Chapter 1

It was a mild winter day, and I was one worried guy. For the past few weeks, I had been worried about a pain in my groin, and I was on my way to the Doctor’s office to get it checked out. When I got to the doctor, after the usual 45 minute wait to be called, I found Ann, our Doc’s long-time nurse, waiting for me.

Ann and I were old friends, as I have been going to the same Doctor for 15 years, and Ann has been with him most of that time. Ann is a big woman, at least as tall as I am, but there is not much excess fat on her, and she has gorgeous dark eyes and hair.

“What’s up, Jim, I thought you were just here for your checkup a few weeks ago?” “Well,” I told her, “ I was here to see Doc last month, but I’ve been having a bit of a problem since I was here, so I thought I’d better stop in.”

“What seems to be the problem” She inquired? “It’s kind of personal, I’m having pains where I shouldn’t” I replied. “Oh, come on Jim, you know the Doc has no secrets from me, how do you expect me to get you ready?” Ann said, mildly annoyed at me for my reluctance to explain. “It’s a lump in my testicles, and I don’t remember it being there before.” “In that case” she said firmly, “Go in room 2 and undress completely, and put on the gown on the table.”

So in I went - the exam rooms are basically the same throughout the clinic, but, this room seemed no bigger than some of my closets. The only place to I could find to put my clothes was on the back of the door, so I started to strip down. I found the paper gown Ann had left out, but it didn’t cover much. After a few minutes there was a knock on the door, and it immediately opened. It was Ann again, come to check if I was ready. “The Doctor will be here in a little while, but we may as well get started. Are you ready?”

Well, I wasn’t sure about this at all - but was in no position to argue. “Ok, lets get this over with - what’s first?” “Sit down, I need to get your blood pressure.” So I sat down. “Why do you still have your shorts on? How can the Doctor examine you if you don’t get undressed? Didn’t I already tell you that?” Boy, she sure was getting pushy for a nurse.

“What’s the big deal?” I asked. “It will only take a second to get them off.” “Doc is already late, that is why I’m here” she snapped. “You have to learn to follow directions.” Now, I’m not used to being talked to like that - I’m the boss at work, but, she did have the upper hand, so off they came. After my blood pressure, which by now was slightly high, she filled out the chart. “Lets get your weight.” The scale was in the corridor, and here I was, hanging out of the paper gown, without a stitch of clothing, and the traffic never stopped going by in this place - but what choice did I have?

Back in the exam room, after that humiliation, I was told to lay back on the exam table. I quickly found out what happens to paper gowns when you slide on an exam table - they immediately tear. “Lay back flat,” she instructed, “ and stop wasting my time.” So there I went, flat on my back on the exam table. The next thing I knew, She had a hold of my balls, feeling to see if there was a lump. “I thought Doc would do that.” And at the same time, I could feel my prick start to come to attention. Ann smelled wonderful, not medicinal at all. This seemed more like a sensual experience than a medical exam. Soon my prick was at full extension, and the next thing I knew, Ann was squeezing - INSTANT PAIN! My prick fell back ten times faster that it went up. “What is wrong with you, can’t you control yourself,” she said. I turned six shades of red in embarrassment.

In walked Doc - and five minutes later, after probing and pushing, he was gone like the wind. But Ann was still there. “Get dressed, Doc will let you know what he thinks.” I waited a minute for her to leave, but it soon became apparent that she wasn’t going anywhere. So I pulled off the remnants of the paper gown, and got myself ready to leave. It was impossible in that little room to hide myself, or to keep from brushing up against her while I got my clothes. And of course, this just got me excited all over again.

As we went out in the corridor with Ann to see Doc, she stepped in front of me and stopped. I bumped into her firm body, and she immediately turned, and grabbed my swollen privates. “Like I said before, you have to learn to control yourself.” I came in with a slight groin pain, and left with two different pains in that area - one from excitement, one from an aggravated lump due to Ann’s treatment.

Out in the corridor, at the stand up desk, Doc was scribbling away on a prescription pad. “There definitely is a lump, and we need to check it further” he told me. “I am going to send you for an ultrasound.” “Ultrasound ?” I replied, “I thought that was for pregnant women.” “We occasionally use it for other things, but pregnancies is the most common use” Doc answered. “It shouldn’t be painful at all.” Easy for him to say - it wasn’t his balls. “I know just the place to send him” Ann told the Doctor. “I’ll make the appointment for him.”

I arrived at the clinic the next morning 15 minutes early, as Ann had told me in no uncertain terms that I had better be on time. As I suspected, there weren’t very many men around, a few in the waiting room, but all of the help was females - and all young and pretty. I checked in with the receptionist, she looked at me kind of strangely and asked if my name was Jamie - I told her Jim. she just laughed and said that since most of the clientele was female, it was probably easy to understand the error. I took a seat on the bench to wait to be called.

About a half hour later a dark haired beauty came out from behind the counter and walked up to me - “Jamie” she asked? “My name is Jim.” “Well,” she said “the appointment was for Jamie, so that is what we will call you today. Come with me, I have to get you ready for your tests.” We went through a large door into a corridor that was busy with people walking and standing - all women, not another man in sight. I was taken through another door into a small locker room with another door leading to a washroom. “Take off all of your clothes and put them in the second locker” the dark-haired beauty said “and don’t waste any time, the tests take time to prepare for.” Then she sat down on the only chair in the room. There was nowhere to go, so I began stripping down. As I got down to the buff, the door popped open and in walked a girl in a lab coat, carrying an enema bag with a tube. The two of them talked for a few moments while I stood there trying to act naturally, which isn’t easy when you are naked in front of two fully dressed young females. I just hoped that enema bag was for someone else.

After a few minutes the blonde in the lab coat said “Well, I guess we better get this one started” and the dark haired beauty looked over at me and giggled. “Look at this, isn’t he cute?” “Lets go” the blonde said to me and she opened the door, still carrying the bag. “Wait a second, don’t you have something for me to put on?” I asked. “I don’t want to go out there naked.” The dark haired beauty went over to a locker and pulled out a short blue transparent nightgown. “Here” she said, “this is all we have, and we don’t want you to catch a cold.” She slipped it on over my head while the blonde stood in the doorway laughing. As I started to complain, the dark haired beauty slapped me in the face, and grabbed my tender testicles. “Ann told me that you didn’t know who to behave and take orders, I guess I’ll just have to teach you.” And with that, she pulled me out in the hallway, by the balls. I’ve never been so embarrassed! Here I was, naked except for a soft see through nightie, being led around by the tug of the hand of this feminine character. Everything was exposed, as her hand was grasping the only thing that the gown might have provided at least minimum coverage for.

As I looked around quickly to see who was watching, I found that I was the center of attention, all of the women were watching and laughing. I was led slowly down the hall to the comments of all we passed, then into a bathroom. “Bend over the sink….. NOW!” the Blonde said, as the dark haired doll released her grip. I felt hands pushing on my back and found myself bent over the vanity. The nozzle of the enema bag was quickly shoved up my anus and I felt myself filling rapidly. The blonde worked the nozzle in and out of my asshole, telling the other girl, “He may be a virgin now, but he won’t be when this day is over.”

While she was pushing the nozzle in and out, I was filling up with the warm soapy fluid in the bag. Within minutes, the bag was empty, but I was full. “Excuse me” I said, “but I think it is time to get rid of this.” I then attempted to stand up to move to the toilet. I then felt a sharp slap across my asscheeks. “You will use the toilet when you are told - not before” the blonde with the bag said. She slowly removed the nozzle - and replaces it with a much larger, hard object. “This will help you to hold the enema till it is time to let it out” she said. I was full before she pushed this thing in, now I felt like I was going to explode.

The two nurses continued to talk and laugh together as if I was not there - but the dark haired beauty again took hold of my testicles. Every once in a while she would softly rub a finger along the underside and just as my cock started to rise from the attention, she would squeeze - HARD. I was beginning to feel like a bouncing ball I was up and down so much.

After tem minutes or so, the blonde finally removed the plug and told me to go release the enema. Both of the girls watched, much to my embarrassment, as there was no stall or door. It seems like in just seconds I was empty again. I cleaned myself off and got up from the toilet. The nightie was removed over my head. Both women began rubbing cream on my body, from my neck to my feet. I started again to get excited, and received a slap directly to the head of my dick, which again dropped to normal. I was instructed to stand there with my hands behind my head, and not move. After a while my skin began to tingle, then burn. I was then put into an open shower stall, and the water was turned on. Something strange happened - all of my hair started washing away - the only hair I had left was on top of my head! I thought I was naked before - now I felt like everything was totally exposed. I was given a towel to dry myself, then the soft blue nightie was placed over my head again. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before - It was so soft and sexy against my hairless skin, especially my groin.

