"E" To Remember

By Michael C.

J walked down the street with a quick bounce in his step. He always liked to visit Mike. Mike was one of his best friends that he shared his darkest secret with a long time ago. J let his mind wander back in time to that fateful day so long ago.

J was visiting Mike and needed to use the rest room. Once inside, he reached for the toilet paper and discovered that the 3 sheets he found on the roll would not begin to help him one bit.

Carefully rising from the throne, holding his pants with one hand, his free hand reaching for any cabinet that would hold the promise of more of the prized TP. He stopped just short of the bathroom door at a large cabinet. Opening it, his breath was taken away at the sight of not one, not two but 5 complete enema sets hanging on the back of the cabinet door. He stared in

disbelief. Was Mike into enemas too? he thought to himself. Backing up slightly, his pants still at half staff, he tripped and fell backwards. Well that did it, he said to himself.

“Everything all right in there?” Mike inquired at the door.

“No, I need help.” J replied.

Mike opened the door and couldn’t help the broad grin that filled his face.

“Well now, isn’t this a pretty sight.”

“I needed some more toilet paper, and there was only 3 sheets on the roll, so I thought…” J trailed off.

“Its right here.” Mike said. Helping J up, and back onto the toilet, he reached above J to the cabinet just above the toilet and pulled down a roll and handed it to him. Then turned on his heel and started to walk out of the toilet. He noticed that the cabinet door was partially still open and reached out and shut it. Without comment, he walked out of the door, closing it behind himself. J breathed a sigh of relief as he finished, pulled up his pants, washed his hands and left the bathroom. He paused at the cabinet door and resisting temptation, he went on out.

Setting down in the den with Mike, he felt awkward. He did not know how to continue after the bathroom incident.

“Mike, ah, do…” he begin.

“Do what? Oh, the cabinet. Well, I just happen to like enemas,” Mike said matter of factly.

J again was put at ease. Finally he had found someone who shared his secret desires. “I do too.”

Mike walked over and sat closer to J. “You do too? How long have you been enjoying them?”

“Since I was about 16” J said.

“Well, I have a little bit on you. I have been enjoying them since I was 11” Mike said.

“Wow, eleven? What got you started?” J asked.

“My mom. I had the runs and her teaching has always been, that when the body wants to get rid of something, it is just better to help a little. After that first time I started using the bag at least once a month when I had the house to myself,” Mike related.

“I broke a leg on a ski trip and ended up in a hospital with my leg strung up and couldn’t get out of bed if I wanted to,” J begin. “The night nurse, a cute guy came in one evening and inquired as to my bowels. Like he couldn’t read the chart. Of course he had read the chart and knew what my condition was. He came back latter that night, around 10 and locked the door and gave me my first enema. It was hot. I’m glad it was him, a woman would have put me totally off the procedure,” J said.

J let the conversation and the past clear from his mind as he approached Mike’s house. It was a lovely house that he enjoyed visiting many times. As he walked up the walk to the front door, Mike opened it just as he reached the door.

“Hi, just checking the mail. Come on in.” Mike said, looking in the mail box and extracting a few envelopes.

J passed into the house and headed for the den. Mike followed, tossing the mail on a table in the hall. He sat down next to J and they shared a warm embrace.

“How was your week?” Mike inquired.

“Oh the usual. And you?”

“The same. People that think they know what they want but just can’t express it very well. So what they get is not what they expected,” Mike said. “Want to get wet?”

“Yes, I’m up for it,” J said with a wicked grin on his face.

“Fine, go set the water temp, and I’ll be right behind you,” Mike said as he got up to check the front door and set some music for background.

As Mike approached the bathroom, he shed all his clothes. As he entered the bathroom J was already undressed and testing the water. Mike drew from the cabinet two double fountain syringes with two Bard-xes. He entered the shower area and hung them up. J already had his latex gloves on and Mike pulled on a pair too. Then he handed J a condom and rolled one over his already rising manhood. Then filling both of the bags of each set enough to allow him to run the air out of the apparatus, he attached the inflatable nozzle and signaled J to turn around. J turned and bent over as Mike grabbed the KY and lubed up the inflatable nozzle.

