The Visit

Janet Abruzzi had been divorced for 10 years. Her marriage had been stormy at best, but when her husband, George, had gotten wind of an affair Janet was having with his business partner’s wife he became livid with jealousy and anger and set about to gather proof with an aim to dumping her and getting custody of the children. Janet had always been a little too wild for his tastes anyway, and now seemed like a good time to make the split he felt was in his and the children’s best interests. George’s religious fervor led him to believe that Janet was evil and a bad influence on the children. At one point George got the opportunity through subterfuge and actually walked in on his wife and her girlfriend while they were sexually engaged and at that point demanded an immediate divorce.

Following a bloody court battle during which George won custody of the children, but which allowed his wife visitation rights, Janet moved from Chicago to a small suburb of Los Angeles and got a good job selling real estate. There she started a new life and became active in a number of civic activities in addition to her successful business ventures. Although she never again married she did continue a number of relationships with both men and women. During this period the three children, two girls and two boys, all finished school and left home.

Karen Lubanski, Janet’s younger daughter was now married and living with her husband, Harold, in Chicago. It had been more than 3 years since Janet and Karen had seen one another although she talked on the phone almost every week with Karen as she did with the other three children. Karen’s husband was in the service and had just been shipped overseas for his third six-month tour of duty. That wouldn’t have been a problem except that Karen had just had her first baby 3 months previously. Sensing this could cause some problems, Karen’s husband suggested they invite her mother to come stay with her while he was away. That’s how this all began.

Karen was 12 years old when her parents divorced and she continued to live with her father who was granted custody. Her father was a strict catholic and continued Karen’s upbringing in this manner sending her to parochial schools. It wasn’t until she was 16 and almost graduated from high school that Karen was even allowed out on a date.

As such, sex with boys was not a major activity in her life. On the other hand, however, she had discovered the solitary vice at the age of 14 and engaged in that practice on a regular basis. It was a sort of skeleton in her closet which she looked upon as evil but necessary. She first learned about masturbating through reading about it in the pornography her brothers used to hide in their closet and which she would sometimes sneak into when no one was around. She also read about it in the teenage sex manual her father had given her. Being shy, she decided against asking her father about the subject and turned instead to her sister, Catherine, who was 3 years older than she. Catherine, the bold one in the family, went beyond mere words in explaining the subject to Karen and proceeded to demonstrate what for her it was all about and how to do it. That’s all it took. Karen tried it and was hooked from the first time. She found it exciting and relaxing.

The downside, however, was that it left her with a sense of guilt which the nuns at school had instilled in her about sex - especially masturbation, a mortal sin. No matter, she thought, every once in a while I just have to do it or go crazy. In addition to this, her mother had taken the opportunity on a number of occasions during summer visits to discuss sex with her and finally managed to dispel the idea that Karen’s masturbating was sinful and immoral.

Having been assured that she wasn’t crazy and that it was a healthy, normal practice, Karen pursued masturbating regularly. It was the one thing in her life that was wholly her own and she enjoyed the secretiveness of it. She would often revel in the idea that she, known as a quiet, retiring and shy young woman, could be so wanton and abandoned as to engage in jacking herself off. Who would imagine such a thing! On the whole, Karen considered herself just ordinary with the usual likes and dislikes of a normal teenager as she perceived a normal teen to be. One instance, however, left an indelible mark on her memory and was to make her question her so-called normality and ultimately change her life.

As a new wife a whole new world of joy was opened up for her. Her husband was a gentle and ardent lover and led her into a new area in her life that she found wholly pleasurable and fulfilling and although she continued to masturbate regularly her main sexual activity was centered around her husband - in person and in fantasy. Still, there was one dark corner in the sexual part of her life that she kept buried and wouldn’t dream of discussing with anyone. When she was 18, Karen had spent her last regular summer vacation under court order with her mother in California. It was during this visit that Karen got a glimpse of a very disturbing and puzzling side of her nature.

