Roy�s Embarrassment

Roy hurried down to the waiting cab. He wish to obey his mistress’ command. The cab driver just opened the door for him. Roy got into the back seat and closed the door. It was obviously not necessary to tell where to go, the driver knew.

While riding, Roy thought about his evening at Mistress Nora’s three days ago. She had addressed him directly: “Roy, on one hand I feel you really like anal playing of nearly any kind, but on the other hand you can not loosen up. You are to some degree embarrassed. You need a treatment. Saturday, you and I have an appointment. But you will not have to drive to my house. At half past eight a cab will wait for you at your home. It will drive you to a clinic, where two ladies will take care of you. And don’t worry, everything is prepared.”

The cab went through the city then stopped in front of a huge red house. The driver went out, opened the door and let Roy out. When Roy showed he would pay, the driver refused, he had already been paid for the trip. Roy went to the door and the cab drove away.

Shortly after Roy rang the bell, a very pretty, middle-aged woman opened the door. She wore a nurses uniform. She greeted him: “You are Roy?”

“Yes,” Roy replied.

“I am Charol. Follow me please.”

Roy was shown into a room which was a kind of a reception area. Charol said, as she handed over a piece of paper: “Roy you will soon realize this is not an ordinary health care clinic. It is a clinic which provides many special kinds of treatments. Please sign on this paper, it tells that you did arrive and will receive your treatment voluntary. Don’t worry nothing harmful will happen to you. It may hurt, but nothing harmful will happen. And please read it carefully.”

Roy read the sentence. He found nothing serious in it, signed the paper and handed it back to Charol. She filed it away and said: “Will you please follow me to the doctor.”

Roy was shown to the doctor’s office. Charol closed the door behind him.

A tall blonde woman with a white doctors uniform stood up from behind a desk and greeted Roy: “Hi, I’m Lorri, your doctor today.” She asked him to sit down.

As they were sitting at both sides of the desk, Lorri opened a series of questions: “Roy, your mistress had informed me about your embarrassment. Do you think you are the only person in the world that has a butt and a butt hole?”

“No,” Roy replied.

“Do you really think you knew any person, who never had a BM?”

“No,” Roy admitted. He felt strange about this conversation.

“Well Roy, I think you have just been filled with guilt as a child. Do you really like to receive enemas, to get your anus stretched and used?”

“Oh, yes indeed,” Roy immediately replied.

“Well, then I think we do have a proper treatment for you.”

She pushed a button under the desk and continued: “In a minute the nurse will follow you to the enema room, for a complete clean out. After that I will examine and treat you.”

The door opened and Charol went in, Roy was shown to follow her.

Soon after they arrived in a room, which without any doubt was a clinic treatment room, Roy was shown into a small changing room with a curtain which separated it from the treatment room. The curtain was pulled to a side and Roy went in.

“Roy, please undress. In a minute I’ll give you some clothing to use.”

Roy undressed to fully nude. Shortly after Charol handed him a white cotton shirt with long sleeves, a pair of white cotton socks and a pair of blue plastic socks. The shirt reached to his navel and left his butt naked.

Shortly after Charol showed him in and asked him to lay on a plank bed, where he should lay on his left side. She had prepared a one liter container of warm oil.

“Bend your upper leg. You will now receive a stool softener enema.”

Shortly after Roy heard her snap on rubber examination gloves. Then he was carefully and deeply lubricated in his rear orifice. She slowly pushed a colon tube into him and twisted it until it was deep within. Slowly, very slowly she injected the warm oil. Then she withdrew the tube.

“Concentrate on holding it, it should be easy. In the meantime I will prepare your next enema.” Charol the nurse said.

Roy waited for nearly 15 minutes. He heard her picking up gear and heard her preparations, finally he saw Charol put the enema bag at the stand.

“Well Roy, turn around to your left side again and bend your upper leg.”

