hard and throbbing, I wanted to fuck him right there in front of everyone. I slid my hand down over his pants and grabbed his cock. “Do you have your cock ring on my love” I asked. He smiled and lifted my hand, “Always yours Raven, you pagan witch.”

I sensed he had changed somehow, more in control of his wild nature, more in control period! I loved this new man sitting next to me. He wasn’t the man I had known. My pulse beat hard in my throat and I wanted him now! He somehow knew what I was thinking and said “Raven you must wait my pet” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. After all this time apart why should I wait? “But Dante” I cried “ I have waited all this time.” He laughed and purred “And you will wait even more. Be still Raven and I will please you soon. I promise” He put the cigar in my mouth and I pulled it in and out slowly then I drew a long drag and blew it in his face. His eye watched my every motion with a steel eyed fascination. He lifted his glass of scotch and I took mine. We both took a drink and then another. I begged him with my eyes to touch me and I saw that he understood. Fixing his glaze directly in mine he put his hand under the table and lifted my skirt. His breathing was slow and deliberate, as he pushed my legs apart and found my pussy. His big hand cupped my cunt like a glove and he pressed the clit ring hard. He slipped his fingers under my black lace g string and entered my valley. I let out a slight moan and he shook his head slowly. Still starring at me he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper until I thought he would touch my very soul. I could have sworn that his dick was inside of me instead of his fingers but it was most likely the scotch. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my throat and I kissed his lips. He returned my kiss and whispered “Oh how I have missed you and your beautiful hot pussy.” He fingered me for a few moments, pushing hard on the clit ring with his thumb. I looked around and it seemed we were the only two in the room. The waitress walked up and just smiled “May I get you anything sir?” Never turning around to acknowledge her he said no and she left. By heart was racing and the adrenaline was pumping from the excitement. I started to breathe faster and faster as he thrust in and out. I started to climax and he slowly pulled out leaving me exhausted. His hand appeared on the table and put his fingers in the scotch licking them one by one. “You taste so good Raven” He let out this laugh and sat back. I was not sure what was going on but I knew my husband had changed.

My heart began to slow down, yet my pussy was throbbing. He stroked my face and we started making small talk. We laughed and joked, drank and smoked for hours. All the while I longed for more. The music was slow and he asked me to dance. We arrived on the floor and began to move to the rhythm. He pressed his hand to my back and his pelvis to mine. I could feel his swollen cock and knew he wanted me. I pressed hard back and grabbed his ass. We danced forever touching each other all over. Then he motioned me to sit and we started for the table. A few people along the way greeted him as we passed. I didn’t know them and I felt that was odd. He introduced me to each and we finally arrived back at the booth. Upon arrival we found a silver platter with new cigar, the scotch corked, fresh ice, two new glasses and a black satin blindfold neatly folded in the center. My heart started to race and I took a deep breath. What did he have planned? I could only guess.

As I began to sit down, he stopped me and told me to turn my back to him. I hesitated but he nudged me gently. As I did what he asked, he whispered “Trust me?” I wasn’t sure if I did but I said yes anyway. As I faced the dwindling crowd he placed the blindfold over my eyes and took my hand. My pussy began to beat to the sound of my heart and I ached for him to bend me over and force his stiff hard cock into my cunt. I heard some conversation as he led me out of the bar but ignored it. We walked to the elevator and got in. I could tell there were others in the small box with us but none spoke. I could feel my breathing quicken and felt his hand firm in mine. The door opened and a voice said “This way sir.” We walked for a few minutes down a long hall and then entered a room. I heard him talk to the server and laugh low. After it seemed like forever the door closed and we were alone.. Or so I thought.