The Dark haired beauty said “ Lets go, you are almost ready” and began to lead me into the hall. I attempted to protest, and felt the blonde push a rectangular object into my back. The next thing I remember I was laying on the floor in the hallway with my muscles twitching. The blonde was standing over me laughing as she said “You know, I’ve wanted to try this stun gun for a while - I guess it works ok.” I slowly got back to my feet, still twitching. She waved the box at me and I pulled away and began following the dark haired doll down the hallway, with much trepidation as to what my fate was to be.

We then entered another exam room. This room was equipped with an exam table and in the corner was an electronic device which I took to be the ultrasound machine. “Lay down on the table with your ass at the end and legs hanging over,” I was told. I hurried to comply, not wanting to see how many times that stun gun was good for before the batteries died. The position I was put in left me with my feet in midair - and I felt soft hands grasp my legs and drape my legs over the stirrups. “Put your hands on the pegs above your shoulders” was the next order. When I reached up for the pegs, straps were fitted around my wrists to hold them in place. The stirrups that my legs were in were spread, and straps held my legs to them. I then felt the table dropped from under my ass - I was hanging by legs and the middle of my back, everything in between was in the air!

Someone reached under me and roughly shoved a rod up my rectum - I thought It was going to tear me in two until I got my muscles to relax. I could feel hands on various parts of my body, alternately stroking gently and then pinching or slapping me. The device in my ass was being turned occasionally, and every time it moved, my dick would get hard again. I really couldn’t see much of what was happening to me as the position I was in would not allow me to lift my head, and my arms were blocking any vision to the sides.

After a few minutes the hands gradually stopped their movements and were removed. I could hear someone else enter the room. “Well, isn’t this a pretty sight” said a soft, sexy new voice. “Hello, Doctor, we were just getting this patient ready for you” the dark haired honey replied. I then heard the blonde say “yes, real ready,” then giggle. A cold gel was spread on my testicles and a hard device was pressed firmly on the gel, held for a few minutes, then moved to a new spot. I could hear the machine next to me hum. “OK, the static test is complete, now lets see them function.” The hands again returned to my body, only this time no pain, only soft, sensual touching. After a few minutes, my dick was at attention, and a device was placed over it. I felt the device pulling on my dick, a strong suction built up and released.

Within minutes I was ejaculating. The device paused briefly then began again. After the second time the hard device was removed from my testicles, and I heard the voice identified as the Doctor say “well, I am done, you can shut of the suction when you are ready.” The blonde asked “do you have more scans in here this afternoon?”

“No, this was the last one today, feel free to stay and play.” The suction device was again activated. At first, it was a great relief after the abuse I’d suffered, but, after the first two times, I was more than ready to stop. The machine was left on, and I began to scream in pain. A hand reached up and held my nose closed, and when I opened my mouth again to breathe, a round cock shaped rubber object was inserted in my mouth and taped into place. “ that will shut you up - can’t you see you have already drawn a crowd?” I still couldn’t see much, but when I listened I could hear a commotion over by the door, which had apparently been open the whole time.

The object in my rectum was being worked in and out while the suction device continued to work. My whole body began to spasm Finally with much laughter the suction device was removed, I was so limp in seconds that I never thought I would again get hard.

“You know, this pansy wouldn’t have problems with his balls if we just cut them off while he is on the table.”

“That’s not a bad idea, but then we would have to leave him alone for a while, it is more fun this way.” This was a different voice which sounded familiar - I know - Ann!

Hands, soft yet strong, began to stroke the underside of my balls. “Did the ultrasound show anything?” Ann inquired. “There is a lump, but the Doctor said it is benign, it will need to be removed.” Ann’s face moved to where I could see her. “Well Jamie, isn’t that good news? But as long as you are here, I think we will try to teach you to listen when we tell you to do something.” I wanted to answer her, but with the cock gag in my mouth, I could only moan. Ann was dressed in her usual white nylon outfit, and I could feel her brushing against my body. “Who came up with this pretty outfit for Jamie?” Ann inquired of the other girls. “I think it is lovely, and the only way he should be allowed to dress, and he should be kept hairless.” Hands roamed my body -chest, belly, legs, and my privates. I felt a tight band applied around my testicles, and the device in my rectum was removed.

“Did Jamie give you any problems this morning?” Ann asked the other girls. “Well,” the brunette bombshell answered her, “we did have a little cooperation problem when we tried to go into the hallway, but Joyce took care of that.” The blonde’s voice then said “Yes, it is easy to get them to cooperate with the right tools.” I then heard a loud snap and saw a flash of light - it must have been the stun gun.

“We will just have to teach this pussy who is in charge,” Ann said. Her voice came from the foot of the table, between my widespread legs. I felt something pushing at my anal opening and then Ann’s hands on my thighs. My rectum was filled by the object, and then I felt Ann begin to move it in and out slowly, then speed up. “I bet this is his first fucking” she told the others, “but it will not be his last.”

A different pair of hands straightened out the short nightie I was still wearing, and then reached up and removed the cock gag from my mouth. The dark haired honey then climbed up and straddled my chest with her skirt hiked up out of the way. She pulled herself forward till she straddled my face, and sat down. Her silken panties were in my mouth as her smooth thighs began to squeeze my head. “Eat me” she commanded, and I began to suck and tongue her through the panties. Her aroma filled my nostrils and her juices began to flow. After a few minutes I was able to push the panties aside and began to tongue her in earnest.

Everything I felt with my tongue was soft and smooth, no hair to get in the way. After a few minutes I could feel her thighs begin to tremble and then she clamped them down on the sides of my head like a satin vise. Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, I heard groans from Ann and after a few minutes felt the dildo removed from my ass. I could hear Ann say “Linda, are you finished up there?” The dark haired beauty on my face replied “yes, I guess so - do you want to switch places?” To which Ann replied “ Yes, I’ve got something for him to clean off.”

Linda got up after rubbing her silt on my chin and mouth, only to be replaced by Ann, who started by sitting back on my chest. The dildo she had been using was a strap on, and still in place. She stuck it in my mouth and said “lick it clean.” As she leaned forward, it went all the way to the back of my mouth, and I began to gag. She pulled it out and after removing the straps holding the dildo moved up to sit on my face. Her cunt covered both my mouth and nose and for a moment I was unable to breathe. “Have you learned anything yet?” Ann said to me, but I was unable to answer. After a short time Ann shifted her weight and I was able to draw in air through my nose. I licked for all I was worth, hoping I could satisfy her before she smothered me. After I worked for what seemed like hours a flood poured out onto my face. Ann screamed and then I felt her muscles relax. I felt something cold pressed against my testicles, and heard that loud snap again - and I passed out from the pain.

Chapter 2

The first thing I remember when I woke up is that I could not move my arms or legs. The room was bright and warm. When I finally got my eyes open all the way I looked around as best I could. The room I was in appeared to be a hospital room with one wall all glass. There were blinds on the glass, and they were open. There were tubes in my mouth and nose, and I could see wires running from my chest to a plug on the wall. I could feel the tube on my mouth running back into my throat, which was very sore. I tried to mentally check the other pains in my body to see where they were coming from, but other than a tightness in my chest, I really couldn’t isolate any other pain. Very soon after I awakened, I felt movement in the room, and a sweet, cheerful voice said “Welcome back, how do you feel?”

A tall, slim strawberry blonde in a white blouse and skirt moved along side the bed where I could see her, and began listening to my chest with a stethoscope. I tried to answer her, but found the tube in my throat made me unable to speak. She fiddled with the knob of a machine that was connected to the tube in my throat, then took my blood pressure with a cuff that had been laying on my left arm. When she had completed that task, she reached down to the siderail of the bed and the head of the bed began to rise. I could see more of my body then. I was naked on top of the bed, with tubes that I hadn’t noticed before running into my arm, and another tube had been inserted in my penis. My hands were tied to the siderails with some type of soft cloth strips, and similar strips were attached to my ankles.

“I called the Doctor as soon as I saw you were awake - she should be here any time. I will ask her if we can remove the indotrachial tube - that’s the one in your throat.” I tried to nod my head, and found that even that slight movement caused the tube in my throat to hurt even more. She then dropped the lower part of the siderail and sat on the edge of the bed. I could see her hand on my leg, but couldn’t feel anything down there. “Can you feel my hand?” she asked. I shook my head slightly. “That is what we were afraid of, but don’t worry, we think it may just be temporary.” From where her hand was on my leg, I should have been getting a definite reaction, but nothing was happening.

