My Aunt’s Home Remedies

Recently I submitted a true story about an enema my dad gave me when I was 16 years old. I’m now 30 and has been in good health since then until recently when I came down with the flu and had to stay with my aunt for awhile until I was feeling better as I am divorced and live alone. I’m doing great now thanks to my aunt’s home remedies.

It all began when I became ill while at work and had to take the rest of the day off. I made a trip to the doctor’s office where I was diagnosed as having the flu. I was given a shot and put on antibiotics and sent home and put on bedrest and told to drink plenty of clear liquids. After I arrived home I undressed and went straight to bed as I was feeling miserable, nauseated and sick to my stomach.

As I was drifting off to sleep my aunt called to see how I was doing and found out I was sick. She got all concerned and wanted me to come stay with her until I was better. After giving it a little thought I agreed and told her as soon as I packed a few clothes I would be on my way.

So after a quick shower I got dressed and left for her home as she lived about an hours drive from me out in the country. After driving what seemed like hours I finally arrived at her home and thought I was going to pass out so I didn’t waste any time taking off my shirt, Levi jeans, and socks and shoes. I went straight to bed.

After I was in bed my aunt brought me a bowl of chicken soup which I was unable to eat and I soon feel asleep after taking the medication that had been prescribed for me. The next morning I was awakened with a fever and aching all over, so my aunt placed cool towels on my forehead to help bring down the fever and gave me some Tylenol to ease the aches and pains I was having.

A short time later she asked when was the last time my bowels had moved, and after telling her that it had been a couple of days, she announced to me that she was giving me an enema as this was her remedy for constipation and any other sickness that may occur.

At this point she helped me out of bed and into the bathroom where I had to strip from the waist down and lie down in the bathtub while she retrieved her hot water bottle from under the bathroom cabinet and filled it with warm soapy water. She added a teaspoon of olive oil to act as lubricant and hung the syringe on the shower caddy over the tub. When everything was ready she got down on her knees by the bathtub and gently inserted the lubricated enema nozzle into my puckered rectum and released the clamp on the hose sending a rapid stream of warm sudsy water into my bowels. It wasn’t long before I was full and begin expelling the enema solution getting it all over the glove she was wearing and on the bathtowel under my spread opened buttocks. As the soapsuds enema was flushing out, gas and turds of shit were leaving me at once.

By now my penis was rock hard and would bob up and down each time my aunt inserted the enema nozzle into my rectum and started the flow of water. She continued giving me the cleansing enemas until my fever broke and no more shit returned with the water that I was expelling. When she had finished giving me the enema and getting me cleaned up and back in bed she checked my temperature and it was back to normal. I was feeling 100% better and was able to tolerate food for the first time since I had became ill.

I’m back home now and feeling great and plan on returning back to work next week. I’m now convinced that my aunt’s in-home remedy was the best treatment I could have gotten during my illness.