My First Patient of the Morning

I graduated medical school last year and I’m doing my residency at a university hospital. Last week I was assigned to help out at the college infirmary because several of the doctors were on vacation. I didn’t mind, particularly because I’m specializing in radiology, so I spend most of my time looking at x-rays rather than patients.

My first patient of the morning was a young man who had just finished his freshman year. He was taking summer classes, and came into the infirmary because he had a summer cold or allergies, he wasn’t sure. I glanced at Jeff’s record before going into the examining room to meet him. He had just turned 19. He was 5’9”. His ID picture showed a skinny kid with jet black hair. He had a bit of an adolescent moustache. It looked like he hadn’t even started shaving.

When I entered the exam room, I was a bit surprised. Jeff had filled out since he his ID picture had been taken, probably a year earlier. He was broad shouldered and seemed at least 6’ tall. Puberty must have hit him hard during the year. His face had a day’s growth of dark beard. He still had the same longish black hair cut in the old Beatles’ style with a shock of hair covering his forehead. He was sitting on the edge of the exam table when I came in. He stood up and shook my hand. I introduced myself and asked him what the trouble was. He told me he was congested and wanted to see if he needed some medication. It was probably hay fever, but he wanted to be sure.

I started the exam by looking in his throat and feeling the glands on his neck. He didn’t have a sore throat, but his glands were a bit swollen. I looked in his ears, which were clean. I then asked him to unbutton his shirt so I could listen to his chest. He did so, revealing a muscular set of pecs and abs. His chest was totally smooth. I listened to his heart and then told him I needed to listen to his back. I could have just picked up the back of his shirt, I suppose, but I wanted to see him stripped to the waist.

“Let’s take this off altogether so I can do your back, Jeff,” I said. He complied quickly and I listed to his back. “I don’t hear any congestion in your lungs,” I told him.

“Now please get on the table. Since your here, I might as well check you out.” He lay down, and I felt his abdomen. I didn’t know how far I could take this, but Jeff seemed willing, so I went a bit further. I began undoing his belt and pants. “Let me loosen this for your,” I said. I slipped his pants down a bit just below his jockey shorts. I could see the top of his legs. They were hairier than the devil. “Why don’t we get your pants off now, Jeff.” I made this an order rather than a question. I walked to the end of the examining table, slipped off his loafers and socks, and then slid his pants off. I folded them neatly on the chair next to the table. “I can see you’re developing very well, Jeff,” I said.

He responded, “Yeah, I guess so. My legs are pretty hairy, aren’t they?”

“You’re pretty muscular too,” I told him. “Just what I’d expect from a guy your age.”

He told me that he worked out regularly.

I proceeded with the exam by feeling his abdomen again. This time I went lower, right down to his pubes. I picked up the top of his shorts and slid my hand underneath. “Jeff, I’ll feel the glands between your legs.” I did so, placing my hand over his penis and cupping his testicles. “A boy your age should have a testicular exam periodically,”

“I guess so,” he said. “I examine myself in the shower.”

I told him that was good, and he should do that at least once a month. “Be sure your hand is nice and soapy so that you can give yourself a thorough exam,” I told him.

Now I took the liberty of slipping his shorts off altogether. He lifted himself up slightly off the table and bent his knees to make it easier for me to get his shorts off. He lay there nude. I rubbed my hand up and down his hairy thigh a bit. Then I asked him to bend his knees and raise them up to his chest. I spread his legs apart. “Jeff, I’m going to feel your prostate. Have you ever had this exam before?”

He said he hadn’t.

I told him not to worry, it would just take a minute. I took a tube of KY from the drawer, put on a rubber glove, and dabbed the lube on my middle finger. Holding his legs back with one hand, I inserted my finger deep into his ass.

“How does that feel, Jeff?” I asked.

He said, “It hurts a little, but I think it feels good too.” I told him that was perfectly natural. Also, you might get a little hard. I thought that the power of suggestion might loosen him up, and it worked. His cock began rising. I moved my finger in and out massaging his prostate. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the head of his cock and slid down the shaft.

By this time Jeff was fully erect. I was impressed. He must have been at least 8” long and real thick.

“Jeff, I can see you’re a lady killer,” I said smiling.

He said, “I don’t know about that. I haven’t had much experience.”

I took my finger out of his ass and let his legs down. I took off the glove and put some more KY directly on my hand. I began rubbing his erection. I explained, “Jeff, most men your age like this part of the exam. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural to be hard. It’s just an automatic response to physical touch. You’ll probably have a slight emission. If you think you’re going to come, just tell me. This way I’ll be able to take a sperm sample.”

As I was saying this, I started to stroke him.

“It feels good.”

I told him to just close his eyes and relax.

He moaned slightly. “Oh, Jesus, doctor, that feels great. Keep going. Oh, oh yeah.” His legs stiffened. “Doctor, I think I’m going to cum. Oh, man. Yeah, yeah. This is it.” His engorged pole seemed inflamed in my hand as I speeded up my strokes.

I cupped my other hand just in time to catch his load. He squirted seven times. “You did great, Jeff.” I put his sperm in a small lab jar, and told him he could get dressed.

He lay there for a minute breathing hard and then sat up. “I guess I needed that, doctor. I haven’t jacked off for three weeks. I’ve been trying to lay off, you know.”

I told him that a guy needs release, and I reassured him that this was perfectly natural. It happens with every guy.

“How often do I need this exam, Doc?” he asked.

I told him, “Well, Jeff. Why don’t you call me directly whenever you feel you need an ‘exam’ and I’ll take care of you.” I gave Jeff my number, and about two weeks later he called. This time we had dinner first and went to my apartment for the exam.