Mike’s Exam Story

I’m not sure if you guys remember me telling you I was going to get a physical, and how I found a young female doctor on my insurance’s web site. Well I never had a physical before, and there I was up in this waiting room with a few other people there. I was a little nervous like when I was really young and waiting to see the doctor or dentist.

The woman at the front desk gave me a couple of papers to fill out, and then my name was called. This really nice young black nurse called my name she kind of looked like brandy from that TV show on the WB TV network. She had a really cute soft voice.

She led me into a exam room with a small exam table on it. She took my blood pressure, and pulse rate. Asked a few routine questions then left said the doctor would be in soon. Waited for about 10 minute’s then the doctor walked in, and WOW she was this really good looking Asian girl, about 5’2” 80-90 pounds. I would say about 28-31 years old.

We talked about all the problems I have had with constipation, and a one time anal fissure I had. Then she did a routine exam with the stethoscope. I didn’t have to take my shirt off not, I’m not sure why. Then she says I have to do a testicle exam, and of course I had this look of surprise on my face. I really knew that I was going to get that because of my age 29. She also says I have to do a rectal exam to check for blood because I told her about the anal fissure.

She then tells me to just stand up and drop my pants, and I say you want me to take them off. She says no just drop them, I’ll pull the curtain, so she stands on the other side and puts on gloves and pulls a tube of KY out of somewhere. I don’t know why she pulled that stupid curtain, the door was closed and we were the only ones in there.

Now she turns around. I have my pants pulled down, but my shirt is really long hanging way past my dick. She comes over closer and I pull up my shirt. She sees I still have my underwear on. Tells me to drop my shorts.

I knew I was supposed to do that, but it’s really fun to have a young woman tell you to drop your shorts I only met 5 minutes ago. I drop my shorts to my ankles then I lift up my shorts and she gets down on 1 knee, and starts poking around. Now she is about 5 inches from my cock and balls. Asked me if I ever had a hernia before. I say nope. She lifts my cock up, and looks underneath.

At this point I’m looking down with a slight grin on my face, and there it goes starting to get hard. She drops my cock when she notices that it’s getting hard. Only a little hard, but she could tell right away. I could see it on her face.

She jumped up kind of fast and says, OK, bend over. She puts KY on her finger, and I feel her hands pulling my ass cheek over. Then I feel a finger touch my asshole. She found my hole really fast and in it went. Before I knew it her whole finger was inside me. I was really surprised how fast she got it in there. She started to twist it around in there, and then it was over.

She said, no blood. OK here is a tissue to wipe that stuff off. I have never in my life wiped my ass in front of another person let alone a young woman. Here she is looking at me wipe my ass, and talking to me about getting a blood test. He he.

After all that she turned out to be a really nice doctor, and was very professional. I think she might have got a little embarrassed doing the testicle exam because it was really short and onlt took about 20 seconds. I once had a pediatrician exam my balls when I was 12 he said he needed to see if they were developing right or something. He took 5 minutes, really looking at them closely. I remember I was really embarrassed with my mom there watching that guy do that. I couldn’t get her to do a prostate exam. I told her about my peeing all the time. I don’t think she wanted to do that.

The female doctor thing was fun and I did get checked out. She later called and said all my blood test looked great, and would see me in a year for another physical.