Roy did. And shortly after a 15 cm long barium nozzle went into his rear. She had prepared a one liter of strong soapsuds enema. Soon Roy really needed to fight to hold it. After five minutes the enema was in, but he had to hold it for five minutes more, before he was allowed to go to the toilet.

After he had expelled the enema, which really did a marvelous job, he had to lay on the plank bed again. Charol the nurse had prepared two and a half liter of soapsuds enema. Roy felt there was no doubt, he would receive a complete clean out today. Roy was carefully lubricated before Charol pushed a double inflatable nozzle into his waiting rear cavity. Roy was sealed tight, and then the clamp was opened. No mercy was shown. The big enema went in slowly without stopping even when Roy complained about cramps.

This time the enema went in for ten minutes, after which Roy had to keep it for five minutes more. He was followed to the toilet, where he sat down, before the inflatable nozzle was removed.

Roy didn’t believe his eyes when he returned to treatment room. Another huge soapsuds enema was ready.

“How many enemas must I receive today?” He asked.

“This is the last one in your clean out series. But after that you will go through a rinsing series. The object is to get you used to having a butt, you know.”

Roy had to go to the bed to receive this enema too. This time again with the double inflatable nozzle. The enema went in, despite any complaints about cramping.

To Roy’s relief, no further enema was prepared, when he returned to the treatment room after his last toilet visit.

He was told to get onto the bed. Charol washed his butt, dried him and put him into big white cotton pants.

“Roy, now you must rest, I will come back to you in a few minutes,” Charol said and left.

Roy enjoyed the relaxation. After a half hour Charol entered the room and asked Roy to follow her. They went into a nearby treatment room. Charol helped him off with the pants.

“Roy, it is now time for your rinsing. Jump on the table and lay on your back,” Charol explained and showed him onto a colonic table.

Roy did as he was told. Charol showed him the table which had two supports for his feet. He had to bend and spread his legs. The table was open under his butt. Charol put on rubber examination gloves and picked up a fat nozzle. Then Roy saw it. “What is that?” he asked, while he looked at the machine near the bed.

“It is a colonic machine,” Charol explained. She continued: “This nozzle has both an inlet and outlet tube as well. It will allow you to relax, while rinsing procedure goes on.”

Charol opened the KY tube, put a huge glob on her finger, lubricated the nozzle and then Roy’s rear orifice deeply, massaging until he relaxed his sphincter.

The nozzle, fat as a garden hose, was slowly pressed into his rear cavity. Then Charol pushed a button and the balloon was blown up. This fat inflatable nozzle sealed Roy tight.

Charol examined the nozzle and determined it was mounted right, then she removed the rubber gloves. She adjusted the machine and started it.

Roy felt warm saline water slowly flow into his bowels. Charol put a hand on his belly. She explained: “You have to be filled completely, to let the rinsing work properly.”

His belly began to expand. Soon he felt bloated, but the filling continued until he moaned by the pressure. Charol carefully felt if he was hard as a balloon. Then she pushed a button on the machine and the filling stopped.

She adjusted some more buttons on the machine. She said: “Roy, now it is ready. In a few minutes you will be emptied and then filled again. This will go on until the water comes out clean. Please enjoy.” She left.

After a few minutes, Roy heard a click from the machine, he heard the water expelling and soon afterwards, the tremendous pressure in his bowels disappeared. Soon he was completely empty. But then he heard another click from the machine and the filling began again. The filling stopped when he felt he was near to explode.

In total Roy received eight huge rinsing fillings. Now and then Charol looked in on him, while the process went on.

Finally it was over. When the machine had emptied Roy’s bowels, Charol massaged his belly, in order to press all remaining water out. When no more water dribbled out, Charol released the air from the inflatable nozzle and removed the nozzle.

Roy was cleaned up and was allowed to get up. When he stood on the floor, Charol helped him into the pants.

Roy was shown into an examination room, where he could rest on an plank bed. After a half hour, both the nurse Charol and Doctor Lorri came in.