“By the way, my name is Valerie. I am an intensive care nurse here at the hospital. How much do you remember of what happened?” Everything was hazy, so I just shrugged my shoulders. “We don’t even know your full name, the girl who dropped you off at the emergency room told the triage nurse that your name was Jamie, and then she left before we could find anything else out.”

At this point a woman in a white lab coat entered the room. She was shorter than Valerie, and not as slim, with her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. There was a stethoscope dangling from her pocket, and a metal clipboard was open in her hands. She nodded briefly at Valerie, and said “how are the vitals?” “The pulse and blood pressure are still elevated, the respirations are 18, and the lung sounds are clear” Valerie replied. “The EKG has been steady, with no sighs of additional muscle damage.” As I listened to her report, I wondered what had happened.

“The ET tube can be removed now that the patient has regained consciousness” the blonde told Valerie. “See if you can find out any more about the patient’s history and what happened to him, I’ll stop back in a little while to examine him.” “OK Doctor, I’ll go ahead and remove the tube. Is the patient still NPO?” “Some ice chips will be alright, his throat will be sore from the tube, but nothing else by mouth till we decide what our next step will be,” the Doctor replied.

As the Doctor left, Valerie pushed the button to drop the head of my bed back down. Two women in maroon came into the room. “Do you need a hand, Val?” “Thanks, help me pull the bed out, the doc just authorized the removal of the ET tube.” The tube was disconnected just above my mouth, a syringe filled from a small tube connected to the larger tube, and then the whole thing was pulled from my throat and mouth. I tried to speak but could only rasp, “thank you, that feels better already.”

Valerie asked “can you tell me your full name?” “My name is Jim Tucker,” I replied, “Wasn’t my drivers license and Id in my wallet?”

“When you were brought in, you had two possessions - a blue nightgown and a butt plug, nothing else. It also looks like you have been sexually abused and tortured. In case you haven’t noticed there is not a hair on your body and your testicles have received some type of electrical burn. You also have the same type of burn on your back.”

“How long have I been here?” I painfully inquired. “About 10 days now” She replied, “but this is the first time you have been conscious. You had better try to save your voice, the Doctor may want to talk to you soon.” She raised the back of the bed till I was in a semi-reclined position. “Can you tell me what happened to you?” Valerie again sat on the edge of the bed, and her hand trailed along my legs, moving up and down along them.

“Well,” I told her, “I was supposed to go to a clinic for some tests my Doctor ordered, but I can’t remember whether I made it there or not. Can you cover me up, I’m a little uncomfortable like this.” “If you think you’re uncomfortable now, you ought to see what will happen if I cover you up. Every time we try, you break out in a violent rash. We had to put satin sheets on the bed to keep your back from breaking out. We’re trying to find something you are not allergic to, but we haven’t found it yet. It may have something to do with whatever was used to remove your hair.”

“Well, how about untying my hands, I’m not going anywhere like this.” “No,” she replied, “I can’t do that until we learn more about what went on, and what your mental state is. The Doctor will be able to explain more when she gets back.” Getting up from the edge of the bed, she raised the portion of the rail she had dropped to sit down, and took a silver object from her pocket. She went to the foot of the bed, and I could see her run the silver object up the sole of my foot. The toes curled slightly, but I didn’t feel anything. “Good,” she said,” that is the first reaction we have gotten from your legs. Did you feel it?” I just shook my head to let her know I did not.

After fussing around the room for a few minutes, she sat down in a chair on the side of the bed. After a few minutes one of the other nurses came over to the open doorway and asked her if she wanted relief for lunch, but she said she would wait till the Doctor got done with me. “Don’t you have other patients to check?” I asked. “No, as long as you are restrained like this, one of us will be right here. You are the only patient I have assigned to me, and I’ve been with you most of the days since you got here. The same is true on the other two shifts, you’ll meet Lynn and Pat tonight.”

After what seemed like hours, the Doctor returned to examine me. Valerie showed her the response from the soles of my feet, and the doctor seemed pleased that there was some improvement. The Doctor probed and poked for a few minutes. then had Valerie drop the head of the bed and roll me over onto my side. In order to do this, the restraints has to be removed from one side, but it was done one limb at a time. The Doctor told me that I had hit one nurse just after I arrived in what appeared to be a seizure, and had put her in the hospital with a broken jaw. I could feel the Doctor probing around my anus, but it didn’t feel too bad. when I commented on it I was told that I was still being given medication for pain, that it had taken 10 stitches to close the damage from what had been done to me. I looked back while I was on my side, and I could see red splotches where my backside had broken out from the sheets. After the Doctor completed her exam, I was returned to the position I had been laying in before the exam, and the restraints were resecured.

The Doctor said “I have both good news and bad news for you. At this point, it appears that you will regain feeling and use of your legs in the near future. They should get better every day. You have some cardiac damage, and I do not think that we can save your testicles, they are badly damaged from the electrical burn and should be surgically removed. We need to get your personal physician involved, can you give me his name?”

I gave them Doc’s name, they said they would call him in immediately. After the Doctor left, I was laying there thinking about what she had said. I hoped she was wrong, but she sure seemed like she knew what she was doing. “Is there someone we should call, to let them know you are here?” Valerie asked. I shook my head, as tears began to form in the corners of my eyes. “No, not right now. I suppose I will have to call my office to let them know where I am, but I don’t have any family or close friends in the area.” “Shouldn’t we let your boss know?” “Well you can give my company a call, but I own the business so I don’t have to answer to anyone.”

Valerie could see I was very upset at what the Doctor has said. She again came over to sit along side of me on the bed after moving the rail, and put her hand on my leg. “There are worse things that you could have lost, you should be happy that you won’t be paralyzed for life.” She drew circles on my legs as she spoke. In the old days, just having a beautiful woman like her near me would have gotten me excited, but here I was, naked, restrained, and with this doll touching me, and I couldn’t even get it up.

“The Hospital will need your insurance information. While I am sure you don’t need another worry, this is a pretty expensive room, especially with private duty nurses for 24 hours a day. Do you know what kind of insurance you have?”

“Why don’t you call my office and talk to the office manager, her name is Nancy, she will have all of the information. Tell her to have Tom set up a cash account also, that will provide for anything that the insurance company will not cover and then I won’t have to be bothered about it.”

“All right,” Valerie said, “We’ll give them a call. How much should I tell them about your problem?”

“Just tell them I was shocked and will be here for a while. They are used to me being gone for long stretches and are capable of operating things without me.”

Valerie called one of the other girls and gave her the information to make the calls. I asked why there was no telephone in the room, but was told that it was normal, they didn’t want intensive care patients bothered by telephone calls. Every few minutes Valerie would get up, and check in the solutions running into my arm, and on the wires running to my chest. One time, I felt her soft uniform brushing against my chest, and thought I felt a stirring in my groin. I looked down, but couldn’t see any difference. After a few hours like this, a tiny blonde with long hair came into the room and Valerie began updating her on my condition. I didn’t understand much of what was being said, but listened anyway. After Valerie completed her briefing, the blonde came over to the edge of the bed, and said, “It’s nice of you to rejoin us, it’s been pretty lonely sitting here the past week. I’m Lynn, and I will be with you for the next 8 hours.” She rechecked the monitor, wires, solutions, and took my blood pressure. After a few minutes Valerie came over and gave me a hug over the railing and said that she would see me in the morning.

Lynn worked basically the same way as Valerie had, sitting on the edge of the bed when she wasn’t busy and touching me on the legs, chest, and arm. I asked if this wasn’t unusual in these days if Aids, and Lynn explained that this was the way that the nurses were taught to show that they cared, and all of them felt skin to skin contact was important, especially in cases like mine. She also said that an HIV test had been run on my blood and was negative.

Lynn opened up a package she had brought in with her, and pulled out a white half slip. She laid it across my belly and groin, and it was the smoothest thing I had ever felt. At that point it was probably better that I didn’t have feeling in my groin, or my hardon would have made it look like a tent.

“This is pure silk, and the dermatologist thinks it is the only material that will not irritate your skin. I went out to buy it this morning so we would have something to cover you with.”

I thanked her for her thoughtfulness and told her as soon as someone from my office came in I would make arrangements to have some money to pay her back. At least there was something covering me if someone did come in.

Within the next hour, a tray was brought in. There was no solid food on it, only broth and Jell- O, but at least I was going to be allowed to eat. Lynn put the tray on a moveable table and rolled to over to the bed, and put down the top side rail. She began feeding me. I asked if I couldn’t feed myself, but she said she would rather do it. Lynn is a tiny woman, and her long hair and soft arms brushed against me many times as she fed me. After dinner one of the girls at the desk outside the room called to Lynn and said that I had a visitor. It was Nancy, who manages my office.

