Trial and Tribulation

By [email protected]

There are many scenarios to choose from as you lay in bed at night, awaiting sleep. All are naughty, some imaginative, others very straightforward and right to the point. It is like leafing through a book of stories, a collection of well-known favorites. They are familiar, the outcome fixed and set, yet the pleasures in following the trail, well trod though it may be are none the less gratifying.

Early 20th Century Reverie

“Come along now. We mustn’t keep the doctor waiting.” Your aunt looks you over one last time before you leave. You are a young man to your own eyes of course, have been for a long time, but yet she treats you as a youngster and of course you must comply. She is your guardian, you are in her care.

This afternoon she has made an appointment with a doctor. There are things she cannot bring herself to look after in regards to your physical development. She surmises that an examination and mayhaps a talk with a physician will enlighten you and provide an opportunity for further domestic care more suitable to her inclinations.

Your aunt has learned it is best to let others break the ice for her. The tingling in your belly presages her undoubtedly correct assumptions.

You are dressed most inappropriately to your own eyes, in a sailor’s suit, an outfit very fashionable for youngsters of that era. You do not feel at ease so attired, but cannot bring up any valid counter arguments. Such is your lot.

At the doctor’s office you are both shown in immediately upon arrival. You are surprised and dismayed when the lady in white you took to be Head Matron is introduced as the doctor who will be looking you over. You had not imagined such things were done.

But upon reflection you realize that given your aunt’s disposition, her choice is wholly within character.

“Good day doctor. I have brought my nephew here today, not because he is ill or indisposed, but out of precaution. He is of an age that necessitates the learning of certain facts.” Your aunt smiles at both the doctor and at you. Her eyes move up and down, wistfully she regards your appearance. “It should also be ascertained that he is coming of age, that certain developments are proceeding naturally.”

This sounds odd what she is talking about. To your youthful ears much unsaid has already been imparted to the doctor. The lady physician smiles and looks at you. It is a smile of anticipation and approval, a smile of enlightenment and understanding. She knows what is to be done.

You have no inkling of what is in store for, but yet wish for this cup to pass.

Your aunt stands up and takes her leave of the doctor. You are left wondering what will ensue during this doctor’s visit. It is sure to be unusual.

And indeed, so it comes to be.

Without speaking, the lady doctor holds out a hand and beckons you to accompany her. She takes hold of your shoulder and guides you along corridors and hallways. You come into a windowless room. It is predominately white, set with tiles, bright lights overhead and with several metal and glass medical cabinets along the wall. There is a linen covered table in the room, a washbasin, drain and other odd looking appliances vaguely reminiscent of intimate and unsettling applications.

The doctor takes a chair and sits down. She motions for you to approach her. “Well now, young man. It appears your aunt has taken a keen interest in your well being. That is very commendable indeed.”

The doctor looks you in the eyes and you avert them downwards.

“I shall commence with the examination proper of course, but aforehand I need to make a few preliminary observations. I want no discordance, you are expected to comply in all things I tell you. That is understood I take it ?”

You cannot do otherwise than nod in accordance, however reluctantly given.

“Very well. Now, if you please, unbutton your trousers and lower them.”

You cannot accredit what she is asking of you, cannot comprehend her intentions. You hesitate, eyes and mouth open.

“No gaping about like a ninny, young man. I expect quick compliance to my instructions. If you are un-cooperative I shall have an attendant come to restrain you. What needs done, shall be done in whatever manner necessary. So I ask of you for a second and final time : lower your trousers for me.”

Her tone books no back talk, indeed, it is forceful and yet restrained but she clearly has no doubt as to the eventual outcome. She will have done as she says.

With hands a tremble, a state of nervousness induced by trepidation at this unusual requirement and the doctor’s forceful demeanor, you unbutton your trousers. As you reluctantly place your hands around the waist band to gingerly commence lowering them, the lady physician clasps your hands and wrists and pulls downwards for you. Your trousers are now down around your ankles. She sees you are wearing white underpants and raises her eyebrows, apparently in approval.

“Ah, a variation on French knickers I see. But clearly a cut for young lads. Your aunt has you wear them regularly ?”

You nod that it is so. Clearly you are at a loss what the doctor is alluding to. You have no idea that most youngsters must make do without such intimate garments, they wear shifts and longish shirts instead, at night and in daytime.

“Commendable. But these must be lowered as well of course.” She hooks her fingers under the waistband and quickly has the small garment lowered to your knees. She tells you to lift up your shirt.

You blush and redden as she looks at your prick. You feel exposed and ashamed, would prefer to run away and hide. She has her hand on you, is feeling and moving about. Her touch tingles and tickles in an odd manner. You feel flutterings in your belly.

