The Dressing Room


I was shopping for some new sexy underwear last Saturday afternoon. I went to Victoria’s Secrets and looked around. I found some nighties that I thought would make me feel sexy and headed for the dressing rooms. On my way to the back of the store, I noticed a man looking at me. He was wearing a trench coat and carrying a newspaper under his arm. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. I headed for the dressing rooms.

I found one empty in the back and I closed the door when I arrived. I didn’t lock it. I didn’t think anyone would walk in on me changing and if they did it would only be another woman. I put on the toga-type nightie. It was white with gold braid trim. It made me feel sexy and I was looking at myself in the mirror when the door opened. In stepped the man in the trench coat. Our eyes met and he closed the door behind him.

“Could you please help me?” he asked, opening his trench coat. “I’m in need.” Inside his coat, hanging on the side was a full enema bottle. Steam was still coming from it’s open top. His eyes pleaded with me.

I smiled at him. The sight of the enema was making my juices begin to flow. I could feel the tingling beginning. I looked at the man. He was an older man but very handsome. “Come on in.” I smiled and moved away from the mirror. This dressing room was one of the largest the store had and we had plenty of room for an enema session.

“Thank you, miss,” he said, removing the enema bag from his coat. I took the bag and hung it on the hook on the wall. The hose hung down the wall. Attached to the hose was a double inflatable nozzle nozzle. The enema was prepared and waiting to do it’s thing. The man removed his coat and hung it on the hook on the other side of the dressing room. “I’ve just prepared my enema. I would do it myself but then I saw you and followed you. I wanted a pretty lady to give it to me.”

I stood watching him take off his clothes and hang them on the hook with his trench coat. I could see his erection pushing at his underwear. Spots of pre-cum already dotted his underwear. When his cock was freed, I gasped at the sight. It was hard and glistening. He looked at me and then at the enema hanging on the wall. I took my eyes off his enormous cock and moved

to the enema. I pulled my purse to me and began to look for my hand cream that I always carried with me. I pulled it form my purse and sat down on the bench. I picked up the nozzle and began to lubricate the end with the cream. I lubed the first inflatable nozzle baloon real good. It was thick with the cream.

Then I looked up at the man and said, “Come sit across my lap.” He eagerly came to me and laid across my lap, his throbbing cock hung between my legs. I could feel it moving against me. His nice ass was facing me. I rubbed my hands over it to soothe him. He was tense against me. “Relax,” I coaxed as I rubbed my hand over his cheeks. He began to relax a little and I

slipped my hand between his crack. He moaned when my fingers passed his anus. I kept moving my fingers up and down his crack and he began to relax more. His cock still danced against my leg, the pre-cum sliding down my calf. My finger slipped into his anus and he sucked in his breath. I moved my finger in and out. I slipped two fingers inside. His cock danced. He

moaned. Three fingers slipped inside and I moved them in and out, the tempo increasing with every insertion.

His breath was coming in gasps and I slid the nozzle into him, twisting to insert the balloon. He cried out when the balloon slipped inside. His fingers dug into my thigh. His cock danced against my leg, making slapping sounds with every hit. I inflated the inner balloon. He began to relax again. I inflated the outer balloon. I then began to rub his back and butt to help him relax. I could hear women coming in and going out of the dressing rooms. If only they knew what was happening in here! I thought to myself and stifled a laugh.

When the man was relaxed I reached for the clamp on the hose. I lightly kissed his back as I started the flow of the water. He moaned when he felt the water begin to flow into him. I rubbed his back and butt cheeks. The pre-cum was flowing heavier from his cock. When the enema was about half into him, I reached for my hand cream and put a gob in my cupped hand.

Reaching between my legs, I stretched my hand out for his cock. My hand circled his ridged member. He cried out and began to move his body in time with my strokes. The enema flowed and I stroked.

His movements increased and so did my stroking. The enema was nearly finished and he was on the brink of orgasm. I slowed my stroking to wait for the enema to be gone. He tried to get me to stroke faster but I pulled back. I reached up to the enema bag and shook it. I could hear the last of the water flowing down the tube. I then grabbed his cock harder and began

to stroke him faster and faster. He was breathing so hard and moving his hips. I felt his muscles tighten and then the pumping from his cock as the cum spurted out, running down my leg. I stroked him until every drop of cum was drained from his cock.

I rubbed his back and kissed him lightly until his breathing returned to normal. He turned his head toward me and smiled. “Thank you, miss. That was wonderful!” He slid off my lap and reached for his clothes. I watched him dress with the nozzle still inside of him. He put on the trench coat and rehung the enema bag inside the coat. At the door, he turned to me and

said, “I’ll be here next week end.” Then he disappeared out the door.

Needless to say, I bought the nightie in remembrance of my day shopping. Now I must leave. I’m headed for the mall. Headed to Victoria Secrets. I need some new underwear. And I have a “date” with a man and his bag…