My Medical Exam

I had been here in County General for the last few days. I hadn’t been feeling too well prior to this. My stomach hurt and I had been running a fever. The doctors ran all kinds of tests on me, but they still didn’t have the answers. The doctor bills were getting higher and I was getting no relief. My body ached with all they had done and hadn’t done.

It was about six in the morning I guess when the nurses came into my room to prep me for the next series of tests. I had been sound asleep, which is something you rarely get when you are in a hospital. They helped me into a wheelchair and lead me down the hall to another room.

The room was about twenty by twenty I guess, one wall filled with a shelf full of medical supplies. Another wall had a locked glass cabinet which held various pills and other drugs. At the center of the room was a vinyl covered table. The table had been cover in paper and had a pillow placed at one end. The other end had already been covered with those blue disposable pads.

While one nurse busied herself helping me on the table the other wheeled over a tray and busied herself opening various doors and pulling stuff off the shelves to place on the tray. She pulled out a disposable enema kit, suppositories, and various other objects and placed them on the tray.

The first nurse helped me disrobe and had me lay flat on the table. The second nurse stepped over to my right side to explain what they had intended to do.

“Mr. Billings my name is Sarah and this is Mary. Dr. Smith has asked us to prepare you for more tests which he plans to do later this morning.” The nurse said.” Do you have any questions before we get started?”

I couldn’t think of anything to say at his moment, I was too busy being embarrassed laying here naked in front of these women.

Sarah went on, “Mr. Billings the first thing we have to get is your temperature, because I see here from your chart it wasn’t checked this morning. We will be doing this with a rectal thermometer as this is more accurate than other methods. I will be lubricating your anus before I insert the thermometer. Please lie still as I do this. The lubricant may be a little cold at first but it won’t be too bad.”

I heard the snap of her latex gloves going on. She pulled apart my cheeks and I felt her place the lubricant at the opening of my bottom. A well lubed finger slowly inserted itself into my bottom. It moved in and out for a minute before it was removed and the rectal thermometer was put in it’s place. I was instructed to lay there for a few moments to allow the thermometer to have it’s most accurate reading.

As I lay there Mary went over to the sink and opened the disposable enema kit. I watched as she tore the top from the soap packet and put it into the enema bag. She tested ran water in the sink and tested it’s temperature with her fingers until she was satisfied that it was okay before filling the bag. When it was full she hung the bag from a stand which she then wheeled over next to the table.

Sarah pulled the rectal thermometer from my bottom and noted the temperature on my chart before she said, “ Mr. Billings, I now have to do a prostate examination. I will be placing my finger into your rectum in order to do this.”

I grimaced as her well lubed finger again entered my bottom, but I soon relaxed as her finger moved in deeper and began to move around. As it moved I began to get aroused. I was disappointed when it was removed from me.

“Now Mr. Billings I am going to have to begin the next step by placing glycerin suppositories in your rectum. These will help clean out the lower bowel before we begin a series of enemas. The doctor needs for you to be cleaned out in order to conduct more tests. The suppositories may cause some discomfort but they will help move the fecal matter out. If you feel the urge to go please let us know and we will help you get on the bedpan.”

The suppositories felt cold as she began placing them one by one into my bottom. I counted five being placed in there. Almost immediately a burning sensation started in my ass. After about five minutes I told her that I couldn’t hold it anymore and I was helped up and a bedpan was placed under my bottom. I know I was blushing as they women watched me emptying into the bedpan.

Sarah must have read my mind because she said. “ Don’t worry Mr. Billings, just concentrate on getting out as much as you can. It will make it much easier for the enema to be held if you evacuate some beforehand.”

When I had released as much as I could Mary took the bedpan to empty while Sarah placed me back onto the table only this time I was placed on my side. Sarah placed some lubricant on the tip of the enema tube before slowly inserting it into my bottom.

As the water began it’s descent into my bowels, the rush of it past my prostate cause me to become aroused again. The warmth seemed to engulf me as I strained to hold it. Mary had returned and Sarah instructed her to massage my belly.

“Mr. Billings, Mary’s massaging of your tummy will help the enema to work more effectively. This will also relieve some cramping which you may experience, thus helping you retain the enema much longer.” She went on, “ We will be giving you a series of enemas this morning as well as a high colonic, which will help remove much of the impacted waste from your bowels. If the discomfort becomes too great please do not be afraid to release it. If we cannot get you onto the bedpan, that is OK we have these pads to help with any spills.”

Although she was offering me words of comfort, I certainly didn’t intend to soil myself in front of these two nurses. I felt helpless and embarrassed enough without adding that to it. The two quarts were in me now and both nurses were now massaging my tummy and my lower back to help relieve the discomfort.

