Playing Hooky

Beth sat on the edge of the bed, possible options racing through her mind. She could always write a quick note to him, then grab her bags and leave. No, she could never do that. They had both put too much time and energy into their correspondence; and he had come so far – just to explore their mutual interests. In addition, she really liked him. And deep down she knew she didn’t really want to leave anyways, she was just having a case of nervous jitters.

For the last four weeks they had been communicating at a fast and furious pace via e-mail and phone conversations. And now the time they had both so anxiously anticipated was here.

Earlier that evening she had met him at the airport and taken him to their hotel. They had separate rooms, but they would be spending a lot of time together in one of those rooms over the next couple of days.

After checking in, they had gone to a local restaurant for dinner. They’d had many conversations over the past few weeks; she knew his voice well. But she hadn’t had to look him in the eye then. When she thought about what would happen later that night and had that eye contact and read acknowledgment there, she had felt her face redden.

For two years now she’d been into the spanking scene. When she first started out, she could hardly say the word outloud without blushing……but, she’d come a long way in two year’s time; and she was quite comfortable with exploring that interest now. But here she was – waiting for this man – this real-life doctor, to come back to her room; and somewhere in the course of the next hour or so, he would give her, not only a sound spanking – but he would also take her temperature in a very childish fashion and administer an embarrassing enema.

What had she been thinking when she’d agree to meet like this. Agreed! Huh!!! She’d nearly jumped at his offer. But now she was definitely second guessing that very impulsive decision. Fantasizing was a lot safer than the real thing.

In the last couple of weeks, she had told him that she was absolutely positive she wanted to experience this scenario. She had, in fact, asked him to please not allow her to talk him out of it at the last minute. She’d spent so many years fantasizing that she knew she just had to experience it or she’d forever wonder — like she had with spanking, before her first adult experience. She’d meant those words sincerely at the time – so much so that she had reiterated them to him several more times before today.

But that was before today – before she sat across from him at dinner and watched him as he ate….seeing the hands (the large, well-manicured hands, with fine hair on the back that laid so perfect, as if it had been combed into place). She had always liked looking at the man’s hands across a dinner table – wondering how they would feel a short time later as they spanked her bare bottom. But today, she hadn’t thought of that – today when she gazed at them, she thought about the much more private things those hands would be doing; and she’d felt her face flush as the picture formed in her mind. As if reading her mind, he’d reached across with one of those beautiful hands and gently squeezed her own with his, saying “Relax, Beth. You’ll be just fine.” His eyes so warm and his voice so kind …..had soothed her frazzled nerves for a few minutes back then.

After dinner they’d come back to her room and talked for only a short time before he said, “I’m going down to my room to get a few things. While I’m gone, I want you to put on what you’d be wearing if you’d stayed home from school on the premise of being sick. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes. And I’m taking your key so I can let myself in when I return.” Then he smiled and squeezed her hand again, “You’ll do just fine, I promise.”

She smiled back with more confidence then she’d felt. It hadn’t taken long to get out of her clothes. She’d left only her panties on and took the nightshirt she’d brought for this occasion out of her bag. After putting her clothes away, she got a glass of ice water and turned the TV on…..but she’d no idea what was on the screen….she’d been pre-occupied with other things.

She took a sip of water and nearly dropped the glass when she set it down as she heard the key in the door. “Oh, shit!” she said, scrambling under the covers and fixing the two pillows behind her back so that she was sitting watching TV.

A moment later, Steve appeared around the corner with a black bag……very similar to one that she had seen as a young girl back when doctors really did make housecalls.

“Dr. Steve!” she acted surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Your mother stopped by on her way to work to ask if I’d come over and have a look at you. She was quite concerned about you because you’ve stayed home from school sick several times lately.”

“You know, Mom, she loves to worry,” she said nervously.

“Yes, well, it seems you’ve given her good cause this time, young lady,” he said sternly. He put a hand on her forehead and then put the back of it to her cheeks and said “Hmmm…… you don’t feel too warm.” He dropped his hand to her wrist and took her pulse as he eyed his watch. Setting it back on the bed, he said, “But your pulse is racing a little.” He reached in his bag and took out a thermometer…..and Beth watched as he shook it down. When he stopped to read it, she could see the bulb end and her stomach did a little flip. Again reaching in the bag, he took out a tube of K-Y jelly and applied some to the end of the thermometer – leaving no doubt to its eventual destination.

“I want you to turn over on your tummy for me, Beth.”

Beth gulped, “Dr. Steve. I’m a big girl now, I don’t have my temperature taken that way anymore..”