He carefully inserted it into his friend’s ass and inflated it with 7 squeezes of the force bulb. J grunted at the last squeeze and turned around to perform the same service for Mike.

Mike then asked, “Will two ounces be enough?” J just nodded. He liked the feeling that he got from a really soapy enema. Mike carefully measured two ounces and poured it into one of J’s bags. Then he he measured two for his own bag. The soap now safely in the bags, he took the shower bidet and filled the bags completely full. Just as he was ready to open one stopcock

on J’s apparatus, J reached for the stopcock on Mike’s apparatus. Mike spoke a little louder than normal “Music PLEASE”. Almost immediately the music Mike had selected started to play and fill the room with Ravel’s Bolero. Mike and J both opened the stopcocks and embraced as J adjusted the shower selection.

Mike’s remodeled bathroom had many tricks. One end of the room used to have a bath tub. Mike had this removed and tile from the ceiling down to the floor and a tile floor made a larger than normal shower area with 2 large floor drains. The curtain was clear with blue swatches in it, so that the light gave a kind of surreal blue banded appearance in the shower area. The shower itself had double heads, one at each end of the shower area. Additionally, there was a shower bidet attached to each, with another control that changed from these two heads to one large head right in the center of the area. Then another control turned that one off and turned on a kind of misting shower that seemed to come from everywhere like a heavy San Francisco mist.

J and Mike held each other playing with the other’s dick and nipples. Their standing and playing allowed the enema to flow slowly. As the first bag emptied Mike asked “Ready for the next bag?”

J was speechless. All he could do was nod. Mike reached over and cut off one stopcock and opened the other. J mimicked him.

Both the boys were feeling the intense pressure of 3 quarts of water as they reached out and shut off their own stopcocks. By then almost 20 minutes had passed. Bolero was reaching a climax and Mike and J were working on one themselves. As the music reached its peak, so did both of the boys. They collapsed on the floor of the shower, the water engulfing them in its warm mist. Mike reached for the two buckets and helped J onto one. When he was seated, Mike deflated the inflatable nozzle. Then he managed to set on his bucket and J deflated Mike’s inflatable nozzle. Both sighed relief as the 3 quarts of water rolled out of their asses.

When they determined that no more was coming out they emptied their buckets into the toilet and cleaned up using the shower bidets to do a final rinse of their rectums.

Out of the shower, dried, in robes and setting once again in the den sipping cappuccino, they rested and chatted.

“You know J some day, I’d like to take a really big enema. I mean one so big that I literally vomit,” Mike wished.

“Maybe I can help” J said. “I know of a man who specializes in that sort of thing. I met him about six months ago”

“And you are just now telling me?” Mike questioned.

“Well, he said he did not want a lot of people knowing what he did. He lives quite a distance from here and it was part of his contract. I wasn’t to tell anyone about it. Not even best friends.”

“So, what made you break your part of the contract” Mike asked.

“Well, I haven’t really. I could ignore that part of the contract when you made your statement about your desire for a really big enema. When someone says that, I can talk about it,” J related.

“OK, so when do I meet this mysterious man” Mike asked.

“I will contact him” J said. “He will contact you. The first contact will be a contract which you must return to him and then if all is acceptable, he will then provide you with further instructions.”

  • J returns with contract -

A week passes. Mike checked the mail every day hoping for word. On Saturday next J showed up looking like the cat that ate the canary. He had in hand an envelope which he presented to Mike. Mike tore it open and extracted a multi-page document which he quickly scanned with a shaky hand.