“Well now, young fellow. No reason to ashamed of anything. I’ve seen many a boy’s willies. It’s all in a day’s work you know. I’ll be looking more carefully to see everything is developing properly of course. But all in good time.”

You wonder what more she could do ? You imagine unspecified things. The fluttering in your belly is more pronounced.

“I suppose you had better relieve yourself before we commence. I require that you be completely empty. We’ll get Nurse to supervise you while I get other things ready. Do you understand ?”

You nod even though you do not. At least not entirely. She has you pull up trousers and undergarment. Thankfully you are covered up when Nurse enters the room.

She is an older lady of a reasonable size, rounded and dressed in white with a cap. She listens to the doctor’s instructions.

“The lad is to be examined generally and in particular for development and maturity. Have him relieve himself, keep samples of course.”

The nurse nods, her face unmoving. You scarcely accredit what you are hearing. But there is more.

“The same applies for his backside. Flush him out cleanly afterwards. If he can’t have a movement voluntarily then you are authorized to induce one. You may use the necessary discretion in carrying out the task.”

Nurse nods curtly and takes you with her into another room.

“Right young master. Off with your clothes now, if you please. You won’t be needing them until the doctor’s finished.”

Now you are trembling all over. But Nurse has seen this all before, you are not the first youngster, lad or lass to be entrusted into her care. She has assisted many who are sent to the lady doctor. It is not an un-agreeable employment.

She helps you in disrobing. But she starts in a more conventional manner, removing shoes, socks and shirt first. Only lastly does she remove your newfangled knickers for lads. She pats you on the fanny and then puts her hands on her hips, giving you a look over.

“Well now, you’re as fine a looking laddie as any other I’ve yet seen. And you’re sporting a growth of hair on your John Thomas even. Why afore you know it, you’ll be grown all up and chasing after the lasses, eh ? Or have you already a sweetheart ?” She chuckles and banters on as you listen in amazement and trepidation.

“But no matter now though.” She is now holding a large odd shaped bottle. “We’ll need you to piddle in the bottle first.”

Embarrassment is written large on your face, even at this first innocuous requirement. It is well you have no foreknowledge of what is yet to come.

Nurse has you put your tallywhacker into the bottle opening and enjoins you to pee. But nothing comes. She is not dismayed and has seen many like occurrences, bladders clenched tight, gentlemen and gentleladies alike unable to piddle.

Unconcerned she uses a set of fingers to probe and push into areas immediately above your unwilling prick. She tells you to close your eyes while she is so engaged. Verily, soon a yellowish stream is flowing from your willie, seemingly without volition on your part. Nurse is clearly competent.

“There we are young master. That wasn’t so difficult at all, now was it ?” she asks no one in particular. It is as if she is talking to herself.

You nod uncertainly. Thankful this is over with.

But you jubilate prematurely. Nurse comes back to you holding a large metal bowl. It resembles a chamber pot and such it is indeed. She informs you that you must go potty now, empty yourself out.

This is mortifying, totally unheard of, difficult to comprehend. She sees you are unsettled and asks about your domestic procedures. “Doesn’t your nanny supervise you, young sir ?”

You have no nanny, governess neither. There are no domestics specifically charged with your care. Nurse raises an eyebrow. Is it in disapproval or understanding ? You cannot make out. But whatever her opinion she continues with the task charged her.

She has you step up on a platform and kneel down, legs spread apart. She places the metal chamber pot between our legs and tells you to try and empty your bowels. You are to push but not to strain overly much.

It is to no avail of course, but this does not surprise Nurse. She knows that one cannot willingly produce bowel movements on command, certainly not in youngsters. In anticipation she has already slid a rubber cot over a forefinger and anointed it with a colorless lubrication.

“Let’s try a bit of stimulation before we move on to other methods, what say you lad ?”

You say nothing, would prefer all this not to be happening. But you know of no way to make it go away. You close your eyes in shame.

“Have you gone potty already today young sir ?” she asks. But you are so confused and a tremble that you cannot properly recall. There are indeed many days that you go without. “Well, no matter. Nurse knows what to do. Let’s try a greased finger up the bum, shall we ? No need to worry, just push out gently while I stick my finger in…”

You feel her digit press up against your puckering bumhole. You relent and cease straining, but her finger does not stop its merciless probing of your backdoor. She pushes to and fro and then it slips up past your sphincter. You quiver in surprise.

It is painful, but only to a degree. She moves in and out slowly, never completely removing her rubber covered finger from your behind. You feel its presence inside of you, she moves it around and to and fro. It becomes bearable, even if unusual.

Another event has taken place, your prick has stiffened and grown in size. It sticks outwards from your belly, it too quivers and twitches. This has happened to you on other occasions, but never in the presence of others. You know not what to do, how to hide your bloated organ.

Nurse has seen the transformation in many others of course, anticipated and welcomed it in your. As she pumps her finger in your bumhole, she reassures you that all is well.