“You do when you’ve been drinking ice water. I won’t be able to get an accurate reading orally. Come on, roll over on your tummy. This won’t hurt a bit.” (Clever man, she thought. She had wondered how he’d handle taking her temperature rectally rather than orally). Beth groaned, but slid down and turned over. She felt him at the hem of her nightshirt, raising it to her waist….then his hands on the waist of her panties, “Lift up a little, please,” he instructed and as she did so, he lowered them to just below her bottom. She felt the fingers of one hand parting the cheeks of her bottom; then felt something cooler and realized he was rubbing some jelly around her anus with a finger. He slipped it inside ever so slightly for just a moment and then replaced it with the cool thermometer. He inserted it a couple of inches and held it there with his hand resting against her bottom. Not for a second would he allow her to forget that he was there sitting next to her taking her temperature in this childish fashion……a ‘baby’ thermometer protruding from her bottom – just like when she was a little girl.

After several long minutes, he removed the thermometer, read it and wiped it off and set it on the night stand.

“Well, at least you don’t have a fever,” he said as Beth pulled her panties up and laid back down on the bed.

“What seems to be bothering you, Beth?” he asked looking back down at her.

“M…my stomach, I guess,” she mumbled.

“Well let’s have a look,” and his hand went down to her abdomen where he did some probing and palpating. On a few occasions his fingers would press down harder and he’d ask if it hurt. And then, he asked her the all important question, “When’s the last time you had a bowel movement?”

Beth had always hated when doctors and nurses had asked that question of her whenever she’d been in the hospital. It was such a personal question about such a private matter – but it was something they always seemed to be so pre-occupied with. Even now, she felt her face get warm as she answered “I don’t know.”

“Today?” he quizzed.



“I don’t know. I can’t remember,” she answered flustered.

“I’m going to do one more exam, Beth; and then I should know a little better what’s going on,” as he said this he reached into his bag again and came up with a white latex glove. Beth swallowed hard. He had warned her that he would be giving her a rectal exam; but this was a little too much like the real thing. She watched as he squeezed a generous amount of lubricant onto the index and middle fingers.

“Beth, stand up for just a minute, please and take your panties all the way off.” He pulled a couple pillows down to the center of the bed and told her to lay across them with her bottom elevated in the air. By this time, dignity was a thing of the past and she did as directed. With one hand, he held her at the waist, while the gloved hand went between her cheeks to the small orifice that had recently been invaded with the thermometer. He gently rubbed around the small dark area, then penetrated with one finger, searching, probing, examining. At one point, he seemed to try to insert the other finger, but when she moaned uncomfortably, he stopped and removed his finger. He then told her she could get up. He put the pillow back at the top of the bed and had her sit back down.

As he removed the glove from his right hand, he said, “Well, I think I know what the problem is; and I’m going to give you a little something for it.”

“What’s wrong,” Beth asked a little weakly.

“You seem to be a little constipated; and that can cause your stomach to be uncomfortable. I’m going to give you an enema. It should make you feel considerably better,” he said reassuringly. But it wasn’t very reassuring to Beth.

“No!” Beth said, looking scared now. “I’m feeling better now. I don’t need………….”

“Excuse me, young lady, I’m the doctor here. And I’ll decide what you need.”

“Please, Dr. Steve,” she pleaded, “I don’t like them. They’re so……”

“My dear, I realize you’re a little embarrassed; and, yes, it might be a little uncomfortable for a few minutes – but I feel it’s necessary and you’ll feel much better in no time.” And as he finished speaking, he pulled out a large red rubber enema bag with long white tubing from a box in his bag, along with a couple packets of soap. He left the room and Beth was filled with trepidation. Hearing the water running a short distance away did nothing to alleviate her apprehension. This was the real thing; and she suddenly did not want an enema – maybe they could just get on with the spanking instead – and leave this for another day……any other day would be better than today!

And then, there he was standing in front of her with the bulging enema bag and carrying a towel on his arm.

“Please,” she blurted, “don’t. I’m really not sick. I just pretended to be so that I didn’t have to go to school!”

“That was quiet apparent to me, Elizabeth. A doctor can usually tell when someone is really sick and when they’re pretending. You’re not quite the actress you seem to think you are.”

“You mean — you knew……..and you……….you did all that to me……knowing………..”

“Young lady, I’m not nearly finished with you. You’ve got a good soapsuds enema coming to you…….”

“No, please, Steve —- really. You can spank me; I know I was wrong.”

“I most definitely plan to give you a very sound spanking, Elizabeth —- just as soon as we’re finished with your enema. Now stand up.” He was very firm and no-nonsense now and Beth stood almost reflexively.

Steve brought over a high backed chair and hung the bag to its back. It would be just about the right height. Then he sat down and put the towel across his lap. “All right, Elizabeth, it’s time for your enema. Lay down across my knee!”

