Linda's Angel

Saturday morning, Linda sat in the waiting room at the student health clinic. She dreaded doctors, but she was in misery. The cold she had been fighting all week was pretty much gone but she was still weak-kneed and shaky, and the fever had subsided; but she had a terrible bellyache.

She tried to interest herself in the year-old magazines on the table, but couldn’t concentrate. She was scared; her freshman-year roommate had developed appendicitis in much the same way after a bout with the flu.

Finally, the girl at the desk called her name. Linda knew her slightly; she was a student at the college who worked part-time at the clinic. The girl led Linda into an exam room with one of those “stirrup” tables and handed her a disposable gown. “OK,” she said, patting the table, “put this on and get up here; the doctor will be with you shortly.” She left the room, closing the door behind her.

Linda, reluctantly, began to undress. She had worn jeans and a sweatshirt and sneakers; so there was not a lot to take off. Soon, she was sitting on the table, wearing just her panties and the gown. Feeling very uneasy, she wondered if the doctor was going to make her remove the panties.

Just as this thought came to her, the door opened and a serious young doctor entered carrying a clipboard. “Well, Miss, uh,” he looked at the clipboard, “Williams, I’m Doctor Riccardi, what seems to be the problem today?”

With some hesitation, she told him about the previous week and her illness. He asked her some questions about her period and bowel habits. He asked her to lie down on the table, pulled her panties down below her navel, and felt her abdomen. He then reached under the waistband of the panties and felt down almost to her pubic area; but, much to her relief, her didn’t ask her to remove them.

After a few minutes, which Linda endured with her teeth clenched, he straightened up and said, “Well I don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong; you’re just constipated. Wait here, the nurse will be right in.”

As he turned to leave, Linda said, “Should I get dressed now?”

The doctor replied, “Not just yet.”

A few minutes later the door opened, and a nurse came in. Linda noticed that she was a very attractive girl, probably a graduate of the college program. Her nametag read Angela Kelly RN. She was young, slim, and petite with short, dirty blonde hair and cat-like green eyes. She had a large smile and friendly self-assured manner, which made Linda warm all over. Linda couldn’t help noticing that she had shapely legs and thighs under her short white dress.

“Hi Hon,” she said, “I’m Angela, and we have to go down the hall.”

“Do I get dressed now?” Linda asked.

“No, we’ve got to get you taken care of first.” she replied. “Here, wait a minute, these things are awful!” Angela said gesturing to the open back of the exam gown, “The back just hangs open.” She handed Linda a terry cloth robe, “Put this on for now,” she said.

She followed the nurse down the hall to a room marked ‘Treatment’. There were two beds in this room, one was a stirrup-type and the other was a regular hospital bed. Each had a privacy curtain around it. Through a little door to one side, she saw a bathroom.

Angela patted the hospital bed and said, “Take the robe and panties off and lie down her on your left side.”

Linda flushed, “What are you going to do?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought the doctor told you, nothing serious, you just need an enema.”

Linda felt her face getting red, “I thought you’d just give me a laxative or something,” she said.

Angela put a hand on her shoulder, “It’s OK Hon; there’s nothing to it; you’ll feel lots better right away.”

“No, I don’t think I can do this,” Linda said.

“Don’t be silly!” Angela said, “There’s nothing to it; I give them to myself all the time. It won’t hurt!” She put her hand in the small of Linda’s back and gently guided her to the bed. “C’mon Hon, take the robe off and we’ll be done in a jiffy.”

Linda relented and took the robe off; she handed it to Angela. Angela hung it on a hook on the back of the door. Linda slid her panties over her hips; they dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them. Angela couldn’t help but notice how attractive Linda was. She was fuller-figured than Angela with shoulder-length dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a creamy complexion. As Linda got on the bed, Angela admired her dark pubic patch, creamy thighs, and plump buttocks. The thought that shortly she’d be putting a nozzle between those buttocks made her heart pound.

Angela thought of her nursing school lab-partner, Barbie, and the day when, as part of a class assignment, they had given each other enemas. Barbie had hated it; but Angela had almost come during the procedure. She had also realized, for the first time, that, she could be attracted to other women.