Nancy is of oriental descent, and it is obvious in her features, with long, straight black hair. She is fairly tall for a Japanese, about 5’5”, and slender. She never fails to excite me when I see her, but that is not why she was hired. She has began working for me some years ago as a secretary, and had proved so competent that she was promoted to my executive assistant and office manager after just a few years. I had always made it a point to keep my personal life separate from my business life, so as much as I wanted to, I had never asked her out. “What happened to you? We were all wondering where you went off to without calling in, and when the hospital called I came right over.”

“I don’t really know what happened, they told me I received an electrical shock and I don’t have any feeling in my legs. My heart also was damaged. The doctors haven’t told me a lot yet.”

“Are those burns on your side? What happened to your hair?”

“No, they think both the hair and the rash are from something else.” I didn’t think I wanted to go into this any further, but Lynn jumped in and started to explain that they still didn’t know exactly what was wrong.

Lynn then asked Nancy to wait outside for a minute, and said to me “you know, she really does care about you. Val said that you don’t have any family here, but you will need for someone to help you to make decisions for you as time goes on. What do you think asking Nancy for help?”

After thinking for a minute, I could see that Lynn was right, and I couldn’t think of anyone else I could ask who would care half as much about my welfare. I said as much to Lynn, and she called one of the other girls in to the room to sit with me and took Nancy down for a cup of coffee and a talk.

When they came back, you could see that Nancy had been crying, and she came over and hugged me. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know why anyone would want to do such a thing to you. I am going to call Tom and tell him that I will be spending time with you. He will keep the office going while we work on getting you better.”

Lynn then told Nancy that she would not be able to stay with me any more tonight, that the visitors rules were very strict on that issue. Nancy kissed me good-bye and said she would stop in the next morning. Lynn reminded her to bring in the clothing they has discussed, as I would need something to cover me up a little more.

After Nancy left, Lynn checked the tube which ran from my penis. She said that she would leave a note for the doctor to see if it could be removed but the doctor probably would want to leave it in until I got feeling back in my legs. Then, after checking me over again, she turned on the Television over the foot of my bed, and sat on the side of the bed along side my legs to watch with me. As was the case with Valerie, while she was sitting there she continually was touching me. We watched quietly for a while, and then she decided it was time for my sponge bath. The silk slip covering my middle was removed, and she commented that the dermatologist was correct, as I had not broken out from the touch of the silk. She washed me all over in front, and when that was completed she moved all of the restraint straps to one side and had me roll over so she could do by back side. After she was done washing me she gave me a backrub. Her touch was comforting to me, and I could tell as we talked she was concerned about my recovery. I was starting to get sleepy, even though I had been napping on and off all day, so Lynn resecured the restraints to their previous position, dimmed the lights and lowered the head of the bed for me as I dozed off.

I must have slept for a few hours, and when I awoke I found a different nurse in my room. She was checking the restraints and jumped a little when she saw I was awake. I could feel a difference in the room from before - she seemed nervous, unlike the calm demeanor of the other two nurses. She didn’t seem to have much to say, so I tried to find a more comfortable spot to lie in and went back to sleep. Later on, I again awoke to find Valerie with the new nurse. It apparently was morning, and as the new nurse was talking to Valerie I could see she was having trouble talking. Her face was framed by dark hair, and it seemed as if the side of her face was discolored. Soon after I woke she left. I asked Valerie who she was, and Valerie said that her name was Pat, and she was the reason I was to remain in restraints. It seems I had hit her on my first day in the hospital, and broken her jaw. She had trouble talking and the side of her face was still bruised.

While Valerie was starting her morning checks, my doctor walked in and introduced himself to her. He came over and examined me, and this time when the metal object ran up the soles of my feet I could feel it. The female doctor who was in yesterday also came in, and began showing Doc the various injuries and damage I had suffered. They poked and probed for some time, and then went out to talk. They came back in after a short time and told Valerie that the Foley could be removed as soon as my testing was completed. I asked what that was, and they told me it was the tube in my penis.

The two doctors said that there would be some tests done, including a biopsy of my testicles. They said that the consent forms would be brought in, and asked about next-of kin. I explained that there wasn’t any, but that Nancy should be consulted if they needed to talk to someone. They said that they would need for her to have a power of attorney in case a decision was needed and I was unable to make it. I told them she should be in soon, and they said the forms would be ready.

Just after they left, Nancy came in. I introduced Valerie, and the two of them talked as if they were old friends. The two of them sat on opposite sides of the bed, both of them touching my legs to see if I could feel it. My mind was excited, even if my body was still incapable of joining the feeling. The papers were filled out, and within minutes, I was wheeled out by a crew of four people in surgical garb. A mask was placed over my face, and then I was asleep.

Chapter 3

I could see movement in my room as I woke up, and Nancy, my office manager and administrative assistant was standing at my bedside holding my hand. Nancy is a tall, slender oriental with long black hair. Her eyes appeared moist, like she had been crying. When she saw I was awake she called to Lynn, one of my nurses, who immediately started taking my vital signs. I was still restrained to the bed, and my midsection was covered by a folded sheet. Lynn removed the sheet, and I could see that while I was asleep after surgery, the silk half slip was put on me so that I would not break out again. I could feel her press on my legs, which was a further improvement since I had previously lost all feeling in my legs.

Nancy seemed extremely agitated, so I said “what’s the matter?” “Well,” she replied, “after the first test, the doctors came out and said that your testicles couldn’t be saved from the electrical burns, and had to be removed surgically right away so that you could continue to recover. It wasn’t a decision that I wanted to make without you, but they said it couldn’t wait, so I told them to go ahead.” I had given Nancy power of attorney before the tests began, at the doctors request, so she did have the authority to make the decision. I couldn’t see down there, and Lynn was reluctant to allow me to touch down there, as I couldn’t believe that they had cut off my balls.

After much talking and complaining, Lynn finally loosened my restraint on one wrist. She kept a grip on the strap just to be sure, and carefully guided my hand to where my testicles had been. sure enough, all that was there was some bandages, no sign of my testicles at all. My dick was shriveled up, and the tube I had earlier been told was called a Foley was still in place.

Lynn returned the restraint strap to its old position on the side of the bed, and she and Nancy held my hands as my eyes teared at the thought of the loss of my manhood. Lynn had to get up to add some new medication to my IV, and while she was moving around Nancy asked if I was angry with her. I told her it was not her fault, that if the Doctors both said it was necessary then it was the only possible decision. Nancy leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and then the mouth, her hair dragging on my bare hairless chest. It tickled, she smelled so good, but, again, nothing happened, only my mind got excited.

“I’d better get home, it has been a long day for all of us” Nancy said. “Thanks for being here when I needed you, I really appreciate it” I said to her. She smiled for the first time today, saying “I’ll always be here for you when you need me, no matter what the circumstances.” Then she walked out the doorway, leaving Lynn and I alone in the room. Lynn took my vital signs, then cleaned up my body, her hands lingering as usual. She pulled up the slip that was being used to cover my groin and the feeling on my legs as she moved it was amazing. My legs tingled, and I thought about how good it was to have the sensations returning to my legs. I napped briefly while she finished, and then Pat, the Midnight shift nurse, came in. The lights were still on, and I could see the damage I has unintentionally done to her face. “Be easy on him tonight, he has had a rough day” Lynn told Pat.

Pat got the report from Lynn, which took about 10 minutes to update her on the day’s happenings. When they were finished Lynn came over and squeezed my hand. “Try to get some sleep” she said, then she left to go home.

Pat came over to the bed and checked my vital signs, then listened to my lungs with her stethoscope. As she straightened, I was able to grasp her hand in mine for a brief moment before she pulled away. “I’m so sorry I hurt you” I said to her. She looked me in the eye for the first time, but didn’t say anything at first, then in a voice that could only be described as a loud whisper, said “I know that it was not intentional, but, the damage you have done to me will take a long time to heal.” It seemed a little odd that I was trying to comfort her, but she didn’t seem to care about my condition. I resolved to talk to someone in the morning about getting her replaced.

I slept most of the night, dreaming about Nancy and how great it would be to wake up with her next to me. Even the normal disturbances of the nurses checking and the noise from the central room of the ICU didn’t disturb me.

When I woke the next morning, the room was crowded with people. Valerie was on the edge of the bed talking to me to try to wake me up. “Jim, can you hear me? I want you to talk to me.” I opened my eyes and asked what was going on. “Your heart monitor showed some irregularities, It may have even stopped briefly.” A doctor I hadn’t seen before said “Cancel the Code Blue, the patient is conscious.” He was on his way out the door soon thereafter, followed by most of the crowd. Valerie, a girl with a tray of tubes, and another girl with a small machine on wheels were still there. The machine was hooked to leads on my chest. “They need to draw blood, and are taking a 12 lead cardiogram” Valerie said in explanation.