I held it for about ten minutes before the pressure became too great. They helped me onto the bedpan and I filled it easily. I couldn’t believe all of this was coming out of me. I had enemas as a child but I don’t remember it being like this.

As I evacuated Mary made up another enema with soap and water and rehung the bag. Sarah took the bedpan from under me and returned me to my side. She wiped my bottom and then relubed the tip before placing it back inside me. I was able to retain this enema a lot easier than the last one. Mary and Sarah massaged me much as they had before. I held it for twenty minutes with no problem.

As I emptied it out Mary fixed another enema. This time Sarah placed me on my back. I was getting more aroused as each enema was administered, and with me on my back my erection was very apparent. The nurses tried not to notice but I saw them staring just the same. I fought the urge to touch myself.

“Now Mr. Billings when you evacuate this time, we will be starting your high colonic.” She held up a tube as she said this.” This will be attached to the bag and as the water is flowed in we will be inserting this tube as far in as we can. This will clean the lining of your colon a bit better than the enema.”

That thing inside of me? They were out of their minds. I think I audibly whimpered, because Mary patted my hand reassuringly. Mary massaged my belly as the third enema entered me. A few times her hand brushed against my erection and I moaned not from the cramping but from the stimulation of her touching me. Sarah left the room and came back in with a tray of instruments wrapped in plastic.

In twenty minutes or so Mary moved the bedpan under me but I leaked over the side a bit staining the blue pad a little. When I had emptied myself enough I was placed onto my back on the table again. Mary put a fresh pad under my bottom. Sarah was lubing the tube up before she began placing it inside me.

The tube felt good as it snaked it’s way past my prostate. I visibly protested as the tube reached the first bend in my colon. Sarah moved to open the clamp and the warm water began to flow.

As she moved it deeper inside she twisted it slightly and Mary massaged me. I could feel the tube as it made it’s way farther and farther inside of me. Sarah clamped the flow completely off when the bag got too low and instructed Mary to refill the bag again. This time the water seemed a little warmer than before.

The tube had reached it limit much to my relief and Sarah began to withdraw it slowly. I let out a sigh as the last of it was removed. I was allowed to use the bedpan again and after I had emptied out the colonic enema I was to receive one more a clear water one to completely rinse me out. The fourth enema was very clear and seemed to satisfy the nurses.

After I was empty, Sarah cleaned my bottom up with a wash cloth and soap. I liked her washing my most intimate places. She had my bottom totally clean and took another wash cloth which she used to wash down my penis. She washed my scrotum as well. Her caress making me very erect. I had pre-cum dripping from me when she was finished.

Mary pulled the tray with instruments close to me. Sarah began to explain the next step of the cleansing.

“The doctor wants us to do a clean catch urine on you. First I will Use an antiseptic towelette to clean the area around the tip of your penis and then I want you to try to fill this specimen bottle.”

I tried to do as she asked but I couldn’t squeeze out a drop for her. I wanted to go but I just couldn’t with these women looking on.

“Mr. Billings, since you can’t produce a sample we will have to catheterize you. It is a simple procedure, and causes just slight discomfort.”

Sarah showed me the catheter and explained how she would be inserting it. She placed a small amount of lube on the tip of my penis and spread lubricant up and down the length of the catheter.

I grimaced as she began inserting it. As I wiggled Mary made a joke about having to spank me if I didn’t lie still. Sarah tried to push it in as best she could but it didn’t want to go all the way in.

“Mr. Billings I am using the smallest catheter we have and it doesn’t seem to want to go in. I am afraid we may have to dilate you to get it in successfully. Mary please get the tray ready. “

Mary moved to pull the plastic from the tray and lay put the instruments in order by size. She handed a syringe and bottle to Sarah who began administering lidocaine to my penis. After she had injected enough anesthetic in me she began inserting one instrument after another into me starting with the smallest and working her way up.

I was uncomfortable with the pressure as the instruments were inserted and squirmed a bit. I was relieved when she felt I was dilated sufficiently to start insertion of the catheter again. She seemed satisfied that the urine collection bag was getting a good sample.

“Now Mr. Billings I think Mary and I have done all that the doctor has asked us to. We will take you back to your room now and then the doctor will send for you when he is ready to begin the tests which shouldn’t be too awfully long.”

I went back to my room exhausted and literally drained. I only wished I could feel my penis as I would like to have given myself a handjob right about now.

This is an original manuscript by I hereby grant permission to anyone who really wants it to reproduce this in any manner and copy it to any damn site they damn well please–hell if you want to print and stuff it you know where go ahead! Just keep this little label with it wherever it goes.