“Roy, will you please stand up? It is time for examination and treatment,” Lorri said. Roy was directed to a nearby examination room.

When they got to the room she nodded at Charol. Charol helped Roy off with the pants. Then Roy had to lie on an examination table in the middle of the room. He had to put his legs into stirrups. Charol spread his legs very wide and bent them backwards, which opened his ass cheeks fully. Then his legs were secured with straps at his ankles and his thighs.

Charol put several different tools on a steel tray. She handed the doctor a pair of rubber examination gloves. While Lorri put on the gloves, Charol put on a liberal amount of KY jelly. Roy was lubricated carefully. Then the doctor pushed her finger deep into his rectum. He was examined carefully. She then lubricated an anal speculum. Roy felt the cold metal, when the speculum was pushed into him. He really felt stretched, while the instrument was opened. The doctor carefully inspected his inside and used a torch to see more clearly. The speculum was closed and withdrawn.

The doctor then picked up a metal rectoscope. Roy felt again the cold metal, and this time the long stiff tube went deep inside. Lorri looked through the eyelet and remarked: “Well, well, very nice pink and clean.” She addressed Roy: “You should not be embarrassed about your nice butt. It is very nice and clean now.” She removed the instrument.

A strange instrument was mounted on the table, just behind Roy’s ass cheeks. It was a control splint for a dilator.

“Now it is time for your preparation for your mistress’ event this evening.” Lorri said. She picked up a dilator 5 cm wide, it had a rubber covered cone on the one end. She lubricated it carefully and then mounted it on the control splint with a click. It was now possible to slowly push it into Roy’s waiting rear opening and he would not be able to push it out. The control splint fixed it. The tip of cone went inwards. Slowly Roy’s anal entrance was stretched. As the really fat part of the instrument stretched his sphincter, he moaned. This hurt, but no mercy was shown. Finally the instrument was in and pushed deep into Roy’s rectum. It really hurt.

Lorri said: “Now, you will have to wait until your anus has accommodated to it’s new size.”

Roy had to wait for nearly 15 minutes. Then the doctor inspected his rear. She felt with her fingertips around his butt hole and was satisfied.

“Roy, does it still hurt?”

“No,” Roy admitted. He felt pretty full but no pain.

The instrument was withdrawn.

“Your treatments are finished, the nurse will take care of you,” Lorri said and left.

Charol cleaned him up, released the straps and helped him on his feet.

Charol had picked up his clothes from the enema room. Roy may dress.

“Roy, when you are dressed, then I will follow you to the cab. Your must go to your mistress.”

When Roy was dressed, he was followed to the front door. Charol was smiling, said good-bye and hoped he had enjoyed the treatment. The cab waited in front of the house.

Mistress Event

The cab driver didn’t say much. He just drove through the city and stopped outside Mistress Nora’s house. The driver had already been paid, Roy had just to go to the door. While the cab drove away, he rang the bell. The door opened and he was greeted by the lovely Mistress Nora.

“Follow me, my dear.” She closed the door. “We have a visitor today,” She said.

They went into the drawing room where a small, nice brunette with good proportions was standing.

Nora introduced them: “This is Roy. And this is Erica.”

Erica and Roy greeted each other. Then they were invited for tea, biscuits and chocolate cake. They enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and the refreshments were delicious. They talked a lot about many interesting subjects. Soon Roy and Erica felt they had learned a lot about each other.

During a short pause in the conversation, Nora clapped her hands and said: “Erica, it is now time for your preparation. Roy had been prepared today and he needs to see that he is not the only one who had a butt and a rear opening. Follow me.”

They walked through the house to the basement where Nora had a fully equipped clinic room.

“Erica undress, you can use that stool to put your clothes on.”

While Erica began to undress, Nora addressed Roy: “You are my assistant. Put on this plastic apron.” She handed Roy a long white plastic apron which he put on. Then Nora continued: “In that closet is a 4 quart bag. You must assemble it and hang it at the IV stand near the plank bed.”