After a few minutes, we were again alone in the small room. Valerie sat on her usual spot on the side of my bed, and asked how I felt. As she talked, I could feel her hand moving on my leg. It felt great, and I commented on the increase in feeling I was getting back. “Do you think I can try walking soon?” I inquired. “If your blood work comes back ok, I’ll ask the doctor if it alright for you to dangle your legs over the side of the bed, but it will probably be a few days before you start walking” she said. Valerie was wearing a white nylon uniform dress, and looked sexy as usual. A lacy top could be seen under the dress, and her reddish blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Nancy came in to visit, and she brought in a small piece of luggage. She set it on the table and opened it, to reveal a white silk robe. “This is an under-kimono, it is made of pure silk. It should not irritate your skin at all. I had a tough time finding it on such short notice, but I was able to find one in Little Tokyo in a shop that sells kimonos.” It was sheer, with some detail work around the edges, but even with this it would look better than the half slip I was currently wearing as my only clothing.

“Valerie, I’m uncomfortable with Pat as my night nurse. Who would I talk to about getting her removed from my case?” I asked. We have all been called in by the Hospital, and I suppose if we contacted the administration they would have her removed” Valerie replied. “However, she needs the work, and with her injury I don’t think she will be able to take any other callouts.” I thought about it for a few minutes, and after talking to Nancy and Valerie decided to drop the idea of having her removed. I’d done enough damage to her already, and didn’t want to hurt her further. “Can the restraints be removed?” Nancy asked Valerie. “I don’t know, let me go call the doctor and find out” Valerie replied, then left me with Nancy so she could go use the telephone. Nancy unfolded the silk robe, and draped it like a blanket over my lower extremities.

Val came back into the room after a few minutes, and said that the doctor said it was alright to remove the restraints as long as I was awake, but wanted them back on if I went to sleep. When the restraints were removed, it was obvious that I was also allergic to that material, as my wrists and ankles were broken out in a raw rash. Valerie washed then with an antibiotic and put loose bandages on over them. It felt good to be able to move my arms and legs. Nancy came over by me and leaned over the rails and hugged and kissed me, and said that she would be back later in the day. After she left, Valerie removed the robe from my lap, and pulled the slip off of my legs. “The doctor also said that the Foley can be removed” she said as she dropped the head of my bed. “This may hurt a bit, but I’ll be as careful as I can.” I could feel her hands on my cock and legs, pulling the tape securing the tube, then felt a pulling as the tube was taken out. There was a bit of pain, but as I was still being medicated for pain it wasn’t too bad. Valerie’s hand stayed on my cock after the tube was removed, but there was no reaction from me. It seemed like it had shriveled to a fraction of its previous size. “Let me know when you need the urinal, we need to have your urine tested for blood” she said.

As she raised the head of the bed, I looked down at my body. There was still no sign of hair anywhere below my head. I rolled over and laid on my side while Valerie examined my back. She put on a pair of gloves and lubricated a finger and slipped it gently in my ass. She probed around for a few minutes, then said “I think that the healing here is about completed, maybe the Doctor will let you start having solid food soon.” She wiped the lubricant off and had me lay flat on the bed again, then replaced the silk robe across my lap. Her hands felt great, and in my mind I felt my cock raise to full extension, but nothing happened in my lap.

A little while later Lynn came in, and Valerie said good night and left the room. Lynn checked my vitals, then came over and sat on the edge of the bed. After lowering the head of the bed, she told me she wanted to check to see how much feeling had returned to my legs. She told me to close my eyes, and tell her where I felt her hands. There followed the most pleasant time I have ever spent in a hospital, as her soft hands roamed my hairless skin. After a few minutes Nancy came in, and her hands took over for Lynn. When Lynn was satisfied that all of my sense of feeling had returned, she told Nancy she could stop - I told her she didn’t have to, that she could continue forever. Nancy laughed for the first time in days, and came up to the head of the bed and kissed me. We all sat and watched TV for an hour or so, and when dinner came up there were 3 trays, two with food, and one for me with broth and Jell-O.

After dinner I asked Lynn for the urinal, and she insisted on helping me. I thought Nancy would leave, but she stayed in the room. Lynn took the urinal out when I finished, and told Nancy she would be gone for a little while. She closed the blinds and the door on her way out.

Nancy was wearing a white silk blouse with puffy sleeves, and a black miniskirt. She climbed up on the bed with me, and began kissing me and feeling my body, I put my arms around her as best I could with the wires and tubes. Her pear shaped tits were pressing against my chest, and she opened her blouse so I could feel them. I pulled her up and took a nipple into my mouth, and she began to moan. I put my arms around her back under the blouse, and she began to pull away. She moved down on the bed and took my limp organ into her mouth. At first nothing happened, but then I could feel it start to rise. I thought It was in my mind, but when I looked down I could tell that something was happening. Nancy sucked and kissed my cock for a little while, then moved back up to kiss my mouth. After a few kisses she got up from the bed and opened the blinds. Lynn came in immediately and asked Nancy if she had any luck. Nancy just smiled at her, so she had her answer. Nancy got herself together, and decided it was time for her to leave, so I got another kiss and hug, and a promise of more to come.

Lynn took my vitals again, my blood pressure was up a little, which Lynn thought was funny. She came over and sat on the edge of the bed to watch TV for a while. Her hand went under the silk robe, and played with my legs and dick. It felt so good I fell asleep with her hand there.

I woke up in the middle of the night, Pat was on duty. I had a full bladder, and asked Pat for the urinal. She brought it over to the bed, put the urinal in place, and held my cock in the opening, as my hands were again secured to the bed. When I was done, she shook me off and closed the lid on the urinal. She added some medicine to the IV. Whatever she added made me drowsy, but I didn’t sleep. Pat moved my restraints all to one side of the bed, and rolled me over on my belly. She closed the blinds, and began probing my anus with a thick object. This didn’t feel like something that should happen in a hospital, but whatever she had put in my IV made me unable to complain. I could feel her weight on my legs as the object moved in and out of my ass. After some time I felt her weight increase on my back as her movement stopped, then I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke again, I was on my back. My asshole hurt, and my chest felt funny. Valerie was there fussing around the bed, but I didn’t say anything, as I didn’t want any trouble. When Val saw I was awake she untied my restraints and brought over the urinal. “Can’t I go in and use the toilet, it would make life much easier” I told her.

“As soon as the Doctor has examined you, I will be moving you to a room on the other end of the hospital. Instead of a direct wire to the monitor, we will hook you up to a transmitter that will send your EKG to a monitor. Then you will be able to get up and move around.” “Will you still be taking care of me?” I asked. “Yes,” she replied, ‘the three of us have been retained by your insurance company to provide continued round the clock coverage. You must be a pretty important customer of theirs.”

The doctor was in early, and soon after my bed was rolling down the hallway. For the trip Val spread the silk robe out to cover as much of me as possible, but it was so slick it kept sliding off my body, much to the amusement of the nurse helping Val.

When we got there, the monitor was removed and the portable transmitter was attached. “Does your chest feel alright? Valerie asked. “It looks like there is some swelling around your nipples.” We were interrupted by two of the floor nurses who wandered in and looked over my chart, and talked to Val. They appeared happy to remove the empty bed in my room as they would have two less patients to take care of till I left.

I never really answered Valerie’s question. Val helped me to sit up with my feet over the edge of the bed. At first I got a little dizzy, but that soon cleared. As soon as I was ready, Val helped me to stand up. She draped the underkimono over my shoulders and tied it as best she could. We went over to the bathroom and she helped me to sit down, making sure the robe was out of the way. When I was done she helped me back to the edge of the bed, promising to take me for a walk later on.

Nancy came up after lunch. She had been out looking for silk mens underwear, but had not found any yet. She took a pair of light blue silk panties and matching camisole out of a bag, and said that so far that was the best she could do. I sat on the side of the bed while the two of them slipped the panties and camisole on me, at least they covered me up a little better than the robe by itself.

Valerie left the room for a while so Nancy and I could be alone, we sat on the edge of the bed and necked like a couple of kids, playing with each others bodies. Nancy again had no bra on, and had panties with loose leg openings similar to the ones she had brought for me to wear. We groped around for a while until I got tired and needed to lay down again. Nancy got on the edge of the bed with me, and we watched TV for a while and held each other.

Valerie came back in and suggested we take a walk down the hall. With Val on one side pushing the IV pole and holding me, and Nancy on the other side, we started down the corridor. One of the first things that I noticed was that there were no male patients to be seen. When I asked Val said that this was the only section of the Hospital with a private room available. I was pretty tired when we got back to my room, and I went to sleep almost as soon as I hit the bed. I woke up to find Lynn there. Valerie had gone off duty, and Nancy went to the office to make sure everything was all right.