Late one evening during that visit, Karen returned home from down the street where she had been visiting with the neighbors. She entered the house quietly thinking her mother was asleep and not wanting to disturb her. When she got upstairs and was tip-toeing past her mother’s bedroom she happened to notice through the half opened door that the bed stand lamp was on and the room was bathed in a soft subdued light. She thought that maybe her mother was just reading before going to sleep, but a soft, low moaning sound gave her the impression that her mother might be ill. Growing concerned she decided to see if there was anything she could do in case her mother needed help. As she silently stuck her head around the side of the door and peeked into the room she was greeted with a most unexpected sight which shook her greatly.

There, in plain view, was her mother sitting astride the thighs of another woman approximately her mother’s own age that she had never seen before. Karen was so dumbfounded by the spectacle that she was unable to move. Both women were completely naked and obviously under the spell of great sexual arousal. As she stood there staring she became aware of the almost overpowering aroma of perfume mixed with sex odor. She also noticed with surprise that she was getting very sexually excited - it was the first time in her life that she had ever witnessed other people having sex live. As Karen remained rooted to the spot watching intently, her mother used the thumbs and fingers of both hands to roughly pull and twist her turgid nipples while the woman she was straddling reached up and cupped her breasts in her hands from underneath and squeezed them.

Suddenly and without warning her mother turned her head and looked directly at Karen. Her expression was one of such animal lust that Karen would never forget it. She was mortified and wanted to run, but as if in a nightmare she was totally powerless to move. As mother and daughter continued to stare at each other Janet began to cum and her body went absolutely rigid as the orgasm hit its zenith. She did not avert her eyes, however, and this had the effect of keeping Karen’s gaze locked to hers. As the powerful waves of climax began to surge through her Janet once again began to manipulate her nipples as her body started to spasm over its entire length. The orgasm finally began to subside and her mother flopped forward on the other woman and began to fiercely kiss her thus breaking the visual spell with Karen who then gathered all her strength and turning, stole off down the hall to her own room on rubbery, shaky legs.

Her movements slow and deliberate, as if in a trance, Karen removed her clothes and crawled under the sheets naked without bothering to put on her the nightgown she usually wore. She then became consciously aware of how sexually aroused she was. She was astounded to discover that her cunt was flooded with a massive effusion of juice. Without giving it another thought, she lowered one hand to her sopping pussy and furiously masturbated herself to a thunderous orgasm as she used her other hand to yank and pull on one of her swollen nipples. The vision of her mother’s lovely face twisted gruesomely in sexual rut swam before her tightly clenched eyelids as her orgasm ripped through not only her body but her very soul as well. Immediately, her entire being literally dove into an exhaustive sleep.

The next morning it was as if nothing had ever happened the night before. From that day on it was never referred to; not a word was ever been mentioned of the affair. It got to a point where Karen even began doubting that the incident had ever taken place. from then on, however, the vision of her mother leering at her in her totally abandoned sexual hunger haunted Karen. When awake, she could usually force the vision of her mother’s face away. Asleep, it was a different matter. She dreamed now and then of the incident and always woke up from the dream in an aroused state and unless she relieved herself by jerking off right then and there the dream would leave her listless and bothered for hours to come. Try as she might, Karen could not get the occasional picture of her mother in the throes of sexual frenzy from coming back unbidden.

Since being married there were occasions when her husband would be away and she wold be alone. When the sexual tension would reach a high point and there was no relief she would succumb to masturbating herself as she had before she was married. On many occasions the source of her sexual tension was just natural and while masturbating herself she would fantasize mainly about her husband. Often, however, as she neared the point of orgasm her fantasy would change and she would find herself fantasizing against her will about her mother. At these times, the point of orgasm was always accompanied by the sight of her mother’s face twisted in sexual rut from that one occasion. Afterward she would feel relieved that it was over, but was also overcome with the usual strong sense of shame and guilt. Sometimes she would try to just stop frigging herself by getting up and doing something else to take her mind off of it, but found that she couldn’t concentrate until she had finished the job. So she would return resignedly to playing with herself until it was over.