Nora continued to instruct Roy. He must prepare two liters of hot soapsuds enema and then fill the bag and let the air out. He prepared rubber gloves, KY jelly and finally covered the bed with a plastic and a paper sheet. Nora put on a white plastic apron as well.

When Erica was naked. Nora said: “Now it is time for your enema.”

Nora handed her a white cotton shirt with long sleeves, a pair of white cotton stockings and a pair of blue plastic socks, which she had to put on. Then Erica had to lay on the plank bed.

“Roll to your left side and bend your right leg.”

Nora put on the rubber examination gloves. Roy opened the jelly tube and put on a glob on Nora’s right finger. Erica was lubricated in her rear. The Barium nozzle was also lubricated. Then Erica was told to relax while the nozzle went in. Soon the enema was started. Nora let it flow slowly in order to let it work properly.

Erica moaned while the enema gave her some cramps, but she had to hold it. Nora let it take ten minutes to flow in, the nozzle was removed and Erica had to hold it for five minutes further before she was allowed to go to the toilet.

During Erica’s toilet visit, Roy had to clean up the equipment and prepare a double inflatable nozzle nozzle. When Erica came back to clinic room Nora said: “Erica, I think you should give Roy a good show, you are a really high volume girl and now is it time to prove it.”

She continued to Roy: “Take the bag and fill it with saline water to the top. At the inside of the closet door you can see a paper which explains how much salt to use for 4 quarts.”

Roy took the bag off the stand and prepared the enema. Then he put the heavy bag back on the stand, connected the inflatable nozzle and let the air out.

Erica laid on the bed and rolled to her left side where she bent her upper leg. Yes, she was well trained. This time Nora carefully lubricated and massaged her rear orifice until she relaxed. The inflatable nozzle was twisted and pushed deep into her. Then it was inflated until Erica moaned at the pressure. The outer balloon was inflated and Erica was sealed tight.

Nora opened the clamp and let the enema flow slowly. When about the first third of the water was in, Erica was told to roll on to her back. The last third she had to receive on her right side. In the end, she moaned as the pressure increased.

Nora showed Roy: “See she took it to the last drop, she is such a good girl.”

Nora continued: “Erica you must wait a few minutes to let enema work.” Erica didn’t look happy at that message, the pressure by the huge load was tremendous.

After five minutes of waiting, Erica was allowed to get up, but when she stood on the floor, Nora stopped her: “Roy, isn’t she pretty?” Nora lifted the shirt and caressed Erica’s belly, she looked like about five months pregnant. Finally Nora followed her to the toilet, where the inflatable nozzle was removed.

After the toilet visit, Erica had to receive to small half liter enema to rinse her lower parts. They were just saline ones, which she was allowed to expel immediately. Erica was now fully prepared. Nora cleaned her up and Erica was allowed to dress.

While the two ladies left the clinic room, Roy had to clean up.

They participated in the preparation of the dinner and soon they were arranged around a round table with candles, white plates and glasses. As an appetizer they ate fried snails with white wine. The dinner was delicious as they exchanged pleasant conversation. After the appetizer they enjoyed a dish with veal cutlet, sauce, vegetables, potatoes and red wine. They really enjoyed each other’s company, they talked a lot as they enjoyed the meal.

After the dinner, they helped each other to clean up the table. When everything was settled Nora clapped her hands: “Now it is time. Follow me to the dungeon.”

They went down to the basement and turned into the well known room with all the toys. A thrill of nervous expectations about what might happen filled the room.

“Roy and Erica, it is time for your presentation to each other. Well Roy, I know you have seen Erica earlier today, but this time we do it properly. You both must undress. Use the stools there for your clothing.”

When they both were naked. Mistress Nora issued new commands: “Roy, stay in your position.”

