Gene’s Exam Story

I met my doctor/playmate online a long time ago. We talked to each other quite a lot and then decided to meet. Both of us were real nervous but we decided to try this anyway. He told me that his fetish for medical things started when he was a little boy of 5 having his tonsils taken out. That’s his earliest memory of doctors, nurses and hospitals. He said that when he gets really stressed at the hospital, he wants to be a patient again so he can be taken care of for a change. And that’s just what I like to do, be his “doctor.” But I think it’s that first playtime that we always remember so well.

He showed up at my apartment carrying a whole box of goodies because he was going to teach me how to do different things. He set the box down on my sofa and then turned to me and held his arms out for a big hug. I gladly gave it to him. Gosh he felt good in that hug! Then he began to show me all the things he had brought for me to use in playing with him. There was a three-way 18fr catheter, a brand new sterile catheter tray and a 16fr Foley catheter. I saw the bags of syringes and needles and a bag of sterile saline solution and some vitamin B-12 vials. Then out came something called an enteral delivery system. I was going to get some teaching time first so I could properly take care of him. I love his teaching times because he uses me as his subject. The “toys” I had were already in waiting for him on the long table next to my bed.

First he was going to examine me. I lay back on the bed crosswise so he could stand in front of me to what he was going to do. I anchored my feet on the edge of the bed and obeyed his order to “spread your legs.” He began to inspect my genitals, very gently touching and moving them so he could see them better. He spread my labia open and exposed my clitoris, giving it a brief little caress. Then he inserted two fingers into my vagina and felt all around inside of me to learn that part of my body. Then he announced that I needed a bladder irrigation since he could tell that my bladder was “spastic.” Now this sounded exciting. He inserted the tube connector from the enteral thing into the catheter’s small funnel tube opening and opened the flow meter to let the water flow through to bleed out any air. Next he attached the outflow funnel to the drainage bag and hanged it on the side rail of the bed. Then he held open my labia and prepped me with betadine, lubed the catheter tip and slowly inserted it into me. I love this part! Once the urine had started to drain from me, he inflated the balloon inside of me.

He asked me if I was ready and I nodded “yes.” As he opened the flow meter I could see the level of the water in the bag begin to drop. The water was not warm so I could feel a certain coolness in my bladder as I began to fill. This is a really unusual feeling if you’ve never had it. Very erotic. But I noticed a curious thing too. Even though he would look at my nakedness he would mostly glance away and look elsewhere while I filled. I guess his doctor-training kind of gets in the way because they are conditioned to be considerate of the patient’s modesty and embarrassment. When I told him I felt really full and had to pee, he just smiled, shut off the flow and opened the tube to the drainage bag. I felt that rush of the water going out of me as my bladder deflated. I was getting very turned on! We repeated this process a few more times with him explaining each step to me.

Next, he taught me how to give injections. He had Xeroxed a bunch of stuff that showed me how to do it. Then he taught me how to fill the syringe and find the right place for the intramuscular injection. He gave the filled syringe to me and told me to give him a shot. I was amazed at how easy the needle slid into him. Then I slowly pushed in the plunger of the hypo and saw the fluid going from the hypo into his body. What a rush!

Ok now everything was ready and it was my doc’s turn to be the patient! You must remember that this is a very capable and skilled doctor here. He’s quite the man in charge, macho even. So I was understandably nervous. And I wasn’t quite sure of the role-play aspect of it yet. So I decided to barge ahead right into the scenario.

I told him that he was going to get a very thorough examination and must remove all of his clothes. He looked at me meekly and said “all of them?” Yes, I said. No argument, he undressed totally. This was the first time I’d seen his whole body. Not bad at all. I’m going to like this, I thought. I gave him a visual once over and then told him to get up on the bed and make himself comfortable and he did. I can imagine how a man must feel the first time he’s able to get a new woman into his bed and look at her lying there waiting for him.

I began to assemble and line up all the things I was going to use on my patient. I knew what his fetishes were since we had discussed everything in detail before he even came over. As I was hustling and bustling to set up my “instrument tray” I heard this meek little voice coming from the direction of my bed, “What are you going to do to me?” I turned to see a complete change in his demeanor. There was this cute teddy bear looking vulnerable little boy looking back at me. My heart melted. I wanted to just cuddle him in my arms and comfort him. But I shook myself back into reality and got to work.