Lynn helped me to the bathroom to clean me up, and as she was washing me commented on the swelling of my chest. “It almost looks like I’m growing breasts” I said. Lynn didn’t reply, just kept on till she was done, then helped me put on the camisole and panties. She ran her hands over the top of the camisole and squeezed lightly.

I went to lay down again, and Lynn came over and sat with me, her hand on my leg gently rubbing up and down my hairless skin. As I got ready to sleep, Lynn put on the restraints I was still required to wear when sleeping. I slept all night for the first time.

Days went by with the same routine, every day it seemed like my cock was shrinking, and my chest kept growing. By this time I had a small, firm set of breasts. I kept asking why this was happening but no one really had any answers for me. I remained tired and any exercise quickly tired me out.

After about 10 days like this, Nancy came in carrying a small suitcase. Valerie asked her “did you remember to bring everything?” “Yes,” Nancy replied, “I think I’ve got it all.” They had me sit on the side of the bed and remove the camisole and panties. Nancy opened the suitcase on the side of the bed, and kneeled down and began to slide a pair of peach panties up my legs. A matching bra was put on me by Valerie, it fit snugly. I started to protest, but it didn’t slow them down, and I didn’t have the energy to fight them. Nancy pulled a pair of stockings up my still hairless legs, and then a silk blouse and miniskirt identical to the ones Nancy had on were put into place on my body. I noticed that the diet I had been on had slimmed down my waist, and somehow my hips had grown along with my breasts. When I was dressed a pair of low heels were put on my feet, and Nancy pulled a blonde haired wig out of the case. The hair was long and straight, and as I looked at it I thought that Nancy and I would look like a real pair, dressed identically, one blonde, the other dark haired. Makeup was applied, and I was ready to leave the hospital.

Chapter 4

I was put into a wheelchair for the trip to the hospital door. As we started down the hall, Nancy said to me “put your knees together and look like a lady.” I wasn’t used to a skirt, as this was the first time I had ever worn one. When they rolled me out the main entrance there was a limo waiting, and I moved from the wheelchair into the back seat. Nancy got in on one side, Valerie on the other side of me.

“Where are we going?” I asked. “Honey, I want you to sit there quietly and not say anything, I will explain everything when we get settled in at home” Nancy said. Her hand was on my knee, in a very possessive manor. We ended up in the doorway of my condo, and as the doorman opened the door, I wondered what Nancy could possibly say that would make sense out of this whole thing. We took the elevator up to my floor, and Nancy and Val each had a grip on my arms the whole time. I hadn’t spent very much time on my feet since this all started, and the two girls helped support me. As soon as we got upstairs and in the door I was led to the couch in the living room, and we all sat down.

“Do you feel like talking now, or do you want to nap first?” Nancy asked. “I’m pretty tired from the trip, but I really want to know what is going on” I replied. “Lets put him in bed, and you can talk there for awhile until he is ready to sleep” Valerie suggested. The two girls helped me into the bedroom next to the master bedroom, which had been equipped with a hospital type bed. They undressed me, and put a green silk thing on me, when they put it over my head I first thought it was an athletic shirt, but it had a short flared skirt on it. This was the only item of clothing I has on. The bed had silk sheets of the same emerald green, and as they helped me onto the bed I shivered with the coolness of the material.

The head of the bed was slightly raised, and after getting me into the bed, Nancy kicked off her shoes and got up on the bed next to me. She said “I don’t know how well you will be able to understand what I’m going to tell you, but I always want you to remember one thing. I love you, and do not want to do anything to hurt you. When I heard what had happened to you at that clinic, I thought we needed to find a way to make your life good again. with all of the things that have happened to you, all of the changes your body went through, all we could do was to continue them to help you. The only way I can see that you can be comfortable with your body is as a woman, at least on the outside.” She had been looking me directly in the eye while she talked to me, and then put her arms around me and laid her head on my new breasts.

“The female hormones were necessary to keep you from having a reaction to the loss of your testicles. It was decided to keep them up until you had a little more feminine appearance. Your body hair was already gone, we had nothing to do with that. We will get those women who did this to you and punish them, you can bet on that”

I had a million questions I wanted to ask, but the one that came to mind immediately is the one I asked. “How can you still love me? I’m not a man anymore.” “It doesn’t matter to me, we will find our own ways to make each other happy” was her reply.

Valerie was still standing by the bed, and said “we better let you get some sleep. If you want to talk more we can do it later.” Val pulled the silk sheet up over both of us, and I went to sleep with Nancy’s head on my chest.

Chapter 5

When I awoke I was still on my side, and Nancy was still laying naked up against my back. The vibrator was still up my ass, and Nancy had her arm over me, and she had one hand on my tit and the other hand under the skirt of my slip on my upper leg. As she felt me stir her hands began to move, and the feeling on my hairless skin was tremendous. “Would you like to repay the favor ?” she asked. “Show me what to do, I want to make you happy” was my reply.

Leaving the vibrator in place, she rolled me on to my back, and climbed on top of me, her legs straddling me, Her bare cunt rubbing my abdomen. She moved up till her cuntlips were over my mouth, and slowly lowered her cunt to my waiting mouth. As she sat, I licked for all I was worth, wanting to pleasure this woman who loved me any way I could. As first she was still, but them began to move back and forth in a slow rhythm. Her legs squeezed my head, and liquid flowed from her pussy. For a few seconds my breathing was difficult. I moved my hands to her waist to lift her so I could breathe, but soon found I was no longer strong enough to lift her weight, which I guessed was not over 110 pounds. Her movement finally allowed me to breathe again, and after a minute she gave a final squeeze and rolled off my face to lay on the edge of my bed. We held each other for a while, and then Valerie said “Hey, if the two of you are done, lets get cleaned up and get some dinner.”

The two women stripped me of my silk slip, and we went into the master bath. The shower was large enough for all of us at once, and that is the way we showered. Nancy soaped my body while Valerie helped me support my weight. There was still no sign of hair anywhere below my head, where my hair seemed to be getting longer and softer. “You may not need to wear a wig any longer, your hair is long enough for styling” Nancy said.

The two women rinsed off the soap from all of us, and we got out to dry. I wasn’t allowed to do anything myself yet, the two beauties did everything for me. After drying, I was powdered and led back to the makeup table. “There is no sign of a reaction from the makeup, so it should be safe to use” Val told Nancy. My face was made up and hair brushed our by the two naked women, and when they were done a peach slip was dropped over my head, and I was taken back to the bed to rest while the two women got dressed.

I watched the two of them get ready, and the three of us chatted while they worked. Nancy put on a powder blue teddy and Valerie put on a pink chemise and tap panty set. Neither girl needed or wore a bra. Matching stockings were put on by both girls. “How do they stay up?” I asked. “There is elastic on the tops, they are self supporting” Nancy said. “You will see for yourself in a minute.” Nancy put on a silk dress in white, and Valerie had a black miniskirt and billowing white silk blouse similar to the one I had worn home from the hospital.

“Sit on the edge of the bed so we can dress you” Nancy told me. I slid my legs over the edge of the bed, and light tan stockings were put on my legs. Nancy brought over two outfits, and I picked the flowing emerald green dress. Until I put it on I didn’t realize how short the skirt was. “don’t worry, that’s the way fashion is” Nancy said. “All of your skirts are short.” The girls brought over short heels for me to wear, and as I stood up I could feel a cool breeze up my skirt, as the only items I had on were the slip, dress and stockings.

The two girls came up on either side of me, and put a gold collar around my neck. Nancy said “ I hope you don’t mind, but I’m very possessive. I want everyone to know you are mine now.” Earrings were put on my ears, and Valerie commented that my ears should be pierced at the first opportunity.

As we went by the hall mirror on our way out, I looked and saw a young lady with Nancy and Valerie. She was not as gorgeous as the other two, but not too hard on the eyes. I guess it was safe to go out after all. “Now remember, let us do the talking, your voice is still a little low” Nancy said as we got on the elevator.

We went to a restaurant in the next block, Valerie didn’t want to go too far away from home till I was stronger. We were given a booth with a curved banquette, and were able to sit close to each other. I could feel Nancy’s soft hand on my leg under my dress, and as it moved I felt like purring with pleasure. Nancy ordered for all of us. After the girls had a couple of drinks, Nancy got up from the table to go to the powder room, and Valerie took my hand in hers and put them in my lap. Our dinner was brought out just after Nancy got back, and while there were no hands on my body while we were eating, I felt both women rubbing there legs on mine.

