Happy Birthday

By CIT146@aol.com

My loving wife Chris just loves a good enema and after many years of marriage has been able to win me over to the point where I genuinely enjoy them with her, even though perhaps not to the same extent.

For several weeks before Chris’s birthday I had been wondering what to get her that she’d really like. Jewelry was one consideration, but I had played that hand in earlier years as well as last Christmas. Then about the week before the big day, the idea just came to me: why not see if I could find her a inflatable nozzle nozzle? Ultimately we could both enjoy it and she’d never in a million years guess that I’d actually buy her one. (I really do love to surprise her.)

The day before her birthday I stopped at a medical supply company in town. They only had a double inflatable nozzle in stock, but being a bit flustered I decided to proceed and make the purchase with a minimum of discussion.

The next day I got home before Chris so I went looking for the wrapping paper and ribbon. I finished wrapping her gift just as I heard her garage door go up. Moments later my wife came in and I gave her a welcome hug and a little kiss before presenting her with the package. She smiled and had begun to rip off the wrapping when our neighbor and Chris’s best friend, Gina, knocked on the door and came right in. Being a nurse and just coming home from work, she was still dressed in her scrubs. It’s also important to say that Gina is in her mid 30’s, divorced, and has two teenage kids, but is also a fine looking woman with a wonderful body.

“Hi. And happy birthday,” she called from the doorway.

As timing would have it, Chris just finished unwrapping the gift and saw what it was when Gina came into the kitchen.

“Oh my! What did you get?” she asked. “Looks like something for some fun otherwise it wouldn’t have been gift wrapped.” Gina was already starting to giggle.

Chris at this point was a little bit embarrassed, but then said without skipping much of a beat, “Richard bought it for me, but the only problem is neither of us know how to use one.”

“It’s really no problem at all. I can even show you, if you want,” Gina readily volunteered. “I’ve got a few minutes to spare. Besides, the kids are at a basketball game tonight.”

Gina is very spontaneous just like Chris, and before I knew what was happening the three of us were trooping up the stairs. Chris headed for the bathroom and pulled out our red open top enema bag from under the sink and handed it to Gina exclaiming that since the inflatable nozzle was her birthday present she should be the first to use it.

Moments later, without further explanations from anyone, Gina was at the sink running the water, waiting for it to get to the right temperature as Chris went and changed into just her robe. Chris then put some towels down on the bed before lying down on her side. Gina emerged from the bathroom and handed me the bulging bag of warm water. “I’ll need you to help as well as watch,” she told me.

“The secret to a good inflatable nozzle enema is lots of lubricant,” Gina explained as she put a big glob of KY up Chris’s bum and spread some more on several inches of the new nozzle. Moments later she was showing me how it was to get gently worked up inside Chris, who was clearly enjoying the whole process.

I felt like a student again as Gina instructed me how to inflate both the inner and outer balloons in order to make a tight seal in my wife’s bottom. Moments later as I continued to hold the bag, Gina released the clamp and Chris began to smile, saying, “Mmmm. I have always wanted to know what it felt like to get an enema with one of these.”

Not surprisingly she took the whole two quarts without even the tiniest problem. Gina shut the clamp and after a few minutes deflated the balloons and carefully removed the nozzle. By this point Chris didn’t need any special prompting to head off to the toilet to expel. Meanwhile, Gina took the equipment to the sink and proceeded to clean it up.

A few minutes later Chris came out of the toilet. She was, of course, all smiles (as she always is after an enema). That’s when I got yet another surprise as Gina said, “In all my years as a nurse I’ve used these on other people, but have never had one myself. Of course I still manage to regularly give myself enemas, but I always wanted to know what it was like. Chris, you wouldn’t mind? Would you?”

Chris said of course not and Gina told her that since I knew how to use the new nozzle I should be also instructing Chris, meaning that Chris would need to be holding the bag as I lubed Gina’s bottom and worked the inflatable nozzle in. As I proceeded to prepare a new enema, Gina went to the bedroom, stepped out of her scrubs bottoms and panties and laid down on the bed.

Moments later I came back into the bedroom and handed the full enema bag to Chris, however, one look at Gina’s luscious bare bottom and in an instant I managed to get one tremendous erection. But I am now also thinking, “My God, I still have to lubricate Gina’s bottom, but also Chris is standing right here at my elbow holding the bag and watching my every move. Be cool, Richard. Be cool.”

I reached for the KY and began the procedure trying to muster all of the clinical detachment that I could under the circumstances. I suspect that Gina really enjoyed that part. Without the slightest doubt I really did enjoy fingering Gina’s bum making sure it was fully dilated. Somehow, and don’t ask me how, we got through it. Gina even complimented me on my fine technique and went off with dispatch to expel her enema.

Now the reader probably knows where the story is heading–and they’re probably right. Gina came out of the toilet and put her panties back on meaning that here I am a fully dressed guy in the presence of two attractive, mostly undressed women, one of whom is my wife, the other, her best friend. In addition, Gina wants to make sure that Chris fully understands the proper technique with the inflatable nozzle, and since I am the only one present who hasn’t ever experienced a inflatable nozzle I am told (no, read that ordered) to get undressed as Chris goes back into the bathroom to make yet the third enema of the evening.

I do what I’m told: I get undressed and lie down. If I had any kind of erection before, it is clearly a very stiff throbbing one by the time Chris inserts her KY coated fingers into my bottom and dilates my pucker. Moments later she begins to slowly insert the inflatable nozzle nozzle into me. What a sensation.

As she inflates the inner balloon, I begin to feel a real urge to cum. She inflates the outer one and moments after the clamp was opened and the warm water hit my prostate area I could not suppress the feeling any longer with the result being I put a huge wet spot on the towel covering the bed. Was I ever embarrassed. To add insult to my injury both Chris and Gina managed to let out little giggles despite their best efforts to hide them. Meanwhile the big, warm enema continued to flow.

Some while later after being allowed to expel my enema, I come out of the toilet and put on my robe. Then the three of us went downstairs. I opened a chilled bottle of champagne and the three of us, all in our semi-undressed states, took comfortable seats in the living room, toasted Chris’s birthday, and had more than just a few real good laughs recapping the evening’s exploits. Gina told us that we both had good enema techniques and that as enemates not to worry–our little secret was certainly safe with her.

“You’ve got to admit, it’s sure a different way to celebrate a birthday,” Chris observed with a giggle.

“Besides,” Gina added, now laughing so hard as to be doubled over in hysterics, “Whoever it was who said, ‘with friends like these who needs enemas?’ has it all wrong! With friends like these you really DO need enemas!”

We all held up our glasses. “Up yours!” we chorused.