I used this opportunity to inspect his entire body, examining and lightly caressing every part I touched. I found out that he liked to have his nipples played with. In other parts he’s ticklish and don’t go there. I got a nice moan of pleasure as I circled his belly button with a finger. Next I told him to roll over on his side so I could take his rectal temp. Oh man what a nice bottom! I lifted the right cheek to expose his little rosebud. It looked almost virginal it was so nice. As I inserted the thermometer he involuntarily tensed but another moan of pleasure came out of him. I twirled it and moved it in and out of him. Temp was normal!

I pulled on a latex glove, lubed the first two fingers and slipped one inside him to find his prostate gland. As I moved my finger around to get to know it, his body quivered a little. Well I took my finger out and told him I could go no further with his exam since he obviously was not clean enough inside and I would have to give him a couple of enemas. I used my Higginson pump and a colon tube. I like this because you don’t have to hang a bag. Just put the intake tube into a gallon jug of water and pump the air out. I lubed the last 4 inches of the colon tube and spread those gorgeous cheeks once again and got tremendously turned on as I watched the tube disappear into his rectum. Then I slapped his cute bottom and told him to roll onto his back and “spread ‘em.” I love to watch a man on his back receiving an enema. The division of his cheeks into which the tube is disappearing, his scrotum laying against his body with the penis topping it is such a sight! And I can massage his belly and stroke his penis while the water flows into him.

I gave the Higginson a good pump and my patient’s eyes opened a bit wider in surprise. Another pump, another and another. Then a rest while his body adjusted to the invasion. He commented on the unusual sensation of the surges of water. Pretty soon he was full and I made him hold his enema for a while. After he had expelled it for me, I gave him another enema just like I’d given the first. For the second one, he asked for more water, which I happily gave him. With the enemas over I was ready for the grand finale. I examined his penis very closely, took note of how large the urethral meatus was and got the catheter tray ready. His eyes were a bit big in his head but he made no protests. Penis cleansed, and catheter ready I aimed for his hole as his eyes got even a little bigger. I learned that this was his first catheterization. “Oh great,” I thought. “This is not going to be that comfortable for him.” I dislike when it’s not all total pleasure. But in went the catheter.

Did I mention that I love watching that tube disappear into a penis? Mmmmmmmm. He jumped a little when it reached his prostate but still no protests. Finally it went into his bladder and urine began to drain. I inflated the balloon and got him into position for the rest of his “treatment.” On goes the latex glove and I began to methodically examine his scrotum, feeling the testes and all the little tubes inside him. I would hold them in my hand and roll them around a bit, then squeeze and pull on them. I could tell he liked this. Then I lifted his sack and felt where the penis disappeared into his body. With fingers on either side of it, I traced it’s path into him under the perineum and finally curving up into his body. I pressed against that curve to stimulate his prostate from the outside. Another moan of pleasure.

My fingers then lightly tickled his anus before entering him and finding his prostate again. Yep, he was definitely snug there, almost virginal. I felt around and discovered a tube like something that led to his anal ring. I’d never felt anything like this inside a man and wondered what it was. He explained to me that it was an internal thrombosed hemorrhoid. Not painful but there just the same. It was fascinating to realize how these things feel in the human body. Doctors must have totally awesome experiences working with their patient’s bodies.

Ok prostate is found, I can feel the catheter going through the prostate and into his bladder, even the little balloon nestled there. And he’s not protesting at all but has no idea what I’m about to do. I begin to massage his prostate, stroking and teasing it. Taking my time and watching his face and eyes as he drifts off into a wonderland. His hips begin to move in concert with my stroking. I reach up between his legs and find the base of his penis, encircle it with my hand and lightly squeeze. His eyes flash open for a second and a groan of pleasure escapes him.

I begin to stroke his penis outward in a tight grip, milking him, all the while I am still massaging his prostate and watching the clear precum ooze out of the cathed meatus. I increase my stroking and massaging and I hear him begin to give little grunts, trying to not make sounds. All of a sudden, his back lifts off the bed and his head goes back.

I hear “OH! Aaaaaahhhhh!! Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh Gaaaawwwwwwwwdddd!” Then I see big (I mean BIG) white clumps of cum shoot out of him. I’m used to seeing it ooze around the catheter but this time it was pulsing and shooting out of him! What a sight to behold!

When it was done, his body went totally limp and I withdrew my fingers from him.

He drifted in and out of light sleep as I cleaned his body of the ejaculate and KY jelly. I deflated the catheter and very slowly withdrew it from his penis. And his penis continued to ooze white fluid for a few minutes. I kissed his cheek and cuddled him. He told me later that was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had.

The End

Gene (yes I’m a girl!)