Mike finally finished reading the contract. He quickly picked up a pen and signed and dated it, under Master “V”s signature. J collected the contract, leaving Mike his copy and quickly sealed it in another envelope. Before Mike could say anything, J was out the door with the envelope and on his way to the post office. He tossed over his shoulder that he would be back in a

little while. Mike was stunned. Nothing, he thought, should be so important. But, he shrugged, whatever. He pondered the contract that he had in front of him.

It begin with the usual legal language. Then, as he read down it, he found some interesting parts:

“The party of the second part will make no attempt to contact the party of the first part until the appointed time. Instructions will follow acceptance of this contract.

“The party of the second part will not complain about the rigors of the procedure that will be performed at the residence of the party of the first part.

“No attempt will be made on the party of the second part to divulge the actual residence of the party of the first part to any third party. This contract in its entirety will remain a private and confidential matter between the parties. Should one party or the other communicate in any form the contents of this contract with any other third parties the contract will be deemed null and void.”

The contract went on with more restrictions and nullification clauses. Basically, Mike could not tell anyone what was in the contract or where he was going when and if he went or tell anyone about it after it happened. This Master “V” was very strict on his contacts and contracts. He, Mike thought, must be a rather important person who could not afford to have his private

life exposed.

  • Acceptance -

Mike passed the week thinking about the contract he had signed, the trip to where ever that was, and the “procedure”. He continued with his usual schedule until Wed when a private messenger arrived with a package for Mike. Mike noted on the sheet his package was the only one on the form. He signed and the man handed over the package. Mike walked with some trepidation back to his den. He sat down with the mysterious package in front of him.

Finally after staring at the package and not getting any impression of what was inside he reached for the package and begin to open it. Inside he found several envelopes and 2 boxes. The boxes were labeled A and B. The envelopes were numbered 1-5. There was one slip of paper with some cryptic writing on it.

“Open Box A and envelope #1. Do not open the other box or envelopes until instructed,” was all it said. Mike removed from the packing box, box A and envelope #1. He opened the box first. In side he found 3 items: one pair of heavy latex shorts with a belt that had two D-rings that closed in front; a black butt plug; and a padlock. Mike looked at this and was a little apprehensive. Then confused about what these items were for. Perhaps the answer was in the first envelope. Mike reached for the envelope and carefully opening it, extracted a single page of paper with typewritten instructions:

  • 1st envelope -

As Mike sat reading he could not believe what the instructions said to him in stark black and white:

  1. Since you have accepted my contract, you must follow my rules explicitly; omitting nothing. Each command is complete as stated. Do no more or less than what is commanded. NO COMPLAINTS. Everything is done for a reason. You probably don’t know why, but you will.

  2. Beginning Thursday next, at noon you will eat no more food. Only water and clear fluids like bullion, or clear fruit juices. At 5, for your dinner, 1-24 oz glass of Metamucil.

  3. Upon waking at 5 am, take a least a 2 quart enema with 2 oz of Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Soap. Hold for 10 minutes and then release. Take 2nd enema as much as you can for 5 minutes and then release.

  4. Dress and pack a small bag. Contents: extra underwear, socks, enema equipment ( folding syringe, tubing and tip), and poppers if you want them.

  5. In box number 1 you will find some rubber pants and a butt plug. Put the pants on and put the butt plug in the bag along with box number 2 and the remaining envelopes. Take another 24 oz of Metamucil for breakfast, dress for travel and leave for the airport.

  6. Present env #2 to AA counter and get the flight number. Then read the instructions in the 2nd envelope after you have passed the security checkpoint.

While not required, you may wish to obtain and wear a “bar urinal” as once you board the plane, there will be no trips to the bathroom.

Mike still did not know where he was going. J did not come by or call. He knew in the back of his mind that Master V must have told him to leave Mike alone during this time. Also to protect his actual location in case J might accidentally reveal something about the trip or the procedure.

Mike checked his calendar. Nothing was scheduled over this weekend. Well, that was lucky he thought, unless J had peeked and had informed Master V that this particular weekend would be perfect. Either way, when Thursday came, Mike started his preparation. Since he knew he wouldn’t have any more solid food after noon, he had a large breakfast and sizable lunch. Then started the preparation.