On a couple of occasions Karen became concerned with her preoccupation with her mother and considered seeking professional help if for no other reason than to assure herself that she wasn’t crazy. The sense of shame and embarrassment attendant with sharing this with another person, even a professional, prevented this, however. At those rare times when she would allow herself to consciously consider the situation, Karen could admit to herself that it was indeed unusual for a daughter to be somehow consciously attached to her mother sexually. She decided that she was not in love with her mother either sexually or romantically, but that there was some sort of attraction that was acting on her. She also concluded that she was not a lesbian because the thought of having sex with another woman didn’t seem to effect her one way or the other; she wasn’t excited about the idea, but neither was she repulsed by it. That her mother might be a lesbian bothered her at first until she realized that people needn’t be just one way or the other, but could enjoy both hetero- and homosexual activity. The acceptance on her part of bisexuality was a blessing to her for it allowed her to justify her mother’s life style.

As to the nature of her attraction for her mother, Karen continued to be mystified. That Janet was a beautiful woman there was no doubt; everyone said so, even her father. She was beautiful to look at even at the age of 42. Karen had always wanted to have the beautiful long wavy blond hair and sleek build that her mother possessed. It gave her an air of confidence and poise that most women didn’t have. Instead, Karen had inherited her physical characteristics from her father. She was overly tall at just a fraction of an inch under six feet. She was also just slightly on the “big” side as other members of the family used to chide her about. At one time she thought about pursuing a career as a model because of her height, but was told by people in the know that she was not thin enough although she was not overweight. They said she had big bones. She also had the dark Italian looks of her father. She had olive hued skin which tanned very nicely and beautiful, shiny black hair with haunting dark eyes. Nature had also been kind to her in the bosom department where it had skimped on in her mother’s case. Karen had a very full bust which measured a 38C. It was not just that she had large breasts, but rather that they were spread out and covered her entire chest and were firm almost to the point of hardness. For one so full-breasted it was unusual that she didn’t need to wear a bra, but did so nonetheless out of an innate sense of modesty.

The one thing that she did share with her mother, though, were two of the largest nipples she had ever seen. Her mother, although not nearly as bosomy as Karen, also had enormous nipples and areolae and passed these on to her daughter. Unlike Janet’s pinkish brown teats, Karen’s were a dark purple hue, almost black in color and curved slightly upwards. Her husband Harold said it was her most sexy feature and would devote hours to fondling, kissing and sucking them. Karen was not adverse to this attention because her breasts, and especially the nipples, also like her mothers, were extremely erogenous. Although she never told anyone this because she considered the practice to be somewhat perverse, when masturbating she would use her free hand to play with her nipples sometimes to the point where she would quit frigging her pussy and use both hands on her breasts. On rare occasions she could even make herself cum by pulling and twisting her nipples. When she got married and discovered the almost overwhelming sensations created by having someone suck her tits she tried it once when alone and discovered that she could easily get her big nipples and areolae into her own mouth. From then on this became a regular part of her masturbatory technique and she almost always would orgasm while sucking on her own breast.

At this point, Karen, of course, was not totally aware of the similarities both women possessed with respect to their physical sensitivities. She was aware that she was her mother’s daughter in a number of respects, but that in others she no way resembled her. Where Janet’s personality was often effervescent and outgoing, Karen was shy and somewhat introverted. This was inherent in her character and was often taken wrongly for weakness. Karen had a strong sense of self and an inward confidence that was not immediately apparent. Her husband discovered this to his dismay shortly after they were married.

Janet arrived as planned and things were fine between mother and daughter the first three days of her mother’s stay. On the fourth day as the evening wore on while they watched television, Karen became nervous and cranky. Sensing trouble, Janet was unusually solicitous and asked her daughter gently what the problem was. Karen just bitched back that she had a problem with constipation and the baby not feeding enough leaving her breasts swollen and tender. Although the doctor said it wasn’t serious it was nonetheless bothersome and put her in a bad mood.