“I was wondering when your willie was going to stand to attention.” With her free hand she gives it a quick squeeze. You are startled and twitch in surprise. “It’s all right young sir. This happens all the time to gentlemen. Stick something up their fannies and they inevitably raise the flagpole. Nothing to worry about at all. Quite normal indeed.”

You are of a different mind, but have no say on the matter. You remain kneeled over, legs spread wide while Nurse fingers your bottom. She retracts her finger after an interval and requests you try again to empty your bowels.

You push and strain, and though your fannyhole is a tingle with odd sensations, nothing comes out.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to fig you then, my lad. Doctor can’t be kept awaiting all afternoon. I see on my finger that there’s enough inside of you to warrant a good movement, and it wouldn’t do to present you all cluttered up inside. Doctor would be vexed for sure. And not be able to do her examination properly, now would she ?”

You have no idea what Nurse is having on about, but it sounds ominously intimate and naughty. Though why that should be so, you have no idea.

She takes several objects and places them on a cloth. They are longish shaped, creamy white in color, one end rounded and tapered. You instinctively understand these objects are meant to be inserted into your bottom. How disconcerting, how humiliating. Yet at one and the same time, how it does set your tummy a tingle. And make your willie throb and twitch.

“Might as well use two at once. First a French chandellette and then a traditional soap fig. Can’t stand around dallying while we wait for your bowels to move, eh young master ?”

You are not expected to answer and would not know what to say in any case. Fascinated you watch as Nurse dips the two suppositories in a clear fluid. You read `glycerin’ on the label, but have no idea yet that it is an irritating and much used liquid at this doctor’s practice.

Nurse tells you to bend over on hands and knees, raise your hips, spread your legs. As you do so and expose your bumhole she gently and firmly places a first suppository into your quivering bottom. She pushes it up into your insides, following through with a finger, letting it rest inside for a moment.

You feel the glycerin as a cold stinging, a slight irritation, but one which does not go away as Nurse withdraws her digit. “Remain as you are for awhile if you please, young sir. We’ve yet to fig you with another baton. Soap and glycerin should do the trick.”

The next suppository is dipped in fluid as you wait a kneeling.

“Right, here we go now. Relax, young master. This shall be over with afore you know it. We’ll have you on the potty emptying your insides in no time.” By now the first chandellette has commenced to dissolve inside your fanny. You feel the onset of cramps, of an urge. But Nurse is set on her treatment. She inserts the next suppository into your bumhole with the same slow and deliberate diligence. Her finger follows as before and remains inside of you, plugging up your bottom. She wiggles it around and moves in and out in slow cadence.

Soon you are in no doubt that a bowel movement is in onset. Your tummy cramps and you can feel your bottom clench Nurse’s inserted finger. She too notices the signs, but warns you not to start precipitously. You are to wait until she has removed her finger, if possible several moments more. This will ensure a satisfying emptying.

You do as Nurse says, but you must already hold back the urge to go. You try to remain in control of your bowels, to keep your insides in tight rein. You succeed, but only with much effort on your part and with much shaking and trembling. This is a strenuous activity, and yet even while you are undergoing what you would ordinarily take to be an unnecessary humiliation, you find a core of pleasure and satisfaction in all these goings-on. It is small and hardly recognized as such, but the appreciation is there.

Nurse retracts her finger and cautions you not to give in to the urge at once. “Wait just a little bit longer, and then you’ll feel the batons sliding out. When that’s done and finished, then you can go potty. Understand young sir ?”

You nod between moans and grunts. Nurse’s finger is pulled out and it feels as if your bumhole remains is empty of a satisfying presence. There is a void. But that void is soon filled.

First one, then a second much diminished chandellette is expelled from your fannyhole. They fall onto a cloth Nurse is holding under you. She wraps them up for later examination.

Then you are allowed to hunch back and sit on the metal chamber pot. Your bowel movement comes inexorably powerful, all encompassing. As you go potty, Nurse regards you and rubs your neck as you strain and push.

You feel empty afterwards, your bottom stretched and expanded. You are damp with perspiration, you are slightly giddy and light headed.

Nurse towels you dry and then takes the chamber pot away, cleans you perfunctorily. You think this ordeal with Nurse is over but you are mistaken.

“Feeling much better I take it young master ?” she asks you.

You nod.

“Good, now we’ll get the lavage done so we can return you to doctor.”

First a chandellette, now a lavage ? What are all these things ? Why not use plain language ?

Nurse sees you frown in incomprehension. “Nothing to worry about. It’s just a bit of water to flush you out good and clean.”

But it is worrisome as you watch her fill a canister with water, attach a length of tubing to it and then a rounded nozzle to the tubing. You have become much wiser in such a short time and are dismayed by what Nurse is surely planning to do. First you are to be emptied and then filled up again, but with water. What is the purpose of all this ?