Packing and readying himself to arrive at the airport at the appointed time. He knew the ticket must be in the envelope but he still did not know just exactly where he was going. He didn’t much like the Metamucil part but drank it anyway in the evening and just after his cleansing enema at 5 am. Then, locking up the house, he jumped into his car, checked his bag: clothes,

toilet, box, envelopes 2-5. Inventory done, he headed out to the airport.

  • 2nd envelope -

Mike arrived at the airport a little early. He parked in the long-term parking because he had no idea just how long he would be gone. He walked briskly into the terminal and up to the AA counter. He handed over the second envelope and the puzzled attendant opened it and extracted the ticket. She consulted her computer for a few minutes, stamped the ticket and handed the ticket and the envelope back to him. “Take the corridor on the left. Its Gate 15 concourse C. Have a nice trip.”

“Thank you.” Mike responded. Shouldering his bag he headed to the security check point. Past security he sat down in the nearest gate. He could just image what was in the 2nd envelope.

As he sat, he glanced around to make sure no one was watching him too closely. Then he took the contents of the envelope out and begin to read.

  1. Go to the nearest bathroom and insert the plug. Then lock the belt with the lock provided.

  2. Proceed to the gate and get ready to board.

  3. More instructions follow in envelope 3. Open it when you are air borne.

Mike’s pulse quickened as he jumped up and headed to the rest room. He had some play with butt plugs but never as long as this trip would probably be. Once inside a stall, he pulled down his pants and the rubber pants. He lubed the plug and with a little difficulty got it into place. He checked his bar urinal and satisfied he would not be seeing his dick for some time pulled up

the rubber pants and locked them on. Then he raised his pants.

Out of the rest room, down the concourse to gate 15.

When he arrived at the gate, he got an idea of his destination, but not a complete one. The plane made stops in St. Louis, Chicago, then on to Boston. Oh God, he thought not Boston.

The gate attendant looked at his ticket and smiled. Checked him off on her list.

“Have a seat Mike. The plane for Chicago will take off shortly.”

Great, he thought, Chicago. Never been there, but it should be interesting.

  • The 2nd box -

As the great plane pulled away from the gate, Mike thought: Wonder if I could get off now? Probably not. I’d have to have a stroke or a heart attack to get this plane to stop.

The plane lumbered out to the taxi point, then almost immediately, after a short stop, took a quick turn. The next thing Mike heard and felt were the great engines winding up to take off. In short order, the plane was in the air. Mike sat back

into his chair. He then remembered the mysterious envelopes. He took out envelope #3. This was the one he dreaded most.

  1. In the box you will find three containers. Take container #1 first and drink it.

  2. Take container #2 when the plane takes off from St. Louis.

  3. Take container #3 when the plane is making its decent into Chicago.

  4. If you have any problems with the flight crew give them the small envelope that is inside this one. It will get you by.

  5. Remember only water is allowed. You may drink as much as you need or want.

  6. Open envelope #4 when you have de-planed in Chicago.

Mike extracted the box and looked into it. Yes, three containers lay nestled there. He picked up the one marked #1. It looked thick and about 3 ounces. Possibly mineral oil. He opened it and drunk it down quickly. Yes it was mineral oil.

Mike stowed the box and the instructions back into his pack and placed that under the seat in front of him. Then he reclined and tried to rest a little.

It seemed just a minute or so that the captain came on the intercom announcing their arrival in St. Louis. He also mentioned that if you were going on to Chicago and Boston that they should remain just where they were, they were not changing planes.

Shortly they were on the ground and finally at the gate. Several people got up and deplaned. Then after a minute or so, more people came on the plane and they were off again.

Once in the air, Mike extracted bottle #2 from the box. It too looked thick but not as big as the other. He opened it and just as he was starting to drink it a stewardess came up and said “Sir what are you drinking?”