On the way home, I commented to Nancy that it seemed like there was always someone touching me, even when I was asleep. She smiled at me, and said “yes, that is a part of your training. Men are not used to constant physical contact, and have been taught that it is somehow wrong. We will change that within you, so you will miss that physical contact when it is not there.” As she spoke, she pulled me close and hugged me.

When we got back upstairs, it was late in the evening, and I was tired. I sat on the side of my bed while the girls removed my stockings, necklace, and dress. I started to climb into bed, but Nancy said “wait a minute, I want you to put this on.” Valerie came in the room with a pink short nightgown, which replaced the slip I had been wearing. All but the very top of my legs were exposed, as it was even shorter that what I had previously worn. Val sat with me till Nancy came in to lay down, she was in a nightgown identical to mine. We lay and kissed for a while, her hands were all over my skin. “Your skin is getting softer, the hormones are still helping” she said. “We’re going to the Mall in the morning to shop, I think you’ll like it.” Soon after I fell asleep.

The next morning Val woke us up for breakfast in bed. She joined us, sitting on the edge of the bed while we ate. Val was colorfully dressed in tights and a bright sweatshirt, which she wore long like a dress. It didn’t cover much when she sat on the bed. Nancy went to dress after she finished eating, and Val cuddled with me while she was gone. Nancy came back in a skirt and blouse, and then it was my turn. My hair was brushed into a short, feminine style, and makeup was applied. I sat so they could put nylons on my legs, and as I did I looked down. My dick was shriveled up and if you didn’t look for it you wouldn’t even know it was still there. A white silk slip was dropped over my head, and the silk blouse and skirt I had worn home from the hospital were put on. Like last night, my only underwear was the slip and stockings. The gold collar I had worn last night was the final touch.

Nancy had called for my car to be brought to the front of the building, and I could see as we went out that I had a new driver. A short girl with a huge head of brown hair, dressed in a black miniskirt and black blouse, held the door open for us. “We could have taken the other car and drove ourselves” I said to Nancy, and she replied “we couldn’t all sit together then. Besides, we won’t have to walk from the parking garage this way. Now remember, I want you to do what we tell you in the mall, and don’t argue.”

When we arrived, the driver gave Nancy a small two way radio, and told her to call when we were ready for the car, or if we needed her to pick up packages. Our first stop was a jewelry store, where my ears were pierced and a small set of earrings put into place. Nancy also bought me an ankle bracelet there.

Our next stop was at a lingerie shop called Victoria’s Secret. We looked at slips for all of us, and the girls had me try one on to see how it would look. I went into the dressing room, and took off my blouse, skirt and slip. I put on the new slip which was deep purple with a flared skirt. I called through the louvered door for Nancy and Valerie to come take a look, and Nancy opened the door and pulled me out into the store. I stood there in the slip and my stockings and they told me how much they liked the color on me. The slip was so short the tops of my stockings showed while I stood. Nancy reached up and rubbed my tits through the silk material.

After we got the slip and some more stockings, Val saw a camisole which she liked, and Nancy bought that also. We then went to a clothing store and bought some silk shorts and blouses.

Shoes were next, and we went in to a very expensive looking store. I sat down with Nancy, and she told the clerk what to get for me to try on. When the saleswoman brought out the shoes and sat on a stool by my legs to help me put them on, she could see up my short skirt. She stopped briefly when she first looked, and then seemed very interested in what she saw. I saw her whisper to Valerie when she got up, and Val came over to talk to Nancy. “She wants to see more of Jamie’s body” Val said to Nancy. Nancy smiled and got up, and told me to follow her. We all went into a room that the saleslady pointed to, and Nancy and Valerie lifted my skirt and slip for the saleslady to see. “There is no hair anywhere” was her comment. She reached out and touched my shriveled penis, and even after she stroked it there was no reaction. “Can she have sex?” was her next question, and Nancy explained what we had done the previous day. I was very upset at being put on display for a stranger, and started to protest, but a stern look from Nancy shut me up.

As we left, Nancy stopped to pay for the shoes and the saleslady came out from the register and pinched me under my skirt. “Stop back and see me anytime, I’d like to get to know you better” was her parting comment. I was red as a beet with embarrassment. When we left the store, I could tell that Nancy was unhappy. She had Valerie radio for the car to meet us at the door. When we got into the car, Nancy said “I warned you before we went to behave, and you were not obeying the way you are supposed to. I told you before that I did not want to hurt you, but I cannot allow your disobedience to go unpunished.”

When we got home, Nancy told me to go into my room and get undressed. Val came in to help me, and I could see she was enjoying this whole situation. When I was naked except for the collar, Val had me bend over the edge of the bed face down, and she secured my wrists to the siderails. The bed was then raised so my feet barely touched the floor, and my exposed ass was elevated. Nancy came in carrying a paddle, and began to beat my ass with it. She was very strong for her size, and it wasn’t long before I was crying and pleading for her to stop. After 25 blows, she stopped and told Valerie to release my hands. I got up from the bed slowly, and in pain.

Valerie helped me to put the white slip back on, and Nancy told her to put my stockings and shoes back on also. She then had me go stand in the corner of the room with my slip raised in the back so my ass showed. At first I couldn’t understand why it bothered me so much to stand alone in the corner, but after I thought about it for a while, this was the first time I had not had one of the girls touching me. I was left there for about an hour.

Nancy and Valerie came into the room, and Nancy said “I have to go to the office to see how everything is going. I want you to get into bed and stay there till I get back. Val will stay here with you, and if you promise not to act up anymore, we can go back to the way things were before you were bad.”

I was crying as Nancy left the room, I felt like I had done something to hurt this woman who loved me so much. Valerie put me into the bed, and brought some lotion to rub on my sore butt. As she massaged the lotion into my tender skin she talked softly to mr, telling how much Nancy loved me and how much it had hurt her to spank me. I fell asleep as she finished up. When I woke up Valerie was still on the edge of the bed, and it was dark outside. “How long did I sleep?” I asked her. “Oh, a few hours, Nancy should be home very soon.”

When Nancy came in, I told her how sorry I was that I had questioned her instructions. She came over to the bed and kissed me, and said that if I was sure I could behave we could try again. Valerie brought in the emerald green dress I had worn the previous night, and I dressed for dinner.

We went to a restaurant a few blocks away, and soon after we sat down Nancy took me to the ladies room. While we were in there she decided to straighten out my stockings. I was made to lift my skirt and slip and turn around so she could see if they were straight. The two other women in the ladies room watched as my body was put on display for them. I knew I didn’t dare protest, or Nancy would be mad. One of the women, who appeared to be about 20 years old, came over and asked Nancy how she maintained control over me. They talked for a few minutes and Nancy explained to her how we lived. The young woman’s hand reached out and stroked me where my testicles had been, and caressed my tiny dick.

When we went back to the table, Valerie asked Nancy if I had learned anything, and Nancy said “she was a perfect lady as I showed off her body. You know, every female who sees this thinks it is the way all men should be kept.”

Chapter 6

A few days later, Nancy decided it was time for me to return to work. Valerie came in and got me dressed in gray stockings which were held up by a pink garter belt and a pink silk slip. A gray silk blouse was next, and then a charcoal skirt with a silk lining and matching jacket were slipped into place. My gold choker necklace was still in place, and earrings were put on my ears. Val fixed my hair and makeup, and as soon as Nancy was ready, off we went. The limo was waiting at the door, and as usual I rode between Valerie and Nancy. Nancy was in a suit almost identical to mine, but with a red silk blouse. Her long black hair was pulled back from her face into a long ponytail, and as usual she looked gorgeous.

When we got to the building the limo dropped us off at the main entrance. My company had the top 4 floors of the 18 story building, and we rode the elevator to the top floor, where the executive offices were. While we were riding up I felt a hand lift the back of my skirt, and then caress my hairless ass. Luckily, we were in the back of the elevator and the others riding with us didn’t notice anything. As we got off the elevator, the receptionist rose to greet us. “Jackie,” Nancy said, “this is Jamie, Jim’s sister, and Valerie, her assistant. they will be working here with us from now on, and will use my old office. I will be staying in Jim’s office.” Jackie greeted me, and then said “we are all sorry to hear about Jim’s death, he was a wonderful guy to work for, and he was always a gentleman.” I thanked her, and as I did I wondered if anyone here knew what really happened to Jim.