Nurse explains that a lavage is comparable to a rinsing, only that it is done on the inside. The water will be clear, no hardships will ensue.

She has you lay down on your back this time, pull up your knees to your chest. Your willie is more exposed than your fannyhole as Nurse inserts the nozzle. Water flows in and fills you up, but there is scarcely any urge to expel.

Nurse rubs your tummy up and down, then tells you to expel the liquid. You relax and push. All flows out, you are empty again.

This Nurse does to you several times until she is satisfied your insides are clean enough for what is to follow. She then takes you back to the doctor.

You are still undressed. The lady doctor commences to examine you in an ordinary fashion. She notes your height, weight, listens to your heart and lungs. Pokes and probes, has you stick out your tongue. All seems quite normal now, even though you are still wearing no garments. It is disconcerting to a degree, but you accustom rapidly. Perhaps there are inclinations to your character that have been hidden up to now ?

When she has finished with what you remember to be the traditional items she has you sit down on a linen covered table. She herself takes a chair and begins to question you.

“Your aunt is very solicitous of your well-being young man. I hope you are grateful for her concerns.”

This is not so much a question as a solemn statement designed to put you in a subdued state of mind. You cannot do otherwise than nod, so acknowledging your debt to your aunt.

“You are inevitably growing up, maturing. Many changes are taking place, some of which you may not even be aware. I’m going to ask you some questions first, which I of course expect you to answer truthfully. They may seem embarrassing but you must respond nonetheless. Is that understood ?”

Again you nod unwillingly and with trepidation.

“Fine. I shall do a more detailed examination later, but it is obvious that your organs are changing. The growth of hair is one observable indicator. When did you first notice ?”

You realize that the `organs’ she is referring to are not stomach, lungs, heart or such. The lady doctor is clearly alluding to your prick. You cannot be precise but tell her nonetheless that you first noticed the appearance of hair several months ago.

“Good. And has your organ ever grown stiff by itself ? Ever become hard ?”

Of course it has, though it was not much that concerned you. You blush and stammer something. As if speaking in your stead, your willie begins to pulse and throb, it becomes erect, sticking up. The doctor purses her lips and smiles to herself. She has the lad open his legs wider and lean backwards. Daintily she grips his organ between two fingers and squeezes.

“Well, that speaks for itself. But tell me, when did this first begin ?”

Now that you are forced to ruminate on the subject, you realize it has always been so. It is impossible to be precise. The doctor understands your answer. It is a good sign that youngsters recollect no beginning to their erections. It is a sign they have always possessed the gratifying ability.

“No matter. Do you find it pleasurable, agreeable when your willie is stiff such as now ? Do you take hold of it ? Play with it in any particular manner ?”

It appears to you that this lady physician has very odd and unusual ideas. You do not understand fully.

“Perhaps at night under the bedsheets ? Or when you are alone ?”

You shake your head.

“You are certain ? It is nothing to be concerned about, mind you. Though as in all activities, convention and good manners must be observed. No one has instructed you ?”

You sake your head again, mystified.

“Well I know for a fact that your aunt has not done so, she informed me quite clearly. But perhaps a playmate or acquaintance ?”

Your answer is still negative.

“Have you never compared willies with a chum ? Measured which is longest, played with each other ?”

The lady doctor does not disbelieve you, she just wonders if you are not overly shy about admitting to these activities. She also wonders if you are not just overly shy in general. That would be more concerning, but perhaps more interesting from her point of view. It is quite delectable instructing the innocent in the naughty ways of the flesh. She has had much experience and education and is not reluctant to share her knowledge.

“You have never touched another chap’s willie ? Let a friend touch yours ? Perhaps you have done other things then ? Used your mouths ? Or even let it be inserted into your bottom ?”

Such audacious ideas ! How revolting it appears at first. Yet as the questioning continues and becomes more detailed how disquietingly titillating it all comes to sound. The doctor suggests many variations on a theme, describes what can be done with pricks and mouths, fannyholes and hands.

She then turns to inquiring about the other gender. Have you ever looked between a girl’s legs ? Seen her organs, her slit ? Ever had an opportunity for a close inspection or mutual exploration ?

In this you must disappoint her as well. You are an innocent in many regards. Never have you played with another’s sexual organs, male or female, never been frigged or sucked or buggered by another. You have certainly not rogered any maiden or buxom matron either. Nor are you acquainted with the art of self-abuse. You are a blank slate. You have much to learn.

Where will she begin ? Onanism would be a natural first progression, but she thinks other activities to be more beneficial to your development. She will ponder these matters after she has examined your intimate areas.

The lady doctor now has you lay on your back. She places a small pillow under your lower spine, so elevating your pelvic region. You must spread your legs and knees wide open, you must remain unmoving and compliant while she goes about her business.