Mike reached into his pack and found that little extra envelope. He handed it to her. She opened it and read for a few seconds. “Oh, sorry sir. Yes, follow doctor’s orders.” She headed up the aisle. Mike breathed a sigh of relief and downed the small bottle. Yuck. That was castor oil. He did not like that. Just as he put the bottle back into the box and back into his pack the stewardess showed up with some bottled water. Mike asked no questions as he took the water. He thanked her and started to sip the foul taste of the castor oil away. Then as his stomach settled down, he leaned back and napped some more.

He woke with a start. Both the mineral oil and the castor oil were working. He felt a little uncomfortable and was wondering when they would land in Chicago. Just as this thought passed though his mind, the captain announced their arrival in Chicago.

Mike felt the plane descending as he reached for his pack and the last bottle. It seemed to have some kind of crimped cap on it. He pulled out his keys and found his folding can/bottle opener and popped the cap off. Then he downed that bottle and quickly chased it with a little water. It was crate of magnesia. Now Mike knew he would be in serious trouble if he did not get to where he needed to be and soon.

The plane seemed to have no delay landing and getting to the gate. Mike was glad it didn’t take too long to get to the gate. Just as the plane was stopping the stewardess came up and said to come with her. Mike got up and followed her to the door of the plane. Just as the door opened and the gate attendants were satisfied the stewardess said “Go on. Have a nice stay.”

“Thanks.” was all Mike could say.

  • Chicago The 4th Envelope -

Mike walked quickly from the gate and found a seat to settle a little. He opened envelope 4. It was the most detailed of the envelopes.

Mike got up and walked quickly as he read the first instruction:

  1. Proceed to baggage claim, following the signs to the EL stop. You will walk out of the terminal and climb some stairs to an overhead walkway. There are slide walks along the way if you get tired.

  2. At the EL station buy two tokens. Proceed to the loading platform. Board The Orange line for downtown. At the Lake/State station walk down to the Red line.

Mike soon arrived on the platform. Watching the lights he boarded the train heading into downtown.

The trip into downtown went fairly quickly; so had the laxatives. He was starting to feel more than uncomfortable. The swaying of the EL didn’t help much. He sat very carefully and tried to go with the swaying.

He reached the Lake/State station downtown in the loop and fairly ran down the stairs to the exchange platform. He paced waiting on the train to arrive. Five minutes passed and it finally arrived. He jumped on and sat down.

  1. After changing trains in the loop get on the Red Line headed north. Get off at the Addison station.

Mike doubted that he could wait until the Addison station. It seemed that the stops were taking longer the further they got from downtown. Finally the Addison station stop was made and he walked quickly off the platform and down the stairs.

North Clark street

  1. Walk west on Addison to the second street past the stadium. Turn right on the second street to the fourth house on the left. Then number is xxxx.

Mike walked quickly west on Addison. He risked a jay-walking ticket by crossing without the light. He just glanced at Wriggly Field, probably the most famous baseball park in the world, outside of Yankee Stadium. He came to the second street and turned right. He counted houses and now he was really cramping.

He walked quickly up the street to the correct number. The block looked almost cloned but with some personalization here and there. The houses weren’t exactly the same. He came to the house and it was impressive, just imposing in nature. He walked quickly up the steps and rang. A short pause and the door opened.

There he was: Master V. He looked very much like a older but very well preserved father type. He bid Mike to come in. As Mike quickly complied, the door was shut. Master V’s deep voice over shadowed the entry way.

“Come set for a minute.” as he showed him into a drawing room. They both set and M. V. asked the usual fair. “How was your trip?”

“Just fine, not much delay in the trip at all”

“Good, it usually is fastest during that time of the day. I suspect that you are ready. Go through that door, you will find a ‘powder room’. I expect you’ll need this..” as he handed over a key. “ And while you are in there, take 2 clear water enemas, as much as you can. Then when you are ready come back here and we will go down stairs. Oh, and you won’t need any clothes.”

