My Embarrassing Physical

This takes place around 13 yrs ago bit I can remember the important parts like it was yesterday.

I just acquired work with a local dept. store and had to get my company physical. I found the office and went inside dreading as most do the upcoming exam that I assumed as always would be done by a man. I enter the office and checked in. I was lead by the nurse to the exam room and the usual precursors were done (blood drawn, urine, health history, etc). When the nurse was finished, she told me a nurse practitioner would be in do a quote “quickie exam”. I kind of got excited at this point knowing that a nurse was going to do the exam, but realized that as this would only be a quickie exam she probably would not be looking at the parts I wanted her to. I was not even told to get undressed.

A couple of minutes later the nurse practitioner entered and greeted me. She told me her name and reiterated that this would be a quickie exam to make sure everything was ok. She was one of those women who was not great looking, but not homely either. She kind of was one of those plain Jane types that fall somewhere in between. She had short black hair, slender, and tall. She started measuring my body fat with her little gauge which kind of tickled when she measured my stomach. She then checked the ears, eyes and throat glands. After that she told me to lie down on the exam table, lift up my shirt, and unbutton my pants (but not pull them down). I complied and she did the tapping on my chest starting at the top and moving down. I really started to get excited at this time and figuring that as she would most likely not be checking my privates I allowed myself to get an erection.

Being checked out by a female doctor or nurse had always a fantasy to me so by the time she got down to my pelvis area I really had a rip roaring woody. She had to check for ulcers she told me and grabbed the top of my open pants with one hand while she stuck the other down just to the middle of my pubic region. She stuck her hand on the side that my penis was not laying, yet on the side she had a hold of my pants and underwear her fingertips were touching my hard cock. I was really getting excited now and I think she knew I was hard down there as I thought I caught a small grin on her face. This embarrassment just added to the excitement I was already feeling. She then pushed my legs back and forth checking for flexibility or something and then had me sit up again on the exam table. She had me get off the table and she checked for scoliosis on my back going down just before my ass. That was over and she then sat down and asked me a couple more questions she did not ask me before.

I thought the exam was over at this time. Then she told me that I would have to lower my pants briefly to check for a hernia and my prostate. I was kind of stunned. As I mentioned earlier I had always fantasized about being checked out this way by a female but never thought it would actually come true!. The excitement I felt was overwhelming in itself yet to add to the embarrassment that was turning me on I remembered that I allowed my self to get hard during the first part of the exam and it was definitely not going to go down now!. Not only was she going to see my privates, but it was going to be a full mast!. As she put on the exam glove I dropped my drawers and there I was.

She came closer and saw my hard on and smiled almost laughing as it seemed to have caught her off guard. She pulled my T-shirt over it and and told me to turn around and thank god she had small fingers. I did and bent over the exam table. She spread my cheeks with both hands one gloved the other not. Having a quick look see she then grabbed my left butt cheek with her ungloved hand. Having to spread it wide enough to get her hands in there, her fingers brushed my balls as she grabbed hold of my cheekage. I was so hard at this time and was worried that I was going to loose it, which made the hole experience even more erotic than it already was!. She slipped some KY on my anus and slipped her finger in. Getting this treatment from a male doctor never felt this good.

She felt around for a good long time and then removed her fingers. I wanted the exam to be over as I was so hard I thought I was going to cum at any minute. I started to pull up my pants with my back still turned to her as not to let her see my erection again. At this time she was throwing away the used glove and hearing pull up my pants she said, “Oh not yet, I need to check for hernia’s yet”.

I turned around again with my T-shirt hiding my stiff rod and she come next to me on my right hand side. As her warm ungloved hand wrapped around my left nut her wrist (which was exposed because of the reach) bushed up and rested next to the base of my penis. She felt the left nut and then the right one and back and forth again a couple of times. Then slid her hand under my balls for the ole hernia check. I had to cough several times loving every minute of it, and yet was horribly afraid I was going to cum at any minute. Finally it was over and she told me I could pull up my pants now. She told me I was healthy with a shit eating grin on her face and told me to check in with the nurse on the way out. I finished dressing and left. When I got home I was so excited I went to the bathroom and strapped my carrot right there!.

When I went to work the next day several of the guys asked me about my physical with shit eatin grins on their faces. Seems they had the same experience with theirs, we compared stories and laughed about it.

Any women fantasize about giving a man a physical like this?, if so please post!. I would love reading about it!. If there are any others out there who have not posted their story please do. This experience 13 yrs ago has made this my favorite fantasy.