Her hands are cool and firm as she takes hold of your stiffened willie. She squeezes and feels up and down the length of the shaft, pushing with different degrees of intensity at various places. She rubs the skin and gauges the elasticity and firmness of your youthful erection by pressing your organ between two fingers up and down its length.

You are not circumcised which gives the lady doctor ample reason to explore and fiddle about with your foreskin. She pulls back so stretching the opening over your glans. This is not something you have ever done to yourself before, so therefore it is unexpected if not even painful.

You grimace and make a face, you try to pull away but the doctor has you in her grip. She admonishes you to lay still. She does not ask if this is painful to your willie, but she clearly sees that you will have difficulty retracting your foreskin with your organ so swollen and stiff.

She changes direction now. Instead of pulling down she now grabs the tip of your prepuce between two fingers and pulls the skin upwards and away. This is less painful for you though not at all pleasurable.

The lady doctor puts one of her fingers into the opening of your foreskin and feels around underneath. It is a very sensitive area and you tense your body, your thighs and legs rigid and trembling.

But she does what she must and continues her exploration. She moves her head closer to look at certain things, she moves her hands and fingers about in a manner that would in other circumstances be considered lewd and lascivious. But here, in her office, in this setting she is only performing a medical examination, however intimate it might seem to you.

She now takes several instruments to hand. A manual examination, however diligent cannot impart all necessary information. The tools look intimidating, they are constructed of shiny metals : steel and gleaming copper and brass. But for all the fearsomeness of their appearance they are not much more than measuring tools : calipers and rulers, gauges and the like.

The doctor opens a black leather ledger and makes notations as she measures your organ. Length, girth, circumference, diameter at tip and base : all is measured and written down. The smallest, most innocuous looking instrument, a tapered plug looking device, is the most invasive and discomforting tool in her array.

Se grabs hold of your glans and squeezes in a manner causing the urethra to open slightly. Into your peehole she then inserts the small cone shaped plug and pushes it into your willie as far as she can. You let out a yelp. The doctor admonishes you to remain silent. She is only noting the diameter of your peehole, a necessary measurement for her records. This is hardly a hardship she informs you.

But you are of another mind. With relief you feel her pull the offending device from your willie.

It seems that she has studied your prick in sufficient a manner. The lady doctor moves to a lower appendage and takes your still growing testicles to hand. They are but barely descended into a smallish sac of rimpled skin. She probes deeply with fingers, rolling each sensitive gland between her fingers, squeezing and rubbing, pulling the balls downwards and away from each other. The doctor produces a collection of orbs, each differing in diameter from the other and holds them one by one up against one of your testicles. This is a sensitive area, the handling almost painful, almost unbearably pleasurable. You must grimace and make an effort not to squirm away. When she has found a match in size and shape, she makes a note in the ledger.

Briefly the doctor then shifts attention to the area under your aching little testicles, but above your bumhole. It is a mound of flesh, soft and more sensitive than you would have thought. She feels and probes diligently, looking for you know not what information.

The doctor announces that she is done with your prick and balls, though she uses different words. You are relieved that it has come to an end. The examination of your organs was intense, almost painful at times, discomforting, embarrassing and yet pleasurable in all it’s intimacy.

But you are yet to be enlightened further. The doctor has only completed a superficial examination of your genitals. It is now time for her to focus her interest on your fannyhole.

Though Nurse has surely informed the doctor of what her treatment consisted, she has you describe yet again how Nurse treated you. She asks you unconcernedly if you emptied yourself unaided or if Nurse needed to employ fingers. You know not how to politely describe being figged by Nurse, so the doctor helps you along :

“Did Nurse have to insert anything into your bottom then ? Perhaps a small chandellette, a French suppository ?”

You think them not to be so small as the doctor suggests. But she is correct and you nod. You tell her Nurse employed two such irritating objects.

“Nothing to be concerned about. You’ll learn to quite enjoy such applications. But more of that later.”

The doctor smiles at you as she off-handedly mentions that you have not received your last suppository, that you are in for more of the same. You know not what to think of her remark. Surely your aunt is not planning on bringing you back here in the near future ? Is not one such examination sufficient ?

The doctor now has you turn over on your side. She instructs you to pull up one knee to your chest, to flex the other. Her intent is clear to you even before you have assumed the revealing position. She pulls one of your buttocks upwards and with her freehand commences to probe and feel your bumhole. You must in sequence, relax yourself as completely as possible so presenting her a flaccid sphincter to press and pinch, and then in opposite you must strain and push as if going potty.

