Women's College Experience

In my freshman year I, like many other students, had to undergo a physical examination upon entrance. The experience was an embarrassing one, because the doctor was a young and handsome man and I, of course, was naked in the room, along with a nurse.

As it turned out, the same nurse also taught a hygiene class that I was in. About two weeks into the semester, I was notified by the nurse that I had failed a report I had written for her class. When I asked what I could do to get a passing grade, she told me to report at her office that evening.

I saw there an enema bag and length of hose hanging from a stand just beside the examination table. The nurse brought the item to my attention saying she often used it on her students who performed poorly in her class. She then looked me straight in the eye and calmly suggested that I might need a lesson from her “hydraulic tutor,” as she described it.

I started to back out of the doorway, but the woman warned me that failure to submit would bring even bigger trouble. I was too scared to resist. As I bowed my head in surrender, she hissed: “Get undressed - Quickly!”

In dire fear I stripped completely naked, then stood there all goose bumpy and trembling as the uniformed woman stepped forward. She led me to the table and had me climb onto it. In a matter of seconds she had me in a half lying, half squatting position. I can’t remember ever being more embarrassed as the nurse parted my knees and slipped my bare feet into the cold steel stirrups backwards. Taking my hips in both hand, the nurse pulled me up and back until my ass was exactly where she wanted it.

She tested my tiny hole and I flinched, tightly shutting my eyes and gritting my teeth. A moment later the nurse slid the plastic nozzle into me and guided six or seven inches of rubber hose pipe into my bowels. I prayed as I squirmed there.

The water came. And it came and it came. I was truly besides myself with anguish. I begged, pleaded, squealed, cried and groaned. After a slow and uncomfortable gorging, I knelt pregnant with water until I thought it would come out of my ears. In my unhappy position my only thought was to relieve myself. My only wonder was that I didn’t spurt forth like a fountain, I held it all in until a large bedpan was slipped under me and I straddled it.

With my legs dangling precariously off the table, I shot forth a juicy salute, much to the satisfaction of the onlooking nurse. As I squatted there clutching the rim of the pot, the nurse stepped close and ran her hand back and forth across my naked breasts. I can’t remember what she said, but all this was certainly turning her on.

I squirmed as her hands reached my crotch and a finger touched my clitoris. “No,” I said weakly, the nurse’s rude finger massaged my inner lips, then went down further to my sore anus.

“Turn around, dear,” said the nurse.

Meekly I obeyed, turning my humiliated ass to her intimate attention. Then clutching me by the hips, the nurse spread apart my ass cheeks and licked my injured hole, occasionally darting her tongue deep inside. Moving her tongue to my pussy, she slowly inserted one, then two fingers into my asshole. Slowly, methodically, she massaged my nether passage until I started to buck against her. The movements became more frantic as I exploded into orgasm.

At the completion of my “water training,” I got into my clothes and staggered out. I did my studies in her class poorly after that hoping to experience her “Hydraulic Tutor” again.