“I thought you told me that your Chiropractor had instructed you to go home and take a series of enemas?” Her voice was cool and collected as the words landed in his ears. He had just turned off the faucet and the last of the water dripped from the shower head.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t hear what you said.” He pulled back the shower curtain and grabbed the towel to dry off. She was holding the portable phone in one hand, letting in rock from side to side as her wrist acted out her contemplative mood.

“I just talked with your Chiropractor; to make sure that I had done it properly.”, there was an elongated pause as she made sure he had heard this time. “She told me that it was a good idea; but that she had not suggested the treatment.” His eyes looked down as she continued. “She did ask if it had helped your lower back. I told her that I would ask.” She held the phone out in his direction.

“You mean she’s on the phone now? “ He gulped as a lump formed in his throat.

“I think it must be doing him some good. He is bending down to dry off much better than before.”, she talked into the phone when it became clear that he could not talk. “Yes, I’ll be sure to let you know if the treatment did any good.”, about to click off the phone, “Yes, He’ll be there on Friday as planned. Thanks’ again for your time.” She pushed the antennae down and placed the phone on the counter top and studied him for his reaction. He looked a little weak in the knees as he leaned against the wall to finish drying off.

“You called my Chiropractor? “ He quietly asked. He was afraid to continue and at the same time there were some questions he had to ask.

“Yes dear. We had a nice long talk about you and how to proceed with your treatments.” Beth knew that he had lied about the enema treatments. Now she wanted to find out , “Why did you think you had to lie to me? Did you think I was neglecting you? Is that why you thought you had to lie to me? “ She pretended to be hurt.

“I suppose so,” he tried to look at the floor.

“Well from now on there won’t be any need to lie. Your Chiropractor seems to think it will become a regular part of your treatment from now on.” It was bound to happen sooner or later. For years he had wondered what would happen, rather, how he would react if he had to submit to someone other than his wife. The idea of having to be given an enema was mingled with strong sexual overtones to him.

Friday came along like a dentist appointment. He didn’t want to get up that morning and have to make the scheduled appointment. On the other hand, Beth was up and chirping around in the kitchen. The alarm went off at five minutes before six and she was already making his breakfast. “Time to get up. I have the paper and your muffins are in the toaster already.” He rolled out of bed and walked quietly to the living room where he slid down onto the sofa.

“My back feels much better this morning. I could probably skip my appointment and set up for another one next week.” It was a feeble attempt on his part.

“Nonsense, I heard you each time you moved last night.” Beth brought him the plate of muffins and a glass of chocolate milk. “I think your just afraid of getting your back treatment. “She smiled and let him know that his secret was no longer a secret.

“Okay, I just wish . . .”, his mind wandered around while trying to find a way to say what was bothering him.

“That’s right dear, you need to finish up and get ready.” She watched him swallow the last bite and wash it down with the milk. “Now off to the bathroom and your shower.” He walked off in the general direction of the bathroom slowly. There was a peristaltic effect from eating that triggered his lower bowels. At least he would not be carrying a full load when he went to the chiropractor. He showered and dressed without any further conversation.

“I’m off now; are you parked behind me? “ He tried to act as if it was no big deal as he waited for her.

“Take my car, I’ll hold your calls if any come in early. You just worry about your chiropractic appointment.” Beth smiled a bigger than normal smile. He drove off and was a couple of minutes early as he waited out front. He signed in and took a seat, quickly finding a magazine to hide behind.

“V.B.; we’re ready for you. “, the young woman stood at the open door which lead to the treatment rooms. There was nothing in her voice that was any different as she asked how he was doing. “On a scale of one to ten, one being the best and ten being the worst; how would you rate your back today? “ It was a standard question that he was used to hearing as she filled out the sheet of paper that was clipped to the outside of his ever thickening folder.

“Oh, two, two and a half. “ He didn’t want to talk at all as she continued to go on about how her husband and son had gone to the ball game the night before.

“Face down on the table. “, the simple instructions came out as she began to place the electrode pads on his back. “Here’s the two on your lower back.”, waiting for him to feel the appropriate level of agitation from the electric stimulation. A few moments went by, “That’s as high as that goes. Now the two in the middle. . . “, and so on until they were all buzzing away. “I’ll check on you in a few minutes. “

“Yes Ma’am.” He quietly replied as she closed the door and left him to his thoughts. When she returned he was nearly asleep. She removed the pads and gave him a once over with the large body vibrator.

“The Doctor will be right in.” She closed the door and he again wished he were home. How would he respond to her questions now that Beth had talked with her? There was no time to think about it as the door swung the other day; Beth, isn’t it?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He tightened up as the words landed in his ears.

“Your so lucky to have a wife who understands and wants to be there for you.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He waited for a turn in the direction that the conversation would take. His breathing became more shallow as he thought about it.

“ You tell her to keep up the good work.” He felt her hands slide around again, “Crack “. She stepped back and the table rose. “That should do it until the next time.” She walked to another treatment room and left him to put his shirt back on.

“Yes Ma’am.” Nothing, nothing at all about enemas. He walked up and paid his fee while the receptionist jotted his name down for the next appointment. When he got home he was even more curious as to what kind of conversation Beth had had.

“How did it go?” She waited at the door as he walked across the lawn. She was wearing her white nurse’s uniform and holding a red enema bag in one hand. “Are you ready for the rest of your treatment?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He had a blank look on his face while trying to figure it out.

“I’ll bet your wondering what the doctor and I had to talk about? “She winked at him as he stood speechless in front of her. “Nothing much; massage techniques and things like that.” His eyebrows lifted a bit, “Enemas? No, I don’t think that ever came up. Would you like me to call her back and ask? “

“No Ma’am.” A look of relief came over him as she led him off to the bathroom.

Note: These stories, “The Chiropractor’s Solution” and “Caught “, were written as suggestive letters to my wife to guide her into roll playing.

Having obtained favorable results from “The Chiropractor’s Solution “, this one came to me after an interesting chain of events. I had a late evening appointment at the real chiropractor’s office.

While I was there, another patient was brought in who needed lots of care; having been in a traffic accident. They took more X-rays, lots of extra massage therapy, and all of the workers were pulled in to work on this guy. I had almost been forgotten as I lay on the table for the better part of an hour. It was getting late and I didn’t want my wife to worry about me. The chiropractor explained what had happened and gave me a free treatment for being a good sport.

The next time I had an appointment with her, while I was on the table and being cracked and popped, I heard, “Don’t worry if your wife calls again. I explained everything to her.”

I had forgotten all about the long delay from the previous visit and all I could imagine was the suggestive story I had given my wife. In that moment is where this story came to life.