The doctor stands in front of you and informs you that she must now examine the interior of your fanny. She pointedly and deliberately places a rubber finger cot and lubricant where you can see her preparations. With much show she slowly rolls the covering over a finger, holds up her hand and flexes the digit several times, as if she were an athlete preparing for an arduous endeavor. She lubricates the finger copiously, rubs the glistening lotion up and down the length of her forefinger.

Now she is ready. Standing to your front, she bends over and exposes your pulsing bumhole. The doctor presses up into you, pumping gently. Then she is in, past your sphincter.

Nurse has already put a finger into your fanny a short while ago. And while she was undoubtedly of a larger size, her intentions were different from the lady doctor’s. The doctor’s finger is seemingly relentless as it pushes deeper into your empty bowels, hooking every which way and what, rubbing against your insides.

This exploration takes a long time, or so it appears to you. What of import can one discover inside a bumhole you think as the doctor continues her probing and feeling. There must be more than you can imagine, as you lay immobile, impaled upon her restless finger.

Finally she retracts her digit. Under the overhead lights she examines the rubber cot from all angles searching for signs of you not what. Apparently she is satisfied with the condition of your insides for she nods and informs you that Nurse has done an admirable job in cleaning you out.

You hope that all is now over and that you be allowed to dress and return to your aunt. But your heart sinks as you see the doctor place a second finger cot on the table in front of you. Smiling knowingly at you, she rolls the second rubber covering over an adjacent finger and lubricates both cots.

Surely she is not planning on inserting both fingers into your bottom ? But the preparations are so obvious that you dare not ask.

Again she flexes lubricated digits expressly in your view, looking you directly in the eyes as she does so. She tells you not to worry, she is only going to see if you can take two fingers.

Your heart is beating faster as she bends over you and parts your buttocks. A first finger enters effortlessly, sliding up your fannyhole as if it were the most natural thing in the world. It is difficult to entertain the thought, but later you realize that it is not un-pleasurable when practiced a sufficient number of times.

But at the moment you have no idea of how diligent a practitioner you are to become. You feel the doctor’s second finger trying to find sufficient space to slide up into your bottom along with the first finger. This is an activity that is hardly to be classified as pleasurable. The doctor enjoins you to relax and loosen your fannyhole. Slowly she succeeds in inserting the tip of a second digit. This she slides slowly further up into you, wriggling and twiggling as needs be.

You grimace and clench teeth together, a tentative tear trickles from the corners of your eyes, you hold your breath anxiously.

Then she is past. Gratefully you feel her two digits inside you, your pulsing bumhole gripped tight around both. The doctor rests and asks how you feel. You truthfully reply that it is painful and wish it to be done and over.

The doctor shushes you and pats you on the buttocks. This is nothing she reassures, this is but a beginning. You will learn and be tutored as necessary. She predicts you shall come to appreciate such activity. It is just the beginnings that are difficult.

Thankfully she does not keep her double digits inserted for long a time. The doctor retracts them both at once. Your fannyhole is sore from being stretched open so widely. You relax.

But the examination is not yet done.

The lady doctor goes to one of the metal and glass cabinets. She comes back with several instruments and places them intentionally in your view. The look of uneasiness on your face amuses her. She smiles and clucks her tongue. There is absolutely no need for the young master to be so apprehensive she reassures. What she is about to do is nothing out of the ordinary. All of her patients must submit to these procedures. It is but a normal part of her examination. As her patient, this is not the last time you will thusly be examined.

First the doctor takes a metal instrument. It is pronged with short curved blades that open and shut. She lubricates the blades carefully, slowly so you can see all. There is no doubt in your mind : she is going to insert the instrument into your already oft violated fannyhole.

You are correct in your suppositions. The doctor tells you to turn over onto your hands and knees and present your backside to her. She forces your shoulders downwards onto the table and positions your knees wide apart. In this posture your buttocks are open, your bottom easily accessible.

As you suspected, the doctor inserts the blades of the metal instrument into your bottom. She twiddles with a lever, a ratchet or a whatnot and you feel your bumhole opening up yet again. You cannot make out what the doctor is doing, but you feel her moving around, picking up other instruments and devices, using them in some manner or another. You even see a small beam of electrically produced light. Can it be that the doctor is peering into your insides ? Whatever would be the purpose of that ?

This goes on for a time. You feel an instrument withdrawn, then yet another inserted. You hear noises behind you as the doctor goes about her work, using this device or another.

It is quiet in the examination room as you balance yourself on knees and hands, impaled fanny upthrust. You hear the pounding of your heart, feel the quickening pulse, you are cognizant of your rapid breathing.

But when nothing untoward happens save for the further examination of your insides by way of your bumhole, you begin to relax. You become aware of the doctor’s hands as she places them on disparate parts of your body. A favorite place is on one of your buttocks. Later you wonder if her touch is not more than a simple unavoidable contact between doctor and patient. Is she caressing you ? Does necessity dictate that her hand rest so long on your rounded bottom ?