Trying to be helpful Janet gently offered, “Well, dear, there is a sure cure for that little constipation problem.”

“I’ve tried everything, mother, and nothing seems to work. Apple juice, prune juice, Metamucil, laxatives . . . you name it - I’ve tried it and nothing seems to work!” “How about an enema? Have you tried that, Karen?” her mother quizzed. “Oh, god, mother, nobody does that anymore, do they?” “I still do on occasion and it works for me every time.”

“Well, even so, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea of how to go about it.” “Well, I’d be glad to help you with it, if you’d like, dear,” Janet said.

“Do you really think it would work?”

“Sure. Why not give it a try. You’ll feel much better afterward, I guarantee.”

“Well, if you think so, maybe I will. Anything would be better than feeling like this all the time.” “Fine, dear. Now . . . if you want me to help you I’ll need to have a syringe and water bottle?”

Karen looked puzzled, but then said, “I know. I have the bottle and a douche attachment. Will that work?”

“Don’t you have all the stuff that came with the bottle?”

“Maybe, but I’ll have to look,” Karen said as she got up from the dinner table and handing the baby to her mother went upstairs to look. Five minutes later she returned with the original box with the water bottle, hose and the douche nozzle.”

“This is all I could find, mother. Will this do?”

“It’s not the right tip, but it should work. Just a tad larger than the regular enema syringe. We can try it anyway.”

All of a sudden there seemed to be a strained silence until Karen asked, “Well, what should I do?”

“Why don’t we go upstairs and put the baby in the crib and then I’ll help you out, OK.” Janet rose with the baby as did Karen and they traipsed upstairs. When the baby was put down Janet said, “Why don’t you just lie down on the bed, dear, and I’ll go fill the bottle. We’ll try just water at first and if that doesn’t seem to work, we’ll mix a little oil with it.”

Karen, who was dressed in shorts and blouse, lay down on her back on the bed waiting for her mother. Janet filled the bottle with warm water from the tub, attached the hose and nozzle and returned to the bedroom.

“Now dear, do you have any jelly or Vaseline?”

Without thinking, Karen rolled on her side and opened the night stand drawer and withdrew a tube of K-Y jelly and handed it to her mother. Not until she had done so had she thought about it and then she became suddenly embarrassed. She was beginning to have second thoughts about what was going to happen and she seriously considered just putting a stop to it immediately, but the excitement and arousal she was beginning to feel overrode her shame and embarrassment and she remained silent.

“OK dear, roll over on your stomach and undo your shorts.”

When she had done this and pushed her shorts and panties down around her knees leaving her buttocks exposed she suddenly felt once again that strong sense of shame and the vision of her mother that fateful night again returned leaving her flushed and uneasy.

“I think it would be a good idea, Karen, if you would just remove your shorts and panties altogether. It’ll be easier that way,” Janet said as she looked at her daughter’s prone figure.

When Karen didn’t immediately respond to her mother’s suggestion, Janet just shrugged and said, “Here, I’ll help you with them,” and reached down and pulled Karen’s clothes down over her feet and off, throwing them on the chair against the wall. As she looked down at her daughter’s large, pert ass sticking up she thought that her daughter really was beautiful for such a tall full woman.

“Now, dear, if you’ll just spread your legs slightly we’ll get this over with.” Karen did as asked and opened her legs a little bit. It seemed like the longest time until she finally felt the strange sensation of her mother gently probing a lubricated finger between her ass cheeks, searching for her anus. She was not quite on the mark and Karen felt her mother use her other hand to spread her cheeks and then the tip of her finger slowly moving over her puckered hole spreading the jelly. Shame bound as she was, it occurred to Karen that the sensation of her mother’s manipulating her ass was not unpleasant. It recalled to mind for her husband’s liking of that area during sex.

