My first erotic man-to-man enema


I was in my early-twenties and visiting New York City. I had the day to myself and was exploring the then-seamy sections of 42nd street. I was recalling a college acquaintance who was once reading some personal ads out loud from an adult newspaper he had acquired called Screw…he read one about male-to-male enemas that immediately got my full attention. (He wasn’t making any degrading remarks about that particular ad, unlike some of the others he was reading…in retrospect,this may have been a missed opportunity!). I wanted to purchase the latest copy and saw it on display at a newsstand near the subway entrance…I was so shy at the time, I actually paced the entire block several times and then finally worked up the nerve and bought Screw plus The New York Daily News from the very indifferent vendor. I was almost shaking with embarassment as I quickly tucked Screw inside the Daily News.

I located a private spot and read the personals section and there it was…the VERY SAME AD several years later! It ead, “The water is warm, the tube is ready. Call…” I agonized over the possibility and finally fished out some change and called Jeff, the name listed on the ad. He mentioned he charged forty dollars for a session which was not a possibility for me at the time. I think he detected my nervousness and asked about my age. When I said I was twenty-three, he said he wouldn’t charge me if I wanted to schedule an appointment in a few hours. I had the whole day to myself and was almost shaking but, at the same time, excited about this opportunity and jotted down the directions to his apartment. If I was nervous before, I was now completely anxious, with butterflies in my stomach and not knowing what was to follow…I just knew I wanted to experience an erotic enema! I’d been taking them solo for a while at that point but never knew to what extent there might be others with similar interests.

I arrived at the apartment building and had to be buzzed in by a doorman, which really added to my embarassment. Did he know the comings and goings to that particular unit? Did he know why I was there as he smiled slightly and let me enter the building? Anyway…I was glad to be on the elevator and on my way to Jeff’s abode. I knocked on the door and he immediately answered. He was an older gentleman dressed in a white orderly uniform. He welcomed me in and offered a soft drink. I was soon asked to remove all of my clothes while he prepared my enema…he handed me a stack of erotic male-to-male enema photos which were very hot, but I was too nervous to acheive an erection at that point. I heard water running in the kitchen and other assorted sounds as the enema preparations continued.

He soon summoned me into the bedroom. He had a white enamel can with a latex tube attached and a LARGE bulbous tipped black enema nozzle on the end. He told me to look in the can, which was filled to the brim with milky water and a thin layer of suds on top. The tube had a bulb in the center (which I later learned was an in-line pump). The bed was covered with black rubber sheeting and a pillow had been strategically placed underneath in the center of the mattress…another pillow was at the head of the bed. I was instructed to get on my stomach with my cock and balls resting on the rubber sheeting - this position lifted my buttocks up for easy insertion of the black nozzle. I clutched the pillow and braced myself for the insertion…and insert it he did! He pushed it in to the hilt and the bulbous end definitely had my full attention.

I was very nervous and embarassed but also getting turned on and the nozzle was creating a partial erection. Jeff then said it was time for my enema to begin and I heard the snap of the clamp, but no immediate rush of water. All of a sudden I felt a burst of fluid enter my rectum as he squeezed hard on the red rubber bulb. Another burst soon followed and my erection stiffened. He told me to “suck up that enema” as he continued pumping the warm soapy solution up my upturned ass. I began to squirm a little and suddenly felt a sharp slap on my buttocks. I was told to settle down and take the enema…he then gently rubbed my butt and applied some talcum powder as the enema continued to be injected. He had a second pitcher of water behind a curtain, which he now removed and I could hear it being poured into the almost-empty enamel can.

By this point I had a raging hard-on and was rubbing my rock-solid dick against the rubber sheet…the pillow underneath enhanced the sensation ten-fold. I was slapped a few more times and he was pumping the bulb in fairly swift succession. I was getting very full and also ready to shoot a load. I told him I was getting ready to come, and he gave my butt another slap and then rubbed my cheeks and just continued to pump the enema into me. I could not hold back any longer and spewed a very creamy load onto the black rubber sheet.

I was extremely full at this point and had to clutch my stomach as I raced to the commode and sat down. Immediately the explosion of soapy water began as I began to release my first erotic enema. The solution felt warm and cool at the same time and I later learned Jeff had used Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap on me…very effective, to say the least! After a considerable period of letting the enema out, I finally emerged from the bathroom. I was asked if I wanted another enema, which I unfortunately declined. (It had never occurred to me there was such a thing as multiple enemas…mine had all been singular events). This experience was very very erotic to me and I managed to get together for another session with Jeff about a year later. (The second time I got two big red bag enemas and he used a double inflatable nozzle nozzle on me!)

  • This is a follow-up to my first man-to-man erotic enema…one year later -

It was now approximately one year later and I once again was in New York City - I had kept Jeff’s number and had already pre-arranged another meeting with him - this time in the early evening. It was the same doorman who buzzed me in and I still had a little uneasiness that he knew why I was there and what I was going to be getting! The enema from the previous year was still vividly reeling in my mind as the elevator ascended to Jeff’s floor.

I was ushered once again into the living room area. I knew the routine this time and was not hesitant when asked to strip naked. One portion of the living room had full-length mirrors and Jeff had me stand in front of him while he was able to get a full view of my buttocks by looking into the mirrors behind me.

He was again wearing the white orderly trousers, but no shirt this time. His nipples were exposed and he wanted me to pinch and nibble on them, which I did.(They were much larger than any I had ever seen on a man to that date…he obviously had enjoyed stimulating them to get them to that state - like pencil erasers!) He began giving my ass-cheeks several barehanded slaps which left a very visible hand imprint on each…he kept telling me how he was going to be giving me a good enema…how it was prepared and ready for me. This went on for a few minutes and he then marched me into the bedroom.

I was expecting the white enamel can again but this time he had a very large, bulging, closed-top red rubber enema bag hung at the head of the bed from a chain suspended from the ceiling. The wall behind the bed also was a full-length mirror, so it looked like TWO full bags were hanging there. The bright red enema bag was suspended high and looked very ominous. There was a long amber latex tube attached to the bag, but no nozzle! (I was looking forward to that black nozzle but it was nowhere in sight.) The bed was covered again with black rubber sheeting and the pillow was underneath as before, but I was not yet invited to lie over it.

Jeff told me to just stand at the edge of the bed and that he had something to show me. I complied but didn’t know what he had in mind. He asked, “Do you know what a inflatable nozzle is?” I had nary a clue and admitted my ignorance. He produced a rubber latex device with two deflated balloons with many folds…he unscrewed one of two black rubber blood pressure bulbs which he then began squeezing…he had this item right in my face as I saw the inner balloon getting bigger and bigger. It wasn’t a large mental leap to realize where this balloon was going. It was as if Jeff was reading my mind as he stated, “This one goes inside your ass and the other one gets inflated on the outside!” He then deflated the balloon and I wondered if I had gotten myself in for more than I had bargained. I was suddenly nervous again but curious at the same time. (To be continued…)