“Please, Dr. Steve, I’m really sorry………..I promise………”

“Now, Elizabeth………….I don’t think you want two spankings.”

Beth swallowed deeply one last time and closed her eyes for a moment, then slowly lowered herself across his lap. No sooner was she there and he was lifting up her shirt again; with her panties now gone, she instantly felt the cool air. She heard rather than saw him put on another glove and she felt him reach for the tube of K-Y. A short time later, she felt her cheeks being spread and she could feel the cold lubricant as a finger once again penetrated her rectum. It didn’t remain long this time; she heard the glove come off; and the finger was soon replaced by the white nozzle at the end of the long hose. He kept an arm across her hips and he patted her behind gently with his hand, “Now, I want you to relax; it will be a lot easier for you if you do.” And then he reached up and unclamped the hose and Beth felt a rush of warm water enter. Reflexively, she began to squirm and plead, “Oh, please — don’t. Stop, please.”

“Beth, lay still and behave yourself……you can’t possibly be that uncomfortable yet.”

“It’s so embarrassing.”

“Yes, I would think it would be……laying here across my knee like a little girl……with an enema tube hanging out of your bottom. I’d think you would be embarrassed …….but it, too, is a part of the lesson.”

Beth laid quietly for a few moments, but was soon squirming again, “Please, Dr. Steve, no more……I can’t.”

“You’re far from finished, young lady……’ve only taken just over half; but I’ll stop the flow for a minute to help the cramping.” As he did so, he reached underneath and massaged her stomach a little – and played with the tube a little – making the nozzle go back and forth slightly to help with the cramping. But he was not stopping just because she was doing a little pouting; this was going to be an enema she would remember. He started the flow again, but a short time later she started complaining again.

“Please, I really can’t – I just can’t take anymore. Please stop.”

Steve looked up and it looked as though she had taken about a quart and a half and he decided that should be enough for the first time. Slowly he removed the nozzle and she made a quick move to get up.

“Oh no, my dear. You will stay right where you are until I say you may get up.”

“No, please. Really.”

“Retention of the enema is a good discipline in and off itself; and you are in need of some very serious discipline, young lady. I’m sure it’s beginning to get quite uncomfortable for you; that is normal – it means the enema is working. Next time you think about playing hooky, I want you to picture yourself laying here across my lap – with a tummy full of soapsuds……straining to keep it inside. I want you to remember exactly just how uncomfortable you are right now. Chances are, you will forget such foolish thoughts very quickly. But if you don’t – rest assured that you will get another dose of the same medicine only larger – any you will be required to retain it for a significantly longer period of time. Am I making myself perfectly clear??”

“Y…y……….yes. Pl………..pllease can I go now.”

“Yes you may” then he held her there for just a moment longer and said, “But when you come back, we will be having a very serious ‘discussion’ about this. Understand?”

“Yes. Please!!!!”

He let her up then and she quickly made for the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she returned to find him sitting on a chair by her bed and a hairbrush on the nightstand. She had told him in advance that she wanted a serious discipline spanking. Evidently, he had taken her at her word…….now she was second guessing her earlier bravado. She lowered her head, feeling somewhat embarrassed to face him now.

“Come over here Elizabeth.”

She walked over and stood next to him, still too embarrassed to look at him. But he would have none of that. “Look at me, Beth.”

She picked her head up and felt the warmth on her face. She felt quite humbled, indeed.

“Why didn’t you go to school today.”

“I just didn’t feel like it,” she mumbled.

“I’m not buying that, young lady. I want to know why.” He was quite firm and stern and she felt herself becoming a little intimidated.

“There was a test in English; and I wasn’t prepared,” she answered softly

“Why not?” He continued.

“I went to the boy’s basketball game last night and then we went out afterwards for a while. I was too tired to study when I got home.”

“It seems to me that you need an awful lot of discipline, young lady. Not doing your homework, lying about being sick, keeping me here instead of being with my patients who are ‘really’ sick; and causing a great deal of worry and concern to your mother. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

“I am. Really I am,” she said sincerely. “I’ll never do it again.”

“Too damn right you won’t.” Then he looked her straight in the eye and said, “What did I tell you I was going to do next time I had to spank you?”

She suddenly was very nervous and clenched her bottom cheeks together. “I don’t remember.”

“I think you do!”

“Honestly, I don’t.” she said, her voice cracking.

“I told you, if I had to spank you again, I was going to use a hairbrush – and you wouldn’t sit comfortably for a long time. Well, you know me, Beth……I am a man of my word. Pull your shirt up.”