With that, M. V. stood up and left the room. Mike wasted no time in getting into the powder room and unlocking the rubber pants that had held him prisoner so long. He just shivered as he sat on the throne and the contents of his bowel rolled out at a high speed.

He then quickly took two enemas as much as he could hold, about 3 quarts. Then on the second one he took 3 quarts and a pint. He was very proud of himself.

  • The procedure -

He emerged from the powder room, dry and empty. He felt absolutely hollow. He felt like he could sit down to 14 courses of food and want more.

As he entered the room, Master V. entered and beckoned him to follow him. Out onto the oak wood floors, and down the hall to a door, which Master V. held open and Mike walked in and then down the stairs to the basement.

At the bottom of the stone stairs, he stopped and Master V. caught up to him and took him by the hand to another door. He opened the door and if by magic, a bright light snapped on and for a second Mike was blinded and then his eyes adjusted to the stark white of the “White Room” an allusion to the german version of the klyster room.

In the center of the room was a sling, and various pieces of equipment. Master V. brought him to the sling and helped him up into the sling. He placed Mike’s legs into the stirrups. Then he drew an IV stand a little closer. On the end of the hose

and the multiple bags was a inflatable nozzle. But, not just any inflatable nozzle.

It was unlike any Mike had ever seen. He had his own, but not like this one. It seemed oversize, a bag that was every bit two large fists and flaccid. But not just one bag, but two: an oversized double inflatable nozzle.

Master V. lubed the inflatable nozzle from a tube of KY and then proceeded to lube Mike’s ass. He deftly inserted the huge balloon and proceeded to pump it up. Mike could feel it filling his rectum. There was no doubt, it was much bigger than his asshole. No

way that was coming out. Then Master V filled the outer balloon. Now Mike felt really plugged.

Master V. Started the enema. After all, this was billed as an “Enema to Remember.” Slowly, a pint, then a quart, then another pint and then finally the second quart. Master V. had on the tube a gauge that showed exactly just how much flowed down the

tube. Mike started to fixate on it. Willing the dial around while the inner counter clicked off the pints. Lets see. 2 pints to the quart, 4 quarts to the gallon. He watched in amazement as the counter passed 3 quarts. He was starting to feel the injection,

but it wasn’t unpleasant. Then the dial slowly crept up to 4 quarts. Master V. stopped the flow and waited a bit. Then after a minute or so passed he then clicked the flow on. This time it was slower. As the dial moved, it seemed to almost stop in time.

Then, gradually it crept up on 5 quarts. Mike was feeling very full now. Then the flow slowed even more if that was possible. Then passing 5 and 1/2 quart then slowly approaching 6 quarts. One and a half gallons. It was at that point that Mike begin to

feel sick to his stomach, and started to retch. The water had reached all the way to his stomach. He was clean from one end to the other.

Master V. deflated the inflatable nozzle and removed it. The water flowed out of Mike at a high rate of speed. Actually it was coming from both ends at the same time.

About 15 minutes latter Mike set up and wanted out of the sling, Master V helped him stand and fed him a diuretic and fruit juice to settle his stomach and stave off any water poisoning.

Mike knelt and kissed Master V’s feet, and looked up at him and said “Thank you”.

Master V looked down at the prostate boy and pulled him up into a standing position and embraced him. “So far, you have been the best. Come with me.”

Quickly up the stairs they climbed and Master V showed Mike into a control center of sorts. On 9 monitors stacked 3 high forming one huge screen. Master V pushed a few buttons and magically on 9 separate screens, Mike saw himself coming up the walk to the front door; on another, he was in the powder room, in fact, on 3 screens from 3 different angles. Then on the next three in the white room from three angles. Mike stared in awe. He could not believe how hot the scene was that he was watching.