Her thoughts returned to Linda. She sat down on the bed beside her and put a hand around her shoulder; she could feel her trembling. “Have you ever had an enema before?” she asked.

“Well a long time ago when I was a kid,” Linda responded.

“Well there’s nothing to it; I enjoy them. A good cleaning out will make you feel better. Lie here and relax, I’ll be back in a sec.” With that she left the room.

Linda lay on the bed thinking about how much she enjoyed it when the nurse touched her. She was cute too! Not that she would ever. No! That was gross! How could she even think these thoughts! But, now she felt more relaxed, maybe this wouldn’t be too bad. Maybe having Angela give her an enema would be OK.

Angela came back into the room with several items including a bedpan and placed them on the counter. Linda said, “Can’t I just use the toilet?”

“Well, maybe; but we should have this handy anyway,” Angela said.

She unwrapped a small disposable bulb-type syringe and placed it on the counter. Also, on the counter was a large bag in a clear wrapper. Angela pulled on a pair of latex exam gloves and opened a small jar of Vaseline. She took a glob of it on her finger, told Linda to roll over on her belly, and sat down on the bed next to her. “OK Hon, just relax,” she said. She spread Linda’s buttocks and inserted her index finger into the brown pucker of her asshole. She could feel Linda quiver as she did this. She had a nice view of Linda’s pussy and could feel herself getting wet. Linda was really quite attractive!

Linda could feel the nurse’s finger push against her puckered asshole. It resisted, then parted and Angela’s finger slid a long way into her rectum. Angela lubricated her with a fucking motion. Linda could felt herself becoming wet. This was terrible! She was totally humiliated! Ooohhh God! Unconsciously she began to pump her hips slightly. “Stop that!” she told herself.

Angela noticed that this was having a strange effect on her patient. Interesting, she thought; maybe she could make Linda enjoy this. She removed her finger and picked up the “Fleet” enema. “OK, Baby this is just a small one to get you started. This will take a few minutes to work. Ready?”

Linda nodded; she felt the tip pressing against her asshole. As it parted and the nozzle slid up her, she felt a thrill go up her spine. OOOoohh Baby! Angela squeezed the bulb and Linda felt the fluid fill her. It wasn’t too bad actually, just strange. Just then, Angela pulled it from her rectum. Linda felt slightly disappointed.

“OK Hon, roll over on your back, in a few minutes you’re going to have to poop real bad!” Angela stripped off the gloves and the empty ‘Fleet’ and discarded them. Angela sat down on the bed and began kneading her belly. Oooh this was real nice, Linda thought.

Angela was getting real horny by now. She wanted this girl. Bad! As she lay there Angela was getting a real nice view of her pubic region. She wanted to see her breasts, which were still covered by the gown. Suddenly Linda sat up. “Uuh oh! I gotta go!”

“OK, Baby,” Angela put an arm around her and helped her to the toilet. Linda sat down and a torrent ran out of her. It stopped almost immediately. Linda wiped herself and stood up. Angela noticed that she had soiled her gown; Linda noticed it too, “Yuck!” she said.

Angela said, “Here take it off and I’ll get you another.” Linda removed the soiled gown and was totally naked. Angela noticed that she had gorgeous breasts! Large, slightly pendulous with large pinkish brown nipples. Angela was so horny she thought she was going to come right there. She helped Linda back to the bed and, with trembling hands, prepared the E-Z- EM bag with warm water and soap.

Linda’s eyes got big when she saw the size of the bag. “Don’t worry, Hon, you don’t have to take it all at once. I won’t let it hurt you.” Angela rolled her onto her left side and hung the bag on an IV stand. The placed the bulbous nozzle against her asshole and pushed gently. “Ok, try to push it out,” she said. Linda did so, her asshole dilated and the nozzle slid right in.

Linda felt the nozzle slide up her butt, God it was big!! Angela released the clip but Linda felt nothing at first. Suddenly she felt growing warmth in her rectum, which spread, to her belly. Oooh! Suddenly she realized that she was real horny. She was about to come!! Oh God! She wanted Angela to touch her! Maybe if she moaned, Angela would massage her belly. “OOOhhhhh!!”