She often places her hand on your abdomen as well, doing so by way of your opened thighs, instead of reaching around front. In this manner she cannot avoid brushing and rubbing against your still erect and throbbing prick, against your tautly clenched sac of youthful testicles.

You also hear the doctor’s breathing. It is regular and relaxed, it feels warm on your exposed backside. From time to time she makes a small noise, clucks with her tongue, almost inaudibly mouths a word or a phrase.

Then she retracts whatever device she has inserted in your fanny. She wipes you with a tissue and with a satisfied tone of voice informs you that you may turn around and sit. Gratefully you do so.

The lady doctor is drying her hands on a towel when Nurse knocks on the examination room door and enters. She informs the doctor that your aunt has returned and asks if she is to wait in the parlor.

The doctor stops to reflect for a moment and then asks that your aunt be escorted into the examination room. Nurse nods and beams approval. You are less than pleased, dismayed even. Must your aunt now see you naked ? Is there no end to this progression of mortification and embarrassment ?

Apparently not. As your aunt enters the examination room escorted by Nurse, you are seated on the table with crossed legs and hands upon your groin.

The lady doctor greets your aunt profusely and warmly. Invites her to come closer and observe as she finishes with you.

Your aunt’s eyes widen in surprise as she sees you unclothed, but she cannot entirely conceal a naughty grin. She purses her lips in an upended smile of understanding, then raises her eyebrows as she looks you in the eyes. Your naked appearance does not displease her it would seem.

The doctor tells you to get up from the table, to stand up straight, hands by your side. Reluctantly you do so, feeling all the more fool as your aunt’s eyes fix on your willie. She does not avert her gaze from your nakedness. Indeed it seems to you that she is pleased.

The doctor explains certain findings to your aunt, now and then pointing to parts of your anatomy. Your face is almost burning red as the doctor handles your organ this way and that. Much is made of your foreskin, the doctor making a point of the need for easy and painless retraction.

But you are not to hear all that the lady doctor is to suggest to your aunt. She has come to preliminary findings that she wishes to impart in confidentiality. The doctor instructs Nurse to take you into another room, while she and your aunt converse.

You are not present when the doctor makes her recommendations to your aunt. It would be an interesting conversation to follow.

Doctor : “There is no need for great concern regarding your nephew’s general health, madame. Of that you may be assured.”

Aunt : “No need for great concern, or no need for concern at all ?”

Doctor : “None of us are in a state of perfect health of course. Your nephew is, barring a few minor factors in good health indeed. Regarding his physical maturity there is some retardment, as you yourself so wisely surmised, but it is within acceptable limits. I have examined patients older than he with less developed genital organs. It in no way impaired their eventual maturity or even the siring of heirs.”

Aunt : “That is a relief to hear.”

Doctor : “Indeed so. Rest assured on that matter. There is however a minor matter regarding the lad’s prepuce that should be put to right.”

Aunt : “Oh my. Surely nothing entailing circumcision ?”

Doctor : “A drastic remedy which should best not be contemplated until all else fails. No, there are other methods to be tried first. It is clear that his foreskin is far too tight, it must be easily retracted when he is erect. Presently that is not possible. I would recommend a daily regime of manual stretching and enlarging.”

Aunt : “A daily regime ?”

Doctor : “Indeed. The exercises are not difficult to perform. A to and fro movement up and down the lad’s shaft with the skin just below the glans tightly gripped in the hand. Various creams and ointments can be used as aid to induce a greater elasticity.”

Aunt : “I see.”

Doctor : “It should not be difficult to schedule. I recommend either prior to retiring at night or after bathing.”

Your aunt is silent, no doubt contemplating how to best apply the doctor’s recommendations. She does not seem dismayed at the extra tasks involved.

Doctor : “The lad is I fear not only narrow of foreskin, but also unacceptably tight in another intimate opening. I heartily recommend an additional regime of anal dilation.”

Aunt “ Anal dilation ? Oh my, he is not misformed I hope ?”

Doctor : “Dear lady, forgive me. I meant not to cause you undue alarm. No no, the lad is merely possessed of a tight sphincter. From want of proper exercise in that area I surmise. Do you know if he is regular ?”

Aunt : “Regular ?”

Doctor : “Yes, in his bowel habits. Does he go potty daily ?”

Aunt : “Oh dear. I’m afraid I have no idea. Is that important ?”

Doctor : “Certainly so. I would recommend that your nephew be supervised from now on.”

Aunt : “How so ?”

Doctor : “Quite simple. Someone is to be charged with overseeing his bowel movements. They are to be present and must verify his daily regularity. If he cannot go of his own natural volition, there are a variety of aids to choose from. I recommend a therapy of water lavage in conjunction with other substances, or an application of French candles.”