Master V spoke, breaking the trance Mike was in. “If you like, I will send you a copy of the whole scene. The only part I don’t have is what happened at your home, on the plane and on the EL. It will be a few days for me to copy all of it, but I think you

will like it.”

“Certainly; thank you, sir.”

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine. After all, that was why I paid for your trip here. A good scene is hard to come by, especially on video tape.”

Mike dressed and Master V checked him over carefully before letting him out the front. A quick goodbye, and Mike was back out on the street walking back to the EL. He hardly touched the walk as he glided back to the Addison street station. In his bag, the last mysterious envelope lay unopened. Mike had totally forgotten about it.

  • Returning home -

The trip back downtown to change trains passed quickly. Mike’s mind was still swimming from his experience. The EL just flew back to Midway.

He entered the terminal and walked up to the counter with his ticket in the envelope. He had not inspected it, just handed it over to the attendant. She took it and looked at the ticket and remarked, “Sir, are you aware that this ticket is good either today or tomorrow. Which do you want to do?”

“Today is fine,” Mike replied without thinking. Off to the gate to wait for his plane, he sat and thought about the events of the last two days. He was just astounded at how much he enjoyed the largest enema he had ever taken.

Shaking his head out of his private fog and listening to his flight being announced, he rose and boarded the plane with the rest of those waiting for points south.

Sitting on the plane, Mike suddenly felt tired and closed his eyes, only to be jostled awake by the flight attendant, “Your stop sir,” she said.

Mike rose and wandered off the plane.

Mike sat in his den sipping cappuccino. He was broody. The trip was very interesting, disturbing, exciting, and puzzling all at the same time. Yes, he had just the experience he had wanted. A really big enema. He had turned his life and body over to a man for the experience. He had been filmed. It was a film that would not be shown at the local theater. He sat for a long time thinking about it. His thoughts were interrupted by the front door bell.

He got up and went to the door. There was the same messenger. He had a slightly larger package under his arm. He handed Mike the clipboard and Mike signed. The package handed over to him, he retreated into the privacy of his den.

He opened the package and counted 6 tapes. He picked up the one numbered 1 and put it into the VCR and suddenly the screen was filled with his image walking up the walk. He sat down and watched himself in the small bathroom taking two enemas. He brooded some more as the images passed on the screen. Then the door bell rang again.

J was at the door. He had a big grin on his face.

“Back from Chicago I see,” he said.

“Yep. Back from Chicago,” Mike said.

“Here read this,” J said as he handed Mike an envelope.

Mike wandered back into the den where he sat down and opened the envelope.

“You did such a good scene, by now you should have a memory of the event in the form of 6 tapes. I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me. You may discuss with J anything you want about the trip, but with no one else. Enjoy.”

Signed Master V.

J let him digest the import of the message that he just delivered.

“Well?” J inquired.

“Yes, I did enjoy myself. At times the trip was scary but…” Mike trailed off.

“Well, it might have been scary but I was with you every step of the way to Master V’s house,” J said.

“Really, you followed me?” Mike asked incredulously.

“Yes, under Master V’s orders. When you entered his house, I turned back to the hotel that you and I were going to stay at,” J said.


“Yes. Didn’t you open the last envelope?” J asked.

Mike went back to his bedroom and picked up his pack. Sure enough, there was the 5th envelope. He brought it back into the den. He sat down and opened the envelope. Inside was a short letter and some money.

“Here is hoping that you had just as good a time as I had with this little scene. Here is a voucher for the XXX hotel. You will find it on Addison on the way back to the EL. J is waiting for you, so have a good time. Maybe I will call upon you again for help or another scene. Be ready for me.” Signed Master V.

Mike was blown away. He just couldn’t talk.

“I missed you. I wanted a good romp and then we could ride back here together.”

“Sorry, I just forgot the 5th envelope. I was floating too much, I guess.”

“Must be. So, do you think he will call on you again?” J asked.

“I don’t know. But if he does, I’ll be ready.”