My Colonic Nurse

I was 18 years old, riding my motorcycle home from work. A car decided to change lanes when I was right beside it. I was going about 50 mph, but to keep from getting hit, I went to the shoulder of the road and lost control in the gravel. I laid the bike down and got really skinned up. I got back on and rode home.

I called the family doctor to see about getting the scrapes and cuts taken care of. The nurse who answered the phone said to come right over and they would get me right in. I took the family car and went over.

When I got there, no one was in the waiting room. The nurse who I had talked to on the phone was at the reception desk. I signed in and she said, “Come on back to an exam room. Go ahead and undress and put on one of those exam gowns. The doctor will be with you shortly.”

About 10 minutes had passed when the nurse came back in and told me that the doctor had been called to the hospital on an emergency. She said, “From what I see of your injuries, I can fix you right up. I’ll be right back.” It seemed a little unusual, but I had always been taught that doctors and nurses were to be trusted. Had I known what was about to happen, I would have known that was far from reality.

She was a beautiful, blond nurse in her late twenties with green eyes, long painted nails and a figure to die for. Her measurements looked to be 36D, 23, 35 and she had long legs and wore 5” heels. Any man would have said she looked so good that you could only dream or fantasize about being with her.

When she returned, she had me sit on the end of the exam table and proceeded to wash the wounds with cotton balls soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Needless to say, it really stung and I pulled away. She explained that this was no way to act and told me to lie back on the table and relax. I did what she said and she proceeded to put my feet into mechanical devices that attached to the end of the table and tie my feet to them. When I asked her not to tie my feet down, she stated she was the nurse and would do whatever she pleased. She went to a cabinet behind me. I couldn’t see what was happening, but before I knew it, she put a strap over my arms and chest and tied my hands to the table.

I was now becoming frightened. Nothing like this had ever happened before. Although I still felt I should trust this nurse, I was beginning to have my doubts. Now that I was strapped to the table unable to move, this nurse’s attitude had changed from one of caring to one which left no doubt as to who was in charge.

Nurse Mary Jane, R.N., as I read on her name tag, then stated that I was going to receive treatment for what my real problem was and that my cuts and scraps were of no consequence. She went back to the cabinet and proceeded to collect the equipment for my treatment. I couldn’t imagine what she meant by “my real problem” and all I could do was wait. As she pushed a cart with several metal trays and an assortment of bottles on it to the table, she told me we were all alone and wouldn’t be disturbed. She had locked the door and called the answering service to take care of the phone.

My nurse then prepared to start the examination by telling me that she considered it her duty to make sure that all of my bodily functions were in proper working order. As she talked she put on a pair of latex surgeon’s gloves and picked up a long thin plastic tube. While she talked, she put K-J jelly on the tube and reached over and stroked my penis which got semi-erect in short order. She explained that the tube was a catheter and she was going to put it up through my penis to drain my bladder so that no pressure in my bladder would interfere with what would happen later. During her proceeding with this part of the exam, the pain became almost unbearable but strangely somewhat erotic because this beautiful blond nurse was smiling and seemed to be getting a great deal of pleasure from handling my penis.

After she got the tube placed where she wanted it, she unclipped the hose and drained the fluid into a metal basin. Once the fluid was drained, she lubricated the middle finger of her right hand and proceeded to lubricate my asshole. She got an even bigger smile when she saw the affect her fingering had on my penis which had now become very erect and hard. Her finger found a spot inside which she told me was my prostrate gland and when she rubbed it the pleasure was immense. Next she put in a second, then a third finger, and my asshole was ready for the next part of the exam.

From the metal tray on the table she got a much bigger and longer rubber tube. She said that this was a colon tube and explained that she was going to put it all the way up my rectum and give me four quarts of warm water to clean me out. She started working the tube into my rectum, twisting and turning it to get it worked all the way inside. As she worked the tube the water also flowed in. The pressure inside turned to pain but she continued the flow. When the water was all in, she removed the hose and put in a large rubber plug so that no water would leak out.

Next she put on a clean pair of surgeon’s gloves and poked, probed and examined the rest of my body. After a short while she said it was awfully warm in the room so she was going to undo her uniform so she could be more comfortable. When she unbuttoned her uniform, she had no bra on. Her breasts were really beautiful. She rubbed them in my face as she continued her exam.

Now she decided that I had held the water long enough and placed a metal bed pan under me. As she removed the plug, the explosion of water brought a great feeling of relief. After I had emptied it all out, she cleaned me up, and said it was now time for my real treatment to begin. The next thing she said was, “It is time to check your most important bodily function, the quantity and quality of your sperm production.” My mind went numb. This couldn’t really be happening.

She came to my face, held out her breasts, and told me to suck and lick them so she would have some pleasure for herself which would cause her to be much more through when she worked me over. I must have done a fairly good job because she was soon moaning and smiling like only she could. She now decided that it was time to get to other things. Her handling of my penis plus the affect of those beautiful large breasts was definitely getting me excited.

My beautiful nurse pulled on a clean pair of surgeon’s gloves and brought a stool over and sat down between my legs. She raised the head of the table so I could watch her examination of my most private parts. As she proceeded to explain in detail what she was doing, her long beautiful fingers again probed my asshole, going right to work on my prostate gland. She reached toward the cart and uncovered a metal tray with a large hypodermic syringe and needle. She said she was going to put a needle in each side of my crotch next to my testicles to heighten the intensity of the orgasm she would cause me to have.

After inserting the needles, she proceeded to stroke my penis while her fingers aggressively rubbed and kneaded the root of my being, my prostate. Before long I could tell there was no turning back. Looking at this beautiful blond goddess and feeling what she was doing to me caused me to give up a load of sperm that almost hit the ceiling. I felt like I would pass out as she slowly kept up her stroking and rubbing till I was completely spent.

She then removed the needles and cleaned me up. She untied me and went about cleaning up the equipment and the room as I got up and slowly got dressed. When I was ready to go, she came over and kissed me, rubbed her beautiful breasts on my chest and said not to tell anyone what had happened. She said that since she was a professional nurse, no one would believe a teenage boy over her anyway. She also said that anytime I would like to come back, just call her and she would gladly make time for another treatment. I regret that I never went back.

As I drove home thinking about this experience, I had no idea how it would affect the rest of my life. My sexual interests tend to large breasts, blond hair, long fingers with painted nails and all things about nurses. At the age of almost 50, I still dream about my beautiful, blond, colonic nurse. I still want to relive the experience of a lifetime!

Every time I have to go for a medical exam, if there is a cute nurse, my blood pressure rises. I try not to go to a doctor unless I absolutely have to. I remember what happened and think it might happen again!