“Please, Dr. Steve. I’m sorry. I promise you I’ll never do anything like this again.” “I don’t imagine you will when I’m finished. Pull your shirt up,” he said calmly but firmly. Slowly, Beth pulled at the fabric, inching it up to her bottom and then up to her waist.

“It was rather foolish to put those back on,” he said referring to the panties she had retrieved and slipped on. “Now lay down across my lap.”

“Oh, please don’t. I’m sorry.”

“Now, Elizabeth.”

Beth did as he said; and he helped her get into position. Then she felt his hands at the waist of her panties and his voice saying, “Lift up”; and she felt the cool air on her bottom (probably the last time it would feel cool for a while).

He wasted no time in bringing his hand down on her bottom, first one side and then the other, then across the middle……in no time giving attention to her whole behind. How quickly the coolness left her bottom – to be replaced with a warmth that was rapidly increasing in intensity.

Her legs kicking wildly now, she cried out, “Ow, Dr. Steve, please……….please stop. I’m sorry. Ouch! Ow! Please.” Straining to get a hand back to protect her bottom, she felt him grab and hold it at her side. “I’ve barely started, Beth. I can’t believe you would go out after the game last night when you knew you had a test today. Total irresponsibility on your part. And then to lie about it, “ he emphasized the ‘lie’ with an extra hard smack that caused her to cry out again. “Don’t you ever lie to me or your mother again.” And again his hand came down hard and stinging. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes, yes, I do. I won’t,” Beth cried out again in earnest. Hoping against hope that would be the end……..but she knew it wasn’t.

His hand smacked her rounded flesh time and time again in sharp, stinging report……sometimes in quick succession and then slowing down to more measured strokes…..scolding and lecturing as he did so. Never had she felt more like a child – never had she been spanked so soundly or more methodically.

“I probably have patients in my office right now waiting to see me. People who are really sick and need my attention. And instead of being there, I’m here attending to you. Giving you the sound spanking you deserve because you thought it was ‘no big deal’ to miss school……. No big deal to lie about being sick, infringe upon my time and give your mother cause for worry. Well, I won’t have it, Elizabeth. I just won’t have it.”

As she felt him reach across towards the nightstand – she knew what he was reaching for…..not a doubt in her mind. She didn’t think she could stand it. Her bottom already felt like it was on fire…..already she knew it would be a while before she would sit comfortably…..just as she knew he wouldn’t stop until ‘he’ thought she had had enough. Even though this was a first time, she had told him she didn’t want a ‘safe’ word; and she had told him she could tolerate a ‘healthy’ discipline session. Sometimes she did the most ‘stupid’ things. What had ever possessed her to tell him that……she had promised sincerity and he had taken her at her word on this issue.

“Please don’t use the brush,’ she begged. She wanted the spanking to stop she had had enough. She didn’t want anymore – especially not with the brush. And then she felt his arm encircle her – sort of tucking her under his arm and reaching underneath to push up and somehow make her bottom stick up more prominently.

Only when he seemed to have her positioned just right, did he begin the task of soundly punishing her with the back of the hairbrush. The first smack across the middle and right at the base of her bottom nearly took her breath away. He used the hairbrush methodically and deftly……smacking first one cheek and then the other and sometimes across the center again ……catching her always at the base, right underneath the curve — right where she would remember it the most — every time she sat down!!

“Ow, pl…please, stop. Pllllll…… n…no..m…m…more. OH, pl….ease……….” By this time she was near tears.

“This, young lady, is for the worry and concern you caused your dear mother with such a thoughtless, irresponsible act.” He brought the brush down fast and furiously, searing her bottom, smacking one side over and over again; then moving to the other and repeating the action until her body was shivering and shaking with the intensity of the emotional release she experienced as tears flooded her eyes and fell to the carpet. He brought the brush down only a few more times and then he set it down, confident he had been a part of allowing her the catharsis she was seeking.

Gently he removed his arm and helped her get up – so he could reposition her sitting on his lap. But when he tried to do that, she cried out……and he figured her bottom was too sore. So, instead he took her to the bed and sat down draping her lengthwise across his lap and the bed on her side and held her gently and tenderly, squeezing her – allowing her to let the tears fall as they would.

When finally she could speak, she said “Thank you, Stephen.”

“Are you okay,” he asked concerned.

“Yes, I just didn’t realize just how much a real spanking hurt. But it was what I wanted and needed. Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure,” he said quietly in her ear. The he reached over the nightstand again and grabbed a bottle of lotion that sat there. “How about laying back across my knee and I’ll take some of the fire out.”

“Oh, bless you.” she said and very compliantly laid back across his lap.

The rest is private – feel free to use your own imagination and put any ending you’d like to it.