Standing in the room, blindfolded I could sense the faint odor of incense. A soft music played in the back ground and I thought I heard a slight mummer of voices. Was I going crazy or was there others in the room? Suddenly I felt his warm lips on my neck. I turned toward the touch and sighed “Dante what are you doing?” “Be quiet my beloved and say nothing until you are spoken to.” I thought this odd but exciting and stood there as he slowly and carefully removed my clothes. He started with my shoes taking one off then the other, kissing my feet gently. Running his hands up my legs, he unzipped my skirt and let it fall to my ankles. He un-buttoned my sweater and pulled each breast out of my bra, pulling on the nipple clips. The pain was intense but oddly pleasurable. The chain that hung between them, swung down and he tugged on it as he moved down to my ass. His hand softly squeezed each cheek and he spread them wide. He thrust his pelvis against mine and his cock hit the clit clip. The action sent that same energy triangle jolting through my body. He left me standing there half nude for a few minutes. I felt vulnerable and exposed. I heard him unzip his pants and the sound sent me whirling. I knew what was next or so I thought so. Were there others in the room? I couldn’t be sure but I thought I heard that low murmur again. I heard him in the back ground apparently fixing a drink. At long last his hands touched me again stroking my body as you would a mink coat. My whole body shook with anticipation as he got to my pussy. He forced my legs apart so I was standing spread eagle and ran his hands up and down my legs. I wanted him to stroke my lips and lick my clit but he avoided them artfully. He unhooked the little lace G-string and pulled it off leaving on my garter and nylons. I stood in an open position for a few moments until I felt something very cold being thrust into my valley. “This is to cool you down my hot witch.” They were large ice cubs and as they melted the cold water ran down my thighs. He found his way up and down my spine and around both my nipples. I felt like melting with the ice. He slipped a few in my mouth and then down my back to my ass. “Spread your legs, pull your cheeks apart and bend over the bench in front of you Raven.” What bench …where had it come from? The thrill of his commanding voice was incredible and I knew I must obey. I reached out in front and felt the ridge of the bench and laid over it. I grabbed my ass as he asked and waited patiently. Then he slowly slid ice cubes in my ass until the cold made my muscles tightened. He repeated the process alternating between my pussy and my ass. I felt the thrust of his hard cock enter my valley and mix with the cold ice cubes. It was an incredible feeling. One that I would ache for again and again.

He pounded me hard again and again careful not to cum. His breathing was heavy and he grunted as he hit hard. I though he was going to cum but he pulled out again leaving me aching for more.

He ran ice up and down my spine and then pushed several more cubes in my rectum. I let out a sigh and he tapped my lips. His fingers found my pussy and he entered them forcefully with more ice. It was divine. He stroked in and out for a while and then replaced his fingers with a large dildo. It was slippery and went in with ease but it was big and it hurt. He pounded it in and out until I was hot, wet and weak. He slapped my ass took my arms, tying them behind my back while he said “Now Raven, you must wait here until I come for you and don’t allow the dick to slip out, keep it firm between your legs.” I felt the walls of my pussy grip hard around the dildo and lay there in wait of his return.

I heard water running and could here music in the background. Again I heard voices but could not be sure where they came from. My body ached for his touch and I wanted him hard inside. It seemed he was watching me while the water ran and I could feel his eyes on me. I thought I could here his breathing in the background and wondered if he was caressing his penis. Then I felt a light breezy feather glide all over my body. I moved to turn in its direction but he stopped. The wait was torture. My mind raced along with my pulse. Untying my hands he beckoned me to stand up. The dildo was still in my pussy as I stood it fell hard to the floor. He pulled on the nipple clips hard and said “I missed you, Raven you shouldn’t have left. Your lover has changed and so must you.” I knew he was right. He had never taken control of me before but I liked him this way. The control was very erotic and strangely relaxing. I wanted more and I knew there was no turning back.