Roy knew what to do, he stood with his feet spread a half meter apart and his hands clasped behind his head.

“Erica come here in front of Roy,” Nora said.

Erica was directed about into the center of the room for a full presentation for Roy.

“Erica, turn slowly around to let Roy see your beautiful figure,” Mistress Nora continued. Erica turned slowly around and showed her naked figure. When she had completed one turn, a new order was released.

“Turn your back against Roy. Bend over and touch your ankles,” was the Mistress’ command.

When Erica stood in position, Nora grasped her ass cheeks and separated them. Erica’s rear orifice and her sex was at full display.

“Isn’t she pretty?” Nora asked.

No further question was necessary as Roy’s cock was stiffening. Besides, he knew to keep silent, when in standing position.

Nora let Erica go, smacked her bottom and said: “Into your standing position.” Erica didn’t hesitate, she stood up and put her feet a half meter apart and clasped her hands behind her head.

“Roy, now it is your turn, just relax your arms and turn slowly around.”

Roy did as told and must present himself. His cock showed his excitement, nothing could hide it. When he had turned around once, Mistress Nora’s order was heard: “Turn your back against Erica, bend over and touch your ankles.”

Roy did as told. Soon he felt Mistress Nora’s hand on his ass cheeks. They were separated and his rear opening was shown fully.

“Yes Erica, as you see, Roy is pretty down there too,” Nora chuckled.

Nora let him go, smacked his bottom and said: “Into standing position.”

Roy now lightly blushing, while feeling embarrassed, had to stay in the position and wait.

Nora said: “Erica, you must enter the buck with face down.”

Erica was shown to a narrow buck covered with leather, with supports for head, arms and legs. To the supports were fixed soft leather cuffs. Erica laid down, her breasts fell at each side of the buck and her bottom was raised in the air and spread wide open. Nora tied her up. Then Nora picked up rubber examination gloves and a tube of KY jelly. She lubricated Erica’s rear orifice and pushed her finger deep into her. Erica was finger fucked for a while until she relaxed her sphincter. Then Nora pulled out her finger and turned to Roy. She massaged his cock and lubricated it. She continued the massage until he moaned. His cock was now rock hard.

Nora turned again to Erica, grasped her ass cheeks and said: “Roy you must fuck her in her rear.”

Roy did as told and pushed his cock into Erica’s rear. He began to fuck her. Erica moaned by the painful stretching, which soon passed by.

“Fuck her carefully, slow in and out. Deep in and then just touch her.”

Nora directed how this should be performed.

When Roy was close to climax, Nora could see him about to lose control, so she ordered: “Push inside hard and fully when you come.”

Roy fucked the moaning Erica hard. He screamed and his cum was injected into Erica as an enema.

He came and came and finally he collapsed.

Nora let them rest for a while.

Erica was released. It was now time for changing roles. Soon Roy was tied on the buck with his bottom high up. Nora lubricated him and finger fucked his rear opening for a while. Then Nora picked up a black strap on dildo. She fixed it on Erica, who stood in position. A belt was tied around Erica’s waist and a string with the dildo in front was fixed between her legs. A small bud touched her clit and a small fat plug was pushed into her pussy. Nora lubricated the dildo all over. Finally she withdrew the rubber gloves and threw them in the waste basket.

Nora said: “Erica, you must butt fuck him.”

Again commands told Erica how she should fuck Roy’s rear. Soon she felt how the stimulation at her clit and in her pussy really turned her on.

Nora followed the display closely. She could see when Erica was very close to climax. A distinct command was issued: “Fuck him hard and as deep as possible when you come.”

Erica did as told, she rammed the dildo inside. Roy wailed by the stretching. Erica began to scream. She came and came.

After a short rest, Nora helped Erica off with the strap on dildo. And Roy was released.

“Well,” Nora said and continued: “It is now my turn.” She undressed and laid on a plank bed. She gave some instructions: “Roy, you may kiss me and treat my tits. Erica you may satisfy my lower parts and feel free to use the jelly.”