Aunt : “French candles ?”

Doctor : “A medicinal term. Glycerin or soap suppositories. Very effective.”

Aunt : “I see.”

Doctor : “I have no idea of the boy’s susceptiveness of course. Mayhaps a simple figging by digit will suffice in many cases.”

Aunt : (A questioning look)

Doctor : “A lubricated finger inserted in the bum and moved in and out. Sometimes anointed with various substances.”

Aunt : “I had no idea such things were recommended by physicians nowadays.”

Doctor : “Oh yes. I pride myself on keeping up with the most modern of practices and treatments.”

Aunt : (nods appreciatively)

Doctor : “Regular bowel habits are a prerequisite to good health of course, but in the matter of the boy’s anal tightness, I must recommend additional therapy. As with his narrow foreskin, regular dilation will be necessary.”

Aunt : “How is that to be done doctor ?”

Doctor : “It would be best that the boy is scheduled for a series of treatments here at my surgery. But I would recommend a simplified daily dilation therapy as well. It can be done at home with a set of Pedderstekker’s dilators. Or if he is less taut than I suspect, perhaps even with the Futterman models. I will ascertain which type is best suited to his needs.”

Aunt : “Where does one procure such devices ?”

Doctor : “Ah, that will not be a problem. I have urged the chemist’s to stock all necessary equipment and instruments. They have followed my advice and profited handsomely I dare say. Everything can be easily procured locally. I need but write down my instructions.”

Aunt : “How reassuring. I had no idea that dilation ensured regular bowel habits.”

Doctor : “Ah, there is more to it than just regularity I fear.”

Aunt : “Oh dear..”

Doctor : “There is no need for premature concern. But if I may ask : the young man does not attend a boarding school I gather. Are there any plans in that direction ?”

Aunt : “I haven’t given the matter much thought actually. Though I suppose that sooner or later some sort of arrangements will have to be made. But how does this pertain to the findings you have made during your examination ?”

Doctor : “How best to put it ? You are of course aware of the private practices some of the older students and tutors engage in ?”

Aunt : (Timorously) “Yes I have heard of certain . vices that are engaged in amongst ruffians and louts, degenerates.”

Doctor : “I fear rumors are exaggerated somewhat. In an all male institution, such as for instance a boarding school, it is normal that youngsters and overseers engage in certain . diversions if you will, to relieve natural urges. There is nothing to be done about that I’m afraid. And in all candidness, I personally believe there to be little harm in those practices.”

Aunt : “How so ?”

Doctor : “Study has shown that youthful onanism, a bit of simple sodomy, a bout of buggery amongst chums is not as harmful as generally portrayed. In fact, it is now the considered opinion amongst experts that such is the natural progression of things. The cherished matrimonial ideal is of course the ultimate purpose of our natural urges, but one can hardly expect an adolescent to become an adept without prior practice, now can one ?”

Aunt : “Hmmm, you make a compelling argumentation. The logic seems irrefutable. But are there no pitfalls along the road ? For instance I would think that exposure to repeated intimate practices amongst fellow males would cause a lad to become predisposed to that same gender.”

Doctor : “Indeed the danger exists. That is why I stress the importance of having females attend to the patient’s therapy.”

Aunt : “Females ?”

Doctor : “Quite so. To come back to the practical matter at hand : the need for your nephew to be stretched and dilated. I would prefer a female hand to attend to the treatments.”

Aunt : “I see. But none of the domestics would be properly suited I fear. And surely I am not capable of administering to my nephew. I have no skills in the matter.”

Doctor : (Chuckles politely) “Skill is not the only prerequisite. A tender loving hand, a kind character, devoted attention and sympathetic understanding are often just as important. If you so wished, I am certain you would be an admirable help to your nephew.”

Aunt : “Well, I cannot refuse out of familial devotion of course, but I would be at a loss what to do.”

Doctor : “I understand quite fully and never suggested you take on the full weight of the therapy I will prescribe for your nephew. Constraints of time alone would require you to abandon other duties. In such a case as your nephew’s I would heartily recommend the services of a professional.”

Aunt : “A professional ? Where would one go about finding such a person ?”

Doctor : “In much the same way one goes about hiring a domestic. By enquiry amongst acquaintances.”

Aunt : “Dear me. I don’t believe I know of anyone employing such a person.”

Doctor : “Ahhh, you would be most surprised were I to confide in you. But it would be a severe breach of confidentiality were I to do so. I can however present you with a list of therapists I myself personally recommend.”

Aunt : “Oh, would you ? How kind. Perhaps you could assist me in making a choice ?”

Doctor : “I would be most delighted.”

The doctor takes a small book from her desk and together with your aunt they discuss various candidates. A choice is made.

In a short while a new live-in governess-therapist will move into your aunt’s residence. Interesting times are on hand for you.