He took my hand in his and helped me to the floor. Grabbing the dildo he thrust in my pussy two or three times and then pulled it out. He told me to get on my knees like a dog. I felt the warm soft pulse of his cock as he thrust it deep inside. It didnt feel like his cock, it was longer and thicker and hot like it was on fire. It seemed to touch my throat as he pushed harder and harder. It was like he was possessed. His trusting seemed to go on for ever and his dick seemed to grow with each stroke. My legs were spread far a part and my clit was hot. I could tell he was almost to climax and he stopped. He pulled out quickly and spanked me hard on the ass with what felt to be a whip. “You almost made me cum you witch. I am the master not you. Do you understand?” With that he grabbed my hair and thrust it back. I mustered up a nod and he turned me around with the force. He told me to turn around and kneel and rammed his hard cock into my open lips. “Taste yourself on my cock Raven… Only you… How do you taste?’ I began to suck his dick and caress his balls like I had done a thousand times before. I could taste a salty flavor and felt the metal of the cock ring hit my tongue. His hand pulled my hair back and off his prick. He brushed my cheek and pulled me up leading me into the bathroom and cooing to me like a love bird.

He helped me into the tub where the water was hot. Once in, I winced from the heat but sat down quietly. By this time my pussy was thick with blood and my clit was hurting. He seemed to disappear for a few moments but then one hand landed on my breast and he spread my legs with the other. “You’re going to like this Raven. I’ve watched you do it when you were alone and now we will do it together.” What was he talking about? What had he watch me doing when I was alone and how had he watched me? “Now push down on this hard with your ass!” What was he doing, was he going to fuck my ass? I was afraid and confused. I felt a large dildo nudge against my ass and it hurt. “Push down now!” I did as I was told and a sharp pain went through my body as the tip rushed into my rectum. He moved it back and forth a few times and it began to feel good. He asked if I wanted a drink of water or scotch. I nodded and he poured scotch into my mouth spilling it as he went, handing me the glass. The liquid ran down my neck and breasts, it was cool and refreshing. I was breathless with anticipation and wondered what had changed this man so much. My nerves were alive with the wait and I drank the scotch with lust. Then as I sipped the alcohol I felt a hot sensation in my ass, it was water and it began to fill my rectum. It was an incredible feeling!!!!!!!! I was excited and self conscious at the same time. This was something people do in private but here I was letting him do it to me. He must have done it before because he was masterful at the control. He stopped and started the water flow and messaged my tummy to relive the pressure. “Don’t let it out my love you must hold it in.” It was as if he knew when I was ready to burst because he stopped the flow just in time. I could hold a lot because I took regular enemas for health but I never knew he knew about it. Letting the water flow again he kissed my tummy and pulled on the clit ring. I thought I would cum but he stopped like magic. When the water flow stopped he thrust his large cock inside of me and commanded that I not let the water out. He thrust and thrust and my swollen belly ached to release. Finally he pulled out and told me to stand up. The pressure of the water was intense and I wanted to expel. “Step out of the tub Raven but don’t let the water flow yet.” he ordered. He helped me to the B’day and told me to spread my legs when I sat. I did and he pulled the big nozzle form my ass. Water began to stream out endlessly and as it did he trust his cock in my mouth and I responded. He brushed my hair with his hand as I sucked harder and harder. The tenderness and the control were intoxicating and I knew we had embarked upon a whole new way of pleasing one another. How could I ever leave again?

He led me back to the bath and added hot water. He once again started the enema but this time it was even hotter. I took a deep breath and relaxed in the tub. “Raven, when the water is clear we will stop. You will be clean for me, and then you will clean me.” As the water flowed, he soaped my entire body. He licked my pussy and sucked on my breast being careful not to let me cum. This went on for over an hour until he deemed the water clear. He walked me back to the tub and removed my blindfold. He lay down on his back and watching me with his cole black eyes.” Now Raven it is your turn.” I was thrilled to be able to look at him. He had two bags hanging from the shower hook. He pointed to his and I filled it with hot water. I slowly pushed the tube up his ass and he smiled. Closing his eyes he lay back to enjoy it. I let the water flow, adjusting for the pressure, after all I did this all the time in private. While it emptied into his rectum I sucked his cock and licked his balls, mindful not to bring him to orgasm. He moaned and put his hand out to stop me. I led him to the toilet and as he released the water I let him suck on my tits. We dried off and went into the other room. The enemas and the hot water had worn us out so we laid on the bed. We fell asleep side by side. It would be two hours before I awakened once again to his touch. I knew this was to be a long night!