Roy began to massage Nora’s tits and belly, he kissed her and licked her ears and neck. Erica separated Nora’s legs and began to massage her clit and her pussy. The triangle treatment continued for a long time. Nora got very excited. When Erica felt Nora was close, she put a big glob of jelly on her finger and then suddenly pushed deep into Nora’s rear. Nora gasped by the sensation. Her panting filled the room. Then she began to scream while she came and came. Her two companions slowly continued kissing, finger fucking and massaging to give Nora a long powerful orgasm. Slowly Nora relaxed and lay a long time before she got up.

“Thank you, that was very good,” Nora said. She jumped off the bed.

“You deserve a reward for this. You may fuck each other. Roy, it is your duty to be sure Erica gets a new orgasm. You may not fuck in her pussy, your cock is not clean and besides Erica must learn to be butt fucked. And Erica you must be sure that Roy comes again. I will prepare some dessert in the dining room. Meet me there when you are ready.” With these words, Nora left them alone and went up to the kitchen.

While preparing wine and chips, Nora could hear moaning, gasping and panting from the basement. The couple down there were really enjoy it.

The evening table had long been ready, when Roy and Erica finally showed up. They where naked, sweaty and relaxed and filled with joy. Mistress Nora had used the waiting time for a shower and she had dressed. They just sat down and sipped the wine and ate chips. They talked for a while and had a nice time.

Nora asked them what had happened in the basement. Roy had to start. He explained that he had ordered Erica to lay on the bed on her stomach and her butt high in the air. He had used his hands to caress her tits, belly, clit and pussy. Erica had to admit that Roy was clever with his touching.

Nora was interested in one particular question and asked: “Roy did you butt fuck her?”

“Yes, I did,” Roy replied and looked at Erica to see if she could add some details.

Erica hesitated which led Nora to a direct question: “Erica tell me what happened.”

Erica looked shy but answered: “I really enjoyed the touching and got very wet.”

“Yes. And what then.” Nora looked very interested.

“I asked for it,” Erica said and blushed.

“Asked for it?” Nora was even more interested.

Roy helped Erica: “When I felt Erica was ready, I asked her if she wanted anything. And she replied, please fuck me. Then I asked, ‘where do you like to be fucked’? And she replied, ‘in my butt’. That’s the way it happened.”

Nora looked glad to hear that. She was satisfied and turned the conversation to other subjects. When they had chatted for a while, Mistress Nora clapped her hands and commanded: “Roy, up at attention.”

Immediately Roy stood on his feet, spread them a half meter apart with his hands clasped behind his head.

“Roy, have you learned something new today about your embarrassment?” Nora asked and finished her question: “What is your reply?”

“Yes mistress, I learned. Thank you mistress,” Roy answered in a submissive tone.

“You may go to the bathroom for a shower and you may dress.” Nora turned her attention to Erica. Roy hurried to the bathroom.

“Erica, stand up and go into position.”

Erica hurried into the submissive position.

“Erica, you had asked how it is to be butt fucked, because you never before had tried this. Did you learn something new today?” Nora asked and waited for an answer.

“Yes Mistress, I learned. Thank you mistress.” Erica answered willingly.

“Did you like it?” Nora asked.

“Yes mistress.” Erica answered, but forgot something.

“And what is your final sentence for your mistress?” Nora asked firmly.

Erica remembered and blushed by her mistake: “Thank you mistress.”

“When Roy comes back, you may go for a shower and then dress. Please sit down, relax and wait.”

Erica sat again at the table and the two women talked for a while until Roy returned. Erica then went to the bathroom for her shower. After Erica’s bath, they all gathered again at the table and talked, drank wine, ate, joked and laughed.

It was late and they had to go home. Roy got up and Erica soon followed him. They said good-bye and left their lovely Mistress Nora, hoping for another experience in the near future…