“Too fast?” Angela said. “Here I’ll slow it down a bit.” She closed the clamp slightly and sat down on the bed. “Roll over on your back,” she said. Linda did so and Angela unhooked the bag from the stand and rearranged the tube. She began to rub Linda’s swollen belly. She was so horny she was almost out of control. She noticed that Linda had a strange look in her eyes as she looked at her. As she massaged Linda’s swollen belly, she started to work her way down to her pubis. She noticed that Linda was thrusting her hips again and panting softly.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. They both started. Angela pulled the privacy curtain and walked around it to the door. Linda heard someone say, “Angela, Dr. Riccardi needs you in 3; I can finish up here for you.” A plump middle aged nurse came around the curtain. Suddenly, Linda felt very naked and exposed. “How are we doing dear?” she asked.

“Where’s your gown?” the woman asked.

“Uh, it got dirty,” Linda said. The woman left for a minute and came back with a clean one. Suddenly Linda felt very full. The nurse removed the nozzle and, put the clean gown on her and helped her to the toilet.

Once Linda was seated on the toilet, the nurse left, returning several minutes later with Linda’s clothes. “Here are your clothes, dear. As soon as you feel ready, you can get dressed.” Linda sat on the toilet until she was empty, then dressed herself.

She stopped at the desk on the way out; Angela was nowhere in sight. Disappointed, she left and went back to her apartment. During the drive home, she tried to make sense of it all. Was she attracted to Angela? Was Angela attracted to her? Was this whole thing her imagination working overtime? She wanted to see Angela again and yet, she didn’t know why. Surely, she wasn’t one of those…. But, Angela’s touch had a strange effect on her. She wanted Angela to touch her again!

She was tired, so she tried to take a nap; but sleep wouldn’t come. Angela kept appearing in her daydreams. What good friends they could be! She wanted to kiss her. Linda wondered what might have happened if they had not been interrupted by the knock She wanted to see her again; but she knew she could never be so bold to seek her out. What was her last name? Kelly? Linda wondered where she lived. At eight thirty, she gave up trying to sleep. She was depressed.

It seemed that, because of her illness, a whole week had elapsed since she’d done laundry; she decided that that was as good a way as any to spend a Saturday night. She felt like being alone. She went downstairs to the Laundromat and found it deserted.

She started to sort the laundry, checking the pockets as she did so. She picked up the jeans that she had worn to the clinic and found a slip of paper in the pocket. She unfolded it. It was a sheet from a memo pad. At the top was the logo of the student health clinic. Hastily scrawled below that was, ‘Call me! Angela’ and a phone number.

Linda stared at the slip of paper, dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her heart was pounding! She looked at her watch. It was nine fifteen. She hurriedly put the clothes into the washer and went back up to her apartment. With trembling fingers, she dialed the phone. It rang forever. She was about to hang up when she heard a familiar voice say, “Hello?”

Her throat went dry. “Angela?” She squeaked.

“Yes”, came the reply “who’s this?”

“Linda… I was at the clinic today…” she replied.

“Oh hi Hon, How are you feeling?”

Linda could hear the warmth in her voice. “OK, I guess,” Linda replied. And then, there was an awkward pause.

Angela broke the silence, “I’m glad you called,” she said, “I was getting ready to go to bed.”

“Do you want me to call you tomorrow?” Linda asked.

“No, no, It’s OK, do you want to come over?”

Linda paused for a moment…. “Do you want me to?”, she asked.

“Yes, I’d like that.”

“Where do you live” Angela gave the address and Linda realized that it was only about a mile away, in another of the University apartments.

A half hour later, after calling a neighbor to finish the laundry and hurriedly putting on her new dress and best cologne, Linda was knocking at the door. The door opened and Angela answered. She was wearing a terry bathrobe. “Hi Baby”, she said, I’m glad you came!” I love your dress! “C’mon in, I was watching a movie. Do you want a drink?”

“Sure,” Linda said, “Seven & Seven would be nice.”

Angela said, “I was just about to take a shower when you called.”

