My Doctor Visit

Well I have been preparing for my upcoming surgery and also getting established in the NYC metro area where medical care is concerned. And I have also made another turn in my life too.

When I let my guard down enough to relax and enjoy my exams with my urologist in RI and saw that it has allowed us to have a relaxed and trusting doctor/patient relationship I made another decision.

You know, in this world there is someone or something for everyone. I am so satisfied with my sexual and fetish feelings that I decided to be even a little more selective in my choice of doctors. I have come to know several MD’s on AOL and find that they share the same kinds of fetishes I do. So I am going for doctors who are not only good MD’s in their specialties but kinky as hell in play too. Now I know how risky it is for these men to get into intimate situations with a patient so I will NEVER even hint at their identities. They are quite able to separate the professional aspect from the play aspect and that is what I am looking for. It’s also a “rethink” on my part as compared to my past opinions and expressions of those opinions.

I just had a thorough exam from a local Internal Medicine doctor that was quite informative and enjoyable. When I got to the office they did the usual blood pressure, pulse and weigh in thing, then the medical assistant took me back to the exam room. When the doctor came in, he introduced her to me and asked if I wanted her present. I have found that I, as the patient, can indeed refuse to have a nurse or assistant present at the exam. I told them I am not an exhibitionist and unless the assistant is definitely required because of the complexity of the exam I would just as soon not have another person there just watching what was being done to me. I offered to even sign a disclaimer and release form if necessary. It wasn’t necessary. So she left and went back out to the front desk and he had me get undressed and put on an exam gown.

The doctor asked me if I had taken the series of enemas he had required and I told him I had. I didn’t bother to mention that I actually took more than he required. This was great! A doctor who didn’t insist on those awful laxatives. Then I sat down on the table and lay back. He stepped on this foot pedal and it raised the table up to him at almost chest level. He had me turn on my left side and bend my right leg over the left one, with my left arm stretched out above my head and my right arm folded across my waist. And he had all the necessary instruments and supplies laid out on a tray beside him. I heard him pull on the latex gloves.

He put just a little KY on my anus and then gave me a very thorough rectal exam, taking his time and feeling all around inside me. I could tell he was locating the top of the rectum where it began the bend into the sigmoid. It felt really good too! It was on a par with the feeling of my urologist’s probing. Then he inserted the anoscope It was a good sized one because it opened me up pretty good, or at least it felt like it did. He placed the standing light so he could see inside me and said I looked really clean so far. What I can’t understand is why the instruments don’t slide out of me by themselves in the doctor’s office. When I’m playing by myself, the KY makes it so slick I have to hold them in.

Next the doctor took up the colonoscope and showed it to me. That thing looks really intimidating at first, so long and black and everything! He had everything attached and ready to do, including the biopsy needle. Then I felt him slide the tube into me. Nothing hurt, not even a twinge. I had taken a 150mg dose of my darvocets just before I left home for the appointment. I was feeling no pain and was just a little mellow but wide awake. I thought I was a bit too tense because of the position I was lying in but he said I was just fine. Then I felt him moving the tube deeper inside me. It’s about the size of a fr40 colon tube

The doctor is really skillful with this instrument too and took his time inserting it. He would stop and adjust the tube and then continue after asking how I was feeling. I felt only a very slight cramp as it went around the sigmoid curve

Then he coninued to insert the tube and it was really weird to feel it snaking up my left side to the splenic flexure. He told me it might get a bit hurtful as it curved around but to tell him if it got too bad and he would stop the exam. I felt the tube slide all the way up and then I felt it like stop and kind of push. That was tender, but not really painful. Then as he pushed it in more, and very very slowly, I began to cramp. But I’ve had enema cramps worse than that and still held the enema so I didn’t say anything. He asked me if I was ok and I assured him I was. It seemed like it hurt for 5 minutes or so but was actually probably only a minute. But it really wasn’t bad, I thought. I finally felt it slide around the curve and head for my belly button and it got a bit more crampy as it slid across my belly. I guess when it goes in real deep, it gets harder to push in from the rectum. I don’t know. I’d like to hear a real list MD’s opinion on this. I was to engrossed in what was going on to ask the doctor that. But it still wasn’t bad enough for me to yell until it got to the hepatic flexure. That’s when it really got tender and pain was sharp. So when I flinched and he heard me groan, he said that was enough and he had enough to do a decent exam and report on.

Then he began to very slowly withdraw the tube. You know, when he began to withdraw the tube, ALL the pain stopped. But every now and then he would stop long enough to take a biopsy, took 3 altogether, and also take a good look at the walls of the colon. He told me later that if he had seen a lot of abnormalities he would have stopped the exam and rescheduled it for the hospital with sedation but it all looked pretty good so he didn’t think it was necessary. It was also very interesting to watch this on the little TV screen too.

The exam was so interesting (and stimulating) I was sorry it was over. But because of my clotting disorder, he took another look thru the anoscope to see if there was any bleeding, took it out and did another rectal exam.

He knew I was aroused and he’s a friend of a friend. He knows what my fetishes are, because his friend is into the same thing.

Anyway, this new doctor is quite professionally thorough. He did the needed medical exam and we were able to have friendly banter that also allowed me to feel comfortable enough to tell him I was loving this exam! Once he had all he needed with the “professional” part of it, he asked me if he could do further personal examination and I said yes, of course. He told me he realized that his examination of me was arousing me and he wanted to find out what else would arouse me. He removed the gloves he had used with the “legit” exam, washed his hands and put on another pair of gloves. Then he examined my vagina thoroughly and noted how sensitive I was there. Next he took out a cleansing solution and washed my labia and urinary meatus. Then he put some KY on his gloved fingers, spread my labia and began to touch and examine the meatal opening. God it felt wonderful! He stroked the full length of the urethra to the bladder. He explained to me what he was feeling too and agreed that I most definitely need the surgery. Then he inserted his forefinger slightly into the meatus and asked me if it was painful. I told him I’d had so much CathPlay that I no longer experienced pain with the stretching. He smiled at that and began to slowly massage my urethral opening and a little deeper in. He told me that the urethra is quite capable of stretching to a large diameter and then returning almost to the former size as long as the sphincter isn’t damaged.

Then he placed his thumb over my clit and began to massage that too. I started to have a really intense orgasm but tried to stay as quiet as I could. It was really something else. Later the doctor explained to me that the woman’s G spot actually encircles the urethra just about a half inch to an inch deep. And stimulation like that will always bring an orgasm for the vast majority of women. He also laughed and told me not to worry about my moans because pleasure moans also sound like pain moans and even if anyone could have heard them, that is how they would interpret them.

At my follow-up exam 4 days later, I was told that the biopsy results came back as normal tissue. However, the doctor and I plan to have many more exams and such. Perhaps I can tell the stories on those too.