Finally having lubed Karen’s rectum to her satisfaction, Janet put more jelly on her finger and centered it directly on her daughter’s asshole. She then slowly pushed and rotated, probing with her finger, and it began to enter Karen’s rectum. During all of this Karen didn’t make a sound but remained rigid on the bed to the extent that her mother said, “Relax, dear, this will be over shortly and you’ll feel much better.” Karen was having trouble remaining relaxed, however, because she was becoming painfully aware of the stirrings in her groin. It was all she could do to control herself and keep from starting to rotate her hips in order to force the probing finger more deeply into her asshole.

When Janet had almost her entire finger buried in Karen’s ass she slowly started to remove it. When it was free, she retrieved the nozzle from the water bottle and inserted it. She then raised the water bottle and looped the end string around the top end of the high bedpost while releasing the valve on the hose with her other hand. Water then began flowing into Karen’s insides, filling her and also creating a sensation of pleasure she hadn’t expected. The pressure from the increasing amount of water inside her was also jangling the nerves in that part of her body.

When the water bottle was finally empty Janet said, “Now just lie there for a minute or two, Karen, and let the enema work. And just so you don’t dribble I’ll just put my finger back in and stop you up.”

Janet then gently inserted her already lubricated finger back into Karen’s anus as she sat down on the edge of the bed. The sensation of being so full and having her mother’s finger up her ass was working on Karen and the arousal she was feeling was increasing gradually. At first she thought she was imagining it, but she was sure now that her mother was actually moving her finger in and out of her asshole. Her mother was really finger-fucking her asshole she couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, Karen was overcome with the desire to give herself an orgasm and she couldn’t wait for her mother to leave.

“Mom, I really need to go. Please, let me get up,” she said, impatiently. Janet removed her finger and Karen could feel the bed move as her mother stood up.

“Come on, dear, I’ll help you to the bathroom.”

“Oh, mother, I can find it by myself. I’m OK, honest.” Karen slowly got to her feet, sensing that she shouldn’t move too fast, and headed toward the master bedroom bathroom with Janet trailing her. As she raised the toilet seat she glanced over her shoulder to see her mother standing in the doorway. Impatient from the need to expel the enema and satisfy the desire inside her she said shortly, “OK, mother, I’m OK. Now, please just leave.”

Janet said, “If you’re sure, dear,” and reluctantly turned. Then she added, “If you need anything, just shout. I’ll hear you.”

“Yes, mother - now go.” As her mother closed the door Karen sat heavily down on the toilet seat and thought she would explode right away but nothing happened. She tried to force it, but still nothing happened so she finally just sat there frustrated and stewing in her desire. Then she gave in to her arousal and put her right hand between her legs and began to rapidly fondle herself in a shame ridden frenzy. She was surprised at how wet she was. At first she thought that some of the enema had leaked down into her pussy but the consistency was wrong; it wasn’t water - it was cunt juice. Using her fingers she spread her juices over her entire pussy then began to concentrate moving two fingers over her clitoris jacking it back and forth forcefully. It didn’t take long. Before she could imagine it she was up on the final plateau and still climbing. As she approached orgasm she reached her other hand in back of her and down between her cheeks and began to finger her asshole trying to simulate the same sensation her mother had created. It wasn’t the same, but it felt good nonetheless.

The orgasm finally hit her and it was powerful. As the first wave peaked and then dropped off, she lost control of her rectal muscles, her asshole suddenly opened up and the enema came spewing out in jets with each succeeding orgasmic spasm. It went on for what seemed like forever until Karen was finally spent. She stopped frigging herself and just sat hunched over in total exhaustion after having flushed the toilet. She was wakened from this trance-like state by a knock on the door from her mother, wondering if she were OK. She answered yes, then slowly got up and cleaned herself up at the sink. She then went into the bedroom and flopped onto the bed and promptly fell into a deep sleep.