“Well go ahead,” Linda said, “I can watch the movie.”

Angela handed Linda a glass and gave her a smile that made her melt, “Or you can join me! C’mon, It’ll be fun, I promise!”

Linda allowed herself to be led to the bedroom where they undressed. Angela dropped the robe on the floor; she was naked underneath. The sight of Angela’s compact body thrilled Linda. She was slim and had small breasts. Her pubic area was naturally blonde, neatly trimmed and almost perfectly triangular her thighs were muscular. Linda had never tasted a woman and she wondered what Angela would taste like. Then it occurred to her that she probably going to find out!

Angela was smiling at her; she realized that she had been staring at Angela and had made no move to undress. “Like what you see?”

Linda nodded. Angela came over to her and began to undress her. When Linda was nude, Angela kissed her on the lips and said, I love that perfume! Linda put her arms around Angela and they kissed again. This time their tongues touched. Linda felt something between her legs and realized that Angela was caressing her. It felt soooo good!

They went into the bathroom and Angela started the shower. As they stepped in, Linda noticed that Angela had something that looked like a shower-massage. It connected up by the showerhead and it had a shiny chrome hose like a shower massage; but the end looked like a douche nozzle with many holes.

Angela was soaping her all over. And she was caressing Angela. They embraced and kissed as the warm water flowed over their bodies.

“Can, I taste you?” Linda asked. Angela just smiled, nodded and kissed her. Linda put her hands between Angela’s thighs and felt the wetness there.

Angela relaxed her thighs and Linda penetrated her with her fingers. Angela leaned back against the shower wall and moaned softly, “Oh baby!”

Linda brought her hand up and put her fingers in her mouth. They were salty, with a delicious tangy musk.

Angela turned her around until her back was to the showerhead, “I have a special treat for you,” she said. Linda saw her reach up to the showerhead; a moment later, Angela was reaching her arms around behind Linda’s hips spreading her buttocks. Linda felt a nozzle between her buttocks, spraying her asshole with warm water. She moaned, Angela said, “Do you want it?”

“Oh baby, yes, please!”

“What do you want? Say it!” Angela demanded.

“I want you to do it!” Linda moaned

“Do what!” Angela kissed her again.

“I want you to give it to Me. Please!”

“Give you what?” She asked with a devilish smile.

“What do you want me to do to you baby? Tell me!”

Linda was almost out of her head with ecstasy and anticipation. “Please! I want you to give me the enema!”

Angela kissed her. “Good Girl!”

Linda felt the nozzle press against her anus; the water began to enter her; Angela spread her buttocks further and the nozzle slipped in.

“OOOooooh Baby! Ooooohhh!”

Angela held the nozzle in place with one hand and began massaging Linda’s clitoris with the other.

“Just let it, out when you need to Baby,” she said.

Linda was beginning to look like she was pregnant; but was beyond caring. She began to moan as an orgasm overcame her. Angela went down on her knees and began to suck on Linda’s clitoris. As Linda came, her guts spasmed and she began to expel the enema. She could feel it running down her legs. She could feel the warm water almost up to her rib cage and it was flowing out almost as fast as it was going in. “Good girl!” Angela said. She had ceased her cunnilingus and was gently moving the nozzle around in Linda’s butt while massaging her belly with the other hand.

Linda looked down and saw that it was running clear. There was nothing but water coming out. Angela stood up and said, “I think you’re done,” she pulled the nozzle out. She soaped Linda all over while she expelled. And rinsed her. By this time Linda’s legs were beginning to feel very rubbery; she could hardly stand up. Angela helped her out of the shower and toweled her dry. She brushed Linda’s hair out and wrapped a towel around it.

“Time for bed she said,” she said. She led Angela to her large bed and folded back the sheets, and tucked Linda in. Linda felt so sleepy she could hardly keep her eyes open. Angela went back to the bathroom, dried herself and brushed her short hair.

She went back to the bedroom and got in bed with Linda. Linda stirred and cuddled in her arms. “But I didn’t . . . didn’t do anything for you, “ she murmured.

Angela kissed her and stroked her breast, “There’s always tomorrow,” she said.