He arrived at her apt. at 8 p.m. sharp, as instructed. As he approached the door, he remembered how earlier that day, on the phone, there was an unusual sternness in her voice. When asked if anything was wrong, she simply said “no” for a reply.

As if by an unseen presence, the door opened before he rang the bell. The lights were all out, save for the one in the hall that led to her bedroom. Standing at the end of the hallway, she instructed him to enter the apartment and lock the door. Again, there was that sternness in her voice.

As the light fell upon her, and he saw her outfit, he became excited, though puzzled. Instead of the casual clothes he expected, she had on her nurse’s uniform; in quite an eye- catching fashion. She only wore the top, which was unzipped halfway, revealing her ample cleavage highlighted by a frilly lace bustier. Her bottom half was exposed, displaying a white g-string, white nylons and a garter belt. Her traditional white cap completed the ensemble.

He thought the agenda was just play, as she ordered him into the bedroom and told him to remove his clothing. But this feeling of elation would soon end. Upon entering the room, he saw that the king sized bed was covered with a large, hospital bed sheet. As he undressed, he noticed that next to the bed was a roll-about table; its contents mysteriously covered. His feelings of arousal were now replaced with a tinge of fear.

She told him how she was fed up with his treatment of her. How he constantly belittled her in front of friends, took her for granted, and showed no appreciation. He felt like a child being chastised. But, all the while, his thoughts were concentrated on what the concealed items were.

She had decided that a serious attitude-adjustment was warranted. And, since she was a nurse, it would include some medical procedures, administered with the discipline. She instructed him to lay face down; and the table was rolled into place at bedside.

She uncovered part of it to reveal a rectal thermometer and jar of Vaseline. As he began to utter a meek protest, his objection was met with a hard smack to his backside. It wasn’t the type they had given each other in their playful times; this slap meant business.

He watched her dip the silver tip in the jar. This brought back childhood memories when rectal temperature readings were the norm. She deftly parted his cheeks, slid in the intruder, and held his wrist to check his pulse. His vital signs had to be checked before going further. After several minutes she withdrew it, and an evil glint in her eyes indicated that his ordeal was to begin.

His eyes bulged when next he saw the latex gloves and tube of KY lubricant revealed. She ordered him on his knees; saying that a full rectal exam was needed. This time, several hard smacks met his objections. She pushed his chest to the bed forcing his backside high into the air. Again, he felt her thumb and forefinger part him open, as the gob of KY on the other hand’s index finger pressed against his opening. He let out a gasp as she deeply penetrated him with her digit.

The probing of his insides began to have an effect on his organ. The more she massaged his prostate, the more his shaft hardened. He felt relief when she withdrew the finger, only to be startled when, in its place, two fingers were thrust. She snidely commented on his now extended member, and deftly squeezed the head as she wiped the drop of fluid that had formed at its tip.

All seemed to be in order, she said. She told him that constipation was responsible for his offensive behavior. And, what he needed was a good cleaning out. Fear now grasped him as he pondered what she meant. His curiosity was answered when the large, violet colored jar of suppositories was revealed.

Again, another childhood memory surfaced. One day, while staying with his spinster aunts, he had failed to have a bowel movement. He was immediately taken to their bedroom. Without explanation, one aunt removed his pants and led him to his bed; while the other left the room.

Since he hadn’t “gone to the bathroom”, they were going to “help” him. Laying him on his back, the one aunt pulled his legs back and held his ankles with one hand, while holding his wrists with the other. As he began to cry and struggle, she told him to be quiet and that this was for his own good. Not knowing what was about to happen, he was baffled when the other aunt returned with a jar and removed a milky colored “bullet”.

As she approached him, he realized that this “bullet” was going INTO him. As he struggled against his human restraints, she said that “everything would be all right”, and pushed the slippery invader in. She then took out another and told him this one was just for good measure. It was this same apprehension he now felt as his nurse/mistress taunted him with the violet jar.

On his knees, bottom high in the air, she was about to begin the insertion. But, when she removed one from the jar, his face turned white. These suppositories were huge! She revealed how she had spied on her grandmother as she made her “special” ones by melting several little ones and pouring the liquid into the middle finger of a rubber glove. After cooling, she would peel off the “mold” and, viola!

He gasped as she inserted the first one; it was cold as ice. She giggled as she suddenly “remembered” to tell him they had been kept in the fridge. 2, 3, 4… it seemed endless… until she had inserted five. With this final one, she pushed it in deeply and instructed him to now lay face

After about 10 min. the melted glycerin had done its work, and she allowed him to relieve himself. When he returned, she ordered him to lay face down and straddled his back to prevent him from moving. She proceeded to give him a hard spanking; all the while chastising his behavior, and telling him that this final segment would teach him his lesson.

After his bottom was bright red, she got up to reveal another portion of the table. There, like a coiled serpent ready to strike, it lay; a long, thick, colon tube. Where did she get this monster? He then remembered that package from Europe he had asked her about a few days earlier; the one she said was “a present from a relative”. She ordered him on his back while she prepared his enema. When she returned, he saw the rest of the contents of the European package. A huge, 3 qt. enema bag, and a six foot, amber colored hose. The bag was filled to the brim; and he could see the soapsuds peeking over the top. She produced a hanging stand from her closet, and assembled everything in its proper place at bedside.

Sternly, she told him that she would insert the full 2 and 1/2 feet into him. He cringed as he watched her coat the end of the thick intruder with lubricant. Then, as a man would do to a woman during sex, she put his legs on each of her shoulders, and pressed her body against the back of his thighs, pushing his knees towards his chest. She parted his opening, and he gasped as the hose was snaked deep into his bowels.

As soon as the first few inches was inserted, the distinctive click of the water being released was heard. Deep into him the warm solution gurgled; and deep into him she slid the hose. He felt his bowel cramp for a moment and then sudden relief as the water surged into him further.

After what seemed like an eternity, the entire length of tubing was worked into him. Slowly, the solution finished and the bag was flat. She then slowly removed the tube from its secure mooring, pausing every few inches to let him enjoy the sensation of it sliding against his prostate. When he requested to relieve himself, his question was met with a final surprise as the last portion of the table was uncovered to reveal a large butt plug.

As she dipped it into Vaseline, she explained how that would give it a good seal. She then pushed it into him, causing him to moan as the widest part forged past his rectal muscle.

Laying on his back, with 3 qt. of soapy water and a huge butt-plug in him, he pondered his fate. He didn’t see where the bottle of baby oil came from; but before he knew it, she squirted some into her palm. With expert aplomb, she began to milk his long awaiting member. The combined sensations of his full bowel, a butt plug pressed against his gland, and her intense stroking was overwhelming.

Within seconds, spasms of pleasure took over as he experienced the most intense ejaculation ever. She milked him until he lay still. After permitting him to catch his breath, she reached down, plucked out the anal plug, and permitted him to go to the bathroom to empty himself. She said that the punishment was complete and that she hoped he learned his lesson. He said he had…..until next time.