We went in to Nancy’s old office. It looked the same, except for a new chair behind the modernistic oversize desk. I went to sit in the old chair, which was a high backed leather executive chair, but Val said “Jamie, the new chair is for you, I’ll be using the big chair now.” At Nancy’s insistence I removed the suitjacket, a little disturbed that the frilly pink slip showed through the thin blouse. I sat down, and found out why they were so insistent that I use the new chair. It was equipped with hidden straps to restrain my arms in place. After strapping my arms down, Val unzipped my skirt and slid it off my legs, leaving me strapped in the chair in my new pink slip and the gray blouse, After lifting the slip to expose my tiny dick, the chair was pushed under the desk, which was more like a table from the back. Val sat down next to me, and Nancy went of to my old office, which was just down the hall.

“How am I supposed to do anything all tied down like this? I can barely move my hands” I said to Val. “You will be told what to do when we want you to do something. Until then just sit here quietly and behave, or you will be sorry” was her reply. There was a knock on the door, and it came open immediately. There was a group of employees there, men and women, some of who had worked for me for many years in various capacities. They trooped in, and Chuck, one of the men who had been with me from the beginning, said “we wanted to come in to meet you, introduce ourselves, and tell you how sorry we all are about your brother.” The large desk was too big for me to shake hands across, so I was saved that embarrassment, but as they each said their names, Val’s hand was in my lap. When any of the women were speaking, she would stroke my dick, and the soft area underneath where my balls had been. Sitting there half naked while all of these people talked to me was an exciting experience. This went on for a few minutes, and then as quickly as they had come in they were gone.

“I have to use the bathroom” I told Valerie, thinking I would at least be allowed to get dressed again. Val went over and opened the door, and told the secretary outside the door not to disturb us for a few minutes. She then came over and released my hands from their bindings, and led me to a door the side wall. This door led into a private corridor and to a private washroom, but, instead of going in to the private washroom, we kept going to another door which led to the ladies room for the employees. As I was wearing only the blouse and slip I hoped the washroom would be empty, but as luck would have it there were two women in the washroom. Valerie unbuttoned my blouse and took it off of me, and hung it up by the door.

She then led me to a stall, but when I tried to close the door she said “No, Jamie dear, you know better than that, you must leave the door open.” I lifted my slip out of the way as I sat, trying to keep myself covered as much as possible. Val thought that was hilarious, and laughed through the whole process. When I was done, I started out of the stall, but Val pinned me against the wall. She started kissing me on the lips and lifted the bottom of my slip so the other women could see my privates. “I’ve never seen anything like that,” one woman commented, “are those tits real?” “See for yourself” was Valerie’s reply, as she lifted the slip over my head, exposing my body completely to the women. Val moved out of the way, and the youngest of the women came over and felt my tits. “They sure do feel real, and they certainly are firm” she said. Her hands felt good on my tits, and I could feel myself getting excited even with my embarrassment. Neither of these two women were familiar to me, but I still worried about working with them when they knew my secret. They talked for a few minutes about me like I wasn’t even there, while I stood waiting in my garter belt and stockings. Finally Valerie helped me into the pink slip and my gray blouse for the trip back to our office.

When we got back into the office, Val put me back in the chair the way I was before. Nancy came in after a few minutes and said to Valerie “We have a Board meeting after lunch, be sure to have Jamie there on time, and make sure she is ready.” Val got my clothes back on, and then we went out to the elevator to go to lunch. The restaurant we went to was crowded, but when the manager saw Nancy we were seated immediately. As usual, there was a hand on my leg all during the meal, constantly moving up and down from my knee to my waist under my skirt and slip. I was getting used to having my meals out ordered for me, without any input into the order.

When we got back to the office after lunch, Nancy went back into my old office, and Valerie took me into the conference room. We were the first ones there, and she put me into a chair at the near end of the room, opposite where I used to sit. Val was careful to pull up my skirt so my legs and the edge of the slip were on display for all to see. When I tried to pull it down she took my hand and put it into my lap. “Don’t change anything, I’ve got you just the way I want you” she said. She reached down in front of my chair and brought up two cuffs on separate chains between my knees and fastened the cuffs on my wrists, making sure my hands would stay in my lap. I could barely move them off my legs. Val then undid the top buttons of my blouse, so that the pink slip was also visible there. We sat quietly for a few minutes, then other members of the executive staff began to fill the chairs at the table. One thing I noticed was that there were fewer men than women now, which was different from before. Nancy came in and sat at the other end of the table, and the room became quiet as she started to speak.

“Jamie has asked me to continue to manage the business, as she is not familiar with what we do. Jamie has also made me a partner in recognition of my contribution to the firm, and has named me president of the company. We will continue to operate as we presently are, with a few personnel changes.” There was applause from those at the table, and Nancy was congratulated by those sitting by her. Some of the people were looking at me like they expected some words of wisdom, but I sat quietly, holding on to Valerie’s hand with both of mine, in my lap. Nancy dismissed them, and I continued to sit as they slowly went out of the conference room. There was still a small group, all women, talking to Nancy when Valerie released my hands and had me stand up. She made a point of straightening out my skirt in front of the women, and led me over to where they were talking. Some of them tried to include me in their conversation about the business, but Nancy said “Jamie, why don’t you go into the other office, I’ll be in there in a minute.” As Val led me out, I heard Nancy tell the other women “Jamie is NOT to be included in any business discussions. She has no interest in what we are doing, and if you expect to keep your jobs, the only discussions you will have with her will be of a casual nature.”

As we went into the other room, my eyes started to tear as I thought about not being allowed to become involved in the company I had built from scratch. Val put her arm around me, and said “Don’t let that bother you, that was only Nancy asserting herself. I’m sure she will include you in business matters, privately if not publicly.” When we got into the office, Val began kissing me and running her hands up under my skirt. After a few minutes, Nancy joined us, and we went into her office. She used the intercom to tell her secretary she was not to be disturbed, and the two of them began kissing me and rubbing my body. My jacket, skirt, and blouse were removed, leaving me in my pink slip, stockings and garter belt.

They led me over to the edge of my (now Nancy’s) desk, and the next thing I knew I was leaning over with Val beside me and Nancy behind me. I felt my slip being lifted up, and then something pushing at my anus. Nancy had a strap-on dildo, and proceeded to push it all of the way in, while rubbing my tits through the soft material of the pink silk slip. Val kept her hands on me, kissing my neck, while Nancy moved the dildo in and out of my ass. After a few minutes I felt her body speed up, then stiffen, then the dildo was removed from my ass.

Nancy said “Valerie, dear, why don’t you take Jamie home, she’s had a long first day back at work.” I went to stand up, but before I could I felt another pressure at my ass, and a butt plug, larger than the dildo, was pushed into place. My slip was pulled down, and Val helped me into my skirt and blouse.

It was uncomfortable walking with the butt plug in place, and as we stood in the elevator Valerie said to me “you walk just like a girl who just got done getting a good fucking.”

When we got outside, the limo was at the curb, but Val told the driver to wait, that we needed to do a little shopping before we went home. We went into a women’s store in the building across the street, and went to the lingerie section. Valerie held a couple of nightgowns up to see what they would look like on me. She led me into the dressing room to try on the nightgowns. She had me undress, leaving only the garter belt and stockings on. The first one I tried on was floor length, emerald green silk with long full sleeves and a matching robe of the same material. It clung to the curves of my body, leaving little to the imagination. The mirror in the dressing room was small, so Valerie had me put on the robe and led me out into the store so she could see it better. When she had me remove the robe, and ran her hands down my sides, some of the women in the store looked at us kind of funny.

We went back in to the dressing room, and she handed me another one to try on, the same color, only this one was very short, coming just past my waist. The skirt ended just above where my garter belt was. I didn’t want to go out into the store like this, but Valerie insisted. She had me walk a little way to see what it looked like. An older woman, well dressed, watched as Val again ran her hands over the material, and made a comment to the clerk about homosexuals having no class. Val led me over to where the woman was, and said “there are no homosexuals here, look, I’ll show you.” With that she lifted the edge of the short skirt to show my little prick to the busybody. The older woman looked for a few seconds, and then quickly left the store in a huff. As soon as she left the store the clerk began laughing, and came around from behind the counter to stand in front of me. She grasped my still exposed prick in the soft hands and began stroking it as she told Valerie “That old bitch got what she deserved. I hope she will never come back in here.”

We bought both of the nighties, but when I went to go back to get dressed, Valerie told me to stay just as I was, that the nightie could also be worn as a dress. I was a little upset at the idea of going outside dressed in so little, but knew that I shouldn’t argue with her, so I went along to the limo. As soon as we got outside, I knew it was a mistake, as the wind was blowing pretty hard and I was fighting to keep the short skirt of the nightie covering me. I knew that I could either keep down the front, or the back, but not both, so I chose to hold down the front and let the back do what it was going to do anyway. As we crossed the street I knew that my bare, hairless ass was completely exposed for all to see. I couldn’t remember ever being so exposed in my whole life.